Lebanon: A replay of 82 invasions

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Israel's relentless bombing of Lebanese villages and civilian targets once again exposes Israel's darker side. The Jews are really commemorating the holocaust by killing innocent Lebanese children.

The recent killing of children in an ambulance leaves everyone except Israel's principal ally, the United States, unmoved.

It is now a fact that Israel, which can never commit any sin, has been given the green light by its benefactor, the United States, to go ahead and make life hell for everyone in Lebanon. Disregarding all norms of civilized behavior and in defiance of UN Resolution 425 which calls for the Zionist State to unconditionally withdraw from Lebanese territories, the Israelis are attempting a repeat performance of the 1982 invasion.

That was of course against the Palestinians. This time it is the poor hapless Lebanese whose only crime was to resist Israeli occupation of their villages in Southern Lebanon.

How the United States shamelessly tried to defend Israel's barbarian acts could be noted from US Secretary of State Warren Christopher's statement in which he accused Hezbollah of escalating the violence.

The Israelis do not like to be equal partners in any process. They want to dominate. And with a powerful ally like the United States, which can find no fault with them, they can go on the rampage any time.

Acting without regard to loss of life and limb, the Israeli terrorist army and airforce using freely supplied U.S.-made weapons began targeting women and children fleeing from their homes.

They know very well that there will be no Sharm El-Shaik after they finish this job. They know that no Clinton or any high-ranking U.S. official will go to Lebanon - or attend any meeting with the authorities to express his condolences.

The peace process is a sham and any Arab believing in it is living in a fools' paradise. All this drama about peace in the Middle East is an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting and naive Arabs. There is no question about it. Israel and its ally want the Zionist state to hold sway. They want to cow the Arabs into submission. Not content with fleecing the Arabs in 1990-91, they now sing the tune of Israel's superior technology and Arab capital.

The media in the United States makes fun of us. Their movies depict us in a poor light. They mock Islam. Their movies engage in calumny. The latest trash released by Hollywood "Executive Decision" is a villainous depiction of Muslims.

Pardon me for digression all I wish to say is that these satanic acts by Israel are a result of benign approval. In his weekly talk a few days ago, Clinton, while talking of the Oklahoma bombing, also mentioned Hamas. In the name of reason, may we ask why did he have to do that. Why does he not talk of Israeli terrorists or Yigoll Omir who rocked back and forth in prayer before proceeding to assassinate Yitzhak Rabin?

I am not a believer in the conspiracy theory. But all this talk of U.S. politicians and First Ladies trying to understand Islam is pure nonsense.

They are merely paying lip service. Yet a vicious campaign is going on right under their very eyes and nose.

But can we blame them? We ourselves have not done any thing to project our image. When it comes to donating something for the right cause, our hands became as heavy as lead. Nobody wants to do anything except form commitees and sub committees. This is all we do.

Other than that, we plan our holidays for the summer to go to these same people who abuse us.

It is high time we look carefully around us. The peace process is a process of subjugation. It is a policy of: "We are your lords and masters." Reda Larry, a leading Arab political analyst and an astute observer of U.S.-Israeli connivance has on various occasions tried to expose their game.

Other writers have also tried to open the eyes of the Arabs before it is too late.

The Americans believe in the Domino effect. They wanted all the Arabs to rush and embrace Israel.

Shaking hands on White House lawns does not usher in peace. Killing people in occupied Arab lands will not lead to peace. Desecrating mosques and churches in the Holy Land will not transform it overnight.

And now the inhumane bombing of innocent men, women and children will never bring peace.

Rather, it will give the Arabs a chance to think and straighten themselves out. Pax Americana means submission. We submit only to God. However much they try to propel us towards surrender, the opposite will happen.

Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri summed it up correctly when he said, the United States wants Lebanon to make life easy for the Israeli occupiers of Lebanese land.

He couldn't have been more right. We should, however, have a message for Israel.

The blood of the innocent six-year-old children will not be shed in vain. God's curse will once again fall on the Jews and their allies. Then they will understand the real meaning of Armageddon.

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Views: 1674

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