Essence of Eid

The celebration of Eid ul-Fitr culminates a month of fasting wherein the faithful have spent their time praying and beseeching God for forgiveness and mercy. For many, Ramadan was not just an abstention from food and drink. Rather, it was an exercise in patience and discipline. Eid is the celebration for those who fasted and obeyed God's rules and teachings. It is for those who spent the month of Ramadan in complete devotion to Allah. Eid is a time when the entire Muslim community comes together to share in each others joy and blessings and also to lessen the burden of those who may be suffering.

It is preceded by people shopping and looking around for gifts for their near and dear ones. It is a time when the bright lights from homes and shops illuminates our life. We use see this day and the following days to spread happiness and social harmony by visiting our friends and relatives.

Gifts are exchanged during Eid by young and old alike. We also visit the elderly and the sick. Eid is a time where all kinds or festivities prevail. Many of us gormandize to make up for "lost food" during the month of Ramadan.

However, with all the going around we some time forget our lesser privileged brethren. We forget that there are many out there who have nothing to celebrate. There are those among our brothers and sisters for whom Eid day is just another ordinary day. There are those who open their cupboards on Eid day and find them bare. There are those who in hospitals who will go through a bleak and lonely day with no one visiting them. Friendless, deprived of company, they will have no one to offer solace or comfort. Let us therefore see to it that our deprived brethren welcome the day of Eid with warmth and hope.

As we buy gifts and clothes for our children, let us earmark a special sum for those who cannot afford to buy. Also we should instill in our children a sense of compassion so that when they buy something they will also think of their unfortunate brethren. Let us teach them the art of giving. We should let them know that there are millions of children in; war torn areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Kashmir and Chechnya, the poor and downtrodden areas of Africa, Asia and South America,  and even in the forgotten ghettos of Europe and North America who do not have the basic necessities to make this day a different day.

We cannot divest ourselves from the misery of others. We cannot shrug it off saying that it does not concern us. To do this would be an injustice to humanity. The Quran (5:8) tells us ... Be just: that is next to piety.

Many of us donate money to charity and fulfill our religious duty. However, if we actually meet the recipients of our charity the perception of charity changes. There is a feeling of belonging when the recipient and giver meet.

Islamic ideology teaches us to be kind and compassionate. Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that "I and the provider of the orphan will be together." And what greater prize is there for anyone of us than to be around our beloved prophet. All we need for that is compassion, sincerity and a feeling of brotherhood and understanding. And that will decide the quality of our life on earth and the hereafter.

Adapted from Spirit of Eid Al-Fitr by Khaled al-Maeena

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  1. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Eid Mubarak to all may Allah accept our Ramadan 1436 AH =2015

    mainly celebrated in Saudia Middle East Europe n America on Friday

    and India and the Sub Continent on Saturday.

  2. May from Saudi Arabia

    great article! Can i share this on my blog?

  3. sam from South Africa

    Eid is meant to be a joyous occasion but Muslims will experience

    mixed feelings during Eid this year. During this Ramadan

    specifically Muslims, more than any other recent Ramadan, would have

    shared in the pain and suffering of their Palestinian brothers and

    sisters as a result of the brutal genocide by the Apartheid state of


    The current situation highlights glaring weaknesses within the

    Muslim Ummah. Many would point to a lack of personal piety. However,

    the absence of a sincere and competent global Muslim leadership and

    the lack of intent by the scholars to address the disunity within

    the Ummah - which ultimately results in a failure to come up with

    comprehensive long term plans to address not only the Palestinian

    issue but many others as well - must rank high on the list.

    We must celebrate Eid with our families and friends but we must

    introspect and remember the suffering of all the Muslims in our

    prayers. But it is also an Eid in which we will celebrate the heroic

    resistance of the Palestinian mujahideen against the Israeli

    gangsters. The mood is sombre in this difficult period of time but

    remember, Dua is the weapon of the believer and nothing in more

    nobler to Allah than Dua.Lets be tolerant and learn to differ with

    respect and understanding so that we become a united Ummah once


    "Eid Mubarak" to you, your family and readers on this forum.

  4. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Having fasted for 29-30 days of Ramadan it is time to celebrate in

    the Month of Shawwal to give thanks to Allah for giving us the

    opportunity thus allowing us to accomplish good deeds out of His

    Sheer Grace and Mercy not because we are better but because He

    wanted us to adopt what is called Taqwa in our lives which will

    maintain us for the next eleven Months.While we used to enjoy daily

    ectasy as predicted by the Prophet during the breaking of the Fast

    called Iftar we anxiously waited for the official feist.Therefore in

    order to conclude and round up the final duty of the Months we are

    told to be happy and celebrate with the best Iftar named EID which

    is being celebrated throughout the Muslim World.So Eid Mubarak to


  5. nasir from india tamilnadu

    all islamic brothers get to together at one place and congrats each other and that day a reward wil b given to FASTS from ALLAH.

