Be Muslim-But Only in Moderation

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In his first 2004 presidential debate, Senator John Kerry began the night in the favor-of-the-day. Answering his first question, Kerry explained that America needed to isolate the "radical Islamic Muslims". 

"I have a better plan to be able to fight the war on terror by ... beginning to isolate the radical Islamic Muslims, not have them isolate the United States of America." 

At first, the statement sounded redundant-even uneducated. A Muslim is, by definition, a follower of Islam, and is therefore, by definition, "Islamic". Saying "Islamic Muslims" was a lot like saying "American Americans". 

So was Kerry just being repetitive? Or was his statement perhaps more telling that even he realized? Are all Muslims "Islamic"? Well, the truth is-no. Not the good ones, at least. 

More and more the underlying assumption seems to be that Islam is the problem. If Islam, as a faith, is in essence radical, the less "Islamic" something is the better. And thus a 'moderate Muslim'-the much coveted title-is only moderately Muslim and therefore only moderately bad. Saying this would be like telling someone to only be 'moderately black' so as not to be too violent.

Conversely, a Muslim who is too "Islamic" is then by definition "radical" - a "radical Islamic Muslim" - and must be dealt with (isolated). 

In fact, Mona Mayfield understood these rules well when she defended her husband - wrongfully accused of participating in the Spain bombing. 

"We have a Bible in the house. He's not a fundamentalist -- he thought it was something different and very unique," Mayfield told the associated press of her husband's conversion to Islam.

To prove his innocence, Mayfield tried to downplay her husband's commitment to Islam. She even felt the need to justify his conversion-as if that were his crime.

Mosque administrator Shahriar Ahmed took a similar approach to defend Mayfield. "He was seen as a moderate," Ahmed told reporters. "Mayfield showed up for the Friday ritual of shedding his shoes, washing his bare feet and sitting on the carpets to hear services. He did not, as some devout Muslims do, pray five times a day at the mosque." 

The implication here is that Brandon Mayfield's guilt or innocence was in some way related to how many times he prayed at the mosque. Ahmed even went on to assert, "He was on the less religious side if anything."

These 'less religious' icons of what an 'acceptable' Muslim should look like can be found all over the media. Irshad Manji, media entrepreneur and author of The Trouble with Islam, is one of the most celebrated of these icons. Manji is widely published and has appeared in all the top media outlets. She even received Oprah's Chutzpah Award for "gustiness".

Although Manji refers to herself as a "Muslim refusenik", the media refers to her as the model of a "practicing Muslim". Daniel Pipes, a board member of the United States Institute of Peace, calls her a "courageous, moderate, modern Muslim". But interestingly, Manji's ideas have less to do with Islam than Pipes' ideas have to do with peace. A Washington Post article describes Manji's epiphany about prayer-the cornerstone of the Islamic faith: 

"Instead, she said, she began praying on her own. After washing her feet, arms and face, she would sit on a velvet rug and turn toward Mecca. Eventually, she stopped this as well, because she did not want to fall 'into mindless submission and habitual submissiveness.'"

Manji is welcome to her opinion about this practice of 1.5 billion people worldwide. She is also welcome to abandon any and all of these practices. But Manji is not simply depicted as an insignificant woman who decided not to pray. Her personal decision to abandon central tenants of her faith-so long as that faith is Islam- is portrayed as a fight for freedom. A fight against tyranny. She is 'courageous' and 'gutsy', a model for other not-too-Islamic Muslims to follow.

Making this the model is like asking someone not to be 'too black' or 'too Jewish' as if these were in essence bad or violent and anyone who struggled only to be 'moderately black' or 'moderately Jewish' was a freedom fighter.

For example, Manji told the Washington Post, "The violence is going to happen, then why not risk it happening for the sake of freedom?"

Yes. Freedom is good. Manji may have said it better. Kerry may have said it subtler. But a business management professor at California's Imperial Valley College said it truer: "The only way to end Islamic terrorism is to eliminate the Islamic religion." 

But regardless of how you say it, one thing is for sure: when it comes to Islam these days-less is definitely more.

Yasmin Mogahed received a B.S. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently a graduate student in Journalism/Mass Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and working as a free lance writer. 

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Government And Politics, Irshad Manji
Views: 9725

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Older Comments:
Assalamou 3alaikoum Brother Akbar Khan, would it be possible for you to elaborate on you knowledge of Hizbu Tahir, Jazzak Allah khair.

What in the world are you trying to really say? Is being moderate bad? Is being "islamic" bad? Is being fundamentalist bad? Or is it being extremist bad?

