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IslamiCity's Quran Search ( IslamiCity.org/Quran ) is one of the most versatile search, research and reading platform for the Holy Quran available online.  From one search box, you can start unlocking the treasures of the Quran.

Discover many ways to connect with the Quran.  Here are some available features:

1. Search Functionality: Allows search for specific words or phrases in the Quran.
2. Advanced Search: Allows to refine search by selecting specific surahs, verses, translations and commentaries.
3. Phonetic Search: Allow advanced phonetic search capabilities via the transliteration.
4. Root Word Search: For advanced research, allows root word search within the entire Quran.
5. Topic Index: Provides an A-Z topical index for all the verses in the Quran.
6. Word Meaning: Provides word by word meaning in each verse.
7. Audio Recitation: Includes audio recitations of the Quran in multiple languages.
8. Reader: Provides a simplified Quran Reader for more effective reading.
9. Translations: Includes multiple translations of the Quran in different languages that is synchronized verse by verse.
10. Memorization Mode: Allows abilility to set the Quran memorizer tool.
11. Bookmarking: Allows bookmarking specific verses for easy access.
12. Note Taking: Allows adding of notes and tags to specific verses via MySpace.
13. Sharing: Allows to share verses with friends and family via email or social media.
14. Easier Reading: Allows adjustment of font size of the Arabic text for easier reading.
15. Night Mode: Includes a night mode option for easier reading in low light conditions.

Though, the Quran SmartSearch engine has a built-in guess mode that tries to infer what type of search you wish to perform, such as a verse reference search as in "2:1-4", or a surah name search as in "chapter baqara", or a quranic topic search such as "Mary", or a phonetic phrase search such as "kun faya kun", or in original Arabic word كُن فَيَكُونُ or even an English phrase search such as "no compulsion in religion"

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights, Videos
  Topics: Quran
Views: 4443

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