Muslim Lives are Desecrated, Not Just Their Book

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The reported desecration of the Quran by US guards at the infamous Guantanamo prison, as originally reported by Newsweek on May 9, 2005, was not - as it should've been - an opportunity for a thorough examination of US army practices, and thus human rights abuses, toward Muslim inmates in the numerous detention camps erected throughout the world.

Considering that such practices are quite consistent with the overriding policy adopted by the Bush administration throughout the Middle East, one hardly crosses the border of reason when one expects key newspapers to contextualize the reported flushing of the Quran down the toilet episode with analogous practices in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

But as experience has shown, that's just too much to expect. Instead, the focus of the vast news coverage and commentary throughout the media was fixed on the less urgent matter of journalistic responsibility on behalf of Newsweek and the seemingly inherent problem of Muslim backwardness and sadism.

The Times of London made a clever choice when it selected a Muslim, Irshad Manji,
to address the fierce response to the scandal. 

In an article entitled, "Why don't we Muslims grow up?" Manji, who seems demonstrably disengaged, found it most appropriate to prompt a discussion in semantics, questioning the wholesomeness and sanctity of the Quran itself. The Quran, according to the writer, "contains ambiguities, inconsistencies, outright contradictions and the possibility of human editing." 

What does this have to do with anything?

The article, also published by the celebrated New York Review of Books, insisted on pinning the blame on the popular and sometimes violent Muslim response to the report, rather than the culminating feelings of anti-imperialist oppression experienced by the poorest of Muslim nations, most notably Afghanistan. 

On the other hand, Jeff Jacoby, a columnist for the Boston Globe, chose to push the limits of cultural insensitivity to downright insult in his piece entitled, "Why Islam is disrespected." 

Opening his article with imaginary scenarios of Christians, Jews and Buddhists violently rioting in response to the desecration of their religious symbols, Jacoby aims to catch his unsuspecting audience off guard, weaving together a fantastic anecdote and then pronouncing that these stories "never occurred." They were simply convoluted analogies aimed at enlightening his innocent and nave readers, to draw a comparison between the barbarism of Muslims and the nonviolent and civilized everyone else. 

"Christians, Jews and Buddhists don't lash out in homicidal rage when their religion is insulted. They don't call for holy war and riot in the street. It would be unthinkable for a mainstream priest, rabbi, or lama to demand that a blasphemer be slain," and so forth. 

Other commentators who refrained from scrutinizing and 'exposing' Islam's theological limitations or discrediting its cultural practices, rituals, beliefs and so on, confined their arguments to Newsweek's judgment, or lack thereof, regarding the running the May 9th article. 

Some sided with the White House interpretation, as uttered by Press Secretary Scott McClellan, in his call on Newsweek and other media not to lose their "credibility." Others questioned McClellan's own credibility. The agreement however, regarding Newsweek editor Mark Whitaker's clearly forced apology and subsequent retraction of the article was across-the-board. 

It's ironic that Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is in fact the one speaking the unexamined words of truth. He said that Army Gen. Carl Eichenberry, the senior US commander in Afghanistan, reported that the violence "was not at all tied to the article in the magazine."

So to what could it possibly be tied? 

Did it dawn on anyone in the mainstream media that the Afghani people might possibly be angry over years of American occupation? Perhaps this failed to cross anyone's mind.

Could it possibly be that hundreds of millions of Muslims might've had enough common sense to connect the dots and to establish that the desecration of the Quran is only the latest episode of a consistent US military policy that hasn't only dishonored religious symbols but the sanctity of human life, in fact hundreds of thousands of human lives? 

Could the hypothesis be true that Muslims, despite their alleged backwardness, had access to TV news, print media and the Internet and might've accidentally run across hundreds of photos of physically humiliated and sexually abused Iraqi prisoners? Could it be possible that they learned of harrowing testimonies of former prisoners at Guantanamo detailing what numerous human rights groups unhesitatingly described as "war crimes"? 

But why confine the argument to over-generalized, rhetorical questions? In its response to the scandal, Human Rights Watch issued a statement on May 19, 2005, confirming that sadly, the Guantanamo episode is the norm. "In detention centers around the world, the United States has been humiliating Muslim prisoners by offending their religious beliefs," according to Reed Brody, a HRW special counsel.

