The New Breed of Islam Bashers

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There is a new breed of Islam bashers that were at one point part of the Muslim community itself. Muslims already have to contend with people like Daniel Pipes making statements such as "Western European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene ... All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most".

Now beyond Daniel Pipes, Muslims are seeing a new stream of attacks against their faith by individuals that were born Muslim and being promoted by media.

These particular bashers have chosen to take on the literary world with recent publications by Canadian Journalist Irshad Manji and Ohio based author Ibn Warraq. Mr. Warraq, a self proclaimed former Muslim has authored four books in recent years that promote anti-Islamic rhetoric by citing incorrect traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and citing Quranic verses out of context. In his book Why I am Not a Muslim, he states "People generally convert to Islam only in terror, quest for power, or to avoid heavy taxation, or to escape humiliation, or because of infatuation with a Muslim woman." A funny statement to make in the United States where many people have converted to Islam without terror. Becoming a Muslim may grant a person a considerable amount of struggle but not power.

First time Muslim author, Manji has been receiving mass media attention for her book, the Trouble with Islam. It has been reviewed by over thirty prominent United States newspapers and magazines and become a best seller in the United States and Canada. It's contents are an open letter to Muslims and Non-Muslims on why Islam needs to be reformed. In one section she writes, "First and foremost, being self-critical means coming clean about the nasty side of the Koran, and how it informs terrorism." She fails however to point out where in the Koran terrorism is mentioned.

Although I completely respect freedom of speech, I must ask what is the point of all of this? Do these Muslim bashers want us all to convert out of Islam? Do they want the whole world to hate Islam? The answer in my view is that they want Muslims and the rest of humanity to renounce the religion and in their delusion hope to extinguish the light of Islam from the world.

Muslims are used to attacks by non-Muslims but with people like Manji, and Warraq it is different because it is completely hypocritical. They would like to be respected for leaving Islam or in Manji's case "reforming Islam", but they refuse to give the same respect to Muslims to practice their faith as they choose, without the constant condemnation and criticism. These authors state that they should be given the right to interpret religion as they wish yet; they criticize Muslims for practicing their religion as they want to. The bottom line is tolerance is a two way street, and there should be tolerance for those who choose to practice religion and those who do not. 

The abandonment of tolerance will only lead to hatred and crime. The FBI reports that hate crimes against people who appear to be Muslim increased more than 1,500 percent in 2001. As a staff member of a Muslim non-profit organization I receive daily hate emails that contain profanity towards Muslims and Allah, which is simply the Arabic word for God.

It has become the norm and acceptable by society to stigmatize Muslims as it was at one time, to stigmatize African Americans and Jews.

Most immigrant Muslims came to America to pursue a better life for themselves and their children. Freedom of religion is part of that better life.

One must wonder the motive of these new Islam bashers. Are they just trying to make a quick buck or do they simply want to annihilate Islam. Either way, the bigotry needs to stop because it might just be another book on the shelves to most Americans but to Muslims, these books threaten their identity in a society that prides it self in tolerance and pluralism.

Nahal Ameri is the Community Relations Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Daniel Pipes, Irshad Manji
Views: 7772

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Older Comments:

For all those that think that Anti-Islamicism hasn't gripped the world can read the materials on

After which, I invite all to read my responses to these high-priests of hatred in my own works.

I think that I have adequately answered them.


In his article "The new breed of Islam bashers", the author Nahal Ameri writes the following.

Mr. Warraq, a self proclaimed former Muslim has authored four books in recent years that promote anti-Islamic rhetoric by citing incorrect traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and citing Quranic verses out
of context. .

Nahal Ameri complains about Quranic verses and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad taken out of context by Ibn Warraq although he fails to find a single example worth sharing with his readers to illustrate this point. This too, from a hundreds of pages long book. But in the very same paragraph he does go on, in fact in the next sentence, to quote out of context:

In his book Why I am Not a Muslim, he states "People generally convert to Islam only in terror, quest for power, or to avoid heavy taxation, or to escape humiliation, or because of infatuation with a Muslim woman." A funny statement to make in the United States where many people have converted to Islam without terror. Becoming a Muslim may grant a person a considerable amount of struggle but not power

This statement is one quoted in Ibn Warraq's book, quoted from Ibn Kammuna's book of 1280C.E.

Nahal Ameri lies here by telling his readers that this is a statement made by Ibn Warraq in the US. Ibn Warraq clearly attributes the statement to the statement's author Ibn Kammuna and gives the time and place also (it appears in Ibn Kammuna's book: Examination of the three faiths). This referenced quote can be seen at the following link:

Also, readers could themselves read Ibn Warraq's book to make their own judgements.


SYED FROM U.A.E. said:
People like Manji and Warraq has been since the begining of Islam.They are today's head line and tomorrow's arbituary.
Hate muslim is a mob effect it will have it's natural death soon.

About "Islam bashers":

Let's be honest with ourselves and each other for a moment. There is likely more bigotry against non-Muslims in the Muslim world than there is against Muslims in America. A recent Pew Institute poll support this. And we can see this on Iviews as well. Both Muslims and even some Americans have accused me of bigotry against Muslims. While I obviously disagree with such allegations, this nonetheless demonstrates beyond doubt that we generally oppose bigotry against Muslims and will freely condemn it publicly at every opportunity. That is a good approach, in my opinion. But is the same approach taken in the Muslim world? I can quote a number of comments made by Muslims here that slander Americans as a whole, which proves the existence of bigotry in the Muslim world. But who among the Muslims, other than a few American Muslims here, have rebuked their hateful brethren?

Bottom line is that bigotry is bad, but I think it's clear that Muslims have a bigger problem with this than Americans.

I have never claimed that Islam is "brazenly offensive, intimidating, childish and irrational". Nor have I ever claimed that Muslims are this way. It is a lie to say that I have, and I will challenge anyone can prove otherwise, especially since I just said that Islam is a beautiful way of life.

However, I have said that too often the Muslim world makes excuses for terrorism. I have seen it in your own media, and I have personal experience as well.

Why do I give an exception to American Muslims? Because I have yet to meet a single one that does the same. (Maybe such American Muslims exists, but I haven't met any who acted that way around me.) Furthermore, I have read a number of articles by Muslim Americans that have not only condemned terrorism unconditionally, but have stated without hesitation the reality that the American people by and large are tolerant. Of course, many of these authors have gone on to criticized the U.S. government's policies, and often I've shared their views. But at least they've gone on record as saying as I have said repeatedly, that there is absolutely no moral justification for terrorism and it should be condemned without condition.

Now if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. But judging by the negative reactions towards me of foreign Muslims from the very first day I arrived at this site (and all will note that my very first comment here was not at all anti-Muslim), I really don't think I am.

So peace to you as well, BNAK.

BNAK said:
So, my comments sound rude to you Nick? But, what I am saying is just the reality. To say in your own cliched words, It's just the way it is! If my comments are rude, how about yours? Most of your comments about Muslims, Islam are brazenly offensive, intimidating, childish and irrational to say the least. Anyways, I don't want to strike my own head against a wall. Ahmed, Akbar, HA, Ahmed Asgher, Hudd have already shown everybody what your thinking is and what a narrow ground you still stand on, shamelessly. I know
that no amount of reasoning is going to change your feelings of hatred against the Muslim World (ofcourse, American Muslims excluded).

It's just the way of things with you. It's just how you are. And, it's just the way it is with you.

