A Poem of Intifada

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The Palestinian Gunman
Israelis military reported 50 Palestinian gunmen
were killed today in Nablus.

They added that there were still
200 Palestinian gunmen
hiding in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
and thousands more in Jenin

A little known fact about Palestinian gunmen
is that they are shape shifters
each moment they can appear in a different form:

as a mother holding her grown son,
a man ringing the bell of a church at noon

a young boy wrapped in the arms of his father
or as children on their way to school

Just the other day a gunman appeared as a Priest
and several more shape shifted into ambulance drivers
and red cross workers

One of them even managed to appear as an Italian Journalist

Amazing, these Palestinian gunmen - they can masquerade
as entire olive grove's, the branches of the trees
blossom into kalishnikov's and ouzi's

Groups of gunmen can appear
as refugee camps,
mosques and churches,
arms spread to blend with the cross,
a shoulder blade becomes the dome of a mosque

But the Israelis are not fooled,
they can see the Palestinian gunman's face
breaking through
the roots of a sage bush ripped from the earth

the Palestinian gunman
can only be seen by Israeli soldiers
and killed with American bullets

Courtesy: Israel Shamir

[email protected]


  Category: Life & Society, Middle East, Nature & Science  Channel: Poetry
Views: 1074

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