Recreate Childhood: Healing and Refuelling

Have you ever seen a child wake up worrying about something? They slowly open their eyes to the joy of day.

A day starts with a simple smile and a search for Mom. You too can open your eyes with mantras of gratitude and trust in the Lord of the universe. Have you tried to remember those happy times from childhood when you had no sorrows of the past or fears of the future?

Think back to how excited you were running to school with your school bag and lunchbox.

Remember the fun you had searching for your favorite toys while holding your dad's hand during festivals. Where did that feeling go? Have you ever experienced that pure, innocent joy that wells up inside you, even upon hearing about your any achievement?

What about looking forward to school holidays and visiting your relatives homes? Those were special days, weren't they?

Your eyes literally lit up just for having small chocolate. You jumped when you got it. Curious about full moon or a monkey jumping from tree to tree.

Look at the children at your home, always chilled, happy, active and momentous, searching for happiness and joy.

They are our gurus to face and navigate the layers of today. Childhood has its purity. It is the beginning, with immeasurable potential. Relive that purity that brings joy, heals wounds, and repairs breaks.

A child does not complain of yesterday, but dreams of tomorrow, then lives in the present day.

They don’t seek to please you, but ensures the happiness. The lesson of childhood is to be in the moment, fully present and attentive. Recreate those childhood habits.

As grown-ups, we have duties and responsibilities. Prepare for them by writing down tasks and ticking them off once completed. Then move on.

Burn, at this very moment, fears of exams and assignments, marriage and work, debt and pending commitments, salary and promotion, buying a home and car. They are not here, but in the unguaranteed future.

Or regretting past losses: money, personal relationships, jobs, opportunities. You have air to breathe, water to drink, shelter to sleep. Feel the richness. Blessing is the realization that we have several blessings. Don’t pre-live or relive the worries and fears.

It is the journey that is important, not just destination. Enjoy the ride. Studies indicate that children smile around 400 times each day, whereas a happy adult typically smile 40-50 times daily, while the average adult only smiles about 20 times on a day.

Smile, spread smiles and cultivate the habits of smile and happiness.

Sayyed Mohamed Muhsin, PhD is Assistant Professor of Islamic jurisprudence at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Kuala Lumpur. He also serves as Editor-in-Chief of  Islamonweb-English.

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