The defilement of religious symbols, like the Quran however, is part of the unfailing US foreign and military policy that has utilized every creative, albeit inhumane option to further its colonial designs throughout the Muslim world for an array of economic and strategic gains. 

Thus, if Muslim fury is to be examined appropriately and truthfully, then the desecration of the Quran must be analyzed together with the violent death of "at least" 100,000 Iraqi civilians, the greater majority of them at the hands of the "coalition", according to "the first comprehensive investigation of civilian deaths in Iraq, published in the Lancet," and cited recently by respected Australian journalist John Pilger. Separating both issues is downright irresponsible. 

But the interest in appropriateness and truthfulness in the media fades away before the seemingly much more compelling and urgent topic of the theological roots of Muslim violence, and the Muslim and Arab minds' innate deficiency and backwardness. 

I am afraid that it will take more than a simple apology or a newspaper retraction to right this collective and perpetual wrong. Much more.

Ramzy Baroud is a veteran Arab-American journalist. A regular columnist in many English and Arabic publications, he is editor-in-chief of and program producer at Aljazeera Satellite Television.

He is also the editor of the anthology: "Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion."

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  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Afghanistan, Irshad Manji
Views: 11325

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Older Comments:
BILL FROM U.S.A. said:
The alleged mistreatment of Guantanamo inmates and alleged desecration of the Quran are moot points because they never happened. These inmades have better food and live in more comfortable living conditions than do U.S. troops who are in Afghanistan fighting Taliban war criminals who murder women and children deliberately.

Human rights abuses toward Muslim community is real planned phenominonal,Muslim community encountered with socio-economic development,All caused by lack of practical aspect rather fighting among ourself,Lets think why a we suppressed ?And why we cannot unite,different i deologies are exposed our weakness.
Let think how we can structure ourself specially the image of Iraq,etc.Let us learn how to forgive the past mistake(reconciliation)
From Uganda-Jinja

If you study History you will find Islam has all ways been on the side of Justice. When Our country was fighting the British for independence,
Islam was its friend and allie the proof of this friendship can be find in the parade dress of the U.S Marine corp, the Sword they carry was given to them by an Islamic state as a symbol of friendship. The very notion of
democracy came from Islam and now we find our self being accused as an undemocratic state. Only Allah knows the reasons Why.

I am surprised at people like Lori who are not even admitting that such a thing happened and that the Muslim world is reacting on baseless facts.
Here is another news article which tells that what really happened:


As a recent convert to Islam, I have a few things to day about the events here recounted and people's comments: Many there are in the "West" that seem to be surprised and shocked that the Islamic world would react so to reports of desecration of our holy writ, the Quran.
Well, I submit that they are shocked simply because they themselves hold nothing sacred. They cannot understand our perspective because they do not understand what it means to believe in something holy.
Ensconced within the towers of their secularism they do not comprehend that there is a Higher Power, a Higher Law than that conceived of by man, and this is, of course, Allah Subhana Wa Ta Ala. For us, the deen, the Quran is the direct revelation of Diety, of how Allah wants us to behave and worship. To profane such a thing is unthinkable, for it is a complete disregard not only of Islam, Muslims, but really, of God. And if you can't see why this such a great issue, then I really feel badly for you.

The Coalition may brutalise, kill, torture, rape and murder all it wants on the strength of superior fire power and funds availability, but I don't think we realise that Muslims unlike the Vietnamese, Koreans and the Japanese, will not roll over, forget and forgive. I have seen simple family feuds in Afghanistan and Pakistan lead to centuries of brutal war with no quarter given- this enforce brutalisation of an entire people, notwithstanding the sheer stupidity of such a decision, is a very very poor choice with predictably disastrous consequences. We mock their religion, their culture, their values, their food and even the colour of their skin. What fools we are. In Afghanistan I realised you never knew whom or what you fought and we also learnt the hard way that time does not heal wounds there - which simply fester. It may take them a year, a decade or a century but pay back is certain.