How many of Allah's commands are you going to say we do not have to follow anymore? What in Islam should be followed? What in Islam no longer needs to be followed? Here is a statistic according to the prophet. Only .1% of humanity is going to heaven. (It is actually .05% but the half of all of humanity is of the Gog and Magog tribe) In this case, what does it take to go to heaven? On what limit of moderacy will actually get you to jannah? In order to go to Jannah you need to find 999 people who are worse than you. Muslims are 1 out 5 in the world. Obviously a large part of Muslims are going to hell.

I do not know how much of Islam a person needs to practice to fulfill the reason of practicing. I definitely do not know how much you need to practice to just get by.

.. Is Ms. Megahed saying that there are non-Muslims watching her every move to see if she is one of "them?" We don't have religious police here in the US like Saudi Arabia or Iran. We don't put put people to death because they left their religious fold, unlike Iran, again, who is trying to kill a Christian pastor at this time because he left Islam years ago. Freedom of choice is essential for religious freedom.

Ms. Megehed is making a lot of noise out of nothing. Relax, worship your religion the way you want to. Nobody is trying to stop you.

I think these religions are all the same...just practiced differently. The bottom line s that we all believe in GOD.

Islam is the most liberating religion. It is not muslims that started the stupid world wars resulting in killing millions of human souls with out any reason. The crusaders were not muslims that killed a great number of people including the jews on their way to jerusalem. The civil war in the US where millions died was not caused by muslims. The iran-iraq war was fueled by weapons from the US given to its most obedient tyrant Saddam Hussain to create chaos in the middle east. Anybody who blames islam for anything is a dumb fool. Islam is the only stabilizing force in the world, where stands are based on sound moral and ethical principles rather than stupid wars based on false jingoist identities. Without Islam the world would still be in medieval times of ignorance. Islam is a breath of fresh air and its teachings are liberating and soothing to anybody. Islam is a religion based on tolerance for others views and their ways of life. The great example of tolerance in reality is that while jews were severly persecuted in christian countries like Germany and many other, still after thousands of years of muslim rule in Palestine, they still lived happily and peacefully with muslims side by side until the western countries started exploiting and stirring trouble again after the world wars in the middle east. Time to wake up non-muslims and stop blaming Islam. Suicide is totally unacceptable in islam and who knows whose payroll is bin laden on.

When it comes to faith,
Moderation means invention, fabrication and spliting the one partnerless God into multiple parts so that it suits the way of life of the mujrimuns (the criminals/ the worst of created beings).

In summary, follow your religion in the ways prescribed to you. Neither fear nor pay heed to the criminals who have no certainty of faith.

Very well said and phrased. Furthermore, the writer being a lady makes me even more proud of the article. One of the reasons why Ms. Manji has been embraced is that she portrays the "yolked Muslim woman" breaking free of her "shackles" and getting liberated. Ms. Mogahed disproves that claim and clearifies that Islam is loved and cherished by men and women alike. Its tennants are our faith and pride with the subtlenss which our Prophet PBUH called in my understanding "hikmat". I will want to hear more from Ms. Mogahed.

Brother AbdilAzziz, Assalamou 3ailoum wa rahmatoulah was barakatou.
I like your intense comments, but I failed to get your point, Perhaps other readers got it, if it is so, please forgive my limited English it's only my fourth language.
Jazzak Allah

I am taking the liberty to post a portion of his well-balanced interpretation of the verse 143
"We have made you the community of the middle way, so that you may stand witness against the rest of mankind, and the Messenger shall be a witness against you." 2:143
The Arabic term "wassat", used in this verse to describe the global Muslim community, is a vivid epithet, which evokes a much wider range of meaning than is given by its literal equivalent of "middle". The term is used here in a very broad sense. Thus, the Muslim community, or ummah, to use the Qur'anic term, is a middle-of-the-road community, which stands witness against other nations, and communities in the sense that it upholds and defends justice and equality for all people. ...(I am skipping to his next paragraph)...

The Muslim community occupies the middle ground in its beliefs and outlook on life. It maintains a healthy and equitable balance between the two extremes of spiritual asceticism and materialism. It treats man as a balanced combination of body and soul, and allows him the opportunity and means to satisfy them both in such a way as to uplift the spirit and enhance the quality of human life. Within this framework of balance and moderation, every constructive talent, ability, aptitude, and activity is nourished and encouraged to grow and play its part in society.
The Muslim community is balanced in the sense that it is not rigid or dogmatic. It holds fast for its ideals and traditions, and to the sources of its religion and way of life, while fostering change and progress in all fields. It is an open society that welcomes new ideas and learns from the work and experience of other societies, cultures and civilizations. It's main objective is to seek to truth, wherever that may come from, and to adopt it with courage and confidence.

