Iman Vellani Reacts to Ms. Marvel Trailer

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Iman Vellani watched the trailer for her upcoming series, Ms. Marvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, that starts streaming June 8, 2022 on Disney+.

Iman Vellani is a Pakistani-Canadian actress. In September 2020, Vellani was cast as the title character Kamala Khan in the upcoming Disney+ series Ms. Marvel (2022), marking her onscreen debut. Iman Vellani is set to reprise the role in the film The Marvels (2023).

Born in Pakistan to Muslim parents, Vellani moved to Canada when she was a year old, and graduated from Unionville High School in the Regional Municipality of York. She was selected as a member of the TIFF Next Wave Committee at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

In September 2020, Vellani was cast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero Kamala Khan. She will play the role in the upcoming 2022 series Ms. Marvel and in the upcoming film The Marvels, set to release in 2023. Kamala Khan co-creator Sana Amanat, who is also serving as a co-executive producer on the television series, highlighted Vellani's Zoom audition which revealed that Vellani is an Avengers fangirl like Khan. Amanat said, "She showed me every corner of her room, and it was covered with Avengers. Then she said, 'Oh wait, I'm not done', opened up her closet, and there was more Marvel everywhere".

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  Category: Americas, Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: American Muslims, Film Review, Media
Views: 1225

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