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Following are some numbers to consider related to the Quran, but please keep in mind verse 18:109 of the Quran, which says: Say, O Prophet, “If the ocean were ink for writing the Words of my Lord, it would certainly run out before the Words of my Lord were finished, even if We refilled it with its equal.”

Yusuf Ali Commentary: The Words and Signs and Mercies of Allah are in all Creation, and can never be fully set out in human language, however extended our means may be imagined to be.

114 - Surah (Chapters)

6,236 - Ayaat (Verses) in the Quran

14,870 - Number of unique words in the Quran

26 - Number of Prophets mentioned by name

5 - Number of times Muhammad ﷺ is mentioned

15 - Verses after which Sajdha (prostration) is required

4,613 - Verses revealed in Makkah

1,623 - Verses revealed in Madinah

2,153 - Number of times Allah is mentioned

525 - Number of times the root ك ف ر (kāf fā rā) is mentioned. Used in words like kafir, meaning deniers, rejecters, disbelievers, ungrateful, etc.

287 - Number of times the root ح ق ق (ḥā qāf qāf) is mentioned. Used in words meaning truth, right, duty, etc

28 - Number of times the root ع د ل (ʿayn dāl lām) is mentioned. Used in words meaning justice, balance, etc

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Miracles Of The Quran, Quran
Views: 4845

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