Hajj - The Spiritual Climax

Masjid-i-Nimra in Arafat, where over two million pilgrims converge to perform the main ritual of Hajj, Waqoof-i-Arafat.

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Al-Hajj (Pilgrimage to the House of God and Mecca). Belief in the Oneness of God is the most fundamental principle of Islam; Prayer regulates the believer's relationship with God; Zakah controls his relations with society; fasting exercises and strengthens his will: the Hajj offers Muslims, as one nation, the opportunity to exercise the high principles, values and objectives upon which Islam bases the shaping of the individual and the nation.

It is the climax of the individual's spiritual life and an embodiment of the unity of the nation which is based on a brotherhood in the faith that towers above narrow considerations or race, nationality, color or tongue. In this light we can see the following functions of the hajj which complement the functions of the other pillars of Islam:

(a) A psychological and spiritual function: The hajj is an exercise of the will of the believer at its height, where he rises above day-to-day preoccupations and casts off what men ordinarily cherish. Thus we can understand the deep symbolic meaning of the clothes he wears during ihram (the state of consecration). They symbolize his inner state which makes him leave behind his family, home, wealth, position and everything dear to him. With his free choice he leaves the good things that were lawful to him and enters a spiritual haram (sanctuary) which he sets up within himself before he enters with his body into the haram in Mecca. The stations at which pilgrims must stop to enter the state of ihram serve to remind them of the inner renunciation of worldly preoccupations so that their pilgrimage may produce its desired effect.

Pilgrims gather in the tent city of Mina

(b) A moral, behavioral function: The stations of the hajj are entrances through which pilgrims pass coming from every distant quarter, repairing to the sacred House, whither the message of Truth was imparted to Muhammad . In this blessed land the Muslims meet to live a spiritual life on a special level, enacting a rite that exposes the exalted value of Islam and where equality, brother-hood and unity among the faithful is embodied, where response to the call of God comes before that to any other call: "And proclaim among men the pilgrimage: they shall come to you on foot and upon every lean beast; they shall come from every deep ravine." (Quran 22:27) The hajj is an unique gathering that gives the pilgrims an experience unavailable to them at home in their usual life. In hajj there is an exercise of strict self-discipline and control where sacred things are revered and the life of even plants and birds is made inviolable and everything lives in safety: "And he that venerates the sacred things of God, it shall be better for him with his Lord ..." (Quran 22:30); "And he that venerates the Symbols of God, it surely is from devotion of the heart" (Quran 22:32); "And when We made the House (at Mecca) a resort for men and a sanctuary..." (Quran 2:125)

(c) The hajj is a rigorous training in self-control: "The pilgrimage is in the well-known months. He that undertakes the duty of the pilgrimage during them must abstain from coition, ungodliness and acrimonious dispute, and whatever good you do, Allah is aware of it. Take provision (from it) for yourselves, for the best provision is piety." (Quran 2:197) "Take provision" indicates that the effects of this experience should extend to the conduct of the Muslim in his normal life afterwards, and that he should live and conduct himself by the values that manifest piety, "the best provision".

The day atonement: Pilgrims praying at mount Arafat

(d) A social function: this has many aspects and dimensions in the life of Muslims as a nation. The Quran points to this function in the hajj verse cited above: "And proclaim among men the pilgrimage: they shall come from every deep ravine; they shall come to witness things of benefit to them and mention the Name of Allah." "To witness things of benefit to them" is a general expression that covers benefits to individuals and groups in the religious and worldly spheres. The fact that it is placed in the verse before mentioning God's Name (which is the foremost objective in the devotional act of hajj) is intended (I think, but God knows best) to dispel any thought that acquiring benefit from trade, for instance, necessarily contradicts the spirit of the hajj. What we deduce from this verse was explicitly stated elsewhere in the Quran: "It is no sin for you to seek the bounty of your Lord..." (Quran 2:198). The expression, "seeking His bounty" covers, in other usages, benefits from trading, as in "...and others travel in the land in search of the bounty of Allah..." (Quran 73:20). The only condition is that such worldly benefits remain a secondary objective and not a diversion of the spiritual meaning of the hajj. The desired balance is maintained in the verse by using the concessionary expression, "It is no sin for you..."

