Free Quran: Sharing the Beauty of the Quran

In the face of rising Islamophobia, IslamiCity initiated the Free Quran Service in 2001 as a crucial response to instances of Quran burnings fueled by ignorance. Our commitment to ensuring widespread access to the Quran's translation remains unwavering.

Throughout periods of intensified Islam bashing, the demand for free Qurans has surged, demonstrating a critical need for accurate information. Upholding the Islamic principle of "There is no compulsion in Religion," we recognize the duty to convey the Quran's message.

Since October 2023, the demand for free Qurans has skyrocketed by 200%. Your support is paramount in not only meeting this growing demand but also expanding our reach to include additional languages and countries.

In addition to distributing free Qurans to individuals from other faith communities, we initiate live phone calls with the recipients of the Quran. Through this personalized approach, individuals have expressed their gratitude for the chance to engage with a live person, fostering meaningful conversations. In this process, we witness individuals routinely taking their Shahada and finding solace and peace in embracing the faith.

Your donation today can make a lasting impact, serving as a beacon of knowledge and understanding. Join us in countering ignorance and promoting a world where access to the Quran is a right for all.

Please contribute now to support this vital initiative. Your donation is considered Zakat-eligible.


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