Unlucky Seven

This image of 7-year-old Amal Hussain in October 2018 drew global attention to the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Yemen, where the U.N. says 14 million could be on the edge of starvation. In November 2018, Amal’s family said she had died in a refugee camp (Photo: Tyler Hicks - The New York Times/Redux).

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They say seven is a lucky number

Don’t know why…
If you ask my mom
I know she won’t agree with you
It won’t mean a thing in her world…!

She will only stare at you
With her eyes open wide
Lucky seven means nothing to her
When I’m not by her side.

By the way,
Did you know me?
I’m Amal Hussain.
I know you are frowning
And thinking….
“Are you insane?”

What makes you think
I’ll even remotely know you?
When I got millions of things to do…

You are right
How foolish thoughts
Ran in my head
When malnutrition is your only company
You just can’t think straight.

Did I tell you
I was seven?
Whose lonesome soul
Now rests in haven.

Leaving my mother and siblings
Back in the war zone
I feel so alone!

But you wouldn’t know
Any of these discomforting facts
Too busy you are for that!

I’m Amal Hussain
A poor Yemeni child….

Who just quietly died.

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Humanity, Saudi Arabia, Yemen  Values: Compassion  Channel: Poetry
Views: 1058

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