Israel's Dark Future: Civil War And More Slaughter

Ofer Cassif has been fighting for peace and reconciliation with the Palestinians and their right to return to their homeland.

He predicts that Israel is dooming itself not only by committing genocide against the Palestinians and shocking the entire non-western World, but by arming its own citizens to the teeth.

Civil war is around the corner as society is growing ever more extremist and its democratic institutions are being dismantled. Unless there is rapid change, Isreal will self-destruct from the inside.

Dr. Ofer Cassif is an Israeli politician and a member of the Knesset since April 2019, he represents Hadash. He earned a PhD in political philosophy at the London School of Economics and a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University.

On October 18, 2023 the Knesset Ethics Committee suspended Ofer Cassif of the Arab-Jewish Communist Hadash Party for 45 days for anti-Israel comments he made in the wake of the Hamas attack on October 7.


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