The Sharia Within

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There are more than a dozen states that are currently trying to enact laws seeking to ban Sharia law, the amorphous corpus of Islamic law that has been developed - and is still being developed - over the last 15 centuries. These lawmakers are trying to protect the American public from the "creeping threat" of Sharia law to the safety and security of the United States. But, I am here to declare that these lawmakers are already too late. Sharia law is alive and well in the United States today.

In this exclusive expose, I have obtained fresh evidence of the active practice of Sharia law right here in America. I have been following an American Muslim and have uncovered Sharia law, and what's worse, it is totally out in the open in the open. It is so pervasive that it is almost overwhelming. How could have the lawmakers across the country miss this? As I chronicle a typical day of this American Muslim, I will point out where and how Sharia is being implemented in brackets. I do this out of love for this country, as I do not want it to be destroyed by the Sharia within. Pay close attention to what follows, because the survival of our country is at stake!

Our subject, let's call him "Muhammad," gets up before sunrise to pray the Dawn prayer [Sharia]. He washes his face, arms, head, and feet [Sharia], faces Mecca [Sharia], and prays. He then changes clothes and works out for an hour on his treadmill to keep in shape [Sharia]. After finishing, he takes a shower [Sharia] and changes into his work clothes [Sharia]. He then kisses his wife and children goodbye [Sharia] and heads off to work [Sharia].

At work, he gets into his office a little early to catch up on work he didn't get a chance to finish the day before [Sharia] and gets to work on his current day's projects diligently [Sharia]. A co-worker, a woman, walks into his cubicle to ask a question, and "Muhammad" greets her with a smile [Sharia], and he helps her with a problem she is having on her project [Sharia]. He then continues to work, because he has a deadline that he cannot miss [Sharia].

There is a catered lunch at the office that day - pizza - and "Muhammad" goes for the Veggie pizza because all the other pizzas have pork on them [Sharia]. After finishing his pizza, he prays the Noon prayer at his desk [Sharia] and then gets back to work on his projects [Sharia]. He calls home to check on his wife [Sharia], who was not feeling very well that day, and prays that she feels better [Sharia] and tells her he loves her very much [Sharia].

After work, "Muhammad" stops by and gets dinner for his family [Sharia] and walks into his house, greeting his family with a big smile [Sharia]. His doorbell rings, and he answers to find his neighbor across the street needing to borrow a tool from his garage. He lends him the tool [Sharia], and he even offers to help his neighbor fix the problem [Sharia]. After dinner, he goes outside to play catch with his daughter [Sharia], not before praying his late afternoon prayer [Sharia]. He waves to another neighbor coming home from work [Sharia].

After sun down, he prays once again [Sharia] and reads a bedtime story to his 4-year-old daughter [Sharia]. He then tucks in his other kids [Sharia], and he then sits down with his wife, and they watch their favorite shows on TV together [Sharia]. He gets up to drink some water, and he notices a suspicious car in front of his house. He calls the police to report it [Sharia], and he emails the Neighborhood Watch program Block Captain about what he saw [Sharia].

"Muhammad" then prays his final prayer of the day [Sharia], changes into his sleep clothes, brushes his teeth [Sharia], and goes to sleep [Sharia].

What? Did you think I would be talking about cutting people's hands off in the basement of a mosque or stoning some woman to death in an empty field?

Source: AltMuslim - Hesham A. Hassaballa

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