Muhammad Ali’s grandson wins first fight with TKO

The pressure was immense for a boxing debut. Under normal circumstances, no matter how ballyhooed, a boxer making their first professional appearance in the ring is normally met with little to no expectations. Yet, with arguably the greatest fighter of all time serving as the backdrop, things were a bit different.

Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of the late great Muhammad Ali, made his way to the ring wearing boxing shorts that were once gifted to his grandfather. Jordan Weeks, a 4-1 pro, attempted to spoil his first time under the bright lights. However, with the world watching closely and with his grandfather tattooed proudly on his right arm, Walsh refused to let him down.

Nico Ali Walsh in front of an image of his grandfather Muhammad Ali (photo credit: The Australian).

Walsh came out in the opening round bouncing up and down and moving from side to side. As Weeks attempted to find his range, his head was continually snapped back due to several jabs and strong combinations. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Weeks went crashing down to the deck due to numerous combinations from Walsh.

Weeks managed to climb back to his feet but an anxious Walsh was there waiting for him and made him pay. The debutant uncorked countless unanswered shots and forced Gerald Ritter to step in and wave their contest off.

With Walsh now beginning his own journey in the boxing world, he’ll compete exclusively, at least for now, in the middleweight division.

( Source: Article - Boxing Insider by Hans Themistode | Video - Top Rank Boxing )

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