I do not want to start the whole story again. Like I have already said, I am done with you and I will just ignore you, but I shall certainly remember you in my prayers. Peace out!

BNAK quit sniping at me while claiming to ignore me. It's quite rude.

It does not take a genius to distinguish between right and wrong, for a sincere heart would suffice. For example, a bully is wrong for harrassing his victim. The right response is to confront the bully. The wrong response is to murder the bully's mother.

Same with Palestinians who "resist" Sharon by killing innocent Israelis, or the 19 Arab Muslim hijackers who murdered thousands of people in New York just because they've got complaints about the American military.

If Muslims care about right and wrong as they claim, then they will do everything in their power to apprehend the terrorists among them. Otherwise, America has no choice but to defend itself by apprehending the terrorists instead. The Muslim world should not expect us to remain still if they do nothing. That's unreasonable.

It's all about justice for the victims, so it's the way it has to be.

There have been authors from time to time who have made it their business to bash various religions and Islam just happens to be in the forefront due to the world events. These people are just opportunists who want to make quick money and see it as a way to get cheap publicity. Did anyone ever question their ability or inability to interpret the Koran or the innumerable testaments which are sacred to the believers? The Koran does not specifically address Muslims alone, but "Believers" which include the Jews and Christians alike. People who criticize other people's religions should first look at their own beliefs before bashing someone else's. Allah says in the Koran that before trying to convince about the benefits of your religion, you ought to realize that perhaps their religion is better than yours.

Ideally i would like to ask Manji, which religion she thinks gives her that mental and spiritual inspirations...and she is free to be.
If not North American love to follow a spiritual Leader, a Yogi, Jogi, Baba, Pundit, or what ever she wants let her express her self.

Comments on Aneesa:
"The fact that everyone in the US and Cananda are reading the works of these 2 guys is proof of ignorance."
Is it impossible that they read other books too? Books that have more positive way to picture Islam? If I'm going to get to know about some new thing to me i'd like to hear/read opinions pro and against it. This is the best way to shape the image in your mind. If one choosees only the pro or against information, one is nothing but fooling oneself.
So, do you think that the only "objective" information about Islam is pro-information? This is of course the way a believer thinks. But I'm afraid before we "hard-boiled" westeners can come even close to become followers of your faith you muslims should be ready to tell things over and over again. Like to a baby ;) This, of course demands patience. A lot of it. And even when you think you have given your best answers there will be many who don't agree, or who keep on questioning.
Questioning, suspicion etc. comes to us almost with our mothers milk. There are many reasons and roots for this. One might be the Galileos furious dispute with catholics over the earths place in the universe. We know what the outcome was. Galileo was right.
From that moment on "absolute truths", "infallible scripts", "superior authorities" etc. etc. haven't been very much in favour in the western hemisphere. And I'm quite sure some kind of a lesson lurks within this.
Yes, I AGREE that hardcore rationality don't lead to higher goals in life. This is becoming more and more widely admitted in west. But questioning and suspicion can sometimes be VIRTUES too, do you agree?
So I tend to think many/most of the ones who make viciously hard questions about your faith are not there to ridicule your religion, which I think many of you mistakenly think.
".. And instead of really listening to you, they end up cross-examining and interrogating you"
That's what I mean. Be patient! :)

Salam Akbar Khan,
Good points.
You have very well described in a succinct way, the beautiful religion of Islam. Like Allah says at many occasions in the Glorious Quran, there are signs in this world of the Divinity and greatness of Allah, but they are recognized by only the men of understanding. However, for people like Nick Cameron who are arrogant and who walk on Allah's earth with their heads raised high in pride, no amount of proof can convince them and make them see and distinguish between the Right and Wrong. People like Nick Cameron don't deserve to be given any attention. It's pointless to try and reason with people like him. People like Nick Cameron have very aptly been described in the Glorious Quran on many occasions:

"Summum Bukmum Umyun Fahum Laa Yarjioon!"
(Translated, they have eyes but they cannot see, they have ears, but they cannot hear and they have tongues but they cannot speak truth!)
Allah has sealed their hearts and they are clearly lead astray. But, I shall still pray for Nick that Allah Guides him and Opens his heart and mind, to understand and distinguish between the Right and Wrong and to be Just in his every walk of Life.


Aneesa writes: 'As far as Irshad Manji and her tacky haircut is concerned, her parents are not even Muslims but Ismailis or something like that.'


'As for some guy on here saying that Manji is promoting Ijtihad? Well it definiely shouldn't be done by pulling your face in ten ugly directions the way she does when she's on the telly and behaving like a simple-minded plebian each time she has an audience'

Good attempt at avoiding any of the issues that Ms. Manji brings up - insult her haircut!, talk about how you don't like the way she looks! What are you, twelve? Instead of showing your ignorance, why not address any of the points that she's making? You're not saying that her goal of re-introducing ijtihad is wrong, you're saying that you don't approve of her haircut!

Here's a hint: grow up, read the book, then come back and comment.

Clean up your mess, or we will clean it up for you.

I believe that America is justified in taking this approach. Fact is that the Muslim world is a mess right now. Extremism is out of control, democracy in their countries is uncommon if it exists at all, poverty is rampant, and Muslim leaders have done little to end their people's problems. While this is heartbreaking for anyone with a sense of compassion, it has all proven a threat to those outside the Muslim world as 9/11 has proven beyond doubt. So America has no choice but to watch the Muslim world for brush fires, because their flames have a peculiar way of spreading.

If Muslims don't like the current situation, then they need to change things for themselves. Until then, America will have to play the world's firefighter.

Dear brother Akbar Khan
i enjoyed reading your balanced views in addressing Vince.
i would also like to support you in that as a muslim, i have always admired Americans and good Christians. Those who make an attempt to understand us as human beings. i was fortunate to have a working education in the US early 80's and found many Americans to be kind and hospitable, even thoug very few knew about ME geography in those days. Dare say not much has changed. but that is besides the point. One does not need education to be a human being with empathy for folk who suffer. We cringe when we see an accident site because we fear for whoever it is in that accident. Such is our nature.
Those with ulterior motives try to fashion people's thinking thro media advertising and phoney lectures like Pipes. Yet they fully know what they are doing. No one can convince me that their are sincere in their views. Their intent is evil and as muslims we know that god says: intentions determine deeds.

I will leave you with Ali's saying: Blessed be the one who is concerned with his own faults rather than trying to find faults in others.

Peace be upon you all.

Islam is a religion that says, if you go to sleep while your neighbour goes to sleep hungry, then you are to blame. A religion that says, to kill one person unjustly is equal to killing the all of humankind. A religion that says to fight only when you have no other alternative and are forced to defend yourself against oppression. A religion that clearly states in the Qur'an it's position against tyrants...against Saddam Hussain's and old Shah's of Iran...these people were not following Islam, they learned from Stalin(communism), and the CIA (TheShah's of Iran did).

I love many Americans, who are good Christian people and work righteous deeds. What I have a problem with, is how many Americans are uneducated about Islam, Muslim countries, and just rely on everything that is told to them through media channels.

France has banned the wearing of religious symbols. As Muslims adn Christians, we should come together to condemn this Vince, we have no reason not to.

As far as Bosnia and Somalia are concerned, you should read about what Canadian troops did to Somalians back in 1992...tortured them to death and mutilated the bodies, and it's all on film.

