Night of Power

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 We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power - And what will explain to thee what the night of power is? - The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. - Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand; - Peace!...This until the rise of morn!  Quran 97:1-5  

Sura Al-Qadr (The Night of Decree)

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Abu Huraira reports that the Prophet (PBUH) said: "Anybody who gets up to offer the nafl (voluntary prayer) on the Blessed night due to deep sense of his faith and with self scrutiny will have his past sins remitted." (Bukhari & Muslim)


Aysha (R) states the Prophet (pbuh) said: " Look for the Blessed Night among the odd nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan" (Bukhari)

What to Say

Aysha (R) says that she asked the Prophet (pbuh) : O Messenger of Allah, if I come to locate the Blessed night then how should I pray in this night?
The Prophet (pbuh) said:  Say

Allahumma In-Naka a'fuwn, tuhibul'afwa fa'fo 'anni
(Allah Thous art Most Forgiving and loveth forgiveness then do thou forgive me) (Tirmithi)

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May Allah (swt) answer all of your prayers

  Category: Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Night Of Power (Laylat Al Qadr)
Views: 2524

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