Did CalTech ignore Israeli Espionage?

Following is an excerpt from a civil lawsuit filed by a Caltech professor against Caltech, often named the world's top research university. Caltech's official name is the California Institute of Technology.

According to the lawsuit, a small coterie of Caltech professors and administrators ignored Israeli spying and theft of taxpayer-funded U.S. technology and then retaliated against the professor for reporting it.

Caltech Provost Edward Stolper, who has ties to Israel and received an honorary degree from one of its universities, seems to have been one of those leading the charge.

The lawsuit is by a distinguished physicist named Dr. Sandra Troian, who was recruited from Princeton, has won numerous scientific awards, and serves on national and international scientific boards. In her suit Dr. Troian says that an Israeli postdoctoral student blatantly violated US laws and transmitted information on potential space technology to Israel.

According to Troian, when she reported these violations, some Caltech administrators and professors ignored the Israeli's extensive violations, and then, enabled by diverse cronies and subordinates, launched an escalating retaliatory campaign against her for trying to stop the Israeli's illegal activities. Some of the actions described below were remarkably petty, others of considerable significance.

The complaint, filed November 13th, 2014, describes the course of events in illuminating and excruciating detail. The statement also says that Stolper and others worked to impede information from reaching the FBI, which was investigating possible Israeli spying and infiltration at Caltech.

The alleged espionage and theft largely took place at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a top NASA research and development center.

According to Troian's statement, Stolper repeatedly attempted to intimidate Troian, saying that people at Caltech "feared" him and that she would be "miserable" if she did not cooperate with him. Stolper also seems to have used his power to deny Troian more than a million dollars worth of grant funds, threatened to cut off her access to post-doctoral researchers, and attempted to tar her with (unfounded) accusations of scientific misconduct.

If Troian's statements below are accurate, they reveal significant subversion of one of America's most important scientific institutions. They also provide a case study of how U.S. taxpayer funded scientific technology is stolen by Israel. U.S. agencies periodically name Israel as a top espionage threat against the United States.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, Troian said: "I have committed my heart and soul to Caltech. But I will not violate the law. And, I will not allow Caltech to ruin my career for alerting them to violations of laws intended to protect our greater society."

The Pasadena Star-News reports that a Troian attorney, Dan Stormer, "said national security concerns are at stake." The newspaper reports that Stormer seeks punitive damages because Caltech should "be held publicly accountable for their conduct." Stormer said, "Plaintiffs in similar cases have been awarded multibillion-dollar verdicts." The Caltech administration has denied culpability.



Source: If Americans Knew

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