Allama Iqbal on Kashmir

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A poem on Kashmir by renowned Urdu poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, from his last book "Armughaan-e Hijaaz." The book was published after his death in 1938. "It is worth noting how Allam Iqbal's extraordinary vision could see at that time what is happening in Kashmir today." ---Dr. Mansoor Alam.

Translated by: Dr. Mansoor Alam

Aaj Woh Kashmir Hai Mahkoom-o-Majboor-o-Faqeer
Kal Jise Ahl-e-Nazar Kahte Thay Iran-e-Sagheer

Kashmir today is under utter subjugation, malice, deprived, and helpless
Which was described until yesterday as minor Iran by the wise and learned

Seena’ay Aflaak Se Uthti Hai Aah-e Soz Naak
Mard-e-Haq Hota Hai Jab Mar’oob-e-Sultan-o-Ameer

A deep burning cry oozes forth from the heart of the heavens
When a man of Truth falls in awe of the authority of ruling elites

Keh Raha Hai DastaaN Baydaari-e-Ayyaam Ki
Koh Ke Daaman Mein Woh Gham Khana’ay Dehqaan-e-Peer

How sad! That he is telling the story of the period of awakening

An old farmer overtaken by grief in the valley of the mountain

Ah! Ye Qaum-e-Najeeb-o-Charb Dast-o-Tar Damagh
Hai KahaaN Roz-E-Makafaat Ay Khuda’ay Dair Geer?

Ah! This noble and lovely nation, spiritually and materially fervid and suave
O Almighty Allah! Where is the Day of Requite and justice for this nation?

  Category: Asia, Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Human Rights, Kashmir  Channel: Poetry
Views: 5824

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