  6. Abdul'azeez Musa from Nigeria

    Assalamu aleikum,May ALLAH (SWT)reward you people countless rewards for your good deeds. Thanks for informing us on the "essence ?? eid"

  7. TN Ghaznavi from USA

    Now that Ramadan has left as sad as it is to see it go a foreboding thought occurred to me. Our fasts are a selfless act, performed only for Allah Subhanotalah's pleasure and the reward for which only Allah Subhanotalah knows. Very much like the offering of a very fine beautiful white silk sheet spun of the finest silk threads, so too are our fasts, an offering to Allah Subhanotalah, using the fine and elegant threads and knots of taqwa, sacrifice, patience and self control, indeed performing the extra salat, the nawafil and all that is good and pure to win Allah Subhanotalah's acceptance of our offering. Yet once Ramadan has passed do we revert to the same ills & vices that we so cruelly impose on ourselves? Our tongue is loosened and our ways revert back to those from which we so eagerly sought forgiveness. If we do falter then the knots and threads making up our fasts were not genuine knots tied with strong good intentions. We never meant for the fine silk offering to be anything permanent - and so the beautiful cloth silk cloth unravels - knot by knot. If we think about indeed we feel embarrassed that what we offered Allah Subhanotalah was flimsy and impermanent. But then again if we find ourselves fighting our Nafs and staying clear from all that we stayed clear of during Ramadan then certainly our gift was a true gift and there is hope for us yet.

  8. Imam Umar Khalif Hassan El from USA

    Bless Eid to all Muslims world wide inshallah.

  9. Md. Golam Quader from Bangladesh

    I wish Happy Eid and long life to all muslim brothers and sisters


    Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim Ummah. Jazha Kha Allahu Khairan. Brother Tamsir Gaye.

  11. Alhaji Seidu Abdulai from Ghana

    First of all Eid Mubaarak to all Muslims across the globe for fulfiling one of the pilars of Islam (Fasting). May i use this Eid occasion to entreat all and sundry to try and observe all the good qualities inculcated during the month long fast. Let's all keep it up for Allah (swa) has promised us Jenna for the believer who do not blot their good deeds with evils ones afterwards. Salaam to all with request for duai

  12. Alhaji Abdu Danbala from U.S.A.

    Assalamu alaikum, rahmatuLlah wa barakatuHu.

    Greatings to all muslims and non-muslims around the world.

    I have a personal request.

    Could you please unite me with a long-lost brother? He is the brother with the entery number three, ( # 3 ) on the message board. His name is: Adamu Ahmed Kaugama.

    Thanks. Jaza-kum-Llah,khairan. Ameen.

    Alhaji Abdu Danbala. ( [email protected] ).

  13. Kris MacPherson from Malaysia


    My family and I wishes to convey our Eid ul-Fitri greetings to all Muslims worldwide particulary visitors of Islamicity.

    The Editorial board has done an excellent task, consistently throughout the year and though some articles published were unsavoury to Muslims or even offensive at times, but nevertheless by allowing the publication of them, the editorial have recognise the freedom of speech and thoughts and frankly I think this is necessary for friutful discussions and views which in return will enrich the Muslim ummah. Keep up the good work to you, all Editors and Happy Eid il-Fitri May ALLAH Bless you always.

    And finally to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Eid, from your victory in the month of Ramadhan. But let again, we all, prudently remind ourselves that moderation and modesty is what ALLAH expects of us in the enjoyment of ourselves. May ALLAH guide us all.


    Kris MacPherson and family,

  14. rahmatu from nigeria

    Eid mubarak to my fellow brothers and sisters in islam. may Allah subhannah wata'allah accept all our acts of ibada performed during ramadan. ma'salam

  15. adamu ahmed kaugama from nigeria

    My brothers and sisters in islam,assalam alaikum, please my message to all of us is to remain steadfast and dedicated to the worship of ALLAH the most HIGH even after the Ramadan period.Maassalam.

  16. Mary from USA

    I think if more people saw the peaceful side of Islam, they would accept it and embrace it more.

  17. Ghassan El-Kadri from Brazil

    Eid Mubarak to my brothers and sisters, Muslims

    and even non-Muslims (we are all brothers and sisters), all over the world.

    Alhamd'ulIlahi who grants His peace upon all of us!


    Peace be on you!

