Cry Kashmir, Cry…

Category: Asia, Featured, Highlights, World Affairs Topics: Human Rights, India, Kashmir Values: Compassion, Freedom, Justice Channel: Poetry Views: 2580

Cry Kashmir cry

Let your tears overflow

Jhelum river, Dal lake

Let the tear ducts dry

Cry Kashmir cry

When in the midst of lockdown

Taking away your dignity and rights

Are rampant in villages and towns

I remain nonchalant

I don’t even frown…

I’m too meek to ponder

To my comfort I surrender

Too weak to stand up for you

I won’t even try…

Cry Kashmir cry!

I flip through the channels too fast

I glance through internet

Just like the large humanity

In whom you’ve lost respect

Cry Kashmir cry

When nations are not united

In your cause

When they won’t even pause

To reflect upon your plight

And keep your horrific image

Out of their sight

Where do you turn for

Bleeding hearts

Where do you seek for help?

We humans are too occupied to care

We’ve carefully closed the chapter

And put you away on shelves.

Cry Kashmir cry

I’m too numb for empathy

I don’t have tears to dry…!!

  Category: Asia, Featured, Highlights, World Affairs
  Topics: Human Rights, India, Kashmir  Values: Compassion, Freedom, Justice  Channel: Poetry
Views: 2580

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