As a Muslim, I am not bothered about the desecration of Muslims and the Holy Qur'an. Not that it does not pain me though. I just have to ovelook it all. Rather, I pitied those people disaffection more than a billion people about their actions.
I believe these guys are doing this out of fear and frustration. Whoever might be their sponsors. Allah is enough to judge the whole mankind.
Muslims and Islam have been subjected to series of humiliation since the inception 1400 years ago. The only way out is for Muslims worldwide to wake up and follow the tenets of Islam. The best example God has given humankind.
Empires have risen and fall. America cannot continue to rule the world forever. This is exactly the words of the Qur'an. It is no joke. An ignorant child plays with fire. Those people desecrating the Quran and Muslims cannot have all the time in the world. Judgement is coming to them one day. Islamic empires has ruled the world for almost eight hundred years. America is just 2 centures old. The greatest scientific discoveries are not more than one hundred years old.
Those people, i do not know whether they even believe in God and through what medium. I am sure they have no regard for their background. They are devoid of moral and personal values. Devil is their father and they are obeying devils works. So, how long will they continue to fight God? Too bad for them. A child who defies the words of his father is going down the drain fast.
Islam is the truth. Truth they say is weak in the face of brutal force backed by hypocrisy. But truth will prevail. Let's wait and see.

Thank you.

Oriola Badmus

US Foreign policy is ulimitaley devised to portray muslims as a backward religion that promotes intolerance, violence and extremism. The US continues to play on peoples fears that muslims want to take over the world through force and that they must be stopped. It makes you wonder with all there so called intelligence, power and strategy how cant they figure out that all they are doing is setting in motion the beginning of the end for them, because they know for all there so called power they are in a battle that they simply cannot win.

To those who espouse only hate and violence in retaliation for
transgressions again Muslims, I feel great sadness. This is not a
solution - only a means to perpetuate the hatred.

To those who thoughtfully explain their beliefs without attacking
the beliefs of others - you give me some hope.

Let us hope that the latter group of people prevail.


(a secular humanist, if you haven't already guessed)

The author does well to link the descretion of the Holy Book and the overall descretion of Muslims around the world. I strongly condemn the descretion of our Quran and urge Muslims around their world to take this opportunity to find time to read the translation (those whose mother tongue is not Arabic), again and again. We have cut ourselves from the rope of Allah. I pray that we become One Ummah.

Bush did not tell truth while atacking Iraq. His advisors are proven liars. He made many attacks on sovreign lands without discovering any trace of offence subsequently. He thinks it lawful to destroy all those who are not coinciding with his thoughts. Quran does not support his evil attempts and an action was made by misbehaving with it as was done against Iraq and Afganistan. I think Bush has identified his enemy correctly at last and I think he may try to stop any word coming in its favour. I like to state that Sura Rum stated correctly the victory of Romans and also the destruction of the Persian forces. This is the natural phenomenon that anti-Quran forces must disappear with the curse of the Al-mightly Allah and the reign of Bush, Americans and the Israelies along with all anti-Quran forces. Bush possibly wanted to stop the flow of this sequence. I think Quran speaks of truth only and Bush speaks the false only. However it might be possible to speak truth for some of the world leaders though at present there is absolutely no resistant power to stand against Bush or Israelities. However the faith towards Allah (Imaan) has got only three stages of existance, the resistance to resolve the problem, the power to talk against it and to hate the evildoers which is the third (lowest and least) stage. People who are not resisting might not have that first stage Imaan, but could have the second stage of it. But people who are not talking anything rather having intimacy (Like Suadi Arab, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan etc.)upon which Bush is standing are munafiqs having the appearances of Muslims without Imaan. The present conflict is not between religions or states. This is occurring between truth and false. What I strongly believe is that there are no separate religions made by Allah. They are all the same because no religion supports the falsehood. The conflict arises when the followers mixes their religion with falsehood as is being done by Bush, Jews, Christians, Hindoes.

to kerry and others. you got your facts wrong. in one of the articles on this site written by prof. ramakrishna rao, he mentions when prophet mohammad conquered mecca with his undisputed force, he appointed one of his adversaries as the governor and left mecca after declaring it open to all. he did not leave any of his soldiers to rule or keep watch over mecca. now think if bush had done that to iraq after removing saddam. how much muslims would have respected him. instead he builds more military camps across muslim countries, all to fight a dozen terrorists. you live in cockoo land if you think all muslims are terrorists and deserve to be your cannon fodder. why does your government support thuggish regime of israel which has no declared noundaries but has designs to control all middle east, as it controls your own government and steal more palestinian lands. do you think if someone stole your home that you should keep silence when no other avenue is open to you to address your grievance? i can see you only read your own zionist controlled media. muslims have lived with jews/christians before USA was raped and pillaged by your european ancestors. pls read both histories from reliable sources. jews in 1948 were ordered to leave arab countries just as they were preparing to attack native palestifnians and steal their lands since the zionists of europe knew full well of the impending reprisals besides they wanted to increase their numbers in palestine. the rest is history as they say, but your military camps keep growing in our lands and israel keeps killing palestinian children instead of giving their homes back and apologiing for what they did but that is too much to ask coz they have evil intentions just as your bush neocon-zionist controlled govt has evil intention but dresses it up with soapy words for your pea-brain consumption. hatred and revenge is not a good thing. follow christ truly and he shall save you and us from your evil intentions. peace brother, p

