Does God Exist?

Watch Dr. Zakir Naik's complete lecture and Q&A session on the topic 'Does God Exist?' from his Tour to Qatar in 2016 at Katara Cultural Village, Doha.

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:13 Lecture Begins.

01:31:25 Four People took Shahadah (Shahadah -1)

01:45:35 Boy named Ghanim Al Muftah has a special message for Dr. Zakir Naik.

01:47:58 Question and Answer Session Begins. (Answered 19 Questions)

01:51:20 Shobhit asks He believes in ultimate power so does he need to give it a name like Allah, God, or Bhagwan? (Question - 1)

02:01:34 Rose talks about Jesus not being a religious leader. (Question -2 )

02:14:33 Jitendra - If all religion says that there is only one God then why do we need to convert to another religion? (Question - 3)

02:34:16  Carolina asks about the criteria of giving divorce by Jesus Christ in the Bible and Islam. (Question -4)

02:43:06 Guhan talks about issue of Agnostics. (Question - 5)

02:45:19 Naveen - Why there is no female Prophet in Islam. Hinduism has female Goddesses like Durga, Parvati, etc. (Question - 6)

02:51:37 Gurpreet Kaur took Shahadah from Dr. Zakir Naik (Shahadah - 2)

02:53:44  Samuels asks do Muslims believes Jesus is a son of God or a Messenger like Moses? Do Muslims go to heaven through Jesus (PBUH) or Muhammad (PBUH)? (Question - 7)

03:02:14 [Urdu] Vishal - Muslims who offer salah go to heaven and Non-Muslims don't enter paradise. Why? (Question - 8)

Convinced with Dr. Zakir Vishal Accepts Islam. (Shahadah - 3)

03:09:07 Wallace - Christianity begins 2000 years ago and Islam 1400 years. How people between the beginning two religions are judged? He also asks Which parts of the Bible are true & which are false? (Question - 9)

03:18:10 Nand Kumar - Hinduism speaks about re-birth and they bear the karma of the previous life into the next. What Islam thinks about this and about those born with a disability? (Question - 10)

03:46:48 Islam talks about similarities between Jesus (PBUH) and Moses (PBUH). But Jesus was born miraculously and perform miracles. Doesn't he is more than a Prophet? (Question - 11)

03:56:44 Niraj from India accepts Islam (Shahadah - 4)

03:59:31 What about People accepting Islam in the Live Session from Dr. Zakir but not following Islam afterward? (Question - 12)

04:18:15 [Urdu] Zainab - Marrying from relatives is allowed for only Prophet but in India, Pakistan Muslims marry their relatives. Is it Allowed? 

She also asks Muslims are punished in the grave but how Hindus are punished after they are burned? (Question - 13)

04:26:52 In Islam if a man needs to marry a second woman he doesn't need to take permission from the first wife. Is it right? (Question - 14)

04:39:52 If God knows everything when & what we do (sins) then why our fate is determined and why we are going to be punished for it? (Question - 15)

04:43:15 [Urdu] Mariam - Those who give and take interest. Are their earnings valid? (Question - 16)

04:45:28 Mashudhashan - If Peace TV is not hurting anyone's sentiments then why is it banned in India? (Question - 17)

04:48:01 [Urdu] If a Muslim does good deeds, do charity then why he needs to pray? (Question - 18)

04:50:01 Buddha says we need to follow dhamma (do good deeds) if we do that then why do we need to worry about the afterlife?  (Question - 19)

04:56:07 End Credits

( Source: Believing Beings )

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