In all events, the "benefits" the pilgrims could derive from the experience of the hajj, for themselves, their countries, and the Muslim nation as a whole could, with good planning and guarantees for effectiveness and continuity, bring about enormous changes in the life of Muslims of which they are in dire need. The benefits are numerous, perennial and capable of increase from age to age and of taking various forms to suit different individuals, groups or countries. We understand this in the Arabic expression from the use of the indefinite plural in the word, "benefits". Within the limited scope of this paper I will give one example of the benefits Muslims could derive from the hajj, properly understood.

Pilgrims spend a homeless night in the plane of Muzdalaifah

The hajj gives an opportunity to all Muslims from all groups, classes, organizations, systems and governments from all over the Muslim world to meet annually in a great congress. The time and venue of this congress has been set by their One God. Invitation to attend is open to every Muslim. No-one has the power to bar anyone. Any such attempt would amount to the crime of debarring Muslims from the House of God which He has made "a resort for men and a sanctuary". Every Muslim who attends is guaranteed full safety and freedom as long as he himself does not violate its safety: "Whoever enters it is safe." (Quran 3:97). Such a congress is a miniature of the Muslim nation and offers an unique opportunity for discussion of all Muslims' problems and issues whether related to the system of government, economics, culture, education, military and defense matters, industry, trade or commerce and the condition of Muslims in every part of the Muslim world. Such discussion could take place on the level of the layman, or at specialist level, in the hajj atmosphere of detachment, inspired by the sense of unity instead of self-seeking individualism, and enriched by a multiplicity of ideas and experience. It could also take place on the level of Muslim decision-makers and rulers whom the hajj calls from the towers of authority to mingle together and with ordinary Muslims in complete equality before their One Lord. What a tremendous assembly that should be, and what great "benefits" the Muslim could derive from it!

In the footsteps of Prophet Abraham, pilgrims throwing stones at the pillar of temptation to reaffirm their commitment to repel all that is evil.

We do not, in fact, go too far when we ask for the unity of the Muslims to be the first issue to which all efforts should be directed during the hajj season: the efforts of rulers, politicians, economists, thinkers, jurists and all efforts of the media. Let the unity of the Muslim ummah and work for it be "the provisions" Muslims take from the hajj when they make for the House of God from every corner in their lands, and let this unity be their starting and finishing point when they seek the "benefits" to which God has invited them on the hajj. If this happens (and we pray to God to open the Muslims' hearts, eyes and ears to it) it would restore to the hajj its foremost function, and realize the message of this devotional act which, alas, appears nowadays to be devoid of it: yet "God prevails in His purpose, but most men do not know it." (Quran 12:21)

Excerpt from "Islam and the Pillars of Faith" published in Islam and Contemporary Society.

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Older Comments:
Assalamu Alikum, Mashaallah very beautiful article. May Allah give all Muslims the opportunity to perform HAJJ

Ahamdu Lillahi this years Hajj is much more closer to the Hajj
of the time of Rasulullah (S.A.W) because the Arafah had fallen
on Friday exactly coinciding with that of the time of Rasulullah
when the Verse was revealed "This day,I have perfected your
religion for you,completed My (Special) Favor upon you and have
chosen for you Islam as your Religion .." A Jew told Sayyadina
Umar if such Verse was revealed to us in the Torah we would have
declared the day as holiday and Umar (R.A) retorted saying he
knew when the Verse was revealed and exactly where it was
revealed which was in Arafah.Therefore it was two holidays for
us said Umar (R.A) i.e it was Friday which was holiday
celebrating the best Day and Arafah which is the best Day of the
year the Day of Arafah (Celebrating) the Eid Adha for the
Sahabah the first hujjaj who accompanied Rasullah to his only
and the last Hajj nearly 1425 back.May Allah accept all our
ibadah and sacrifice for the sake of Deen and forgive all our
short comings and the Ummah in general and we pray HE makes us
the means of hidayah to the entire mankind.