There can be no more talk. Enough is enough. The lines have been drawn. You Americans and Israelis have been shedding the blood of our innocent year after year. We are tired of burying our children. You finally broke all standards of decent behavior and have begun invading our lands on false pretexts. You torture, rape and kill with impunity. You people are the true vile evil monsters. And yet you dare wear a cross on your neck? Also your stupidity knows no bounds, as you go on trusting the Israelis who spy on you daily and sell your military secrets to the world. It was Jews who were rejoicing after 9-11. Go and study FBI and CIA files. May be a nation as blood thirsty, greedy and dumb as you don't deserve to exist.

The .. American Facists Kerry and Barney, better tell your congress to approve another few billion, because you will be needing a lot more body bags soon. I guess dady won't be coming home for christmas, however Bush sure will be having fun while you are rotting in Iraq.

Barney & Kerry, who invited you to come to our lands, murder our children and women steal our oil and our property and claim that you have freed us from oppression. YOU ARE THE CRUEL OPPRESSORS. We don't wnat your damn democracy, take it and shove it. In the words of your ape President - bring it on - we are and we will keep bringing it on. You talk about death and destruction ? Have you looked at the pieces of burnt flesh all that remains of my children, my wife and parents? And yu want peace? You shall reap what you sow.

Kerry you are so outdated by your Zionists comrades that is not even funny, it's sad. Did you notice what site was this? This is neither an American Patriotic site nor a Christian Zionist one. What did you expect? All stories have two sides, just like a coin. USA and her stooges(Israel included)is on one side, on the other side are the ones that she desecrates and oppresses. You compare Saudia with US practices in GITMO? Not a chance. Bibles were not flushed down the toilets in Saudia, if they were shreaded that is a nice way to discard of something that doesn't belong in Saudia. Saudia is not a democracy, is USA? Since you compared the two maybe in your mind Saudia and US are comparable. You might be right, recently the Amnesty International put USA as head of the violators list. After all, the Kingdom of Saudia might be a greater democratic state than USA. Let's analyze facts. Saudia did not invade any other country since her foundation. USA? I would run out of cyber-space to mention all her foreign aggressions. If any Jew was driven out from Arab lands in 1948, which is a very typical Jewish lie, Saudia wouldn't bear the guilt. Arab lands and Saudia are not the same countries or places. Saudia is part of the Arab lands, but not all Arab lands are Saudia, except one, savvy? In 1948 the masses of Zionist Jews gathered from all over the Arab land to go to the freshly formed Zionist colony of Israel to help with the gruesome task of genocide, land clearance and mass deportation of the indigenious Palestinian population. How come that you don't know these very obvious facts?
Oh, they cheered for 9/11? Maybe it was a pay day for many that were orphaned at the hands of the Israelis and US. For me here in Canada didn't make a difference. If the CN tower would have been blowed to smitherings, yes, it would have gravely affected me. I didn't cheer for it either, rather I felt it as a human tragedy like any other, earthquakes, tzunamis, typhoons, Oaklahoma, name it.

I'm not really for or against the article. There are some truths
given, but it would be wrong for me to say that I am 'for' those
truths. It saddens me that religious tensions have become so
great. I agree that the US and Christians/Jews have treated
Muslims unfairly for many years. It would appear that the
Muslim world is now playing the same misguided game.

I cannot speak for the Muslim mind-set; I was not brought up in
that culture. As for the JudeoChristian attitude... I think much
of our problem with Muslims is due to misunderstanding. Much
is due to an Western/Judeochristian attitude of "my way or the
highway". Jesus taught tolerance, but sadly we didn't learn it
very well. I understand that no apology will put an end to the
mistrust and hatred. And given the direction that our respective
cultures are heading, I fear the rift will only widen.

