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The well-known Islam-hater, Daniel Pipes, is very angry with PBS for airing the documentary on Prophet Muhammad during the Christmas season. In an article published in a local edition of the conservative webzine Human Events and the New York Post the pro-Israeli Mr. Pipes accuses the documentary of not being critical enough. Mr. Pipes, who is the director of Middle East Forum, writes that the film treats Muslim religious beliefs as historical facts and ignores "an ongoing scholarly reassessment of Muhammad's life."

"Its patronizing film might be fine for an Islamic Sunday school class but not for a national audience, " he writes. He calls for a public-interest lawsuit on behalf of taxpayers against the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) "both to address this week's travesty and to win an injunction against any possible repetitions. It should be noted here that apart from CPB, the documentary has received the funding from several foundations and about 4,000 individuals. The donors include the Arabian Bulk Trading Ltd., the El-Hibri Foundation, the Sabadia Family Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Irfan Kathwari Foundation and the Qureishi Family trust. 

Regardless of Pipes remarks the documentary Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet has received wide acclaim from most newspapers in the country. Describing it an "enlightening documentary," Dave Mason of Scripps Howard News Service writes that it is a "well-researched reminder that Islam is about peace, love and the acceptance of other people's beliefs-the same tenets as those in Christianity and Judaism." 

In the Washington Post Caryle Murphy writes that it is an "enjoyable and informative film about a man who did indeed change the world." Why is it that Mr. Pipes and others like him hate Islam? Is it the personality of Prophet Muhammad? Or is it because it was shown on PBS, which is supposed to be reserved for people with his kind of views only? One basically has to review the writings of Mr. Pipes to determine an accurate answer. Mr. Pipes believes that he alone is an authority on Islamic history and his words must be considered the final version on issues pertaining to Islamic values and culture. He believes that Islam is not a genuine religion and Prophet Muhammad's contribution to world history is often exaggerated. He believes that jihad promotes violence among Muslims and the Quran teaches hatred.

Obviously, it is futile to accept Mr. Pipes give a fair review to the documentary. Also futile is the expectation that he would change his position on Islam and Muslims. However, one must question the validity of his scholarship and the soundness of his opinion. He appears to be irrational in his criticism and portrayal of Islam. He bases his arguments against Islam on the basis of a history that he has distorted to suit his political agenda. He sees everything from the perspective of Israeli interests and he believes that the popularity of Islam and acceptance of Muslims in the US might diminish the Israeli interests in the country. This is nothing but intimidation and an attack on free speech and our first amendment. Americans are entitled to understand diverse aspects of their cultures from reliable sources. They should not be subject to deception and intimidation.

Certainly, the documentary tried to rely on original sources to depict an accurate portrayal of Prophet Muhammad. However, there are a few other issues whose inclusion could have enriched the documentary. A segment on Prophet's relations with Christians would have highlighted the importance the Prophet attached to pluralism. A more critical examination of the Banu Quraiza story might have revealed alternative historical accounts. Within the authentic Muslim sources, there are different opinions on the events leading to the story of Banu Quraiza. A detailed discussion of the subject might have yielded a different perspective.

Regardless of these issues, the documentary appears to be a classical study of the life and achievements of Prophet Muhammad. It showed the relevance of his life to contemporary times. Above all it documented his impact on the life of Muslims all over the world in making this world a better place to live.

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
This documentary, aired on PBS, portrays the Man, the Message and the Mission, who called Moses & Jesus his brothers. His Message continues to influence mankind. Reserve your own copy now!

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  1. kano mohamed from USA,Atlanta Georgia

    As Muslim some times I feel guilty because of what is going on in USA ,arab world and then the rest of the world.I read about what Kenneth said /wrote about prophet mohamed.That is bad and he shouldn't say that.

    however,why we shouldn't go outside and condemn

    that our relegion is not terorist and speak out from all over the world?

    why from all over the muslim people hate USA?

    and not china,Russia and the rest of the world?

    Who help Kosovo,somalia,Kuwait and so on?

    Let us talk and tell people who we are and stand up for what we believe? and not let small group of people to hijack our relegion.

    thanks.hope to hear from you soon


  2. Richard Wilke from USA

    I am extremely grateful that PBS had the foresight and courage to air the documentary about Muhammad and Islam. The more the American people learn about him and Islam, the less fear they will have of Muslim's and Muslim countrys. Mr. Pipe's is trying to intimidate and censure the Constitutional right of PBS to make their own choice about what programming to air.He is simply wrong. Given the lack of tolerance that the Right wing religious zealots regularly display, I am not surprised.

    On the other hand, until Palestinians stop killing innocent civilians and acknowledge Isreal's right to exist and exist in peace along side a Palestinian country, people like Mr. Pipe's will have plenty of ammunition with which to disparage Islam.

    What Palestinian leader will have the courage to stand up and say that the killing must stop? I hope he (or she) will not wait much longer. We don't have much time.

  3. Fauzi Rashid from USA

    This is a excellent documentary. I guess Pipes is upset because the American people are now getting the chance to learn about Islam form a different perspective. We should all support PBS in it's effort to voice different views.

  4. Rafiek I. Jadallah from USA

    To US of Freaking A... I can tell from your post that you are obviously not that well-read on US Foreign Policy or anything else for that matter. I can only fathom that you've never even went to high school. This further leads me to believe that you are as most one-sided Americans would claim the Muslims living in the Middle East and other countries as "Backward". Yourl limited view hold little or no water at best. In fact, You post ha no point, just whatsoever. The only thing I had gotten from your post was the pure nefarious one-sided fascist view of the world. It further makes me wonder if you are a part of the Nazi or the KKK. My advice to you is before you open your mouth again, make sure you know what you are saying....!!

  5. Mohd. Yusoff Idris from Johore, Malaysia.

    Yes, Prophet Mohhammed is the messenger of God, spreading the voice of peace, love, unity and universal values. But the real fact is, the Arabs, ignore the truth, they quarell among themselves, are greedy, selfish, power hungry and the powerful and rich lack vision, enjoy life while ignoring the masses who are backward. Arab politics are synonamous with disunity and infighting among themselves.

    What Islam really need is a modern, progressive tolerant Muslim society like Malaysia.

  6. khursheed from bahamas

    This is a wonderful documentary with a lot of information.In my opinion more documentaries like this should be aired to provide right kind of knowledge and the right way to guide the public. Thanks to PBS.

  7. farah from Canada

    Mr Pipes should just pipe down. He is only revealing his own closedmindedness and not giiving himself the opportunity to absorb someone else's viewpoint.

    Obviously his main concern is not the accuracy of the historical facts, but his own political agenda.

  8. maryan I from USA

    First, I would like to thank PBS for airing "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" It was very interesting and also very educational to both muslims and non-muslims. It was very inspiring to watch it.

    Keep up the good work PBS.

  9. Qasim Ali from USA

    I missed the documatort. I hope they show it again.

  10. Davut from U.S.

    Too bad the documentary didn't mention the historic covenant between Muhammad(PBUH)and the Negus Christians of Abyssinia. Most Muslims that I have spoken with are totally unaware of any pluralistic relationships between the Prophet and Christians-we desperately need to focus on these few bridges of respect and commonality.

  11. Natasha from USA

    I absolutely LOVED the documentary. Although they left out some things it was still great! Mashallah, and the two men that made this program also became Muslim. Almost no one that works and studies Islam intimately can resist it. It's a GREAT religion, the true religion. So what do you have to say now Daniel Pipes? Somebody needs to give him a Quran and a book of Hadith. I hope in time, Allah swt helps him change his hateful opinions towards Islam.

    Wasalam and thanks to all that made that documentary possible

  12. Ummu Drammeh from u s

    After reading some of the comments and ofcourse

    some personal eperience I can safely say that there is sooooo much hatered and misundersanting

    about a great religion.The hindus,sikhs,buddhists,christians ,jews to name afew all have decided to unite against muslims.I mean, sure there are good people among these religions but unfortunately misguided ones who control the media and other important positions will stop at nothing to make muslims look bad.Muslims all over the world there is a lot of work to be done.the first step is to unite .All muslims all over the world even if you live in a cave, get up comeout and fight this.The only way to do this isto teach these people the basics of islam from the Quran and the hadith the only source of informatoin,nothing else but those two.No school of thought or anything like that .Teach them the word of God only but not our own thoughts or views.Sure these haters will come and go,and the truth will always remain until the end comes.But is our responsibility to teach these people the truth about islam and what it stands for.Remember it can only be achieved by all muslims uniting .Anthing less would be pointless.

  13. Ummu Drammeh from U S

    I actually feel a bit sorry for Mr. Pipes. It isn't easy carrying around so much hatered.Mulim

    brothers and sisters here is a chance for us to teach Mr Pipes and others like him what Islam is about.You never know maybe one day he'll come to know that Islam is infact a peaceful wonderfull and enlightening religion.

  14. Imran Alam from USA

    Dear Islamicity Editor: Please,forward all positive and encourging comments from this messasge board to PBS and producers on airing "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet". Atleast they should be aware of that Muslims and non-Muslims indeed watched and liked the program.


    Thank you.

  15. Imran Alam from USA

    On Daniel Pipes- Oneday I heard D.Pipes on Politcally Incorrect show braging about his Ph.D in Middle Eastern studies.

    True and enlighted with knowledge-scholars never brag about their scholarships. But a phony and narrow-minded "expert" like D.Pipes do.

  16. adel a. mazen from usa

    ass-alamo 3alaikom

    it is a fact that there are enemies of"The Islam "

    We moslems should be allways prepared to defend the religion ,without loosing our heads ,or getting emotional about it . This is a racist

    country , racissism is been made legal through the "jim crow " laws .

    the biggist fight against enemies of "The Islam "

    and the garanee of our triamph is our unity and solidarity.

    God helps all

    sa-lamo 3alaicm

  17. Kelly day from USA

    Regarding comment # 8956 by JOHN NORMAN and comment #'S 8930 AND 8910 BY SOLOMON WEISKOP

    John thinks that the Jews, but not the Muslims deserved an apology from Spain. But Jews fought alongside Muslims to conquer Spain. Jews held high positions in Muslim Spain. So if you think Muslims don't deserve an apology, neither do the Jews.

    In America Jews hold important decision making positions, Jews and Christians(who hold high positons in western nations) and Saddam Hussein are responsible for the millions of deaths in Irag

    Everyone complains that Muslims do not condemn violent acts done in the name of Islam. But this is not not true, many Muslim organizations condemn violent acts but the mainstream press refuses to acknowledge it. so just because you didn't here it, it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    Weiskop wants Muslims to condemn the various bombings around the world which have not definitely been proven to have been done by only Muslims. Because the mainstream press always has headlines about Islamic terrorists without doing follow ups stories, your average person thinks all terrorist acts are down by Muslims and there is no pressure put on the mainstream media to do serious research or investigations.