Assalamou 3ailkoum. The Muslim community is exactly the way it is defined by Allah Soubhanou Wa Ta3ala in Surah 2. Verse 143. Nothing less nothing more. It is obvious, that the whole world sees that this definition is perfectly true, but the extremists and terrorists American Zionist and their followers choose to deny what their eyes see and what their ears hear. Now, as Muslim our duty is to avoid playing the game these terrorists from America are designing and planning, which is simply to divide the Muslim Community by sticking labels on each one of us. Needless to remind my Brothers and Sisters that if we start fighting each others because some idiots try sticking labels on our foreheads, then we would be more idiots than them. It is as simple as that. Our individual responsibility toward some mis-guided Muslims, is not to condemn them, denigrate them and judge them, but pray Allah Soubhanou Wa Ta3ala to guide them and us, our responsibility is also to correct them, and remind them of the duty as Muslims. These terrorist have one materialistic purpose in mind, they are using every mean they can think of, to accomplish the goals they have in their minds, from dropping devastating bombs on our heads to infiltrating our places of worship and religious schools. Remember the materialistic proverb "the end justifies the means" is from them and for them and is obviously against our ethic and against us.

Manji is just using her childhood as an excuse to promote her lesbianism and misconstrued concepts. She promotes personal "ijtihad" as she says but really it just means that she is following her own whims and desires. If every Muslim were to interpret Islam on their own, there would be no Ummah...instead we'd have Omar Bakri's (Hizbut Tahrir), Irshad Manji's and Ghulam Ahmed Mirza's, and their likes in the majority. Allah can put the burden of responsibility of the Ummah of Muhamamd upon another people in an instant, if we start to fail in being members of his Ummah. Subhan'Allah. If we want to stick together, we better unite under the banner of Rasool-Allah Sal' Allahu 'Alaiyhi wa sallam, Allahumma Salee Ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa aalihi Sayyiduna Muhammad. Those who love him and honour him, uphold his principles, love those who represent him like pillars of light - we must take our Rasool-Allah (sawaws) and his deputies as our guides towards obeying Allah, Glory to our Lord the Most High.

If we stick to following the light of Mustafa (sawaws), the call towards moderation will be unnecessary. Build a fortress of Imaan by beginning with Amaliyyat. Do not let self-serving individuals cause you to stray...basically don't waste your time on them, because the only light we need as our guide in darkness is Prophet Muhammad (sawaws), so follow the ones who love him the most if you want a spiritual promotion.

Sister Yasmin makes an excellent point. What she addresses is a problem...but like all "educated" muslims...she has tunnel vision, or writes to win hearts not minds!

Now, back to reality!

The PROBLEM which 75% of this UMMAH refuses to face and 101% of the KAFUR's love to exploite is this:

There are people who call themselves Muslim and for the most part ... embody everything Islamic but who would MURDER YOU AND THEMSELVES in the name of everything holy!

There are rules for EVERYTHING in Islam... but for these fanitical, evil, twisted, misguided few...the guidance in Al Qur'an and aHadith does not apply.

WHY? Because they are not practicing Islam...they are practicing THEIR OWN POLITICS while using Islam as a PR machine to gain a following.

Find me any teaching that says cold blooded MURDER of yourself and those associated with your enemy will be rewarded with Paradise!

The world, including Muslims, are afraid of the criminals who use Islam as a tool to MURDER and make MURDER acceptable.

This UMMAH and it's leaders turns a blind eye to the evil that these people practice...because we share in the very WESTERN belief ...
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend"

So, we say nothing ... because like the jews our Ummah has become currupt, evil, vile, hateful, full of revenge, prideful and have forgotten that ALLAH (SWT) has set forh guidelines that apply IN ALL CASES....not just when things are good.

Until we as a Muslim body realize this ... we are no better than the KUFAR who murders us for our oil.

Muslims need to WAKE UP...the rest of ALLAH's creation is using us as a doormat to wipe their feet!

This articl is very good.

BY FAR, the BEST article I have read on Islamicity in a very long time.

Mrs. Mogahed tears apart the "moderate" Islamic label brilliantly and rebuts it piece by piece!

I highly recommend this article to everyone!

We are supposed to be "moderate muslims" in my country.

