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In an age where the masses are bombarded with visual and audio stimulants we must realign our strategies and methodologies in promoting ethics, morals and values based on the teachings of God, the Supreme. It is difficult, nay, it is near impossible for humanity to digest and filter the information that saturates the earth today. An imam, priest or rabbi lecturing to an audience is barely heard in our time of propagandistic influx and even the evangelists with an audience of millions must compete against blockbusters, novels and T.V. series that entice the minds of billions due to the fictional appeal and imaginative prowess they project.

With regards to our precious youth, who will ultimately become the future legacy of this world, it is imperative we use means of teaching that will not only stimulate their minds but have a lasting, vibrant impact on their hearts. The core teaching that is common among all the major religions of the world is to respect life and persevere in the struggle to help humanity.

A crucial requirement upon many of us is to first and foremost, recognize the lack of concern we have on the importance of teaching morality and ethics and good conduct to our youth, be they Muslim or non-Muslim. The importance of Good character is a necessity that crosses borders and boundaries of religious diversity. What good is the fast to an individual if, in his daily life, he is cruel to his parents or oppressive to his children or unkind to his neighbors or unhelpful to his colleagues, a person who is a detriment unto others? Hence the concern for fellow human beings and the environment is a fundamental requirement we must begin to teach our youth at an extremely early age so that their foundation, their building blocks, are an embodiment of righteousness. This is a vital requirement for sustainability in a global world where technological advances and abundant industrialization necessitate a more responsible and compassionate humanity due to the potentially destructive nature brought about by such technologies.

How do we grab the attention of our youth however? When games such as Grand Theft Auto or blockbusters such as Terminator or animations such as the Simpsons exist, how much appeal will our imams, most of whom have very little exposure to these competing forms of stimuli, have by giving a simple lecture in a classroom or on the minbar? If the youth even bother to turn up to such a lecture to begin with, what will the youth remember of the lecture when they go home and begin reading their comic book on Spiderman or the Fantastic Four?

The Prophecy Comics is an attempt to address this issue. It is a means in which current methodologies and techniques of appeal are used but in the case of Prophecy Comics, the means is used in order to teach lessons of great import. Lessons that are critically important to youth who may live in the harsh lands of the dessert or the bustling and busy cities of the west. It may seem too far-fetched but when one considers the consequences and neglects to understand the impact on the minds of our youth by alternate and very appealing sources, one begins to recognize the need to support such a vision, whether it be this particular project or one of a similar nature.

The first series is a compilation of four books that deal with the creation of the universe, the angels, humanity and others. It takes us through the accounts that precipitate the fall of humanity and Satan, both physically and spiritually. The series also delves into the tragic fall of humanity when murder is introduced into their midst and the consequences that arise as a result of such a destructive act. Following this series which is entitled, 'The Dawn of Mankind' is a narration of many other prophets and the circumstances that surrounded them in their time. The narrations will deal primarily with their struggle to improve the lives of humanity, their struggle against oppressors and their warning of the temptations put forth by Satan and his demon minions. The speech of God, the Angels and Satan are common throughout all books and appear in almost all the issues in the Prophecy Comics series.

Alas, it is with great regret that the author/producer of Prophecy Comics experienced only a lack of support for such a unique project but when analyzing the state of affairs in the world today and the importance placed on profit over social well-being, it is something that did not, nor does it, come as a surprise. This project was initiated almost 5 years ago and due to the lack of support, legal issues and an attempt to ensure traditions are not offended, it has been an ongoing struggle for a single individual to accomplish. All assistance and support, even constructive feedback, will be greatly appreciated. Announcing this series to others and directing them to the Prophecy Comics website ( will also be a great help.

  Category: Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Iman (Faith And Belief), Youth  Values: Education
Views: 6913

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