Muslims as well should start to address that Islamaphobia is what many Americans are suffering from nowadays, and that, like Br. Ahmed said in another article, the Pentagon is trying to label Muslims as fundamentalists, modernists, etc., etc.. The hard truth is though Vince, that the USA has its troops in 185+ different countries all over the world. Now I am sure you can figure out with some true common sense that this may be why there is deep hostility Americans are feeling against them from the world. You should become a beacon of light and speak out against occupation.

Like the guy who calls himself Nick Cameron who says that, if you don't clean up your mess, we will clean it up for you...this is the mentaliaty that is putting the world through such great and never before seen turmoil.

Hello Vince, I feel what you're saying. I am Muslim, I don't hate Americans. I am not anti-American either, and the only thing that is bothering me is that many in the USA fall into believing that it is unpatriotic if you do not support the Bush Administration's war, regardless of whether it was right or not, simply because your troops are standing in foreign nations.

The other major issue that concerns me very much, is the limited understanding that many Americans do have about Muslims and Islam itself. I remember reading about a poll conducted at Yale University an Ivy League University, where students were asked questions about Islam's basics. Two of the easiest questions on this test, were:

Who is Allah?
Most respondents didn't know
the second most respondents said a moon-god
And the least amount of people said, God.

Who do Muslims worship?
Most said Muhammad (saaw)
The second most said Muhammad and Allah

I am not sure of theexact wording, but this was the basic content within this test. If Yale University Student's do not even know who Iraqi's or Afghani's or Pakistani's or Irani's or Palestinians or Saudi Arabian's worship, or who Allah is, what does that say about the so called "intellectual elite" being produced in prestigious American universities?

Now Daniel Pipes not only affect the USA, but he has been to Canada, given speeches about Islam, and he villifies all Muslims, and generalizes about us all in such a disgusting manner, yet he is appointed to a high position by the President of the United States. Then President Bush turns around and says, Muslims are peace-loving people? What game do you think people will fall for here?

This article is not about anti-American dogma dear Vince, it is about people attacking the Islamic faith - put aside people for a minute, but there are people who are dedicating their lives in trying to bash a religion that forbids the killing of innocent people.

Mindless hate is a product of mindless people. I am not a Muslim, I am a Christian but I respect Islam and think its a beautiful religion. I've read the Qur'an and I find that it has alot of the anwsers the Bible lacks. But enough of that, my comment is
I think with all the Anti-American dogma spewed out by all these other countries has soured the views of some about Islam. Its not just Islam or Middle Eastern states but countries like France. I think American's are getting abit tired of the "Down with America" dogma. I mean, yes our country has messed up in the past and yes it will mess up tomorrow and I dont agree with everything that we do but we do some good in the world and it goes unsung. Look at Somalia or Bosnia, we got shot at for trying to stop a madman from starving his own people. To be honest I think the US should just but out of World Affairs for awhile and watch as Chaos insues. Then a country like France will say "Where was the US" and then people will hate America. But if we interfear, then countries will say "America is trying to push their beliefs on us" We're in a lose-lose situation and to behonest I think as Americans, if someone wants our help, cool. If not, let them sort out their problem. But hating America now is the "cool" thing to say in the rest of the world. So if people don't like us, stop asking our help.

The Islam is peace and freedom. No one should go stereotyping this religion because of their close-mindedness. Our media-biastic public is blinded from the truth and is completely irrogant to be open to all points of view. In this case, there isn't EVEN another point of view because the truth of humanity is all contained in the contents of the Holy Qu'raan. If people take the time to consider that MAYBE they are controlled by the foes of this religion, they'd be able to research and be saved from the wrath of Hell's fiery breath. Allah challenges all creatures to be able to write just ONE VERSE of the Qu'raan like Him. Persevering for all your life will bring you no luck because if you read just the first verse, you will find that there are so many miracles and secrets behind just the first sentence. This is just a message to remind you to open your eyes. Don't be the no-brained robots the media is trying so badly to turn you into.

God bless you.

this is an example of a test. non-muslims with understanding and an open mind will not believe something they hear about Islam without looking into it sincerely for their own understanding. brothers and sisters don't let petty bashers worry you, Allah knows best

The problem with these "self-hating" Muslims is that they seek status and recognition. They are to the Muslims and Islam what certain Jewish pro-Nazi collaborators were like during Nazi Germany against their own people.

They're so completely in love with themselves that they trying to pass off as intellectuals.I guess they'r hoping that they'll be remembered as the 'great reformers' of Islam. Shame! I think they're wasting their time.

As far as Irshad Manji and her tacky haircut is concerned, her parents are not even Muslims but Ismailis or something like that.

Don't be fooled just because they're on a bestseller list. So was Mein Kampf once a upon a time. Furthermore, it's quite fashionable to bash Muslims so we shouldn't be surprised by their popularity. And by the way, just because the Western World has the formula for a economically successful village does not say much in the moral or spiritual department.

These people's Islam-bashing is more to do with their own inflated egos and their belief that Western might is right than any real search for the truth.


Angel, Are you sure Ibn Warraq is an apostate? Do you know that there are lot of Arab Christians pretend to be former muslims? The Christian missionaries do their work in very sinister ways. Thru deception, lies, and falsehood.

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,
The actual problem is that whether the people who indulge in ISLAM bashing know about Islam or not.

Ofcourse there are people who do it for publicity, which can be seen when the media gives a good hearing to them and they become overnight celeberities and they are then called muslim moderates or modern muslims,even though they are not interesed in any social reform.
But having said this there is also another case which we must consider,that these people though born in Muslim families may even not know the basics of ISLAM ;leave alone the sea of knowledge in QORAN.Their case is similar to that of a frog in the well.
So we must ask them to gain more knowledge about ISLAM which will surely make them realise their folly INSHALLAH but nothing can be said of hypocrites who want to mint money.

greetings to you all,

we do not need to guess the motive behained these .. writing about islam the holy quran tells us these are the .. who sell their faith for handful of dollars.

Alhemed lil allah .. like these strenthen our beatiful trust in allah (swt).

wa alsalam

I am sorry to say that you have mixed up'Islam' and 'Muslim', which are quite different entities. I am a Pakistani and belong to the generation which voted for establishment of Paistan as muslims but today my identity as a muslim may be held invalid if I do not submit a 'Halfnama' (declaration)about my faith. It is shear Yazeediat and not Islam as Allah, the Almighty, addressing the Arabs, says "Dont say we believe,i.e., 'Amana', but say 'Aslamna'i.e. "We are Muslims" (vide Sura Hujraat, verse 14). But the Paki Islam does not allow us to call ourselves 'Muslim' even which is an objetive reality as against the subjective faith about which only Allah knows. As it is, the fact is that the very Islam is being used for muslim bashing by Yazeedi,Taghuti Mulla whose Motto is'Khuda ki khudai khatam, Nabi ki nabuwat khatam,Mulla ki Mulla gardi Zinda Bad'. May God save both Islam and the Muslim from the Mulla!

Islam is strong and in no time will dwarf those bashers, because generally people are smart and wise.
The bashers exist because of lack of understanding about Islam, which is actually our job to make them understand.
Did we do proper dawah? No. We are too afraid, not sure and inferior. Even to pray 5 times most of you have to hide (for not being caught). we, Muslims, do not have confidence on Islam, and you expect the bashers to respect Islam???
Wake up and fight back.

