Palestinian Student Gives Powerful Graduation Speech

A Palestinian American law student from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA gave a powerful graduation speech, questioning the status quo in the US, and why they are sending billions of dollars to Israel, a state convicted of war crimes and on trial for genocide.

"I apologise that this is not a typical graduation speech, but there is nothing typical about the times that we are living in. There is nothing typical about 15,000 children's live-streamed deaths being watched."

The graduate student expresses gratitude to their family and the community for their support. Then addresses the challenges and injustices in the world, specifically the ongoing conflict in Palestine, and the need for action against issues such as poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and foreign aid to countries under investigation for war crimes.

She urges the audience to consider their role in addressing these issues and not be divided by religion or background, as they demand a better future for themselves and justice. She urges everyone, including graduates, to embrace discomfort and difficult conversations to promote peace.

Citing history, she emphasizes the role students have played in making a difference. She expresses her support for those struggling, including teachers, veterans, and people in Palestine and Gaza, and ends with a call for peace and solidarity.

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