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Filling an underserved demographic in the digital marketplace, Rubicon Digital Media, a division of Rubicon Group Holding (RGH), has introduced an innovative series of apps for Arab-speaking children ages 3-8 starring the characters of its animated "Tareq wa Shireen" (TwS) property in fun activities that help them learn concepts and words in their native language.

Four Tareq wa Shireen apps, "Discover Colors & Shapes," "Discover Numbers," "Discover Animals" and "Discover the Alphabet," are now available for iPad, and will soon be available for iPhones and Android. Lite versions of all four app are available free. Full versions are $1.99 each.

  • "Discover Colors & Shapes" offers a variety of mini-games for kids to learn the different shapes and a number of coloring activities that allows children to paint and draw pictures. It also includes a number of songs with heartfelt animation that teach children about shapes and colors.
  • "Discover Numbers" introduces children to the numbers and challenges them to write the numbers, to memorize their shapes and their order using a number of educational activities and mini-games. The App also includes songs that will keep children humming away.
  • "Discover Animals" shows the different types of animals, their names and their habitats and challenges children to learn educational information through a series of mini-games. It also includes a number of songs with heartfelt animation that teach children about different animals.
  • "Discover the Alphabet" introduces children to the 28 different letters of the Arabic language, allowing them to sing along 29 unique songs composed specifically to teach children about the Arabic letters. The app also offers three unique activities that teach children the shape, sound and order of the letters.

These new apps are emblematic of Rubicon's commitment to integrate learning and entertainment (edutainment) to produce compelling fun with a purpose. 

Rubicon engaged the help of Professor Dany Doueiri, Director of the Arabic Language Program at California State University, San Bernardino to serve as an educational advisor on the series. "The lack of Arabic content that can be downloaded through mobile applications is still in its infancy, but the quality need not be," said Doueiri. "Rubicon's challenge of turning concepts important in a child's education early development into a creative, engaging interactive experience has exceeded all expectations in the 'TwS' apps. The applications are a joy to play with and simple to use - a useful 'on-the-go' tool for any pro-active parent."

It is anticipated that the "Tareq wa Shireen" series of apps will be downloaded by parents who are increasingly turning to the iPad, iPhone and Android tablets as a tool for entertaining and educating their children. 

Amman, Jordan-based Rubicon Group Holding (RGH) is a global entertainment organization devoted to the development and production of digital CGI & traditional 2D and 3D animated television, film, Web-based and mobile content; the realization of themed entertainment experiences; the production of digital education and professional development resources; the creation of video games and Web-based applications; and the merchandising of entertainment brands through licensed consumer products.

Led by Randa Ayoubi, Chief Executive Officer, Rubicon employs over 300 employees in four locations - Jordan (Amman), the U.S. (Los Angeles), the Philippines (Manila) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) - and has established itself as a leading creative force for the design, production and distribution of compelling entertainment and instructive media across multiple delivery platforms.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Arabic, Children  Values: Education
Views: 6587

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