Alhamdulillah, this sister is right after my heart.Her earlier article on Dr.wadud's fatwa has already striked chord with everybody who are regular here. Let allah bring your efforts to the fore and be pleased with your service for HIM.

What is the notion of west in general and US in particular towards Islam is well known secret.That really doesnt surprise me! But the attitude of muslims, who are willing to be this growth oriented moderates replacing religion with wealth and comfort.

TO check the credibility of the saying or their intentions, we do have litmus test. See who is telling us to change our lives ? Disbelievers in Islam ?! aren't we replaced our illah ?!

How can we expect a disbelievers to think good abt our cause, when allah says, they wouldnt be pleased with you until you give up your religion!

In Islam, not believing even in figment of it, amounts to disbelief. THe complete submission that the whole of quran is from allah seperates the belief and disbelief.

This is in reply to Joseph. I live as a minority Muslim in Singapore and I have spent 5 years in America doing my PhD. As a minority Muslim, I would like to ask you - can you uphold and promote the political interests of the Non-Muslim majority ? Likewise - can the Non-Muslim majority promote the minority Muslim interests ? And are you prepared to hurt Muslims elsewhere - if need be - in order to promote the political interest of the Non-Muslim majority ? The answers for me are very clear. The Non-Muslims have a different value system, a different world-view and different aspirations - when compared to us Muslims. They cannot lead us and we cannot lead them. That is why I find it very strange that many Muslims actually migrate to Non-Muslim countries. Finally I would like to point out that Arabs have a special position in Islam because the Quran itself is in classical Arabic. The Prophet was an Arab. These facts put Arabs in a very special position vis-a-vis Islamic studies.

Dr Syed Alwi

As Salaam Alaikum;

Al humdulillah, well stated. As Black American who reverted to Islam approximately 4 years ago (about 5 weeks before 9/11 - this of course ranks as the best decision I have ever been blessed to make), I welcomed your remarks. In college I was what some referred to as a "Black Nationalist", mainly because I strongly advocated equality & justice for Black people in essence I advocated this for all people. So I was termed too Black and radical because I sought equal justice. The history of the Civil Rights movement in America reeks with this "too this or that" type of categorizing. It is my opinion, that "they" believe, if it can be weakened, it can be defeated. And to a large degree, they were successful with this plan within the Black Civil Rights Community.

I am now seeing the same attempts to do the same thing to Islam. If you practice Islam as we have been given by Allah (SWT) and demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (SAS), then we are "too Islamic" and called fundamentalist {root word fundamental = of central importance, serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function}, doesn't sound "too" bad to me.

Br. Malcolm X once said " if you keep adding cream & sugar to coffee, at some point it will not longer be black, no longer be strong, no longer be hot, and a some point, it will cease to be coffee." Insha'Allah we will not allow those who opposes Islam to "coerce" Muslims into practicing a "belief" that is not Islam, but a watered down version of Western Political Obedience and mental slavery. They are seeking Brothers named Mohammed, who call themselves "Mo", Sisters who don't wear Hijab, because they feel oppressed, and they seek to make wrong seem right. Jazakallahu Khayran, Sister Yasmin Mogahed for a well needed message.

Br. Jabril

How very true.Better yet to be a nominal Sufi Muslim. The West loves them, it's exotic without all the frills of silly rituals and strong convictions. The Christianists will love it,they have their poster child for poor opperssed Muslim women now inthis ridiculous lady; poor thing is finally free from being forced to practice all those spiteful rules Islam has against them.I'm going to be sick.

Assalaamo Alaikum.

Fully agree with the views author has expressed. Well done - Sister Yasmeen. May Allah reward you well.

I usually read all comments too. Those in Neutral at present are infact in favour. Brother Ummer ( comment 31675 ) said:

"And if you grow a beard you are a terrorist.If you change your mind and shave off your beard, then you are a disguised terrorist."

One can not resist a spontaneous laugh inspite of such a serious subject. "Never lose a sense of humour".