The incentive for these self-proclaimed scholars of Islam is nothing more than greed. Not being able to make it in the real world they latched on to the current anti-Muslim fervor, fuelled by a hysterically anti-Muslim media with the shrill voices of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim bias raised the loudest by die hard followers of Mier Kahane and Pat Robertson, to whom these ex-Muslims are like gems to propagate more hate and venom against Islam and Muslims. It is interesting to note that for all the hate these Jewish and Evangelist Christians propagate, one never hears such rot against Judaism, Christianity, Moses or Jesus from any Muslim writer or commentator, for the simple reason that besides the fact that Moses and Jesus are also considered Prophets of God in Islam, nay even considered Muslims, Muslims have a deep conviction that come what may, people may curse, or write against Islam, inflict war and cause death and destruction to defenseless Muslim masses and plan devious tricks in an effort to eliminate Islam, in the end, God is the best of planners and sooner or later all these clowns will meet their maker where all their wealth, power, and affluence will not help them a bit. The suffering they will bear will then be eternal. If they only knew, if they only believed. All the money these so called ex-Muslim intellectuals will make will profit them not. It will only buy them misery in this world and the next.

This is a response to Christopher Ward. But first let me mention a verse in the Quran for people like Ibn Warraq and others who blindly hate Islam:

{As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe. Allah hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur). } (2:5-6)

Now in response to Christopher Ward, read this verse:

{Thus, if they(disbelievers) let you(Muslims) be, and do not make war on you, and offer you peace, Allah does not allow you to harm them.}(4:90)

{But indeed if any show patience and forgive that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs.} (42:43)

Need I say more? Always read the verses within its context! The Quran repeatedly promotes peace but at the same time, it also acknowledges reality!

Conrad Binyon is right -bashers ought to be bashed. I think that all of us who are secure in our beliefs do not need to explain anything to "bashers". Their fun is in the writing of critcism for things they do not understand. There is no religion, culture, or ideology that has not received this kind of treatment. Right now it seems that Muslims are an easy target, and that is very sad. As a Christian who has studied Islam, I can honestly say that all the important teachings that are central to our religions are the same. I have a Muslim friend who has studied the Bible in English and Arabic, and she tells me that this statement is correct. It is time that people of all faiths stand up to this kind of writing - and to persecution of any form. Killing innocent people is wrong - for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. We should therfore stand up to the groups and Governments that do this, even if we are part of that religion, country, or political group that has this in their agenda.

From reading the comments, it's pretty obvious that nobody here has actually read the books that they're commenting on. I'm not sure that the author of the article has even read the books.

I for one have read Irshad's book, and it's not 'bashing' in the least. It's a call for introspection, but more importantly, a call for a return to the practice of 'ijtihad', which has been missing from Islam since before the fall of Cordoba. How many times have people on this very board carted out the old chestnut regarding Islam's 'Golden Age', when Muslims, Christians and Jews where all protected under Islam's benevolence? That was the era of 'ijtihad'. When ijtihad stopped, the Muslim world began a long, slow descent that it still ongoing.

Read the book, and then comment. If you don't want to be seen with a copy, start here:

It is a crying shame that these writers are not concerned about Islam , but rather how to profit from Islam in material gain. Allah will judge them with what they write and say- Allah SWT knows best

One thing that Muslims should attempt to do is expose the selfish motivations of these authors to the public. For example, in Manji's case, she is a self-procalimed Lesbian who would like to "reform" Islam so that it accepts homosexuality in a similar fashion to some Christian sects. In another example, Fareed Zakaria, the International Editor for the Zionist owned Newsweek magazine, it may just be simple lap-dog loyalty and the need to impress his masters and check-writers. the only way to effectively counter these people is to rpesent intelligent, Muslim activists such as Hamza Yousef, who have a good understanding of the religion, fiqh and Sunnah. We should, as a community, begins speakers (and writers) training seminars.

Please refer to:

Please check out this site for Quaran reference. Please read it yourself.

Avoid the words of those who seek fame and are on an ego trip and disseminate lies.


Interesting article. First I would like to say this bashing from non-Muslims has been going on for 1400 years. From Muslims themselves, well, just because someone says they are Muslim or once were Muslim doesn't mean that is true.

A tactic of Christian missionaries is to say they once were Muslim. The faulty logic being "I was once Muslim but now I'm not so because I'm lost you should be too."
Another thing is some people who are born into this great wonderful religion this way of life
(Islam is Life) can not abide by the rules and
regulations. They feel like their "freedoms" are taken away by the "restrictions".
They can not overcome their soul and succumb to their desires. Then they make excuses for why it is okay to do it as a Muslim, then they might leave Islam all together.
Many non-Muslims say to me "I could never be Muslim, I could never give up my beer-gambling-drugs-fornication-adultery-pork-interrest.
"And why do you have to cover like that"?
"It's too HOT"!
They could never overcome their soul, their desires to achieve salvation? A small price to pay and the benefits in this world you can't count!

These people that say they are Muslim but I think it is just the overall plan of the Western world to defeat Islam. After September 11, I knew that they would try EVERYTHING to defeat Islam.
African-Americans are no longer Americas #1 Enemy.
Communism is no longer the worlds #1 Enemy.

In the 60's in America the FBI had something called COINTELPRO. They did not want anyone African-American leader to UNITE ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS. They would pit the different Black groups against each other so that they would fight each other.
Black people have almost totally integrated into American society.
There is still progress that needs to be made but
that is mostly their own doing.

Christopher Ward, you behave like I described you in my erstwhile comment. People that seem not to get it, like yourself are of 3 kinds: 1)morons, nothing to comment on that. 2)submersive vile enemies of the peaceful human co-existence. 3)Confused, or lacking a view from a very unfamiliar perspective. You claim to belong to the third. Since you seemingly don't understand simple facts and concepts, what people reiterated over and over again, on almost all articles posted, you make me believe that you either belong to the first or second variety. About your smart comment:"You threaten with violence but claim Islam is peaceful?" Let me ask you a stupid question like for stupid people: Am I Islaam? You look at the wrong thing, buddy, I would say, if you look at Islaam, look not even at prophets, but God. God is perfect and his way of life designed for humans is Islaam, which because was designed by God, implicitly is perfect. Me? I am a human Chris! Oh yeah, I follow Islaam and I am a Muslim. I fail all the time and try to redeem myself in front of people and God. I never claimed that I was a holy man. If the Muslims would be perfect there wouldn't be need for Shariah, now would it, smarty-pants! Muslims are people, buddy, not little sinless "Jesuses" walking the earth. Your holy men the monks and priests are terrible monsters that now they are exposed: pedifiles, rapists, sex crack-pots and only God knows what other horrifying crimes they hide. Not sins, pal, but crimes!! You are like those of whom Jesus,pbuh,said:"You see the splinter in your brother's eye, but you don't see the beam in yours. First take out the beam from your own eye in order to see clearer the splinter in your brother's eye." Do you follow your Lord, punk, or you just claim it? Whom do you think you are fooling, fool? Like I said, you want a piece of me? I'm ready, everywhich way you want it. Or stop being a moron and then maybe we would have a normal conversation. O.K.?

How 're u Christopher? 'm here to answer you again(?) Why 'm I doing this? Cos' I really don't like being on the defensive('m sure so are you?) But its unfortunate, ignorant people like you need not be answered, but for the benefit of those weak minded who may judge otherwise. Not that their judgement matters anyway.