    Weiskopf wants muslims to condemn the killings and opression of Kurds by Irag. Don't forget that Kurds are Muslims and it was Western nations that sold weapons and chemicals to Saddam Hussein and even gave him strategic support (how and were to use the weapons)that killed the Kurds. Are you asking Christians and Jews to condemn that. Did you know slavery exists in Isreal?

    Russian and slavic women and girls are used in the Isreali sex industry. And this is the role model America holds up for the rest of the Middle East to follow? Are Jews condemning this?

    Holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of Osama Bin Laden and AlQuada, is like holding all Jews and Christians responsible for the actions of the CIA and the Mossad

  18. Izhar from USA

    To response to John Norman: There is no historical claim that the land that Israel occupying is belong to the Jews. If is does, that means Judaism is not a true religion as it favors only one race. Infact, I found out that, the real Orthodox Judaism does not actually agree the existing of Israel because from what I read, Israel cannot be a country, and based on Torah, It is some other nation will need to host Israel as a Jewish community.. not as a country (This is based on statement made by the Orthodox Jews during the Palestinian Rally in London couple months ago). SO I assume, whatever you say here is just another Zionist/Evangelicals propaganda.

    John Norman.. one day people will realize this and I know truth will prevail. One question everyone may ask, why would only American are sided with the Israel but not the rest of the world. Infact if you in US just cross the Canadian border and start looking at the News there and you will see and clearly understand why American as so on Israel sided because they have been feed with Zionist Propaganda and only Israel sided of the story. One Israel killed made to the news all day in US, but there are many Palestinian Children, women and old people got killed everyday but their story went out to the world, not to American because the Media in US have been controlled by the Zionist/Evangelical people who has their own "Political" agenda and personal self interest.

  19. shirley thomas from usa

    id like to say im realy impressed with the accuracy of the document that aired on pbs, about the prophet Mohhamed(pbuh). having been a christian most of my life,but newly having converted to islam,i found this to be a good representation of our religion, most everything else on tv these days tell lies of muslim beliefs,due to misinterpretation of our HOly Qur'an.i feel alone here in america as new convert, and this was very comforting to me. i hope to see more such shows that depict what the true muslims are realy about, peace not war.thank you

  20. Muna Ali from Canada

    The Muslims are constantly defending the religion of Islam. The event of Septembet 11th, 2001 or the bombings in Occupied Palestine or (ill gotten) Israel is not to take the message of Islam to the heathen lands or people. When the Europeans came to Americas and had to kill the indigeanous population; it was not to promote Christianity, but to get a hold on a piece of real estate. And when some indigeanous people fought a mighty army with bowes and arrows, they were not sucide warriors, but a deafted group, making their last stand. So some muslims who engage in fighting with some European ( either direct or derived ) countries, are not fighting for Islam; but they believe that they, or some one they knew, have been wronged by these powers; and as such have to fight back. Same story as the local people of Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

    So it is not fitting for Muslims to defend Islam as a Peaceful religon; it is not Islam which is fighting Europeans, but some muslims who are fighting. We do not have to speak on their behalf, they should explain their motives; and the local press should air their views; and the people decide for themselves wether these people are terrorist or fighters at their last stand.

    Some of these people had a Cruise Missle dropped on them from no where, or had bombs rain on them from aircrafts flying 5 miles above them. Or has bombs that can blast metal doors, shot at their mud or concrete houses. This has happened in Lybia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia besides some other countries which are not the part of the current discussion.

    I am not bombing or killing any European, I am peaceful, and I am a Muslim; and there are thousands like me living in the western countries. As the majority of us Muslims are peaceful, Islam has to be a Peaceful religon; this discussion should be closed for ever, unless you doubt yourselves. What we should be looking at is what has the Europeans done over the

  21. shirl from usa

    I think PBS did a fine job, Daniel Pipes & the rest need to work a little harder on their research & look at both sides with open mind.We all came from the same starting point (Adam & Eve). As always there are those who forget history has much to teach, we just have trouble remembering & learning from it!

    Good Job PBS! We need more like you!!

  22. M. Isse from MN,USA

    It is wonderfull and very usefull to watch this movie, although We know so many guys lie the realty of Islam in America like Mr. Pipes but still he have a chance to convert to Islam before he go to HELL with his lie

  23. abdullah wakeely from usa

    There are Muslims, Christians, Jews and other people who practice other religions are living in USA. They all work, pay tax and contribute in one way or another to this country. It is very hypectrical of Mr.pipes and people like him to accuse PBS of showing documentary on Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Infact, I think there should be more such documentary about Islam in general to at least compensate for some of anti-Islamic propegandas which are unleashed daily by Mr.Pipes, Mr.falwell(excuse my spelling) and Mr.Pat Bucannon (Dear readers please excuse my spelling, grammer and other mistakes because I amd writing this in a big hurry)..God Bless You.

  24. Shah Ally from Canada

    There is no God but Allah [Subhanahu WA T'Allah] and Prophet Muhammad [Peace and Blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon Him] is The Humble Servant of Allah (SWT) All Praises are for Allah Subhanahu WA T'Allah Who Is The Master Creator of the Universe and every thing that encompasses it. Allah [Subhanahu WA T'Allah] has given ALL of man the best of Guidance in the Holy Quran and the best of exemplifier in Prophet Muhammad [Peace and Blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon Him] in manifesting the Holy Quran and as a Mercy to ALL of Mankind. Having said this, what are Mr. Pipe's problems?

    PBS did great in broadcasting this noble documentary. It is a classical study and understandingly partial presentation of the life and achievements of the very best of Allah's Creation. So what are Mr. Pipes and his disciples' problems?

    Only men of wisdom and understanding will truly comprehend the gist of this presentation. Obviously Mr. Pipes and his disciples are very porous!

    Keep them coming PBS.

    Shah Ally

  25. Mirza

    Solomon Weiskop, John and Pipes: your problem is that you are anti-semitic to the core, you cannot tolerate a western media outlet to disperse correct and unbaised information about the most influential man ever to have walked this planet.

    Solomon eventhough you share your name with Prophet Solomon known for his wisdom, justice and piety, what a shame that you have none of the qualities of the real Solomon. In your blind hatred of the semites you fail to understand Islam is a religion (a verb), you CANNOT expect a Muslim (a noun) to fully qualify the qualities of Islam. Its like saying "See how bad swimming is..., John Doe finished 10 hours after the last swimmer." This may show that John Doe may be a bad swimmer, but you think the very act of swimming is bad then you have a serious problem, you might want to see a doctor.

    John Norman: I dont know what is normal about you. You seem to have a problem with everything that Islam even vaguely represents.

    I pray onto God to lead you to the right path and protect you from the filth in yourself... Ameen.

  26. H.JINAL from France

    Yes Muhammad PBUH is a Great Prophet of our time , his high position with Allah is so great that he be able to face & speak with Allah , face to face during Miraj and in which Allah had bestowed & ordianed 5X Solat , Muhammad , being so great & previleged but remained humble throughout his life , he is leader that leads but he also a common human being , make himself as low as his companions , and , he is a perfect human with all rationals behind his actions , his life remained simple and no desire of in the comfort life in the world , he may wish if he will , but choose to be poor , the same person sacrifice , and went through hard life that today Muslims pray towards Allah , knew purposes of life , blessed to Muhammmad PBUH , that he is the greatest person who change the world for good and otherwise without him , world is in utter darkness , he had seen hell and paradise , he would wish all humans saved from the fire of hell and attained Allah salvation, the mere salvation is even life beyond the world , and universe but beyond and more infinite futuristic , the life here after, he was given the mission and vision and his life was for the salvation of humans ... no words can be expressed here , Muhammad the greatest... PBUH and Salute Allah uakbar

  27. Solomon Weiskop

    Faced with the truly global threat to world peace posed by militant Islam, Muslims themselves remain frighteningly silent(as this forum clearly reveals).Their silence can only be interpreted in one way: tacit agreement with the goals and methods of the radicals. If anyone who is non-Muslim dares to bring up this problem they are viciously attacked (again, as this forum clearly reveals).We are, in effect, being subjected to intimidation intended to remind us of our proper place in Islam as dhimmis and kuffirs, and to keep us silent. Then, the silence will be total (both Muslim and non-Muslim) and in this total silence, the Islamic radicals may continue to pursue their violent goals. Observe for example how Muslims in Pakistan have treated their Christian minority this past year: (*)

    During Christmas services yesterday, Muslim militants threw a hand grenade into a Christian church in Chianwala Pakistan. All of the dead and wounded were women or girls.

    On Sept 25 2002, Muslim gunmen broke into a Christian welfare organization's office in Karachi. They tied seven employees to their chairs and shot each in the head.

    On March 17, a grenade attack on a Protestant church in Islamabad killed five people.

    On August 5, Muslim attackers raided a Christian school in Murree, killing six.

    On August 9, Muslim attackers hurled grenades at worshipers at a church on the grounds of a Presbyterian hospital in Taxila.

    (*) NY Times Dec 26 2002

  28. zumer. from Pakistan.

    I read Mr. John normans comments..there is inaccuracy in the facts he stated...In 1914, only 9% of the Palestinian population comprised of jews, while the rest were arabs. By 1922 the Jewish population rose to 11 % and by 1947, it reached 31%. The question is how it all happened..i wld suggest everyone to read up more to find out how it all happened.

    The 1917 Balfour Declaration is also worth reading, to get an insight of the issue. According to it, "His MAjesty's Government views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to faciliatate the achievement of this object, it bing clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non Jewish communities in Palestine..."

    And this is what happened (as against the declaration)... Zionist companies were handed over the the lands natural resources, the land of absentee landlords was sold off to Zionists...ofcourse there was palestinian outrage , so would that of American citizens if its Government allowed the purchase and colonization of large blocks of the richest American soil by foreignersa with the aim to eventually establishing an independent contry theron.

    Anddddd welll theres a lotttt more to know!

    Zumer Bass. [email protected].

    P.S: (quotes from Jeffery Lang's book, "Struggling to Surrender"

  29. kam from EastAsia

    Islam is about peace and love and the acceptance of other people's beliefs but the degree of tolerence is varied upon individual.

    p/s: everything must has limit.

  30. Nazim Hussain from Guyana

    I saw the PBS docudrama. It was excellent. Congrats to PBS. How ironic for it to be shown during the Christmas season.

    Thank you to all those who made the production and the airing of that feature. Would love to have a personal copy


  31. Shahid from USA

    It was wonderful to see a production like this to inform the world about our Dearest Prophet (PBUH). The media bias has kept the general decent public in the dark and only portrayed the wrong ideas about Islam. Our Muslim Umma needs to support and finance such programs to inform and teach the world about peace and the beauty of Islam, and not what the minority ill-informed muslims by name only, spread. May Allah Guide us all.