Mr David A. McNair, It's not enough to be born in the folds of Islam for a person to develop into a Muslim. Look at yourself, your name is not Muslim, your greeting is not Muslim, your philosophy is not Islamic. If you were a Muslim, as well as a true Christian or an honourable Jew you would know that the homeland of a believer is none else but God's Paradise. God/Allah created earth; man created countries. God/Allah created man; man created slaves. God/Allah created ethnicities and nations in order to test man in his compassion for his brother, for we as one mankind are one projeny from Adam and Eve! This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard from somebody claiming he was Muslim! Your comment beats that of the so called "Dr" Alwi! Listen to your inane piece of "mind": "I was born into Islam, but that does'nt mean I don't love my country. I have to!, because this is the only place on earth where a person can practice a faith without persecution." Do you live in a bubble where all the info you get is from Fox News? Are you persecuted for practicing Islam in any country on earth? You mean to say that Muslims can practice Islam only in USA? Are you on crack, my friend? Your comment:"The only place with unlimited potential for growth and prosperity" Really? Then what's up with the ghettoes? Don't give me that bullshit that the people of the ghettoe chose to live in deprivation. So first you are an American, then you might be a Muslim, according to your comment:"to do that would be to do the opposite of what it means to be an american, to give up freedom... And who wants to do that?" What freaking freedom are you talking about, boy? Yes the freedom to die in the street like a dog if you were poor and without a medical plan. The freedom to choose to die for your masters that sent you down to war and you having the freedom not to put the question,why? What freedom? The one that give Federal agents the right to take away your life if you disagreed with your masters?

'wa makaro wal'Allahu khiarul makereen" how can a human being fight and win against God? how can the creature defy the Creator? what vanity, aothubi'Allah! theirs indeed is a miserable lot both in this world and in hereafter. they turn truth into falsehood and give liars the mantle of respect. wo be to your lot, you who do not fear Judegement Day, for death is near and the hour is assuredly coming - God is the Creator. He does not need your worship - it is you the fool, who need HIM. One can not profess love when one is unable to SUBMIT to God. That word SUBMIT is equal to Islam and it does not come in shades. it is clear as black and white. as day and night. How can those who dwell in darkeness understand light? may Allah give us all the wisdom to be close to HIM, the rest will assuredly perish as have all the ones before them. history testifies to that.

Dr. Alwi,

... We are Muslims and we are Indigenous American, we are Indians, Black and Whites. Islam is not limited to Arab or Iranians. Islam is the fastest growing religion in my country and Alhumdulillah a lot of us are practicing.

This article applies to Muslims not Arabs or Asians.

Hope not you understand now.


Now a days whomever prays 5 times a day is an extremist.If you give charity you are supporting terrorism.
And if you grow a beard you are a terrorist.If you change your mind and shave off your beard, then you are a disguised terrorist.

What a world and what a freedom.

Now better muslims shape up and shed all this Immoral values of prayer,charity and responsible living and start boozing, shed your shyness, shed your cloths and embrace freedom.Go ahead and follow whatever your inner devils are craving for.

Get free,Freedom from true happiness.A Freedom which will give you madness.


Hell with any one that will tell me how to be a Muslim, I will follow the way's of Muhamed (PBUH) and no creation of Allah shall tll me anything different.

Hell with all of them that stand in the way of the TRUTH (Quran) is my path and Allah is my Protector.

If any one hopes to find help in the unbeliver than they two are lost, stand up for your Religion there are to meny hipocrites in the world today and one must sllect their friends very carfuly.

Peace for those who follow the path of Allah.

I have to agree. Many people would be happy to see us Muslims
be lesser Muslims. I feel this is a test from Allah (swt). We must
stay strong in our deen and strive to peacefully spread Islam's
true message.

I just want to say thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion...

First of all; I am an american, born and raised in this country. I'm also a muslim who happens to be a minority. My family has gone through the stuggles of racism and biggetry for as long as I can remember. I was born into Islam, but that does'nt mean I don't love my country. I have to!, because this is the only place on earth where a person can practice a faith without persecution. The only place with unlimited potential for growth and prosperity. But my devotion to Allah(the creator/god) is much more Important, no god-fearing, self respecting muslim would ever compromise his/her faith, by living it in moderation. to do that would be to do the opposite of what it means to be an american, to give up freedom... And who wants to do that?

Yours Truly.... David A. McNair

As salamu alaikum. I couldn't agree more! Mashaallah great job sister.

The elimination of religious and religious-inspired violence and terrorism does NOT depend upon the elimination of any given religion, but rather upon the complete and total repudiation of any and ALL claims by any and ALL religions to exclusivity.

"I am the way, the ONLY way" -- That claim MUST be ABSOLUTELY STRICKEN from ALL religious dogma, regardless of flavor. Teaching such a claim should be made a very, VERY serious crime, both religious and civil.

Mutual respect is simply the ONLY way !!

We need to stand for the Truth of Islam, no matter what infidels say. Bismillah!

