Reflections on the Hajj

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Reflections on the Hajj is a documentary film that takes you to a hajj in distant 1948. That was the first time electric light was introduced in Mecca and Medina, and in the city of Mecca there was no building that was higher than Kabah.  Pilgrims came to hajj ships, buses, on foot ... Through exclusive, black-and-white shots, meet Mecca, which almost no longer exists.

Dr. Martin Lings made the last of his journeys to the East in January 2005, a few months before passing away peacefully in his home, deep in the countryside of Kent, at the age of 96.

This documentary film, Circling the House of God: Reflection on the Hajj is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Lings (1909 - 2005).

(c) 2009. Matmedia Productions.

This video has subtitles in the Bosnian language, uploaded by IslambosnaTV.

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Hajj, History, Kabah  Channel: Documentaries, Hajj - Day 5
Views: 2485

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