  32. Saalik from Australia

    I see the Islamophobe Pipes crying again about Islam. If he wants to bring up sunday schools then his own people in the u.s. fit the description very well. The rest of the world knows that the u.s. press is restricted and the general population of the u.s. is not told an unbiased report on anything other than what the govt wants them to know(to suit their own agenda).

    Those of us that have more rational and unbiased news reporting treat Pipes as the insect he is. We would love to squash the insect once and for all.

  33. Allia & Ahmed from USA

    When I read this article about Mr. Pipes I found his webpage right away and sent him an email with my comments on every negative point he listed about this great PBS show and Islam in general. I also copied our local PBS programming manager here in Houston since we support them financially and wanted them to know they have our continued support against this kind of negative bias. I encourage you all to send an email to your local PBS in support of their efforts to present Islam to the American public!

  34. Nazim Haqqani from Land of the Free

    I am an American, and I have a right to voice my opinion about how taxpayer money should be spent. I know that many many Americans are learning the truth about our 'special' relationship with Israel. The American people are just beginning to put real pressure on the US govt - they're beginning to see the ridiculous lopsided support for Israel, and I think they're beginning to understand why so many Palestinians do not see America as being friendly to Palestinians - indeed all Arabs and most of the world see the US as funding Israeli terrorism and expansionism. But American 'leaders' are blind to the truth. Our 'representatives' in govt never discuss how America supports terrorism and ethnic cleansing and violations of UN resolutions with our financial and military support for the state of Israel. Strange country, the US - where a struggling airline that's facing bankruptcy, the second largest airline in the world, can't get a $1.8 billion loan guarantee, but a foreign country that has killed tens of thousands, expelled hundreds of thousands, and still brutally occupies millions, has no problem in securing a $10 billion loan guarantee. It's mind boggling and maddening.

    I wonder if there are Americans who still ask 'why do they hate us?'

  35. John Norman from US

    During the 1948 war, Zionists destroyed, desecrated and profaned Christian churches, convents and institutions throughout the occupied area of Palestine. These acts, together with the campaign against Christian missionaries, continue until today. Now that the Zionists occupied Jerusalem in the 1967 war, the last stage of their plan will be carried out when they are assured of their complete domination of the Holy City. Hundreds of Christian families were expelled from Jerusalem. In spite of the fact that the Zionist propagandists constantly proclaim their good intention towards Christian and Muslim holy places in Jerusalem, nothing will deter the Zionists from carrying out their fanatical program of ultimately eradicating Christianity from the Holy Land.

  36. Believer from Uganda

    Israel belongs to the believers not to rebellious and deceptive Jews who have earned the Wrath of Allah SWT. Any one who says that Israel belongs to the Jews has no knowledge of Allah SWT's word. The land of believers will be with the belivers and the Messiah is to see to that.

    Allah Ahkbar

  37. Mohammad ELdeib from USA

    Thank you for having the opportunity to share my views regarding the documentary on Prophet Muhammad (SAW) a legacy of a prophet. I am a businessman, I lived in USA for ~ 30 years and we have 2 generations.

    This is the first time I watched continuously for 2 hours a program that presented a clear none distorted image about the prophet of Islam. In spite of my busy schedule I will watch it again and again. I believed American public has long waited for such a production. I congratulate everyone participated directly or indirectly in the production of Muhammad, a legacy of a prophet.

    Mr. Pipes and the few like him is not going to dictate on the American public their "foxy" opinion. Let Mr. Pipes disclosed his tax return to compare it to any of the America Muslim Military Personnel, Physicians, Educators, Businessmen, Lawyers, Engineers and other processions before provoking others to sue PBS for showing such a wonderful piece of work..

  38. john norman from uk

    Mohammed Musa: usa: No, Israel is the possession of the Jewish People by right of history. The Arabs are there as occupiers. However, the UN in its wisdom decided in 1948 to give a portion of this Jewish inheritance to the local Palestinian Arabs. They turned that gift down. I am sure that eventually, they will get a state of their own. Bu they could have had more if they had not acted like the greedy imperialists they are.

  39. john norman from uk

    Zia, Canada : I am neither Christian nor Hindhu but Jewish. It was Judaism that introduced the idea of the One God to the world, 2600 years before Islam appeared on the scene.

  40. john norman from uk

    Abdur Razzak -usa;

    Many Christians have apologised for the Crusades. You should read up; search Google. Alas, Muslims have never apologised for invading other nations. The truth is that they cannot as they are bound by their faith to spread Islam. Islam is an aggressive faith. Until it learns to apoloigise, it will always be so. end of story.

  41. Quazi Mahbubur Rahman from USA

    The documentary indeed a great informative on Islam and Muslim's belief in a short period of time. I hope everybody specially people from other religion would have a chance of understanding of islam and about muslim. The documentary indeed aired on perfect time in USA. And definetely it will help to lot of people who does want to know atleast about islam and muslim's life. I am very thankfull to all of the people who are engaged this time to make such a beutiful presentation on prophet Muhammad pbuh and to people on PBS to timely broadcast this documentary. May Allah help all of us and grant us a peacefull harmony life all over the world.


  42. Wolfgang from Germany


    A biography of the Prophet based on Islamic sources...imagine that. What a radical notion. If we had more programs like this, it would certianly make for more civil and intellectual debate.

  43. T.Mirza from USA

    perhaps Mr.Pipes did his studies on islam in the university of an israeli city,he could have done better that right here in USA,as the books and material here is availeable and more scolarly non muslims are here who know more on islam and speak the truth despite the pressure from other quarters,I think the way Mr.Pipes writes and belives in is a personal crusade against islam.

  44. Irfan Ahmed from USA

    Hats off to PBS. You have done a really true public service by showing Islam as what it is; simple and absolutely beautiful!

    May God shower His blessings on all who want to explore this religon with open hearts and live in peace. Amen.

  45. azra from U.K

    Very enformative,and an eye opener for these who do not have an insight in to the meaning of Islam.The documentaryshould be aired all over the world,so as poaple can shed some of the misconseptions about this great faith{ISLAM}.May allah subhana talla for give us and those who transgress agenst us ameen

  46. M. H. Artani from USA

    unbeliveable, beautiful,just on the point, just as need in USA, congrat. to all of them who involve in this peacefull documentry, what anyone can say or think, just to thanks and best for future, but some of them this documentry worked like fire to their own home in their families, they been telling long to their families the big time lies regarding Islam and Mohammad (PBHM) and the media helped them to mislead the whole family members, now they themselves saw,understand for body of Islam and the Roll of Mohammad (PBHM) again whole team is to congreatulation and keep it up, May Allah Al-Mighty will reward you for this beautiful documentry. Ameen.

    You must have some oposition, and critisium for this big project, otherwise ppl will think no one watched. Regrds

  47. seifuddin el-amin from USA

    i converted to islam 38 years ago the film were very good,study the Quran-bible they speake of him.thanks

  48. Salmaan Abdul Haddi Sponburg from USA

    I really enjoyed this show, it was very enlighting. I think it is both sad and funny that so many people are quick to hate this show. We would never do this to Christians about Isa (AS). So I think they need to grow up.

  49. Erika from usa

    Thanks PBS, for such a wonderful job!

    Informative, accurate and honest.

    May Allah/God bless you all and reward your intentions.

  50. Ericka from USA

    It's was a very well done job, well researched and accurate, it's sad some people refuses to open up their minds to at least respect other people's believes and/or cultures.

    However, the team that worked hard for this does deserver the credit of their work, it was a very

    informative program, one should see it at least this way, we need accurate information about Islam or any other religion, it's the only way to understand and respect each other more, knowing others believes and practices does not mean accepting them for ourselves, but it it will help us to understand each other better and it's through understanding that we can respect each other and live in peace in this world that belongs to all of us, we are people and we live together we have to learn how to live happy amongst each other, the Creator made this world for ALL of us and we are humans, let's live as such.

    Thanks to this channel for airing such a great material, may the Creator bless your work and efforts, and intentions.

    We would like to see more of this material in all different topics.

    Keep up the good work, on behalf of the Asociacion de Musulmanes Hispanos, recieve our most sincere appreciation for the contribution to a better understanding.

    Islam is about Peace, Muslims are good people.

    There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is a Mensenger of Allah.

    Thank you again.


  51. Mohammad Mostafiz from USA

    Is it posible to give this DVD to other country to broadcast in the national TV for free?I bought one DVD.This DVD will help muslim and nomuslim to understand ISLAM.

  52. Mohammad Mahfuz Al-Mamun from Bnagladesh

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. May Allah Bless those people who made it. May Allah help them to make some good thing like tihis.

  53. Ruth Gold from USA

    Seen the Documentary on Muhammad (SAW) thought it was honest & fair... It was a Docu on Muslims about Muslims W/Muslims discussing their faith Thanks PBS for having the courage to air the Docu. I guess this makes up for all the other times that you bent to the Pro-Israeli Pro-Zionist

    Anti-Palastines=Anti Semitic pressure Mozel Tov!!

  54. Jawad from U.S.A.

    Great Job PBS!

    It was a very knowledgeable and enlightening documentary that you showed.

    There will always be critics, and productive criticism is a very good thing. However, i fyou have critics like pipes then don't pay any heed to his comments since he is no more than a racist without a brain. Calling him a scholar is insult to all the great scholars who have spent thier lives in achieveing the true knowledge and using it in the right way.

    Once again Bravo for the GREAT show and keep up the good work.

    A Viewer.

  55. Nafzak from USA


    Despite Islam/Muslim hater - Daniel Pipes claim that American tax dollars are being wasted to spread Islam, it is PBS that stands to make money off these programs. Currently the DVD and Video of "Legacy of a Prophet" and "Frontline-Muslims" are both best sellers. In fact the DVD version of "Legacy of a Prophet" is #1 overall.

  56. Nabil Jamaleddin from USA

    Much better than what is usually on public programming.

  57. Zia from Canada

    John Norman: You wrote Islam disregards other religions and considers it self as The Boss, Well!! IT is Islam which spoke about the oneness of The Creator, it is Islam who prohibited from breaking up of God into different parts and prohibited the humans from giving physical aspect to God. The only thing which can keep all the people together on this earth is when there is unity, unity in the believing of one true Creator, one way of worship .

    Bhuddism/ Hinduism/ and so on are Pagan relisions, and Christianity followed the suit, Christianity is nothing but Paganism in modern form, do you know the concept the Trinity existed in Hinduism long before Christianity ever came to earth? The concept of 1 in 3 , and 3 in 1 god concept is Pagan, the concept on calling people to the place of worship by ringing bells of the Temple long existed in HInduuism, it is Christianity which followed the suit. The concept the god wants sacrifice has again long existed in Hinduism , it was again Christianity which followed the suit.