So here we go, you see the gospel(Bible minus old testament) as you pointed out says peace(meaning if you're punched in the right cheek you give the left) agreed. Is that what you, Chris or Bush and his cohorts are practising? Is that what you want us to believe?

You see, in Islam the teaching is not like that. All the so called verses you infer talking about violence are verses to muslims,m to use as a means of defending themselves, that is why almost all of those verses were revealed at a time of battles. Allah in His wisdom through the prophet(SAW) is directing the believers on how to fight these battles, which by the way were imposed on the muslims by necessity. So what is the problem about that? Will you Christopher live your child to be killed when he is face with his enemies, simply cos' the gospel says peace? If your answer is yes, then I will close my exchange with you knowing fully well how stupid you are.


Michelle, if Ibn Warraq gave his real name he would be hunted down and killed, he cannot talk freely like some people can. He is an aposate therefore put to death as the quran verse says after 3 days if a person hasn't repented.

As a side note I believe people should know ALL this is know about any religion, scrutinzed it all, afterall you shouldn't go into something blindly.

Aslam'o'alikum to all readers,

This is a good article. Reason for my response is because of harsh language used by a brother against Christopher Ward. Brother you should control your temper and remember such action is not in accordance to Islam and only pleases shetaan. Difference of opinion is no justification of violent language.

A major misconception is that Islam grew on the tip of the sword, this is not true. Islam grew because of its preaching of truth as well as tolerance. Jews, Christians and other faiths had their rights secured and respected under the Islamic rule. I have read almost all comments and I believe most Muslims agree that we lack qualities of true Muslim, which is not doing justice to who Muslims really are.

For Christopher Ward and A. Kafir, I would like to invite you to visit this link This site is by Dr. Zakir Naike a leading scholar of Islam. I hope you'll benefit from this mans knowledge as much as I have.

W. Ahmed


dear brothers and sisters,
This is the beauty of ISLAM gives full freedom of speech and always saves the weaker section of the society like you GOLDEN AGE OF JEWS during the time of MUSLIM SPAIN if these innocent writers read about ABDUL RAHMAN III , the FINANCE MINISTER
was a JEW , so what this shows,
we have no place in ISLAM for THE INQUISITION
I request these past making buck writers to read this book written by Mr.MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH , 'this is also international best seller..
we request the civilised people to read about the ISLAM before taking any dicision about any faith.
in all religion you find HOPOCRATES , so you find in ISLAM too
I personally APOLOGISE to anybody if they feel
uneasy for my precise quoting.

Christopher Ward, the Qur'an tells me it is okay for you to use the Gospel as your guide. The Qur'an does not tell me that I need to be peaceful but rather that I need to submit to Allah, to honor treaties honored by the other side and to make peace with those who would seek it (in the absence of oppression). Whether or not the Qur'an says the same thing to every other Muslim, I cannot say. Now then, why would you say I am incorrect (according to Scripture)?

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

"He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." (Luke 12:51)

"Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division..." (Luke 22:36)

I ask to be forgiven (by Allah) for misquoting any of Allah's sayings. May it be Allah's will that I intend to encourage truthfulness in others as well as in myself. I believe that any truth in what I say is Allah's. My mistakes are my own.

Also, why might you be suggesting, in your response to Hyder, that selected instructions from the Torah, pertaining to warfare, apply to Jews and Christians but not to Muslims? You invited various explanations from Muslims for the sake of understanding and yet I sense in your words an attempt (and a rather impatient attempt, at that) to encourage un-Islamic beliefs. I personally imagine that you might be wasting Allah's time. I suggest you consider looking to eternity before replying (Allah willing).


I'm probably going to get in trouble for this with the webmasters, but I think it needs to be said. Here's a link:

It's explains why non-Muslims shouldn't feel guilty about criticizing Muslims who try to rationalize criminal conduct. It also explains why Islam-bashers are going after the wrong target.

Also, Christopher Ward, the executions of Jewish men, following the Battle of the Trench at Yathrib in 627 CE, was precipitated by their tribe's attack on the Muslim women and children of their community - when the Muslim men were busy repelling an army of 10,000 pagans from Mecca. Is that perhaps the sort of perspective you were hoping for? May you enjoy the guidance of your Lord (Ameen).

In addition, I am grateful for comment # 22521, submitted by Hyder, which quotes Deuteronomy 20:10-13. It would seem to me that those verses, as well as Deuteronomy 20:14, might be applicable in some way to the judgement at Yathrib. Jazak Allahu khair.

I selected as an overall opinion indifferentness given I didn't have any opinion other than what I
wish to comment below about "The New Breed of Islam Bashers."

Come on now. Let's initiate yet another breed of bashers, identified as "basher" bashers. Our breed's goal being that of knocking off all of the bashing that goes on amongst groups dedicating to the fine "art" of bashing different ideas, mannerisms, cultures, and the like. Let's recognize that there is more than one way to "skin a cat," and I've learned a new phrase I'd like to apply to all cats, "Peace be with cats." (Leave their skins alone.) As the notorious Rodney King once pleaded, "Can't we all just get along?" and as testified by the 10 plus pages pertaining to the phrase found on the web, there's enough been said toward promoting the idea.

Why not stop the hated, destruction, and sorrow caused by the continued animosities human beings perpatrate against each other? And instead discover the often fascinating new aspects different groups can share with each other? Gad, there's enough diversion of peoples and cultures to go around for everybody? Pick the ones agreeable to you and leave the others alone. Live the golden rule. May Allah be with you, and God bless you.

the kuffirs who bash Islam, can only get inside kuffirs heads who r of like mind, they were weak n faith.they were conditioned by comic books like superman and cartoons like bugs bunny, news papers like the new york times, presidents like abe lincoln, movie stars like rock hudson, m. monore and the bible, garbage n garbage out. there r 1.5 billion of us who no better, how can 2 men make a baby let alone raise it, it can only become confused, There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger and Slave Servant Allah u Akbar

Ibn Warraq has been a Muslim-basher for years, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said. "This is America, and he can do it and we are free to challenge him when he does. I just wish he'd use his real name so we could find out his background and why he hates Islam."

Hudd: I really did not say anything to get your ferocious attack. I think you are angry. You threaten with violence but claim Islam is peaceful?

Yahya: I would like to hear more, I would like to hear why you think it is okay. Before I stake eternity of my soul on the words given to Muhammad it seems important to me to know who he was and what he did. Teach me.

Hyder: Of course we are not talking about Christians or Jews but about Muslims. Let's not change the subject. Because Jews and Christians did violent things does not make it right for others to do such things. Of course the question still remains as to how Muslims take into account Muhammads battles with a peaceful religion. I am not trying to disprove anything about Islam. I am asking you to prove Islam is unequivocally peaceful in a similar line as the gospel. The gospel is clear and I would expect the Koran to be clearly against violence.

Here is an article that ends up confirming what Irshad Manji and ibn Warraq say. Zero tolerance for any criticism. Daniel Pipes does not even address himself to criticisin Islam; his beef is against radical islam and its supporters taking cover behind islam. A handful of critics and Nahal even wants to shut them down .. why? Because "the books threaten their identity in a society that prides it self in tolerance and pluralism"!! The reason that the society prides itself for that is because it also prides itself for "free speech". Can Mr. Nahal point to any Islamic country or muslim country where free speech is even tolerated? Can Mr. Nahal point to any open criticim of Islam within any islamic country? The sad fact is that he cannot!