Personally, I believe that any religious fundamentalism and all
forms of dogmatic thinking is counter-productive.
Unfortunately, the moderates - even though they represent a
huge majority - don't intervene, and the press (both Arab and
Western) exploits the bad stuff (they sell more papers that way).
This incites certain factions (both East and West) into committing
even more heinous deeds.

We need to stop preaching and teaching hate if we are to ever
come together. We need to realize the basis for the various
belief systems and that all belief systems and religions have at
least some merit and validity (and that none is 'the one').
Unfortunately, the morons that currently occupy Washington DC
don't listen to reason, so there will be no honest attempts to
bring the sides together anytime soon. I suspect the same is
true in many governments and cultures. All I can do is to try to
get my children to understand and accept the beauty of this
world and its people, and hope that they don't get caught in the

This article, and this reporter are basically antiUSA and antiIsrael. He never discusses the fact that Bibles are regularly shredded in Saudi airports. He never address the fact that thousands of Jew were driven from Arab land in 1948. He never discusses how many Palestinians, Egyptins, and others living in the Middle-East cheered on 9/11 and cheer when terrorists blow Israelis to bits. Remember, all Israelis are considered legitimate targets by Hamas, Hizbollah and many other groups.

Yes, Israel and the US are guilty of many wrongs, but so are most governments in this world, especially in the many Middle-Eastern tyrannies.

My question is why the lack of balance? Gitmo is bad, but so are the many toture chambers in the Middle-East.

Why is the fact that the Palestinian Charter still does not recognize Israel never mentioned in Arabic media?

I agree with most of the comments within this article. It should also be known that Irshad Manji is a Canadian and was once the host of t.v. show entitled "Queer Television," and I do believe is a homosexual herself, although I am not 100% certain of that. She has also written a book entitled "The Trouble with Islam," and although she claims to be working with many youth (in the West and Arab worlds) to help reform Islamic thinking and bring about an educational renaissance, the only theme I have seen from this young lady is a bashing of Islamic principles and ideals. I'm not exaclty sure why she considers herself a Muslim, when she doesn't agree with anything that Islam stands for?

I will die for my faith but I am not proud of the way it is used. I am confused when I hear no apology or outrage when other religions' sanctity is violated by Muslims and yet feel that I have to go after anyone who speaks their minds against my religion.

Is something wrong or am I not a true Muslim?

If you do not like the justice served to your people, then it would be much appreciated if you ruled your own. Your (muslim brothers) are engaging death onto our people and to other nations,.. life is fragile, please respect it and continue your fight without dealing death and destruction. Death brings no honor, no winner, no justice, no truth,.. death and killing only brings more...

I agree with the article. The article about the descecration of the Quran was first publised in the Newweek and was then was retracted a few days later.
The truth is out there...investigations have concluded that prisoners' copies of the Quran were in fact disrespected at Guantanamo Bay. Here is the news report:
So it is not some hoax or rumor on which Muslims around the world are reacting to.



It's true because I heart it through Media(radio,Tv &internet news).And it's lack of muslims' Unity in the world today.Qur'an speaks about Unity: so that you can be stong as hard as rock.There will be nobody whowill finger us (muslims)on our faces like what is happening now ,though there are agents of shatan who work fohim amo ng us.Assalamu Alaikum

I totaly agree with the article. It is USA and her cooperative Arab leaders who make muslims to kill each other to satisfy their own greedy stratigic needs in all the muslim countires. Why did not America put her hand off the muslim countires and mind her own business?


I wholehearted agree with the article but in my opinion we muslims are to blame for the sorry state of affairs in our rank. We kill each other in the name of Islam, let aside killing iinnocent people in the name of holy Jihad.What type of Jihad is this? How can we expect people of other faiths to respect us and believe us.We turn violent under any filmsy pretext and so violence breeds violence and there is no end to it.Instead of blaming western powers we should unite and first of all finish off these violent people amongst ourselves once for all.Only then others will respect us and believe what the true ISLAM is.

it is squarely, "rectangulalry" the fault of Muslim puppets who have been befriending the mujrimuns, the criminals who have no certainty of faith...