    Christianity was formed to win the hearts of all the PAgan worshippers and other to bring them into Christianity in order to increase the numbers of believers.

    This is nto what Jesus (Isa) came to earth for, he was the Great Prophet who came to preach which Abraham, Moses, David and other had come to preach the mesasge of One True God.

    How can you forget what Jesus said: Your God and my God is one God .

    Go back read your Own Books properly.

  58. Sheik Aziz from USA

    I believe that the documentary was presented with truth as the most important ingredient. Those who do not implement the holy prophet Muhammad, salallahu alaihi wassallam, in their thoughts and actions are truly very unfortunate. We are thankful to Allah for guiding us to the true path and need not waste time worrying about the like of Daniel Pipes. I can point out many difficulties with his old testament but I refuse to stoop to his level. All praises are due to Allah and may His peace and blessings always be on our beloved prophet, Muhammad.

  59. Saleem Reza from USA

    I think the documentary on PBS was nothing short of excellent meassage about the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and his mission of peace, equality and justice for all of humanity. I believe we as muslims should strive to broadcast message like this on PBS and other media to eliminate stereotyping muslims for our belief system, undo damages done by so called experts on Islam and Muslims". These so called experts should be put to shame for their misleading and distorted opinions and views about Islam and muslims. They will do whatever it takes to advance their agenda regardless of the consequences for their deliberate lies and false accusations.

    I would like to appeal to the muslim community around the globe especially in the western hemisphere to wake up and smell the coffee, as we say in America. Be an active part of the community we live in, be a positive role model, quit bitching about trivial issues, set aside nationalism, work towards a goal that is achievable. Our work has just begun, we should become active in political system, judicial system, a mindful voter, support causes which reflect our view points, both social and economical.

    In my opinion it is time for Muslims to stand up for our rights as law abiding citizens of the land of freedom. Voice our concerns to the people we elect in the office of US congress and senate. The constitution of US does not allow for dicrimination based on color, religion or creed. We are all equal in the eyes of the law until proven otherwise.

    Let us all become active in our efforts to become better muslims first then serve the community we leave in. Our neighbors are our friends and well wishers. We must refelct on our Prophets (saw) teachings on how to deal with our neighbors, protect their rights.

    In closing I must say that I am fortunate to live in a country where the voice of the people make a difference, the land of free speech is part of constitution.

    May Allah(swt) guide us in the right path, make the journey easy

  60. nads from india

    wirth refrence to mr.daniel pipes remarks

    nothing new, right from the inception of islam

    there were many PIPES like daniel who were gung ho about criticising islam

    sumoom bukmoon uumyun fahum la raji oon

    deaf dumb and blind ,they will never return to the true path

  61. Abdallah from Canada

    I watched the documentary yesterday and felt is was excellent, Karen Armstrong, author of the book "Muhammed" did an amazing job in telling the story of the rasool PBUH. This documentary, revealed the type of person he was and that above all he wasn't to be worshipped in any way. PBS documentaries are always done by respectable people with high status positions and respect in their communities. Before this documentary, PBS aired "Islam, Empire of Faith" which was another well done documentary and I recommend to all to watch it as it describes journey of our beautiful religion from the rasools time to the 20th century. Assalamu Alaikum

  62. US of freeking A from USA

    I think all you foreigners should be run out of the government. America should be for Americans and you American Muslims ought to show it. I think you ought to show this by tring to get a law passed that the government won't pay folks what is a foreigner or dual citizen. These dual citizens ain't working for the Americans either. What's that term "conflict of interest". Yea you guys ought to show your support for your homeland by making that a law. And you Saudy folks ought to help out by spending some of that gas money we give you to help em. Wave a flag and a green back in front of them legal folks eyes in DC. Homeland security is what Im talking about. I think them dual citizens are screwing us over but them DC folks shem to like em. You can help out by telling them folk that America is for Americans. Then them people might think you really care. So get off your lazy butts and start waving a flag. America for Americans. That what I say. US of freaking A.

  63. Autumn from Canada

    To Solomon W.

    Why don't you apologize for the massacre in Jenin, Nablus,.... for the illegal settlements, for the ongoing attacks on innocent men, women, and children, for the illegal occupation and for the terroristic ways of your countrymen.

    Remember this Solomon, when pointing the finger at others, there are three other fingers pointing in your direction.

    We're waiting ....

  64. Charles Jacks from USA

    Hey there Solomon Weiskop. I am a Muslim that will condemn the actions of the Muslims that killed other Muslims in the two towers (four from my sisters discussion group), Kenya and many other places. I can show you the relevant portions of the Quran that state that you should investigate closely whether a person is Muslim or not and not do such things. But I will ask you where are the Jews that condemn the Jews that commit war crimes? Under the Geneva Convention that Israel finally signed, the "settlements" are a clear violation and anyone that practices, or gives material support to the squatters (the correct legal term) and the squattervills, whether it be protection, construction and/or finance are war criminals. What the Palestinians need to do is collect evidence, video and/or otherwise, and supply it to a "registrar of squatters and their supporters" that can be used by Interpol and the other security services that the "war on terror" is creating to arrest and detain them for trial by the international court of justice. All countries that are signatories to the Geneva Convention have a duty to do so whenever they are found within their boarders. I know that such a registrar does not exist but I know enough about networking and enterprise development to create one. If the "Us" (UN, US and EU) truly believe in justice and the rule of law they should support such a thing. And if not them then the Muslims should show their support for justice by doing so. Would you help me create it? To paraphrase baby Bush: "you are either for Justice or you are against it".

    Charles Jacks

    Senior Software Engineer


  65. hussam Charif from USA

    This documentary was an eye opener for many Americans including the Muslim Americans. We need to see more Documentaries like this to show what Islam is all about

    hussam Charif

  66. Abdur Rahim from America

    Man, it's about time the television says something nice about God's true religion and His most beloved prophet sent to mankind as a mercy, Alhumdulilah. I invite all of America to Islamic monotheism. If you have a monotheistic belief in a Creator, a higher power, then the next thing you do is just worship Him alone. The 1st commandment still stands, there is just ONE GOD in contol of things.

    And for the hard core bible thumpers out there, read John 16 verse 12-14, and then wonder, "Who is Jesus talking about here?"

  67. hussam charif from USA

    It was a great documentary and i hope we see more of such work. this is the only way to reach people. Airing such documentary is far more effective to spread the message of prophet Mohamad(SWA) and let people know the true Islam than any other way. please keep up the good work and hope to see more in the near future.

  68. shakeel abdulla from USA

    The one channel which I would like to watch , which does not spread hatred , which is unbiased is PBS. I tune to local PBS also and always get unadulterated news. Being a Muslim seeing and hearing the mispropaganda about Islam in some channels after Sept-11 was so disappointing.

    The Jewish media however , hard they try can't touch the legacy of Prophet Muhammud (PUBH). The Documentary is a super one and I liked it and will be buying a personal copy.

    Mr Pipe is not a Jewish Scholar ask any real Jewish Scholar there are people in Berkeley who have read Quran and understand it , they will say it is indeed the word God , Muhamad is the last messenger . In fact Islam does not hate any cult , it points examples of the clear signs from God which were received and ignored by people of Moses (Jews) , People of Shuhaib (PBUH) , the pagans , people of Yusf etc. Jews are shown as prominent example because most of them have manipulated the orginal documents of God , given to the Moses (PBUH).

    Mr Pipe is just as hollow as a pipe , ignore that man. Worst of the hollow personalities is Michael Savage who utters only blunders in his hate show.

    I applaud and admire PBS for airing such a good documentary which helps thinking people understand what Islam is about. It goes beyond the Legacy of prophet Muhammad it is about worshipping Allah (Arabic word for God).

    Great Prophets of God always brought messages from the merciful Lord.

    Moses - Ended slavery of Jews , brought the Jews out of Idolatery. Did miracles to free Jews , split the caspian sea with power of Allah.

    Jesus - Brought the message of love and peace. Cured the diseased ones with the power of Allah.

    Muhammad - Brought the message of worshipping the Allah , Manifested the power of Allah through the teaching revealed by Allah , Muhammad PUBH could not have done anything if Allah have not walked with him.

  69. Saif khan from USA

    I salute all the people who helped and worked on this projects. This gives hope that we have good people willing to tell the truth and not be intimidated by the powerfull hate mongers during these difficult times for muslims. I thank you from the depth of my heart and hope to see this documentary again.


    Saif khan

  70. Leslie Muhammad-Douglas from usa

    This is a thumbs up to PBS and the supporters that put together such a wonderful piece. I cannot say thank you enough for airing such a positive documentary on Islam. I work with alot of people who are non-muslims and I found that the next day after the show that many of my co-workers not only enjoyed it but have come to me for more info on Islam. Once again, PBS and the supports, THANK YOU for telling truth and may Allah guide us all...Leslie Muhammad-Douglas

  71. Judy from USA

    This film was fabulous, and should be required watching for all Americans to help us see the positive side of Islam more widely. The fact that it was shown right after Eid was highly appropriate. Mr. Pikes' notes that it was shown during the Christmas season which is not only inaccurate, as it was shown during the Christian season of Advent if one seeks for liturgical accuracy, but his view was also incredibly narrow-minded and small-hearted. Only if Mr. Pikes is talking Christmas in the sense of a commercial holiday, then he is correct: It is "Christmas season." However, he doesn't seem to have the range of spiritual vocabulary to make that distinction.

    Further, his view was narrow-minded and small-hearted in relation to caledars since most Gregorian calendars now include Jewish holidays. Our "A.D." concept of calendars not too long ago didn't include Jewish holidays let alone Kwanza. In the Judeo-Christian-Muslim (Abrahamic)tradition, is it too much to also recignize holy days for Muslims?

    This show came right after Ramadan as a wonderful celebration of a man who indeed changed history. PBS has presented biographies on many men and women who changed history. Thank-you to PBS for having enough presence of heart and mind to share the beauty of the Muslim faith with us.

    If Mr. Pikes is disgruntled that Islam has had its warped representatives, he should note other groups with blights in their past: Roman Catholics who engaged in the barbarism of the Crusades (not to mention the Spanish Inquisition); Explorers who decimated Native American populations; Americans who upheld slavery; white supremacists who murdered millions in the Holocaust of World War II; Israelis who deny Palestinians their own land, or water, medical care, and jobs. What makes Pikes particularly despise the faithful of Islam since all groups of people stand with their own ugly baggage?

    Building bridges for understanding and peace matters far more. Thanks PBS!

