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Qa'im 2574
One who rises after death; used by the isma`ills for the seventh imam before the beginning of the new cycle. the imamlya say that the twelfth imam is the qa'im. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qabd 2940
Contraction, an involuntary state over which a human being has no control. it is the contraction of the heart in a state of being veiled. the opposite of bast, the residue of burned-up hopes. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qabd 769
When standing in prayer, to place the right hand on the back of the left hand or on the wrist. this is done by shafi'is, hanbalis, hanafis, and some malikis. it is considered sunna and not wajib. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qabul 1205
Acceptance in a contract. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qada' 770
Belated performance of an obligation; the office of qadi; the decision of the qadi. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qada' 2570
The execution of the divine decree. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadar 2571
The decree of Allah. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadariya 2572
A sect who said that people have power (qadar) over their actions and hence free will. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadhf 771
Slanderous accusation; accusing a chaste person of fornication. unless the accusation is supported by the testimony of four male witnesses, the penalty is eighty lashes. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadi 772
(Plural quda) a judge, qualified to judge all matters in accordance with the shari `a and to dispense and enforce legal punishments. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadi 137


Qadi 1678
(Plural quda) a judge, qualified to judge all matters in accordance with the shari`a and to dispense and enforce legal punishments. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadi waki` ibn al-jarrah 3256
Abu sha`ban, a firm hafz and hadith scholar of iraq in his time. he refused the gadiship of kufa out of scrupulousness when harun ar-rashid wanted to appoint him to it. he was born in 131/748-49 and died in 197/812. he wrote a book entitled kitab az-zuhd. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadiriya 3121
The first tariqa, founded by `abdu'l-qadir al-jilani (d. 561/1166). it is very active and very widespread. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qads' bi't-ta`addi 1021
Judicial decision by extension of the original ruling. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qadun 2573
Eternal, ancient. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qafiz 1839
(Plural aqfiza) "cafiz", a measure of grain consisting of twelve sa`s; also a unit of area equal to 360 square cubits. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qahr 2942
Force, when Allah forcefully annihilates a person's desires and restrains his lower self. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qaib 2944
(Plural qulub) heart; the faculty for directly perceiving spiritual realities which the mind cannot grasp. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qaideen 138

people who remain inactive and do not actively fight. The opposit of mujahid.

Qalam 1683
Pen. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qalandar 2943
Wandering dervish. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qalansuwa 1684
Tall cone-shaped hat worn in abbasid times by important people with a turban wrapped around it. this is the galansuwa tawila or danniya. the short galansuwa was shaped like a skull-cap or fez with a turban wrapped around it. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qalib 1685
A well. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qamar 1686
The moon. (badr devotes the full moon and hildl the crescent moon.) (Source:Taha Publication)

Qamis 1687
Tunic (from latin camisa). qasida: ode, poem. qasr (plural qusur): stronghold. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qanitun 2945
They are those whom Allah has assigned obedience, and that isobedience to Allah in all that he commands and forbids. this is only after the descent of the shari`a, and what is before the descent of shari `a is not called qanut or obedience, but it is called good and noble character and doing what is proper. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qanun 1022
(From greek `canon'); civil law. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qar' 773
(Plural qufu') a term used in reference to 'idda which either means becoming pure after a menstrual period, or the menstrual period itself. (see qur'an 2:228). (Source:Taha Publication)

Qara'in al-ahwal 774
Circumstantial evidence. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qaramita 2575
The qarmatians. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qarar 2946
Settledness, the departure of vacillation from a person. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qard 139

a loan given for a good cause in the name of Allah, in hopes of repayment or reward in the Hereafter.

Qard 499
A loan given for a good cause in the name of Allah, in hopes of repayment or reward in the Hereafter. (Source:IslamIQ)

Qard 1206
Loan of money or something else. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qard al Hassan 500
A loan extended without interest or profit-sharing. (Source:IslamIQ)

Qard hasan 1207
Interest-free loan. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qari (kar-ee) 326
Literally, "a reciter." This term refers to a class of Muslim religious leaders who, due to vocal beauty and skill, publicly recite verses from the Qur'an. Such recitations serve to inspire and comfort believers, and are often performed early in the morning or prior to the daily worship services, and also to solemnize important occasions and events. (Source:CIE)

Qari 140

someone who recites the Quran.

Qari' 3349
(Plural qurra') one who recites the qur'an. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qarin 1369
A person who performs hail al-qiran. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qarmations 2576
Sometimes written carmathians, a revolutionary isma'ilite movement which began as a secret society involving initiation and common property. their artisans were formed into guilds. their name is taken from their first leader, hamidan qarmat. they were particularly successful in the arabian peninsula where they seized makka in 317/930 and carried off the black stone, which they kept for twenty years. they believed in the emanation of divine light through various veils and interpreted the qur'an allegorically. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qarn 1370
The miqat of the people of najd between ta'if and makka. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qarn al-Manazil 501
The Miqat of the pilgrims travelling through Najd, in Arabia (from the east). (Source:IslamIQ)

Qarun 3472
The biblical korah, mentioned in sura 28:76-84. he was famed for his incredible wealth and became arrogant on account of it. Allah caused the earth to swallow him up. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qasaba 1840
(Plural qasabat) a measure of 6 cubits. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qasama 775
An oath taken by fifty members of a tribe or locality to refute accusations of complicity in unclear cases of homicide. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qasida 2947
(Plural qasa'id) ode, poem. (see diwan). (Source:Taha Publication)

Qasim 776
Distributer, as of zakat. (Source:Taha Publication)

Qat`i 1023
Definitive, decisive, free of speculative content. (Source:Taha Publication)