Appeasers and apologists...perhaps these two writers need to apologise for their own existence because they don`t need to apologise for the great faith of Islam...Islam will continue long after they have ceased to exist...Ameen

If you want to know about the Quran.

Well written article. I do believe in freedom of press, but it should be equal for all. Here's what I mean: If someone came out with a book that was titled "The Nasty Side to the Talmud", etc., either: a. the book would not be allowed to come out. b. if the book did come out, the person would be torn apart on the news c. well, the person would be labeled an anit-semite. Just talking about the double-standards when it comes to the first amendment. People will hear only what they want to hear, so you can expect people that already hate Islam (the ignorant) to get a book like that and try to promote it. An intellectual would actually take time and read the Qur'an and try to figure out its meaning instead of read a book of blind hatred to understand Islam.

This is a great article! It seems that this is the hot topic to bash Islam and its old-fashion ways and how the religion teaches hate. Look back in history and for the time Islam came about the freedom and love Islam preaches was/still is unheard of. Islam chooses not to adjust it's ways with time and the word of God doesn't need to change with time. All scriptures can read out of context to make them look like they promote hate. These people are just out for fame in this world, but don't realize what our religion has done for this world. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was said by Time Magazine to be the most influential man in history. This is the fastest growing religion in the world and it's because its a religion of peace and tolerance. They're only a few bashers out of over a billion Muslims around the world. We can't expect them all not to be hungry for fame. It'll come back to them. These are the same people that change with trends and have no personalities of their own. This was a great article and I would love to continue reading articles from Nahal.

It seems to me no matter what you say about Islam, the people who have decided to hate muslims and Allah(SWT) will make up things as they go along and add to the text as they decide it fits their hate. No matter how you explain things or tell people how you believe their minds have already been made up. They would rather support the terrorists in Isreal blindly killing women and children. But then Christian and Jewish terrorists have the right to do least thats what the US says anyway

The authors of these books are total apostates, common now, "the nasty side of the Holy Qur'an?" What believer in Allah would say such a thing about the Word of Allah? No one but a hypopcrite and disbeliever. The Holy Qur'an is the perfect guidance for humanity, it has NO flaws, and any so called Muslim who dares say such should have his or her head cut off.

What I believe these anti-islamic bashers are doing is attempting to keep non Muslims away from Islam, by distorting the true meaning of Islam to the western public. What better way to do that by getting so called " former Muslims" to condemn their religion. As for Mr. Warraq claim people only convert to Islam out of fear , terror etc.. I am proof that is not the case. I was not forced out of fear or power hungry or after a Muslim girl. These are simply challenges simliar to the challenges faced by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 1400 years ago by the Pagan Meccans. We must be patient and spread the Truth about Islam to all the public, once this is done the mis informed public will accept Islam in droves... Salam

Little do they realise that whatever amount of bashing does not change the truth about The Truth. They will be held accountable for whatever things they say about Islam. They are answerable to the Lord of the Universe.

It surprises me why they hate Islam so much. Perhaps because it is The Truth and they do not want people to know the truth.



I haven't read Manji's book. But I assume that she didn't practise Islam. Being a muslim is more than just saying shahada or being born as a muslim. There is no place for doubt and suspicion in Islam. Islam is total and complete submission to Allah (swt). Being a Muslim, is living your life as a muslim, the moment you wake up from slumber with gratitude to Allah (swt) to have been bestowed with another day, to the time, you go back into slumber with a prayer. Islam is a complete way of life, from home to work, in your relationship with ummah and humanity at large. It is a life, you practise outwardly and inwardly, about which only Allah will judge you. Islam was a religion of the past, and is religion of the present, and will be, Inshallah the religion of the future. The righteous religion will prevail until the eternity, no matter what Islam bashers say. It is the promise of Almighty Creator. If Manji had practised Islam, she would have found so much peace and tranquality in her life that she would have counted her blessings to be a muslim every moment of her life (hence my assumption). As a muslim, I pray to Allah (swt) for all those who are misguided to find the beauty in Islam, Inshallah ameen. It is a timely article to make us all aware of what is happening in our society. jazzakum allah khair. Amina Abawi

OMAR said:

It seems to me that we(Muslims) are not fully aware of specific gifts we were granted so these people(bashers) are there to point it out... so, in a way,we should thank them....

I mean, it's certainly not coincidence that Ibn Warraq is attacking Holy Quran and trying something that most of the Western scholars have been doing for more than 200 years....trying to destroy the tenet of our faith...or Manji... demanding reforms and trying to force muslim scholars to engage in historical criticism of the Quran...they should be aware that we've already heard about hot water and that all previous attempts to dissociate muslim community on these basic issues have pitifully failed....because of the promise of Hafiz...

Elhamdulillahi ala niamihi zahireh ve batineh

Christopher Ward and g.l., In my personal opinion, you are two stupid idiots that try hard to make the Muslims shy on this website. Be known unto you that Allah is great and irregardless of what falt you find with the Muslims, Allah's religion is perfect. Look into your book, the Bible and see for yourselves how bloody it is from one end to the other. You talk about hypocracy, you Hunterschweine Dunkel, g.l.?! What the hell are you pushing your nose in things that you wouldn't understand if you were born 100 times over?! Look for hypocracy in Israel, Bush's government and Blair's government, as well! You have no comment on this article. Your extreme low I.Q., impairs your judgement to the extent that you make an ass out of yourself. There is a saying:"Speach is silvern, but silence is golden." In your case, stupid, it is more like:"You sound more intelligent when your mouth is closed." About you Christopher Ward? You are the imbodiment of profanity, an embarrassement to your own kind! Any honest and righteous Christian or Jew for that matter, would deny you over and over again, like Peter denied Jesus! Ever since you got on this site you two are banging butts together like a pair of cymbals in an overworked marching band! You think you are smart and can take advantage over the Muslims honesty and kindness and their renowned hospitality. Not with me, pals! The all knowing Chinese kaffer have the following saying about Muslims: "The Arabs came with the sword in one hand and the Quran in the other. But when the Mongols came they had the long sword in one hand and the short sword in the other." On my mother's father side I am Mongol. For trailer trash like you I have long swords in both my hands. You want to bring it up to my face? Come up here in my city, Toronto and we can have disputed every which way you want it. I am ready for your big mouths pals! Bring it on, crackheads! Bring it on!

Very well, Christopher Ward. The name of the child-bride in question was Aisha (EYE-ee'sha). She was one of the most important people in the history of what I myself would refer to as contemporary Islam. If you wish to engage in a discussion concerning her, let us begin by referring to her as Aisha. (And may you be rewarded for good deeds and intentions.)

As Salaamu Alaikum

One of the reasons and perhaps the main reason that there are so many misconceptions about Islam is Muslims. In America a lot of pepole want to know the truth about Islam but don't know where to find a Muslim even though they may have one living or working right next to them. We have forgotten our mission and purpose to call mankind to the truth and we cannot show them the truth of Islam if we look and act like they do. We must mix in but not blend in we must be more visible there are guidlines for how Muslims are to dress and behave in public and private are we following them. For the most part the only visible Muslims are the sisters. Muslim men for the most part in America look just like non-belivers and act like them they make the same crude jokes about women and minorities few bother to pray at work or even look for a place to pray. In offices where Bibles are displayed proudly you never see a Qu'ran. Recently two more brothers started working at my office and we have begun to pray Zuhr together people have noticed and asked about it, you should see the looks of awe and admiration when tell them about the salat one of the brothers has been invited to dinner to teach more about the religion. We are to be positive examples to all mankind that is why I urge all brothes and sister to as much as possible as often as possible to display the physical sunnahs that say I am a Muslim I am with you but not of you. I bring to you a better way of life not through force but by my good example for this is how Islam was truly spread by the good example of the believers. It is sad to say that most of the Muslims reverts that I meet tell me that they are glad that they read the Qu'ran and Hadith before they met a Muslim because the actions of the Muslims are so far from what is found in both of theses sources of information. If you would change peoples opinions of Islam. Show them the truth, I challange you.