  72. Ali Saadat from USA

    Thank you PBS and the producers of 'Muhammad: Legacy of A Prophet' for a wonderful job.

  73. Mohammad Musa from USA

    John Norman, Israelis are also illegal occupiers of Palestine. The Palestinians are trying to expel them. Don't you think they are doing the right thing as the Spanish people? Don't you think we Americans are supporting the wrong side in that war? The Spanish people not only expelled the Muslims, they raped, murdered and forcefully converted Muslims to Christianity. When the Christians invade, they also attach rape as weapon of war. Not long ago they applied it in the Balkan war. 90% of the victims (raped and murdered) were Muslims.

  74. Tauseef Rashidi from CANADA

    Mashallah, didn't serprise me, I was expecting reactions from people of major ignorance. Jealousy...History is witness, there have always been ABBU JEHAL (Father of ignorance) throught the history of mankind and particulary in the glorious history of Islam.

    For instance, Pharoh against Moses (Peace and Blessing Upon Him), Romans against Jesus (PBUH) and there will/would be much more ignorants to come...and this is legacy of our beloved prophet of Allah (Sallal laho alaihe wassalm) A mercy to all creation. This is beauty of islam as yusuf Islam (Cat Steven)quotes, " you better enter in Islam today or Islam will come and knock on your door..., not you today then your generation will tomorrow"...say LA ELAHA ILL'AL LAHO, MUHAMMADu'R RASULLALLAH, there is no God, but ALLAH, and MOhammed is massenger of ALLAH, INSHALLAH..if God will.


  75. Meena from U.S.A

    Mr. Pipes

    O ye that reject Faith! I worship not that which ye worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. To you be your Way, and to me mine.

  76. Solomon Weiskop

    The article says that "Islam is about peace and love and the acceptance of other people's beliefs". However,on the basis of numerous examples in the news to the contrary (some of which I and others detailed in earlier posts), this statement can certainly be justifiably questioned.

    However, when anyone is so impertinent as to dare challenge this statement, they are attacked:


    "...peace and love and the acceptance of other people's beliefs"? I think intelligent people can judge for themselves.

  77. Jaffrey, Irfan from USA

    Daniel Pipes knows what Islam stands for and that's what he is afraid of. He does not want the masses to know the truth about Islam and as it will weaken his bigoted propaganda. Mr. Pipes knows, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US and in the world, and that scares him.

  78. Meena from U.S.A

    for Mr.Pipes

    O ye that reject Faith! I worship not that which ye worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. To you be your Way, and to me mine.

  79. Hussain from India

    Dear Mr. Raman,

    To answer you, Moslem rulers occupied India for more than 400 years. They ruled for long before British came in.

    If Islam was truly violent and had killed and forced Hindus to convert (as distorted History Text puts it) then in 4 to 500 years of this Muslim Rule there wouldn't had been a single Hindu remaining in India. If we take your type of description of Islam, India would have been "Ethinically Cleansed" of Hindus long back before British arrived in India.

    Think over it Mr. Raman, read real History not CNN.

    May God guide you with correct knowledge. Ameen.

  80. Roomana from USA

    My congratulations to PBS and its member stations whole-heartedly on the excellent movie "Muhammed: legacy of a prophet". It depicts Islam in the truest light I have yet seen on screen -- a religion of peace, understanding, hope and love for all mankind. What I found most refreshing about the film is that the movie depicts practical exaples of how Muslims conduct their lives according to the ideals set by Islam and exemplified by Prophet Muhammed and all the prophets before him, may God grant them all peace.

  81. Natasha from USA

    I LOVED the documentary and the one on the night after that showed Muslims in America and how they follow the Prophet's(pbuh) example. Alhamdulillah, it wa great and ignorant people like Daniel Pipes need a swift kick in the pants. I wrote him a letter and I hope he gets it. Knowing him, he might even take some of it out of context alothough I hope I gave him few chances to do so. Inshallah, Muslims will get a better image in the US and all the Muslims in Muslim countries (esp. women) will be treated better. People like Daniel P. should not be given their place in the journalistic world.


    Sr. Natasha

  82. Ahmed rahim from Canada

    A very good program on the prophet muhammad Itrust that it will be shown again and again in sha Allah .I am a new muslim and found it very rewarding and educational,based on somethings that i have heard mentioned,concerning the reason the seven hundred jews were put to the sword so to speak .my information before this documentary was that they refused to accept Islam.

  83. Zaeem from USA

    I think the message from this article is " must question the validity of his scholarship and the soundness of his opinion" The Documentary that they didn't like

    12/19/2002 - Social - Article Ref: IV0212-1811

    By: Dr. Aslam Abdullah Iviews* -


  84. Abdur Razzaq from usa

    Solomon Weiskop:

    Many atrocities have been commited in the name of religion for millenia now. A list of apologies would be very long across the board. But have the Jews, outright, apologized to the Palestinians for the massacres and defamation? Some have, but most have not. If anything there are more Jews calling for more bloodshed - and you wonder why people have hated Jewish people for so long. It has been understood, that some Jews are very and self-serving - after all, the consider themselves the chosen people - a distiction only achievable by birth from a Jewish woman. The state of Israel has already began to defy the American country that has supported them, which in my mind, reaffirms THEIR goal of world domination and exploitation. I am African-american and during our struggles to obtain civil and human rights, Jews often allied themselves with us. some, of course were genuine, but many others had their own political and ecomonic agendas in mind.

    You know, I find it strange that a freedom, peace loving country such as America happened to be built upon the labor of slaves, the "terroristic" fight against the Red Coats, and the theft of land from the French, Native-americans and Mexicans. And now can turn a blind eye to its own history and condemn those who do lesser than that. The silence that marks all of these atrocities is deafening.

  85. Abdur Razzaq from usa

    To Mr. Norman:

    It is a shame that you do not know all of your history. First of all, I do not hear apologies for the Crusades nor do I hear apologies for the colonialization of the Muslim world after WWI, which is owed to the Muslim peoples by France, Britain, Spain, and the other Allied conquerors. Second in case you did not know, Spain was in the midst of an internal struggle in which Rodrigos was victorious. He also picked fights with the traces on the Roman empire still existing there, by ill-treating the daughter of the Roman governor Julian. Julian enlisted the help and support of Tariq ibn Ziyad to help him against Rodrigos forces. And after the Muslims became victorious, the rest is history. Thirdly, when Umar ibn Al-Khattab went to Jerusalem to sign the treaty with the Christians and Jews there he gave standing orders NOT to destroy or dessicrate any of the Churches or synagogues. He is even reporteed to have visited a Church there, and Allah knows best. The point is, throughout history Muslims have shown the best manners and code of conduct on and off the battlefield. It is for this reason that many people surrendered to the forces without bloodshed, because Muslim rule was far BETTER than Roman and Persian. It is also for this reason that many of these the peoples became Muslim after witnessing the lifestyle of Islam. Therefore, you and others like you, who only get 1/2 of the info avaiable - or ahould I say propaganda - should get your facts straight before you come to the table with nonesense. May Allah guide the Juhal.

  86. Jibran from Canada

    to the brother who wrote the truth about mr pipes.

    "Other apologetics are more consequential. What Muhammad did for women, viewers learn, was "amazing" - his condemning female infanticide, giving legal rights to wives, permitting divorce, and protecting their inheritance rights. But no commentator is so impolite as to note that however admirable this was in the seventh century, Muslim women today suffer widely from genital mutilation, forced marriages, purdah, illiteracy, sexual apartheid, polygamy, and honor killings."

    he seems jelous too, not to mention i can't even stress enough how right you are when you said mr pipes distorts history by suiting his own political agenda, its not hard to tell he's prejudice, you can tell by the way he writes. allahfiz

  87. Wolkgang K. from Germany


    I found the documentary to be heartwarming. If Muhammed was alive today, our world would be at peace. The more I study this great man, the more I understand why he is revered and loved by billions.

  88. Syed from New Zealand

    Alsalamo alaikum, I have seen only the preview of the documentary online. it is wonderufll video.May Allah reward and show the straight path who did this video.

    If PBS make similiar documentary on other leaders... mohamed(pbuh) documentary will be best one.Because Mohmaed's(pbuh) is the model of human kind.

    Islam is the only religion tha accept only one God among major religion .

  89. ASHRAF from CANADA

    Ignorance and hatred have turned people like Pipes

    into the very people that gased the Jews ie the

    Nazis.Pipes and his likes should take heed, hatred destroys the hater more than the hated.

    Remember Pharaoh and Hilter, where are they now?.

  90. Cynthia E. from USA


    I've read your comment following the airing of the documentary about God's last prophet, and it's really sad to see how much hate is in your heart for this peaceful religion and its peace loving people in virtually every corner of this earth.

    You and I know that every religion at one point or another had to deal with its radical elements, so I pray God to show you the right path, and hopefully you'll stop your bigotry. Believe me; misguided people like you are only successful at triggering people's curiosity, and ultimately finding the truth. Just like I did when I discovered this religion a couple of years ago, and converted to it this year. And maybe that's why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and throughout the world.

    And if you want to talk about apologies, I'd like to hear yours for the atrocities that the Zionist movement that you support has committed against innocent people including women, children and elderly people.


    Cynthia E.

  91. M.AKRAM from USA






  92. AJ from India

    Those who have lived with Muslims know that it is not a religion of peace. History has proved it time nd again. Americans have begun to learn about Islam only since Sept 11th an year ago.

    The fundamentalists believe in violence as a way to achieve their aims. And they are a large community that cannot be ignored. They are present whereever Muslims are. They believe in only one way of life as they see it. They will annihilate anyone who does not conform to them. A recent example is the shooting and beheading of girls in Kashmir who did not wear burqa.

    The other Muslims understand peace to mean that they are allowed to use(misuse) the secular, free and democratic institutions of the countries where they reside to further their agenda of growth of Islam through population growth, and by opposing integration with host societies by not conforming to common civil codes but their own Islamic codes.

    We in India have many good Muslims. But it is difficult to identify and seperate them from the bad, mostly because they chose to remain quite. The bad are a good proportion of them. Inspite of India's efforts to integrate them in the society, the fundamentalists have remained backward and stubborn and are now sowing seeds of religious hatred. They are responsible for the new found aggressiveness among otherwise non violent communities such as the Hindus. All other religions have integrated well except Islam. Why? This problem is endemic through out the world.

  93. Abdi Sheikh from USA

    I don't want to say anything about what Mr. Pipes said but what I want to say is that program showed the true face of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).And what is Islam is all about: Peace in the world. If you are beleive the case is other way around, please do a favor for yourself and research the religon of Islam.I am confident you will discover the truth nothing but the truth and I bet you will like it. God bless you all.

