Netanyahu Speech Cancelled After Protests

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A speech expected to be given by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Berkely Community Theatre in Berkeley, California was cancelled after protestors blocked the entrance to the facility.

More than 2,000 people with tickets waited in vain Tuesday night to enter the theater as demonstrators supporting the Palestinians and the Mideast peace process waved signs and chanted slogans through bullhorns, according to a statement released by the Islamic Association for Palestine.

Netanyahu was there in place of Henry Kissinger, who recently suffered a heart attack.

"I don't believe in free speech for war criminals," said one protestor, Lori Berlin.

The protest, which received national media attention, was followed by a victory march around the city.

"Some may say right-wingers like Kissinger and Netanyahu should be able to have their say, but I draw the line when their speech has been used to kill, or justify killing, thousands, if not millions of people," said another protestor.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Berkeley - California, California
Views: 917

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