Sister Yasmeen, May Allah amply reward you for this contribution of yours, past ones that I don't know of and the future contributions that Allah will bless with for the cause of Islam. You said it right. The name-calling that Islam-haters/Islamophobes are engaged should NOT make us waver from the Truth of Islam. They will never stop their smear compaign. We have to be Muslim in every sense of the term according to the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet ( S.A.W.) These two primary sources should govern our dealing with our own selves, muslims and non-muslims just the like the prophet and his companions did. We have to fear Allah and nobody else. The prophets were subject to these kinds of bashings and some of them were ever murdered and suffered attmepts made on their lives. The only way out is seek the pleaure of Allah at any cost and Allah's victory will one day come.

Sister, keep up this good work and continue using the knowledge Allah blessed with in educating both Muslims and non-muslims about this Natural Deen of Allah. May Allah protect you and those engaged for the defense of Islam and the truth.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Many thanks for the author for this beautiful article that brings to light what we all know, the war on Islam.

I have good news to all concerned muslims. Islam IS the fastest growing religion. It is killing the enemies of Islam that the message of Allah is surviving with all the money spent to fight it. Allah said, and he says the truth, in what translates as:

"It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it)." 9:33

Thank you for this article!

What I do not understand is why so many Muslims migrate to Non-Muslim America ? Is it because they are seduced by the promise of riches only to find discrimination instead ? Whatever it is - stop complaining. Because it was your choice to migrate to Non-Muslim America. You have to face the consequences of your own choice. You cannot have it both ways....

Dr Syed Alwi

assalamu Alaykum
I could not agree more with you in this regard. the signs are all over the media and the sinario is repeated over and over again but this not new.
about ten years ago, I was taking a political science class in a connecticut state university. the proffessor out loud stated that islam has been the hidrence in front of turky and had to therefore supress it. now if you wnat to a "good" muslim you have to be a sufi. just be a useless, helpless, dispensable, dependent intity that is indifferent and unidentifiable to it's surroundings. this is the new "Good muslim" just a new religion.

The message these imbeciles could not get is that ISLAM will outlive them and all that will come in the next 100 years just like it had of those at came 100 years before.

You may change the ordinary muslim of today to even make him/her see Islam as not belonging to the dea of living in the 21st Century but the next generation will hold on to ISLAM as the only tool for the 22nd. That is the promise of Allah. So I for one is not afraid and I believe so are all those faithfuls out there that believe in the promise of Allah."...Liyudhirahu 'ala-ddini kullih wa lau karihal mushrikun."


I believe nothing good comes from violence !! within the history of humanity man has learnt very little to the detriment of his/her soul , sorrow & woe will plague us all untill we stop listening to other's & trust the divine for personal inspiration & guidance ,, may you heart be open to love & touched by compassion, I believe love know's no boundries , blessed be .

Try all you want neocon .. dreamers and followers of .. departed religions, Islam will never submit to the likes you !

You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that America's war on terrorism is really the Christian West's Zionist-inspired war on Islam. All that is left is for them to come out and say it. In fact, they have. USAID has admitted to receiving funds to set up "Islamic schools" in Tunisia, Pakistan and Bangladesh to counter traditional Islamic schools and downplay or even teach against hijab, jihad and strict Islamic observance. Allah (swt) said in the holy Quran that they will never cease to attack you until they turn you away from your religion. The solution: come to Islam in droves. I want to share with my fellow Muslims what I have changed in my life since this war escalated and insha'allah this will bring victory to the religion of moderation and justice (you ever notice how often every Western politician and leader mentions and abuses the words freedom and liberty yet none mention justice in the same sentence? Its as if they know their societies are injust and subconsciously keep it out). Anyway,
1. I now make an effort to pray in the mosque as often as possible, to read the Quran more.
2. My wife and I decided to make at least one of our children a hafith since evil's stated aim is to change the word of God (which they will never do).
3. Do good acts for Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors and tell them that this goodness is incumbent upon us as Muslims.
4. Give to charities without fear. Give is if to challenge the assertion that Muslim charity is wrong.
5. I learned my religion better and cut out the culture that I was raised with so I can be more Muslim and less Arab, Asian, African, etc. This of course is for culture that contradicts Islam.

If we all go to the mosque then their argument is dead. However, if we begin to cower and cease practicing our deen for fear of labels then they have won. Whenever a Muslim begins to fear they should remember - One day you will die. Really think about that for a moment. You will die and none of this will m

I think Islam is the most moderate religion and also teach us to respect other's thoughts as well as belief.So why we have to be moderate because we are moderate.thxs