  94. Sadio Bashir from USA

    I want to thank PBS for showing such a well research and informative decomentary of the life of prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Who cares what ignorant like Daniel Pipes thinks. We all know there are are lot of people who appreciate the decomentary and willing to see it again. Asalymualiakum

  95. Ahmed from Morocco

    Poor John and Solomon

    The following is a list of the genocide-style massacres that

    Jews committed against civilian, arm-less Palestinians, murdering them in an ice

    cold blood:




















    1990 Aqsa Massacre.

    Tarkumia Massacre.

    Jenin Massacre.

    why do you poeple consider your blood more important then the blood of other human beings ?Did you poeple ever APOLOGIZED for those crimes against humanity which are still taking place in PALESTINE ?

    I hope you can give us an apology on this site for those crimes,otherwise don't ask poeple for something that you will never give yourself.

  96. Amina Ali from USA

    On behalf of all Muslims I am thanking PBS television for taking the courage to show Legacy of Prophet Muhammad, it was informative and well balanced. I hope this program changes the negative view that people have about Islam. We need this kind of programs and people need to seek knowledge about Muslims and what they believe. They should know that true Muslims are not the once they see on the media everyday. Those suicide bombs and terrorist is only view people who do not know what they are doing and if they know what their religion preaches they would not have commit any act of violence, because true Islam preaches peace and tolerance. Thanks to all the people who take part in this program and may Allah bless you.

  97. Nazim Haqq from US


    Now you figure out that WE MUSLIMS BELIEVE AL ISLAM TO BE THE GREATEST OF RELIGIONS. But while we do believe that from the deepest depths of our hearts, we don't believe that other faith are INHERENTLY EVIL, like your CHRISTIAN PALS like FALWELL, ROBERTSON preach the Gospel of hate against Islam and Muslims!

  98. Gabe D from US


    Insha Allah, I'd like to respond to Solomon Weiskop's comment as objectively as possible.

    As a muslim, each of us must follow the Quran (Koran) and the sunnah of the prophet (Muhammad SAW). Thus,it should be clear to a muslim (or any human being) to separate right from wrong.

    Bombing and killing of innocent lives are definitely wrong for whatever reason. No TRUE muslim will EVER do this in his/her clear mind.

    I am sure there were numerous people with muslim or christian or judaism or other faiths who condemned such terrible acts already.

    It is NOT for me to judge other people as that is reserved for Allah on the judgement day. What I know is that Allah gives me a choice to think, and has guided all human mankind to the true path (i.e. prophets and the holly books). Insha Allah. Amien.

    Now, what do you think of "targeted killing" in Palestine/Israel?

  99. Rafiek I. Jadallah from USA

    Mr. Pipes, I think if you intend to go forward with this lawsuit of yours, then it ought to include some of the networks,including MSNBC, FOX News, who are in essence promoting the same one-sided version of a falacy that is rather appealing to them. Think about this. After all, People in Glass Houses should not throw stones.

  100. Hassen ferris from canada

    Everyone knows mr. pipes gets all his news and support from the mossad and zionist supporters.he knows nothing about the koran or the muslim world

    only what he is told to know. he has been caught many times of not telling the truth

  101. john norman from uk

    Solomon Weiskopf: I'm afraid that you'll never get an apology from Islam or Muslims for Mombasa, Sudan or anythuing else in their history. Their view is that Islam is the greatest religion, all other religions, of which they are totally contemptuous, being false or distorted. In other words, Jews, Christians, Parsis, Buddhists, Hindhus and others are liars. On the Dome of the Rock, there are verses that mock Christian beliefs. The Dome of the Rock itself is built on the site of the Temple as if to say: "Islam is boss". The temples and churches that they destroyed to replace them by mosques are numberless.

    An insight into the Muslim mind was given me by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. In a recently published book he remarks on the Spanish Government's apology to the Jewish People for the expulsion of 1492. He asks why the Sapnish Governement did not apologise for the expulsion of the Muslims a hundred years later. In other words, it does not enter Darwish's mind that there might be some problem in apologising to the conquerors and occupiers of their country. But that's Islam all over.

  102. staima novo from usa

    In general, I'm against the privileging of Islam. (Daniel Pipes). There is 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Islam is the fastest growing religion in America & in the world. It has the second largest following after Christianity. American Muslims include three-time heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Erik Schrody Everlast, .., Cat Stevens... It's stong reason to let people know more about that religion? Pipes thinks that documentary about Hitler is the privileging of Germany? Pipes decides for me what I want to see for my money. I ask - is he able to think, anyway?

  103. staima novo from usa

    Islam is not something that the U.S. government approves of and sponsors by taxpayers money. (Daniel Pipes). There are 5 to 7 million Muslims in the United States. They pay taxes. Now, Pipes decides what will be sponsored with their money.

  104. staima novo from usa

    I think it's against the law for the U.S. taxpayer to fund this documentary. (Daniel Pipes). There is a bunch of institutions in this country to think what is against the law. They don't need Pipes' brain to do the job.

  105. Aliyyu from usa

    110:1-3;When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,And thou dost see the people enter Allah's Religion in crowds,Celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: For He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy).

  106. toAmeena from India

    Ameena, Your point is well founded. One problem in doing this is just that (according to me), that if they make movies/documentaries of all those Prophets/messengers like Jesus, Moses, Abraham or even Krishna, Rama etc., without showing their person, just like they never showed any character playing the role of Muhammed in this documentary, we shouldn't have any problems at all. The point is, all these God's prophets, Jesus, Krishna etc., have been called upon as god themselves in man made fables and people worship them by making their idols which is a major sin in Islam. Muhammed(pbuh) forbade people bowing in front of him, leave alone worshipping him.

    I hope it helps.

  107. Abduljabbar from USA

    I would like to commend the PBS network for their documentary on the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The truly did a wonderful job in both presenting our prophet and our relegion (Islam) in the way that what they truely are, peaceful and tranquility. Again, thank you for that beutifull documentary and I look forward to seeing more of such on different aspects of the Islamic relegion.

  108. Yanto Roessaptono from Canada

    Pity is for those who does not know this greatest religion of Islam and the humble Muhammad S.A.W. Want to know more about him? Read Al Qur'an.

    The documentary is excellent...Keep up the good work.

  109. ABDUL from US

    IN RESPONSE TO Solomon Weiskop "D. PIPES WANNA BE"



  110. Ahmed Lamptey from United States

    We need more documentary of this nature to broaden our knowledge on religious tolerance.PBS thank you and may ALLAH (GOD)help you to continue with your educational endearvour.Again we say THANK YOU,GOD BLESS YOU.

  111. Ahmad from USA

    Those who deny the truth of monotheism and are caught up in the life of this world, and defame and attack God's prophets, will have a rude awakening on the day of judgement. These people are hurting themselves, as God tells us in the Quran, they only wrong themselves. We will all die, this earth will perish, and the end will come. The truth and the creator will have the last word. I just pray that he forgives us and protects us. Those who hate Islam, hate themselves.

  112. Mohammad Khan from Canada

    It was nice to see that PBS allowed airing this documentary in the time of well organised attack on Islam and Muslims by The Jews and Hardline Chistians. But, by the mercy of Allah, They will never succeed and Islam will rise in the North America. I would like to draw the attention of viewers that each and every prophet sent by Allah preached the same religion of Islam and we wre repeatedly told by Allah not to make any distinction betwenn them. I ask the maker of the documentary to make another film on Jesus in Islam showing what is written about him in Quraan and Hadith and how Muslims consider him as a great Messenger of Islam. That will help many knowledgeable and truth seeking Christian to understand and revert to Islam.

  113. Ameena from USA

    I just have one point to make. If Muhammad PBUH is an alleged Prophet then why dont we refer to all religious films about their leaders/prophents whether they be from Christians, Jews, Hindus etc.. as films about ALLEGED Spiritual movements.

  114. Habib-ur-Rehman from USA

    Alhamdu lilah, The Risisng of Islam, The True religion of Allah Almighty is being aird in the chanels of non-beleivers or the people of other faiths, I would like to thank God almighty first who gave this ideas and courages to those who helped to complete this Documentary and then to those who put thier extra time to complete this. I would also like to encourage all my Muslim brothers to carry on the mission of our all the prophets to teach the right way to live on the earth with those who disobey the command of God and Teach them the real way of God, remember all the prophets are gone but thier mission will be on the face of earth until the last hour.


  115. Mujeeb Basha from Washington, DC, USA


  116. Mujeeb Basha from Washington, DC, USA

    I read Dan Pipes' piece in the New York Post. It was typical of Dan "The Puppetman" Pipes. I wrote a a letter to the editor of the NYPost. Unfortunately, it was not selected for publishing in their letters to the editor section.

    Basically, I recounted how during the first days after the tragic Oklohoma city bombing of the Federal building, that Dan Pipes had a prophetic vision that it was Muslims that terrorized the heartland. Sadly, for the week until the apprehension of Tim McVeigh, Muslims across America were subject to hate crimes.

    The self-annointed "scholar on Mideast affairs" Pipes still sits by his words. He never did acknowledge that he caused pain and suffering to so many innocents.

  117. Sohail from U.S.A.

    I am very thankful to you for airing the "The Legecy of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)." It was a very informational program and I really learned a lot from it. I've also recoreded it for to watch it again in the future. Thanks once again.

  118. salma from USA

    Islam is a great religion...the religion doesn't see any difference in human regardless of color, gender, age, or religion...Islam teaches how to respect each other's religion with full of honesty.... Islam also teaches to ignore the this case would be Mr. Danial Pipes.... which he failed to mention that if his religion is dear to is practice yours and let us practice ours both in private and in public.... I know it hurts to hear the truth about Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), but you got to deal with it Mr. Pipes. In other words, if a dog bites you we do not try to bite the dog back, instead we take full control of the situation and try to deal with it with peaceful manner, however not to disgrace anyone's religion. Having said that, I congratulate PBS for presenting such an amazing documentary on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). I hope that PBS continues to support program related to this topic and for that reason I salute you!

  119. Sagal from USA

    It is not supresing that they didn't like the documentary about the Prophet's life because it is not their agenda to see Islam as a good religion. Only the insecure ones would have proplems with the documentary. What? Are they afraid of converting to Islam after seeing only one true thing said about Islam in one documentary?

  120. Asmahan from USA

    I want to thank Pbs for airing it. It was a very wonderful documentary. Finally the truth about Islam and its Prophit is told in an honest way.

    I think Muslims should sue daniel pipes for his lies and unfounded accusations about Islam and Muslims.

    The American people should demand that he is fired from his position because he proved to the world that he is nothing but a hater of Islam

    and he is willing to decieve th American people for his own Israeli agenda.

    Jaz'akum Allah Khair.