Assalamualaikum to All,
Alhamdulillah this year I had a chance to perform Hajj with my
elderly mother.I cant express how much I was afraid about the
journey.I was thinking how could she perform Hajj when she can't
even stand or walk a few steps on her own.The reason was my mother
recently had a paralysis attack and she was bed ridden.She could not
stand or walk on her own.With the help of Allah she completed her
Hajj on wheel chair.I had the chance of serving my mother.We
performed all the rituals of Hajj on wheel chair,my mother in the
wheel chair and myself pushing the wheel chair.Allah gave me the
strength to walk so long.I walked from Mina to Arafath,Arafath to
Muzdalifah,Muzdalifah to Mina and finally Mina to Makkah Haram
Shareef.All praises due to Allah who made this journey easy for us.I
also thank all the brothers and sisters who helped us in this
spiritual journey.last but not the least my family members who gave
me the courage to take up this journey.
My mother feels so happy and relieved now,Alhamdulillah.
I am sharing this for those who would be having similar situations
like me.Don't fear or panic.Start with strong belief in Allah and he
will make it easy for you.

Masha Allah this year's Hajj is almost coming to a successful end without any major serious incidence apart from the renovation of the Kaaba which will in future benefit the whole Ummah. We all have to pray and cooperate with authorities to achieve their objective. As we are aware the construction work forced the authorities to curtail the number of pilgrims which come to about 2.5 million rather than 3 million or more in the usual circumstance. Alhamdu Lillahi the Saudi Authorities are doing their best to make the Hujjaj comfortable. In sha Allah the Ummah has to contribute in one way or the other by making Sabr and cooperate fully with them for Masha Allah they are doing their best. May Allah help the Ummah overcome all its difficulties and problems and unite us come under the platform of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) who we really want follow. He followed the footsteps of the Friend of Allah Ibrahim Alaihis Salam who under went so many sacrifice which the hujjaj are trying to emulate. The Hujjaj had been to hajj to follow the actual Sunnah of Rasullah who was commanded to follow the Millah of Ibrahim (A.S).He fulfilled this instructions together with His Companions Radhiallahu Anhum ajma'in. May Allah accept the Hujjaj and their sacrifice and we pray it becomes the means of hidayah to the entire mankind Amen.

We should remember Hajj Mabrur (ACCEPTED HAJJ) is the real Hajj.There is no reward for an accepted Hajj except Jannah.The One who does Hajj without engaging in argument or fusuk he comes back like the day his mother gave birth to him.May Allah accept the Hujjaj of 2012 and the whole Ummah we become the means of Hidayah for the entire mankind.

As narrated in Hadith the reward of an accepted HAJJ is nothing but paradise,therefore most important point worth consideration is the intention of the hujjaj.They should carefully check their intention with a view to rectifying it so as to gain reward from the one who gives reward i.e Allah (S.W.T) Their intention is only to please Allah who in turn would give them Jannah.They should not be telling people that they been to Hajj and should therefore be called Al-Haji or Haji Sab as this would weaken their sincerity that fetches no reward.So they wasted their time and energy due to insincerity which brings no reward as is said Actions are judged according to intention.Therefore this Haj is purely for Allah.
They should remind themselves that Hajj is Fardh or duty which should be carried out sincerely for the sake of Allah only to gain His pleasure not the pleasure of fellow creation.May Allah accept the Hajj of our Hujjaj of the year 1432 Hijra which fell on the 6th November 2011 and Eid would be on Sunday the 7th.Takabbal minna wa minkum jami'an.

We should go and welcome our Hujjaj before they reach their homes and ask them to make dua for us.It is said in Hadith go and meet a Haji before he/she reaches home and let him make dua for you as his dua is accepted.Therefore we should make intention to meet them either at the Airport or before they reach their homes so as to make dua for us.May Allah accept their Hajj and accept the whole Ummah and continue to bless our brothers and sisters in the Islamicity for their effort to propagate the Universal message and give us taufiq to put into practice what we know about our Deen.