Such self-haters like Ibn Warraq are to be found in every time and place. but the light of Islam is not to be extinguished by their mouthblows, just as Islam does not depend on Muslims to be alive and strong. Islam's strenght has always been independent of the power of Muslims. Muslims are the weakest community of believers but Islam is the fastest growing religion. This contradiction can be explained only by understanding Islam as a power on its own, and its power comes from the fact that it is the truth. Don't worry about such self-haters, they can only harm themselves.

As-Salaamu-Alaikum. The issues that Mr. Warraq and Ms. Manji have seem to be based more upon their own personal experiences. It is a fact that some people speak and write things only to benefit monetarily or to have those, who really despise them, look at them in a more favorable light.

As it is written in the Holy Qu'ran (Surah 109):

Say (O Muhammad to these Mushrikun and Kafirun):

O Al-Kafirun,
I worship not that which you worship,
Nor will you worship that which I worship.
And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping.
Nor will you worship that which I worship.
To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islamic Monotheism).

The Kafirun will only befriend the believers after they have turned away from that which used to believe (Islamic Monotheism). Is this the reason why Mr. Warraq and Ms. Manji are receiving so much support from the disbelievers?

A'oothu Billahi Minash-Shaitanir-Rajim! Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamin. Surely those who have turned themselves away from the Truth after it has come to them, have committed a grave sin.

Christopher Ward, check these verse:
"When you march up to attack a city, first offer it terms of peace. If it agrees to your terms of peace and opens its gates to you, all the people to be found in it shall serve you in forced labor. But if it refuses to make peace with you and instead offers you battle ... put every male in it to the sword." (Deuteronomy 20:10-13).
From Number 31
"The Lord said to Moses, "Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites. After that, you will be gathered to your people." So Moses said to the people, "Arm some of your men to go to war against the Midianites and to carry out the Lord's vengeance on them. They burned all the towns where the Midianites had settled, as well as all their camps. "Have you allowed all the women to live?" he asked them. "They were the ones who followed Balaam's advice and were the means of turning the Israelites away from the Lord in what happened at Peor, so that a plague struck the Lord's people. Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.
The Lord said to Moses, "You and Eleazar the priest and the family heads of the community are to count all the people and animals that were captured. Divide the spoils between the soldiers who took part in the battle and the rest of the community. From the soldiers who fought in the battle, set apart as tribute for the Lord one out of every five hundred, whether persons, cattle, donkeys, sheep or goats. Take this tribute from their half share and give it to Eleazar the priest as the Lord's part. From the Israelites' half, select one out of every fifty, whether persons, cattle, donkeys, sheep, goats or other animals. Give them to the Levites, who are responsible for the care of the Lord's tabernacle."
So Moses and Eleazar the priest did as the Lord commanded Moses.The plunder remaining from the spoils that the soldiers took was...32000 women who had never slept with

Nick Cameron, don't forget Pipes' Campus Watch, a revival of McCarthyism to silence the freedom of expression opposed by almost every body except few pro-Israelis (whose first allegiance is to Israel then to USA). Also do not forget most of Senators opposed his nomination to the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) board of directors. What is appropriate in brutal oppressive society like Israel is not appropriate in a society like western Europe and USA even though USA is financing Israel's oppression in every possible way.

If Warraq and Manji wanted a debate on aspects of Islam, this would be alright. But to criticize a prophet like Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and the holy book is another thing.

I think Muslims ought to write books refuting such ridiculous claims made by such authors as Warraq. Bookstores here in America are just full of anti-Islamic books. Average Americans will pick up these books, and due to them having limited knoweldge of Islam, they will believe what they read.

This is a good article.

THank you for this timely and important topic. I noticed these unexpected books in a bookstore recently and was personally disgusted with simply by the titles of the books these authors are trying to promote. Muslims in the US should start writing objective books on Islam and trying to publish and distribute them in these common stream bookstores. Ofcourse this will not be an easy task, but with persistence, determination and the backing of the larger muslim organizations, these books should be targeted to the common public. There are alot of excellent books present on the internet and specific bookstores, however, it is where these books are visible and promoted is more important in todays world.

I doubt the aim of these people is to have people convert out of Islam. What these people want and what most people unfamiliar with Islam want is dialogue. We hear quite often about Islam being good and peaceful. What people in the West are use to is discussion of evidence and the facts. We need to hear more than Islam is peaceful because we believe it to be so. Most would love it if a Muslim friend of theirs would explain to them the proper context of some of the often "misunderstood" violent verses in the Quran. We would love to understand the proper context of the battles Muhammad fought, how they are consistent with peace, and how child brides are consistent with prophethood. Discussing these issues, rightfully so, are sensitive issues but non-muslims would love to hear how muslims take these issues into account, processes them, and use them to better the world in which we live. I have seen these question of violence and pedophilia come up time and time again in the media or on this website and it never seems to bring out anything positive. I do not believe much in interpretation of scriptures. God knew what he meant and he did not mean different things. People like to think of things as gray when in truth all things are black and white. Seeing things as gray comes from the human inability to gather all the information and process it to come out with the one correct answer. This, however, does not mean that the one correct answer does not exist. It seems quite unlikely that there is not one proper context to all of these verses and that is what people would like to hear. People would like their muslim friends to take them through step by step in the Quran and show them why violence, mysogyny, pedophilia, ect. (all things people attack Islam about)are wrong and not consistent with Islam. Once this is done (maybe it has been already) I am sure people would change their minds.

With your permission br. Nahal Ameri, I would add to the least what I consider the founder of this trend, Salman Rushdie. It was said that the Hell is paved with hypocrites. A hypocrite would pray, fast and go to Hajj with a genuine Muslim and then when his political interests differ from those of the Umah, he stabs the best of us in the process of prayer(Ali ibn Aby Talib,raa, was a victim of such a hypoctrite). But these ones? These are supposed to be our children? What do their parents say? Westerners on this website do not frown, in Islaam a son/daughter is just that to the end of their parents' life, unlike in your Western culture when at 16 he/she can say, "screw you" and move out! "The mystic ties, between parent and child"(Holy Quran). How can this happen? I am a fundamentalist Muslim, my household gard their prayers, their fast, charity and observe hijab, in the Shami way(face is not covered) and we are all very proud and dignified for being Muslims. I couldn't say I was an extremist, I am rather a liberal in my thinking and enjoy a lot the comodities of modern times. However, no matter how modern a Muslim chooses to be, how liberal, how much he/she enjoys contemporary comodities, certain actions and believes that are common to all the Umah make us Muslims, no matter how diverse we are in customs, looks, attitudes, etc. Those items that keep us together and in the Umah are the fundamentals of Islaam. Among those is the tacit submission to the Shariah, even though the legal system of the country you reside in, does not endorse that. These abominable people cannot represent Islaam. The media knows. They are the traitors of Islaam and by supporting them they invite the young or the ignorant to betray Islaam. They think this is Communism. Whenever somebody defected from a used to be Communist country, they would make him appear that he was a philosopher of some kind and he knew exactly or better the precincts of Communism than the founder himself, Karl Marx!