  121. Angela Gokhan from America

    This documentary was excellent. It provides a historically accurate view of the most excellent and influential man ever to walk the earth. This documentary explains jihad, Islam, God, and the actions of a true Prophet. Prophet Muhammed (upon whom be peace and blessings), is the true example of what all mankind should and can be. Through the example of the Prophet, we can achieve true humanity and gain the favor of God.

    Prophet Muhammed, upon whom be peace, was the most excellent husband, helping with the housework, spending time with his wives, living the religion that he preached not only in the public but also in every area of his private life.

    Prophet Muhammed was the most excellent statesman. He resolved conflict fairly and treated everyone with respect regardless of his or her position or religious beliefs. He judged people only upon their actions and intentions.

    Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, was the most excellent friend. He was the kindest, giving whatever he had away. When he died, he had only a few possesions.

    Prophet Muhammed followed the teaching of God to the upmost degree. He prayed, fasted, gave in charity, fought in the way of God, and taught by example. He united a group of pagan, hostile men under the banner of the unity and mercy of God.

    Prophet Muhammed practiced what is the true meaning of Islam, peace through submission to God. He lived each moment as though it were his last, and did not fear the hereafter.

    If there is any example for the modern man, it is Muhammed, prophet of God, friend of all, extoller of peace, teacher of mercy.

    God willing, everyone will come to know this Prophet, upon whom be deepest peace and richest blessing, this most noble of men, and follow his teaching and wisom.

  122. Abdul Shekh from usa

    It was best program I seen on tv after all bed bassig about Islam and muslims . We should thanks

    pbs and all sponcers for good job. Thanks and I wish they repeat this again or make good program like this tahat tells truth about Islam and Muslims. May ALLAH BLESS ALL

  123. Fuad Ahmad from U.S.A

    I think the movie was wonderful. The movie was a message to the world about prophet Muhammad's life and why it is the perfect example of how others should live their life. I also liked how they showed american muslims and how they practice their faith. People like Mr.Pipes should try to listen and understand instead of barking like a dog. Inshallah bigiots like that never win in the end. As far as Solomon criticizing us for not speaking about injustices committed by muslims you obviously are uninformed and are only following what the often biased media says. If you go to any mosque on fridays (our holy day) and listen to their speeches (kuthba) you would hear that the thing we most often talk about is the wrongs we commit and how we need to clean up our own act. Muslims must do this or the rest of the world will continue to walk over us just like it is now. Also what about the jews condeming the humiliating treatment the palasitinians suffer? What about the american public condeming the deaths of muslim childeren in Iraq because they don't have adequate medical supplies? What about the thousands of civilians killed in afghanistan?

    What about that? I as a muslim condemn the killing or mistreatment of any innocent person. What about you?

  124. mm nisar from usa

    Mr Pipes will never be satisfied,as long as he lives he wants to promote hate and bigotry under the guise of historical facts, he is "Abujehal" of 21st century. mm nisar md.

  125. Solomon Weiskop


    I'm still listening for those Muslims who condemn their fellow Muslims for Mombassa, Bali, Sudan etc. etc. But there is only silence.....

    Silence sometimes says more than words.

  126. Emiliano from USA

    I thought the documentary was excellent. The reason Hindu extremists like Amit are here defaming Islam is because, it offers the one thing which is denied in India's Hindu caste system = EQUALITY.

    Hindu extremists have concocted all these myths about forcible conversion in order to cover up the system of social and economic slavery endemic to Hinduism which prompted lower caste Hindus to move towards other faiths, notably Islam.

    The fact that India is a fascist nation where pogroms and calls to genocide are made openly by Hindu terrorists against religious and ethnic minorities is just another piece of evidence in this regard.

    So Amit, snap out of your wilfull hindu ignorance and denial of hard facts.

  127. A Qureshi from Canada

    As-salam-o-aleikum brothers and sisters and everyone else reading this comment. I would like to express my opinions on the matter of the documentary on Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). I, am very young, only 15 years of age, but I also see that us Muslims deserve the right to have Islamic programs aired on other stations. I also did watch the documentary on the Prophet (S.A.W.), and was amazed at how people looked at Islam with a positive perspective. Individuals searched for a religion of peace and love, and they stumbled upon Islam. Despite the fact that September 11th had a great impact on the reputation of Islam, the knowledgeable individuals knew that this was not the teaching of the Quran.

    For alas, how may one say anything about any matter without the proper knowledge and understanding? It is a shame to see that many people are talking about Islam without that knowledge and understanding, but it is also amazing to see that people with knowledge and understanding accept Islam and Muslims. The way they described the Prophet (S.A.W), gave insight to even me, for it allowed me to experience, through words and pictures, how others see Islam. I wonder why if there is a problem with airing Islamic programs and documentaries in the "holiday season," then why is there not a problem airing other religious programs in our religious season? I am not discouraging other religions from airing their programs, but I feel that anyone deserves the right to air religious programs, including Islamic programs, without the criticism from others. In Canada here, we deserve our rights, and I hope that people will use them wisely. Thank you for allowing me to say what I feel about this matter, for it allowed me to recognize that I also do have some say in these matters, even if I am only a teenager.


  128. reda from U.S.

    If nobody criticizes you, that means you're not doing anything. When the caravan moves, the dogs start to bark.

  129. reda from U.S.

    Please Yaser, we shouldn't make the same mistake that others make when talking about Muslims. Not all Americans are bad. Some are bad and some are good, just like any other country even Muslim countries. So, we can criticize a person if he did or said something wrong, but we shouldn't generalize that for everybody.

  130. Astou Diagne from Senegal

    Thank you for responding to Mr. Pipes. When I saw him on TV debating about this program, I just felt sorry for him, his goal is to use the media to destroy Islam, but in challa we will continu to RISE, RISE, AND RISE ......

  131. Amna from USA

    I think we should request that it be aired again. I personally missed a part of it and am waiting for it to be aired again. America is full of muslims who do not celebrate Christmas. So why cant we watch it? We also pay taxes Mr Pipes!

  132. Sheikh M. H. Akhter from USA

    There is no doubt it is one of the outstanding documentary I have ever seen in a broad public media. I am requisting to my fellow Christians, Jews, Hundis and other religious group to take a deep look of this documentary and to see what kinds of message it is providing. A life is a gift to us from the all mighty God. It is our duty to nurture this life and make the best use of it. God gave us the sense of distinguishing good from the bad and also gave us the opportunity to choose our own course of life. We all will be responsible for our own life and our deed will resemble our fate here and here after. We human are the best creation of the creator. We definitely should act like that. To keep us in track God send messengers to us and told us again and again to follow their path. Unfortunately, we human are so materialistic that after sometime we get into our own course of life which brings war, hatred, in-discipline, crime and even total destruction of mankind. We all came from one root, the root that was originated from Adam and Eve. So, we all are God chosen people otherwise, we won't be here in this earth. We all human being came here for a purpose and the purpose is to serve the God almighty. If we keep this in our mind we could be a better person or a better nation or a better world than today. May God Bless Us All.

  133. Roger Mathew from USA

    I loved this film. I don't care what Israeli lobby and Mr. Pipes say about Islam. If I need to learn about Islam I will go to a Muslim source and not Mr. Pipes. I wonder if he speaks or understand Arabic because in order for him to claim authority on Islam he must be able to speak the language of Koran which is Arabic.

    PBS and Mike Wolfe did a great job.

  134. Gabe D from US


    I'd like to clarify to Amit Raman that Islam IS about peace. Among all the good things Islam teaches us is to be tolerant and compassionate. We need to separate the teaching and the actions by individuals. One can claim to be a good muslim/hindu/jew/christian/budhist although in reality his/her actions may not reflect it.

    Thus, what you are asking here is not about Islam but about the individuals.

    If the action = the teaching per your argument, then all religions/believes are all already doomed by definition.


    In Gujarat, Indians killing Indians.

    In the Middle East, Israel's Government/Armed Forces killing Palestinian civilians; or the Palestinian Suicide bombers killing Israelis/Arabs civilians

    In Chechnya (sp?), Russian Armed forces killing Chechens

    In Ireland, Irish Catholics vs. Irish Protestant etc...etc.

    I hope we get the point. Insha Allah, God blesses us all. Amin.

  135. Ashfaque Ahmed

    I came to know about this great scholar through collection of lectures delivered at Bhawalpur university, printed as Khutbat e Bhawalpur. I was willing to meet this great scholar, but during my visit to france He already left for USA. As u very rightly mentioned that he discovered many treasures of our history, it will not be out of place to name another book Almughazi, which he discovered from the dusty libraries as u mentioned. May Allah bless his soul. Inah lillah wa inna ileh rajeoon.

    Can u post a list of all his books, and where they can be found.


    Allah Hafiz.

  136. Sharon on Court TV from US of freeking A

    This article shows the Zionists do not want people to decide for themselves what is going on. They target the media everywhere even to the point of murder. They anyone that would be an unbiased observer. This is their Achilles Heel. If we use some finesse we can sue for justice in the court of public opinion and also in the world court. The "settlements" are a clear violation of international law and the Geneva Convention. Any person, or organization can therefore be sued as an accessory after the fact by giving material support. Failure to uphold the law in support of breaking it is just as illegal as breaking it. What is needed is documentation and unstoppable legal will. Both come by using lots of video cameras and satellite uplinks. Every single incident should be documented from various directions so there can be no doubt as to the events. This should be displayed from every street corner, set top box and video feed till the US, UN and EU can no longer turn their backs on justice. If you really want to do some good, get up a crowd willing to fight for justice and walk up to a "settlement" armed only with cameras and links and tear it down with your bare hands. If anyone is harmed and the UN will not step in and enforce international law then sue every ambassador, president, prime minister, mp and congressman that fails in supporting it till they can't set foot out of their country for fear of being held for trial. Cameras have gotten small and easy to hide and they can't block every part of the radio spectrum without bringing their own country to its knees. Light is God's gift to humanity. It gives evil no quarter. It guides us away from error. It gives us the energy that makes us strong.

    What we need in the UN is a ruling that a vote or veto in contradiction to international law or the Geneva Convention is a material breach of the law and is therefore uncountable. Further the person casting the vote or veto should be remanded to the world court for tria

  137. Montana Skies from USA

    Daniel Pipes, Martin Kramer, Thomas Friedman, Martin Peretz, Norman Podhoretz, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol and Judith Miller can be looked upon as mere Jewish-lobby paid orientalists who care nothing about the truth if it disfavors Israel. Millions like them came and went before them who attacked Islam, and where are they now? Under 6 feet of dirt. Where are the Muslims? 1.2 billion and counting. We just need a jump-start to revive our past glory. As Michelangelo said: " Moses was in the rock, I just had to chip away the rest," referring to his famous sculpture. likewise, there is latent, dormant strength within us, as history testifies, we just need a good relationship with God to earn his guidance.