The puppets have been providing air bases and oil to the thugs to kill Muslims...

the Quran is just the final form of all religous books, left by 124,000 men of Allah, wat we oppose as Muslims is how the rest of non-Muslims worship The G-d, because we (Muslims)have been taught by Allah the proper way He wants us 2 worship Him, so when we hear how someone uses the Quran 4 toliet paper, we must protest, lease they hasten on Judgement day....

the pages of history will recorded this paganism of the enemies of islam, this has been explained by the holy prophet, that our enemies would be killing us like that and the main reason for that is "WAHAN".
Wahan as explained by the holy prophet(SA) the love of dunya(world) and the dislike of death.
This Wahan is so commond nowin the life of many muslims.Take for example the western educational system is only increasing wahan for us.I know someone may ask how? Assuming you are know in the college, you will definetly need to proceed to a more higher school than that and so gradualy up to your PGD or PHD level.This stages would definetly west themost important part of your life that at the end of the time you would be uneble to defend islam.But ideally,we are expected to respond imediately any one attarked our religion so that our religion would be completely independent.

I am for the article because I agree with the spirit of analyzing and distrust of the establishment. It is a needed element to keep any establishment in line.

I guess the greatest tragedy is how some of us take the reports from the US media at their face value.

A media that can't decide if the holy quran was desecrated or not. With white house claiming that the reports are "demonstrably" wrong, as if Guantanamo bay is an open an accessible facility (and the worng-ness is truly demonstratable - what a joke). It is a place that Amnesty International has equated to a Gulag, you figure out the rest. Given such a free hand it is not hard to imagine that, some of these guards can play out the build-up hatered towards muslims; a lot of which is, again, fueled by some of the US media outlets.

And BTW, may not this be construed as love for Taliban, but the production of poppy was completely eradicated in the Taliban led Afghanistan. I was hoping that, this well-known fact will have reached our commentator. I guess the failure of the US led adminstration in eradicating poppy (and espacially compared to the previous regime) was not featured prominently in any of the US media.

With that said, I do think there are some media outlets that don't just print all that is pleasing to see/hear for the majority. I salute all such outlets.

Patricia Heydecker, you talk about 'oppression'? What do you know about Taliban? Maybe for you and me, Taliban is a way of life that wouldn't entirely satisfy our 'freedoms', yours more than mine, but did you ask yourself the question,"Who made USA the police and dictator of the world?" So, if USA doesn't like how things are run in one country, she takes the liberty to change that by military intervention? Why? The question is not whether it would be ethical or legal, but rather a matter of, 'we can'. Taliban was the regime of Afghanistan, you and me don't need to like it, simply because you are American and I'm Canadian. We should be concerned with what is going on in our places. The Afghan people are the ones to change to start a revolution and to decide on their form of governace, don't you think so?
Respect, Patricia is what people demand from others to obseve while in contact with them. Constitutionally, USA respects all religions, popularly, Islam is the one to bash and ridicule whenever given an opportunity. In Canada, religion in general is marginalized and doesn't pose a vital force in politics or public life. However, all religions are respected to the fullest, but they are considered just an attribute that goes with an individual, and not a ditermining factor in his/her identity which remains definitely Canadian.
Right, Patricia, the Jews and the Christians have a special name and place in Islam and Quran, they are called, the People of the Book(meaning Bible). God says in the Quran that they(the honest and truthful ones from them) have nothing to fear, their reward is awaiting them as promised(e.g.,Paradise). That's the reason why a Muslim can marry from the People of the Book. A Muslim wouldn't be allowed to marry the damned.
I agree partially with your last paragraph. What I don't agree with is that it was done by men & women in uniform. A US soldier must respect what his/her country stands for and behave likewise even if they have Lucifer captiv