Dear Nahal.
Assalaamo Alaikum.

People like al-waraq, call him D'waraq, who have left Islam should not comment why people join Islam. At best he can say why he left Islam.

I have not read Manji's book. There can be a sincere criticism of some Muslim practices and that is fine as a reform. But playing in the hands of Muslim bashers is another thing. I personally read a lot of things about our religion, starting from translations & ointerpretations of The Holy Qur'an. But to a Islam basher I would say, I can point out a thousand more defects in their faith. So they must keep out of this.

If it is an effort by a Muslim to cleanup our own stable - fine. Let us listen to what she has to say. But non-Muslims & ex-Muslims should worry about their own religions. Mostly they are crass idiots. Completely ignorant of what is the philosophy of Islam.

Best Regards,

Khalil Ahmed
Hong Kong.

The truth is there is a tremendous interest in reading
about Islam. Production of a coffee-table style magnum
opus on Islam targeted towards the contemporary
person would counterbalance negative works (whch, I
imagine, have more press coverage than readers.)

These people cannot adjust to Islam on some of its views and cannot go out of Islam. So they trying to reform. Indeed they don't understand that Islam is most compatible with the present life and will be in future. We nnedn't worry much as Allah has promised that Quran will remain unchanged. What we can do is live like a Muslim and show them .

I agree completely with the views express here. It has become very difficult to navigate around such publication in the run of the mill book store these days. Is it funny how so many so called liberal mind people can not understand those who choose there on path.

I agree with the contents, but once again the writer has failed to provide the solution. How are we prepared to counter such assault on Islam? Do we have intellectual debates ourselves in the Mosques? Do we allow that? For example, a very educated Muslim has told me that Imam Abu Hanifa, Shaafi, Maliki had prayed Fajr with the wudu of Isha for 50 years. Upon my open rejection to such garbage, he physically came after me. The point is sir, unless Muslims understand that Islam challenges one's intellect instead of following the religion like sheeps and lambs. We have to flourish the Mosques with intellectual debates keeping oursleves in tbe boundries of Islam. We don't have that. All emphasis is being given to the minute details of Islam. Sitting down and eating is sunnah. Eating with fingers is sunnah. Sitting and drinking water is sunnah. Instead of Muslims being engaged in those defining sunnahs that fullfills the prophetic mission, we cannot counter those attacks. How many of us are prepared to send our children to become lawyers, political science students, philosophy, journalism etc... Hardly few. Please come up with the solution.


Now a days if you want quick popularity just abuse islam and muslim, you will become instantly popular and if you are a muslim then enemy of islam will take you in their lap. Like in india there are some black sheep (traitor of islam) who join right wing anti islamic party (BJP) I request muslim dont pay heed to their work, dont comments on their work, just keep silence they will go into oblivion (darkness) but if muslim give mind to their speeches, work etc. obviously they will come in limelight and that is their whole objective to how to become popular...

Assalamoalikum,dont worry these islam bashers will go to hell. surely.

Good article, however it fails to provide who's behind Manji and Warraq. Heres the scoop, Manji is being promoted and funded by the CJC (Canadian Jewish Congress), she also happens to be a homosexual activist who doesnt care for Islam's stand against this evil practice.
There is no evidence that "ibn Warraq" was ever a Muslim to begin with, what is known is that he's a 3rd rate Christian polemiscist.
It should be remembered that money is a major factor here, as long as we have racist .. like "nick cameron" around, the likes of Pipes, Horowitz, Manji will go well fed.
Keep lying about Islam, it just confirms our belief that no good can come from a failed civilizatian like the West. RIP.

G.L. FROM U.S.A. said:
i like how the article was about tolerance, and then the hypocracy cometh forth, provided by seiffudeen... and i quote:

"These are the likes, except for Mr Warraq, who is an apostate, and would have been killed in an Islamic state. Our religion is clear and we are on the side of Allah and his Messenger. Those who stand against us, stand against Allah, and who can win a war against the Lord of the Worlds?"

...and with that duplicity exposed to the non-muslim world, we can all make our judgements from there.

Salam. Is not Manji the producer of a television program called Queer TV? While I do not consider myself to be a gay-basher, how seriously should I take her criticism of Allah's choice for her and my religion?

As for Daniel Pipes, he provides me with an opportunity to comment on the articles presented at his site. Occasionally, I do precisely that.

The best way to deal with Ibn Warraq, in my opinion, is to deprive him of the audience that he currently enjoys. Insha'Allah.

Dear Writer: May Allah reward you for exposing the
hate mongers. Know that the light of Islam will contiue to burn, no one will stop it but Allah the one who has the power over belivers and non-belivers. Don't fear anybody, but Allah. Manji she
may claim herself muslim, she is NOT MUSLIM because, she simply denied what in Quran and falsified about Islam.
O muslims Hold on to your belief donot be shaken
by such haters. Our belief that will take us to
heaven not our lifestyle or notionality.

As Salaam Alaikum,
I agree that these people are a definite problem, but these type of people are nothing new. They are the hypocrites of our age. With the word being so abused in our times, we often forget that the hypocrites were in the time of our beloved Nabii, a specific group of people who faked is Islaam to over through it. These are the likes, except for Mr Warraq, who is an apostate, and would have been killed in an Islamic state. Our religion is clear and we are on the side of Allah and his Messenger. Those who stand against us, stand against Allah, and who can win a war against the Lord of the Worlds?

Regarding Daniel Pipes' quote, he provides context here:

Extremeley well put and timely article. I work with Jewish and Interfaith progressive and this new breed of opportunists really doing a lot of damage and making $$$ at our expense.

It's good. I am glad that this level of awareness must be brought towards the Muslims community at large. Although I am reserved at trying to debate with someone like Irshad Manji or giving her a gleaming spotlight of support, I believe that is wrong....but what is necessary, as this article very well summarizes, that we should ask the public, are we being forced to accept the belief of a particular group of individuals and their personal perceptions about Islam, all the while being embraced by non-Muslims and somehow turned into spokespeople for the Ummah at large? How is this possible? Good questions asked in this article as a whole, YES stop promoting hate...If Jeffrey Dalmer and similar groups like his still exist in parts of the USA even today, why are they not exposed in a more serious matter...all the while Muslims are constantly being attacked left right and centre.

I am an Islamic Extremist...and I'm very proud to be one. Likewise I am proud to be an Islamic is my duty to improve myself every day for the betterment of society and for my own representation before Allah - therefore I stick by the fundamentals of my faith...I am a Muslim, I am able to live and exist in all different times and places because Islam does not restrict me from doing this...

Muslims are all over the world, existing in every country in the world. We are not something that a particular class of people and mentality of people should be running a campaign in somehow trying ot brainwash as many non-Muslims as they can itno believing their "research" in their books and what not where they try to prove their personal perceptions of topics, by citing the research of people who represent 1 percent of the total accepted udnerstanding of, for an example, a Qur'anic ayat. Let us not forget that every single ayat in the Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saaw) according to an event that happened or was going ot happen during his time.