The Irvine 11 Fought the Zionist Lobby - and Won

In 2011, the Irvine 11, a group of students in University of California, Irvine, were prosecuted for staging a protest on campus during a speech by then-Israeli ambassador Michael Oren. At the cusp of successful careers, it seemed that everything was suddenly taken from them—just for speaking up for what’s right.

Today, students across the country are staging similar protests. Names are being circulated on do-not-hire lists and personal information is being disclosed as an intimidation tactic.

But your future is not in question. Today, the Irvine 11 are still standing up for the truth, and Allah provided for them in ways they hadn’t imagined. Palestine teaches us that rizq is from God alone—it only requires a bit of intelligence, the courage to speak truth to power, and a lot of tawakkul.

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