Alhamdu Lillahi this year's Eid is being held and celebrated almost at the same time in most of
the countries after the Arafah on Tuesday the 18th December.So like most of the Countries here also in U.K we are celebrating the Eid on this Wednesday 19th December.So again Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters.May Allah through His Mercy accept our Ibadah and we also pray so He may also accept the Hajj of our Hujjaj.May Allah make this year's Hajj hitch free without any incidence major or minor through His Qudurah and Sheer Mercy Amen.Once more Eid Mubarak to all the Visitors of Islamicity which has brought the whole Ummah together.Jazakumullah for your effort in guiding and showing the mankind the truth.May Allah give more barakah to all of us and all those sincerely seeking the truth.

Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters all ovceleer the World.Alhamdu Lillahi most of our brothers here in U.K have celebrated the Eid today Saturday while others are celebrating theirs on Sunday.We pray Allah accept all of us and may He unite the Ummah on Haq and on the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W)who was the best model for all to follow.For the Hujjaj May Allah accept their Hajj and make this Hajj easy and hitch free without any incident either in form of accident be it in Makkah Minah or Arafah Amen.May Allah bring them back to their homes safely Amen thumma Amen.Wa Akhiri Daawana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamen once again Eid Mubarak wa Amantun Bi Khair.

All praise be to Allah the almighty for granting us the life and health to see yet another Hajj,for those who lost their lives may their soul rest in ferfect peace amin.
To the families of those who lost their loved ones in the jamrat stamped I urge them to keep paraying for their souls, that is what the prophet may peace be upon him, Teaches all belivers to do.Hajj as we all know is a piller in islam that must be observed by those who have the means at least once ini their life time, Therefor muslims all over the world should endavour to performe Hajj no matter the difficulties involve in it.

To brothers and sisters that went for hajj;
May Allah accept your ibadah

By the blessings of Allah swa, we are
approaching Eid Day. For most
of us, we feel a little taste of challenge
and generosity during theses sublime and
celebrating days. But there are
thousands for whom it is a matter
of daily subsisting life. Let us get immense
rewards by helping our needy
orphans, brothers and sisters,
during these noble days. Only in Unity
can suffering find no place.

Thanking you for your continued support.
Eid mubarak- BCRA TORONTO-416 2369411

Alhamdu Lil'Laah;
Your articles are very educative and may Allah reward you for the wonderful Islamic education. I hardly miss visitting your site each day.

Right on target, My Brother! The Muslims today definitely lack UNITY. Too many are racist, prejudiced and biased. For example, a sister from overseas decided not to teach Arabic to an African American convert because her Arab-speaking friends from overseas told her that she would be somewhat of a TRAITOR to do so. The knowledge of Islam is NOT being shared and taught as it could be because some want the advantage of having more Islamic knowlege than others. Racism is clear, obvious and outrageous. NonMuslims repeatedly comment that most Muslims are no better than Christians because of the above issues that keep them DIVIDED.

As saalamu aleikum
may ALLAH bleesig the writters...
it is interested and have great message to us


Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear all,
Happy Eid El Kabir to whom may concern and to all muslims from any part of the world may Allah grant us paradise and gve us happines in this year.And i also want to send my happy sallah to all members of islami city,becouse of the cooperation giving to us may allah reward you with jannatul firdaus.

This Web Side is very good . ILike it.

May Allah Bless the Hajji's.


Islamic Bulletin give us more horizone about Islam.

There's issues for Hajj. In Indonesia one say it could be on Friday and another said on Thursday.

If I face this condition. What I support to do?

Thank you for your opinion.

best regard,

And proclaim among men the pilgrimage: they shall come from every deep ravine; they shall come to witness things of benefit to them and mention the Name of Allah." The Name of Allah, my point is that it would be much better, informative and instructive, if in articles like this, the Name of Allah is always put or placed first, followed by the English "God" or "Lord", so that people/readers in general and our Christian and Jews brothers could get the message that it is One and the Same Allah/God that we all worship Him and seek His forgiveness.