The ‘Eid Crescent

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O Crescent of Shawwal! O light of fasting people’s eye

Arrive! Since Muslims have been eagerly awaiting you

Epistle of Eid is inscribed clearly on your forehead

Your evening is the Omen to the dawn of pleasure

You are the mirror of the history of Muslim Ummah

O Crescent! Your affection resides deep in our hearts

Our embrace of this emblem is linked to your fortune

The Muslim Ummah’s honor is linked to your growth

Our nation cherishes your embrace; truth is your way

This Shining dress of yours is the portent of friendliness

From your high celestial position look down at our world!

From your high eminence, watch our low status in the world!

Look at all the other life’s caravans and observe their fast movement

And see how our tired travelers are oblivious of their final destination

Seeing you we used to donate our most cherished possession for humanity

But look at our indigence and indignity now, O empty bowl of shining luminary

(Ghurrah-e-Shawwal or Hilal-e-Eid)

Translated by Dr. Mansoor Alam. 

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Eid Al-Fitr, Festivals (Eid)
Views: 1167

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