  138. Ehab Hasan from USA

    In response to Mr. Raman's (I hope) objective question, I cannot comment on the specifics of Muslim history in the Indian subcontinent because I am not well versed in that field. I do know, however, that the basic tenets of my religion forbid forceful conversions, killings in vengeance, and the slaughter of innocents by the victors of war. I openly ask you, Mr. Raman, to produce for me an organized religion or political ideology that asks of its' adherents, the mercy that Islam demands of its' armies. If you can produce factual evidence that Muslim armies carried out massacres or forceful conversion then I would dispute the authenticity of this army being Muslim. Decimating an enemy's army is one thing, Mr. Raman, killing non-combatants is another.

    Also, I want to touch on the subject of the untouchables (no pun intended). There are mass conversions of these people to Islam as it is a religion, which doesn't curse its' followers because of their birth. Islam does not dare call one of God's creations "untouchable". Glory be to God that Islam is readily accepted by the poor and downtrodden. The ruling class' opposition to Islam, to me, is a testimony of its truth. Because of this, the government of India has made conversion from Hinduism into other religions against the law. So, Mr. Raman, are you not actually accusing Islam of something Hinduism is guilty of?

  139. Montana Skies from USA

    Oh boy, another person who judges the religion from the actions of misguided men. Well the straight answer, apart from urging you to study the religion (read -or at least leaf- through the Quran, read about the manners of our Prophet -how he treated the non-Muslims even amidst his companions) is the verse 256 in Chapter 2: "There is no COMPULSION in religion, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path..." Now, if people follow these guidelines there would be no problems. Read exactly how Islam spread in Arabia between 612 and 616 AD. You will see -thank GOD- a perfect example of how beautiful preaching, wisdom, and logic prevails over the sword. After a truce with the Meccans, the prophet and his companions had the golden opportunity to roam Arabia and speak to various tribes about Islam. Guess what happened after only 3 years of doing this? Muslim numbers multiplied from a few hundred to 10,000 who made the pilgrimage to Meccah, what is called as the Grand Conquest, a peaceful conquest. The prophet during that pilgrimage showed the ultimate example in leniency and forgiveness by pardoning those who for years persecuted him and his kin and kith.

    If you want a mirror example of the spread of Islam, just look at how it spread in southeast Asia -through traders and commerce traffickers whose behavior was studied by the natives and was judged decent and exemplary, thereby worthy of being followed.

  140. Solomon Weiskop

    According to this article, "Islam is about peace and love and the acceptance of other people's beliefs". If this were true, one would expect a resounding chorus of condemnation from Muslims themselves against those Muslims responsible for 9/11, Bali, Mombassa, murder of Daniel Pearl, oppression and slavery of Black Christians in Sudan and oppression of Copts in Egypt and Kurds in Iraq etc. etc.. I'm listening...

  141. mauroof . from america

    al quran. sura saff. 61 ayat. Their intension is to extinguish ALLAH S lihht (by blowing)with their mouths .but ALLAH will complete HIS lihht even though the unbelievers maydetestit,

  142. Charles Jacks from USA

    The Quran is not only about how to move into light but also how to deal with the darkness. There are two sets of the commands of God the servants of light must come to accept and use in their thinking.

    1: "you shall love The Creator your God with all your heart, soul and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment". As the last monotheistic believers we will be the primary target of the devil and it will use all the mental and ethical failures. We know such people will be set as leaders of the polytheists by God's command. The prescription of tit for tat with forgiveness is a near zero sum game and that minimally penalizes the good and stalemates ill will. They will ramp up attacks in frustration until they exhaust themselves and hopefully learn better or destroy everything. God caps our response to stay within other constraints. No dead innocents, no environmental or infrastructure destruction. We don't kill Peter to get justice from Paul. Blood sacrifice and vicarious atonement are concepts of the Devil and we don't traffic in it.

    The tools of servants of light are truth, justice and graciousness, now the second point.

    2: "and the second is like unto it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself" The Creator's graciousness is to provide the daily bread of all even if they show appreciation by worshiping something else. We can do no less. We know that the people of heaven will come from Muslims, Jews, Christians and others. Don't disqualify yourself by trafficking in racism.

    The devil uses the tone of the first set to tempt the good toward ill. We should engage in it only as a rearguard action. The second feature set that spreads comprehension and allows us to make progress. Don't ramp up violence, stalemate then educate. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent and the first instrument of the corrupt. We must show some finesse. The light shiniest in the dark, the darkness comprehends it not. Video cameras and satellite uplinks instead of bull

  143. aisha alqadar from USA (today) Egypt (home)

    I was very pleased with the way it was presented..This is true Islam..portayed in a way anyone can understand. This is the way Islam was ment to be seen...Even in our arabic countrys many have forgotten the true and basic teachings of The Prophet (pbuh)...

    And as for the argument that Islam is violent..evident by some of the violent begginings...well The People of The Book...had (and still have ) not escaped the use of violence to settle disputes. As is evident by our current global crisis.

  144. Basil Abdul Khabir from U.S.A.

    More shows like this need to be on television. The Muslim community need their own Network. To spread Islam to non-Muslim Countries.

  145. Abdul from US

    D.Pipes is no stupid guy. Just like Abu-Lahab and Abu-Jahal (sorry, Non-Muslims, inside 'joke') he sees the wave coming and he is shaking in his boots. He knows thier (him and his zionists buddies) days of lying and distortion and fabrications are slowly and slowly slipping away.

    Just remember is new name : Daniel 'Abu-Lahab' Pipes.

  146. can'tbelieveit from southeastasia

    Amit for your information no one was forcefully converted to islam in Afghanistan or pakistan! Go re-read your history books! Even during taliban's time who is suppose to have been very crule the hindu and sikh Afghans were free to practice their religion, work, and run their businesses! So where do you get your information from? By the way do you know that not only in the past but even in the present in india eg. Gujrat muslims are forcefully converted to hindusim? Now lets talk about not so much of the past but present wrong doings by hindus towards muslims! Oh did you read those articles about hindu afghans in the region where the taliban leader himself lived? They use to be able to live their lives without fear of being robbed or anything and run their businesses as normal! The world calls the taliban the strictest of the muslims. If they allowed members of other faiths to live their lives as part of that society maintaining their religion then those in the past surely converted no one by force because the very prensence of the hindu's and sikh's in Afghanistan and in Pakistan back fires on your false cliams!

  147. kam from EastAsia

    Islam is about 'peace' and 'tolerance' but we have certain limitations.

    p/s: "everything must has its limit"

  148. Amit Raman from USA

    If Islam is about peace, why did Islamic armies of the past forcefully convert or kill Hindus living in modern day Pakistan/Afghanistan? Where was the 'peace' and 'tolerance' then? Can someone please email me the answer.

  149. Grendizer from UK

    What must really drive Pipes crazy is the fact that a jew (Michael Schawrtz) was co-producer of this documentary. I'm not surprised at all that Pipes is upset, zionist bottom feeders tend to be like that.

    Pipes recently started a web site which publishes personal information on professors who he deems are not succiently pro-Israel...a modern day black list.

    Regardless...I felt the documentary was well made and acted as an antidote to the poison which Pipes and other vermin like him seek to propogate in the minds of millions of Americans.

  150. kam from EastAsia

    Fighting terror is the new trend, whereby aggressive, powerful countries crush their weaker foes, deprive them of freedom, of humanity even, terrorize them, degrade them, arrest them en masse, test their latest weapons on them -- while continuing to blame them for all the wrongs of the world.

    p/s: preserve human dignity???

  151. Talib from USA

    Alhamdulillah! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed watching the program last night. It was rather refreshing to see why so many people rever this man so, especially in the light of so much Islamophobia and Muhammad-bashing. It was also amazing to think that there were hundreds (insh'Allah even more) of non-muslim households watching and learning about this man who was truly a Mercy sent to all of mankind. It is becoming more and more evident that people like Pipes and Coultier are scared. They are like the Abu Lahab and Hind of our time, trying to defame the Messenger and the Message because they know that it is the truth; they know that it is gaining ground in the world, and they know that their wool is being pulled. Like Rasulullah (saw) did in the times of Bani Quraish, his Message still poses a "threat" to the lifestyle that is being pushed by the material-minded ruling class. One cannot hide the Truth forever. Insh'Allah, little by little, person by person, community by community, the Truth will be known. Muhammad surely is the Messenger of God.

  152. Thomas Orr from USA

    I saw the documentary on Mohammed on PBS just last

    evening. I have read Karen Armstrong's book

    Mohammed, and I very much appreciated all the

    additional information presented. To me, it was a fine

    presentation, and I gained considerably more

    understanding of Islam from watching it. I do not

    understand people like Mr. Pikes, who see not to want

    to see what a thing is for itself. Too bad, because such

    people miss a lot in this life that is very wonderful. I

    encourage PBS and others to keep up the good work.

    Many, many thanks.

  153. Nazim Haqqani from United States of America

    Let's not forget, Daniel Pipes is the same "gentleman", hmmmhmmm, EXTREMIST that is the director of a website called, which calls upon students to spy and squeek on their fellow Professors if they suspect that the professors are pro-Palestinian or pro-Muslim. Pipes then shamelessly lists the entire history, 'dossier' of the Professors on his site, in order to scare & threaten them into silence. Indeed he uses intimidation and name calling to shut-up his critics.

    But you know what this and all of his previous action implies? It means he recognizes the emerging power of the American Muslim community and our future strength. And he is determined in doing everything in his power to try and stop it. He sees our "enfranchisement" and HATES it to the point where he personally feels threatened, and as a Zionist fears the day when the iron-grip of the Israeli lobby on the US gov't will be loosened. It is incumbent therefore that we not stop at anything brothers and sisters in Islam and continue to excel at our various fields of expertise (jobs) and with the iman in Allah do everything in our power to become educationally, politically, vocally, financially, and most importantly: SPIRITUALLY become enfranchised!

    May the Almighty grant our community these things and more and punish the mischief makers who hate to see the word of Allah made Supreme! Ameen

  154. Yaser from Uk

    what do you expect from a americans anyways thier whole history is about destruction of others nations and takin control of thier lands and resorces best people ask would be the american indians specially how they portrayed them as savages used propaganda agianst thier own people to steal all they could same with thier sister country austrailia

  155. Ahson Choudry from NJ, USA

    Who gives a hoot about Pipes diatribe? Comparable to a dog he barks and has a small "fan club". But what's disturbing is that he's an unashamed Muslim-basher who cynically uses the word "Militant Islam" to cover up his deeply prejudice, anti-Islamic hatred to fit his pro-Israeli agenda. We Muslims must be on a lookout for such a racist hawk!

    He is the Abu Jahl of our times!