Bush Cartoon Too Close for Comfort

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Two weeks ago we ran a political satire cartoon depicting President Bush hypnotizing young students and soccer moms with the "Magical Words" of Freedom and Terror.

The puppet Bush in the cartoon also sang a real down home honky-tonk song, the beloved music of rural and southern America, predicting his re-election in lieu of his incompetence.

It turns out that rural America and the frightened soccer moms gave him his large margin of victory. Watch Magical Words and stay tuned for more political satire from iViews.com

"Magical Words" - Starring - President George W. Bush
& The Third Graders of - Grover Elementary School
Directed by Mustakeem Dean

Click Here to Watch

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush, Government And Politics  Channel: Humor
Views: 2702

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