Susan says,"While anyone should be offended if their holy book is deserated(no matter the religion)" What should be the alternative, Susan, celebrate? Jesus Christ,pbuh, said,"Don't throw your pearls before swine", in other words he said that we(believers) should gard what is sacred from the swine(infidels). It's Jesus, don't you believe in Jesus? We Muslims are past Jesus, we have the latest and last revelation from the Almighty. Still not changed, we need to gard that which is holy from the swine.
Susan says,"I feel the rioting is uncalled for" Well, perhaps the loss of Muslim lives is uncalled for, I agree. However I don't agree with either the author and you on,"i agree with the author who states other religions may not have such an angry response" Put other religions to such a test first, in similar circumstances, see what happens and then opine. You might be surprised of the similitude in the patterns of human behaviour.
Susan says,"I think that the Muslims who are using their energy to riot and protest should use some of that energy to protest Muslims killing other Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere" Well Susan, the USA caused the havoc in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Before Us aggressionm in these places Muslims did not blow other Muslims to smitherings at such an alarming rate. Sporadic act of terrorism done by certain fractions existed and exist everywhere with or without an Islamic fringe attached.
You say,"There are ignorant people that may not respect holy books no matter which holy book they are dealing with" We are not talking about ignorant hillbillies doing this on one of their hootanany gatherings. These deeds were performed by men in uniform representing the government of the USA! Can you perceive the difference?
You say,"but more important is the Muslims killing each other with no Muslim country speaking up against the killing but only bashing America" America is responsible for this state of affairs. They brought chaos and disarrangemen

I agree with everthing that the first poster, Patricia said. The
Qur'an states forgiveness is above retribution. Besides, there is
no proof to the Qur;an desicration stories. Whatever hapened to
the "four witness" requirement as stated the Qur"an? The
reports are based on ONE unidentified informant.
As a new Muslim, it is very hard to to convine others why I chose
this faith when the backwards and uneducated Muslims act like
angry school children on a playground (but with guns) everytime
they can find an alleged reason to do so.
As for "occupation" of Afganistan - what about the Taliban? I
have friends who lived under that rule! It was horrible and the
are grateful for what the US did! Same for my Iraqui frinds! Get a
I would never believe the word of a Al-Jazera jounalist - the
network that glorifies the slaughter of innocent people as if they
were sacrificial animals. Dispicable. You and your network are
the reason why peoples across the world have such hatred for
the Muslim faith. May you realize the error of your ways before
Judgment Day. Allah is the only one that can judge - no human
has that ability or power. Allah knows best.

It is a well written article, an eye opener to make the naive muslims aware of what is happening around in this world. When will the muslims wake up and speak out against so much insult. Jazakallahu Khairun for writing this much talked about topic.

While anyone should be offended if their holy book is deserated(no matter the religion) I feel the rioting is uncalled for and i agree with the author who states other religions may not have such an angry response. I think that the Muslims who are using their energy to riot and protest should use some of that energy to protest Muslims killing other Muslims in Iraq and elsewhere. There are ignorant people that may not respect holy books no matter which holy book they are dealing with but more important is the Muslims killing each other with no Muslim country speaking up against the killing but only bashing America. If given the chance to come to America many of these protesters would put down the protest sign and head to the nearest usa bound plane.

It was stated, "culminating feelings of anti-imperialist oppression experienced by the poorest of Muslim nations, most notably Afghanistan" ... WHAT OPPRESSION? The Afghanis were freed from a despotic Taliban regime who allowed the citizens NO human rights! The U.S.'s target of oppression is against the Afghanis' the production of poppies which poison so many peoples worldwide.

NO RESPECT? I personally know no one who is against Muslims, nor their religion; only against those terrorists who have stolen Islam for their own power-hungry ideas. The terrorists don't want freedom; they want to dominate! They take a sentence here and a sentence there from the Quran to make their points. I know of some ministers and priests who do the same to inflame their parishioners against other religions.

Is there no tolerance? I believe that the Quran does mention tolerance of Jews and Christians because we are all descendants of Abraham and as well, recognizing Jesus Christ as a prophet.

I agree there will always be people who will disrespect other religions, but they are not limited to Christians or Jews or the United States such as the author intimated; there are jerks in every religion and every country. Condemn the act of a specific person ... YES; condemn that person's religion or country ... NO! That is not tolerance as the author seems to claim he is.

An excellent summary of exactly what US foreign policy is about. We have not seen much of criticism from the so called American free press about the incidents. Seems like mistreatment of Koran, Islam, and Muslims is happening in accordance with American policy. The muslim world is not engaged in critisizing other religions -- we definitely critisize the imperialist nation(s).

Around the same time semi-nacked pictures of Saddam and others was published in some newspapers. Instead of talking about the ethical and legal justification of such act, the US press was vastly engaged in how people hates Saddam and horrible Saddam rule was. Just a question -- does anybody find it funny when US airplanes drop leafleats in Afghanistan and Iraq asking people to throw out the "foreigners" from their countries?

Think you for your very analytical, timely, and appropriate insight of a very vital issue.