Muharram Series Ep 3: The persecution of the Native Americans

The world's oppressed people always paid the price for their weakness, regardless of their faith and geography. So how does Islam motivate its followers to stand for the oppressed people? How did Prophet Muhammad prepare a community of believers always to be a witness to justice?

Professor Mylord Reyes-Tosta discusses the situation of indigenous tribes of Latin America as a part of teaching the Spanish courses. The indigenous people get discriminated against in economic, political, or social areas. They are ridiculed and get the short end of the stick on opportunities. Many indigenous languages have disappeared, their political representation in the government is very low, and their clothing is an object of laughter. In schools, students are often mistreated, harassed, and even targeted for assassination attempts.

Dr. Mylord Reyes-Tosta is a professor of Spanish studies at George Washington University. She has been teaching her native language at several universities in the United States. As a result of her studies in Spanish, education, and business administration, Dr. Reyes has also served as a professor of scientific research at universities in Puerto Rico. She is the founder of Scientific Research Services, LLC, a company that conducts and publishes research in the social and cultural fields, including languages. Additionally, Dr. Reyes is a Michigan-based Language and Culture Consultant.

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