    Thanks to Almighty Allah for blessing us with Ramadan. For those who are interested to spread the knowledge about Ramadan to Non-Muslim friends may take advantage of the RamadanForBodyAndSoul.pps which can be downloaded from

    Eid Mubarak,

    Briefcast Editor

    ([email protected])


    Please browse other More On Islam Briefcast presentations:


  19. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    Eid Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters all over the Globe and special Eid Mubarak to our dedicated Staff of the Islamicity who have been making effort to enlighten the People especially the Non Muslims about Islam.Allah accept our Ramadan. As the article has pointed out the essence of Eid is to celebrate and enjoy but we must remember there are so many poor people who cannot afford what many of us can afford.You cannot be a true believer unless you love for your brother what you love for yourself.The Companions of the Prophet excelled in this regard that is why Allah praised them in these words "Yuthruna ala amfusihim walau kana bihim khasasa" they prefer others even though poverty is their lot.What ever day people clebrated Eid all we can say May Allah accept all of us.The iktilaf in the Ummah Alhamdu Lillahi will bring nothing but Khair In sha Allah.EID MUBARAK again

    to all brothers and sisters and even the Non Muslims May Allah give all of them guidance to take shahadah as they have been taking on this Site almost every two days.Wassalamu Alaikum Warahamatullah Wa Barakatuhu.

  20. Tasneem Ali from USA

    Eid Mubarak to all brothers and sisters through out the world..lets pray that we do not kill each other because of hate each other's beleif..

  21. Macallimka from usa

    Eid Mubarak to all the brothers and sisters where ever you are and huge thanks to Islamicity for the wonderful things it is doing. May ALLAH reward you for serving HIS Deen.

  22. Rais Ahmed Farooqui from India


    Eid Mubarak to all my fellow Brothers n Sisters, youngsters and elders.

    The essence of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr lies in practising Ibadah offered during Ramadan beyond Ramadan. I wish and pray to Subhana-v-ta'ala that each and every muslim through practice and his body language tries to extend Dawah n Tableegh-ul-Islam to non-believers which is the cheapest, little time consuming and effortless.

    I feel all those who go for Umrah n Haj should also on their return completely follow the Sunnah in accordance with Quran-v-Hadith to his family members and the nearest and the dearest ones atleast. This will have chain reaction n will spread the message of Islam in no time to those who are not following the Sunnah and to those who are non-believers.

    May Allah help us develop this feeling atleast among the believers.

    Allah Hafiz,

    Rais Ahmed Farooqui

    Bombay, India.

  23. Yero S.Sabally from Gambia, The

    Al-hamudu-Lilah Eid Celebration brings peace and joy among believers and could be use to attract non believers into Islam and through they embrace Islam. That is why Muslims should display high moral values and honest as well as kindness.

    The Eid gives Muslims Confident of good deeds and also give great hope of the forgivensese that Allah has promissed this Uma that One night is equivalent to 83 years and 4 months of continuous prayer of reward and previous sins being forgiven. Alhamdoulilah muslims brothers invite others to join Islam religion worht following.


  24. Bashir khan from USA

    The Eid was announced on Thursday but the essence of Eid ie. the Eid prayer done next day on Friday with the only reason that the Hall was booked on rent for Friday, Although the town mosque was available to offer Eid prayer like daily prayers in congression.

    What is the Sheria ruling " to postpone Eid prayrer to the following day without any authentic Sheria reason as above.

  25. zoelfa from South Africa

    Asalamualeikum Brothers & sisters ,

    Allahu Akbar !Allahu Akbar ! May ur Day b Filled With Joy , Contentment & Taqwah .Eid Mubarak .My Sisters And Brothers Stay In ALLAH Connections Please please please !!!!!cause When your Time Arrive for u to go ,,,,?,,!! no one He`s going to helping you with ATHABU`L KABREE .so please Remember Allah NOT only on Ramadan time ,No,No ,Do samething like in Ramadan Time ,in your life style then FEEL ALLAH IN Your heart HE GONNA BE WITH YOU FOR YOUR HOLY LIFE EVEEN AFTER THAT THEN YOU GONA FEEL DEFFERENCE .Beleave me or not but this is a msg from Zulfat - Ramadhani .Shukran & Asalamualeikum. Hope you understand br,st.

  26. Barbara York from USA

    To Love your brethen as You would yourself is the power of God working through you. When You can look at your neighbor and know you may not understand them, but care for them anyhow and become a mediator for them to God thru prayer and fasting; is the Unconditional Love our Lord has given us. As God mediated for our souls with satan, by HIS suffering what every man on earth ever could. This is a call to worship God in a manner as he has made known to us simply by following HIS example. Ramadan , the month of fasting is a beautiful expression of worship from Muslim beliefs. Prayer and Fasting is a beautiful way to commune with God so he truly knows our Hearts. We each have our own relationship with God. What I have found to be most beautiful about this Ramadan month that is celebrated by the Muslim Faith is so many hearts coming together as one for prayer and supplication. Surely God has smiled on this form of, worship, to love God so much and stand beside your neighbor and confess it allows others to actually see the power of God working in so many hearts. Although I am not of the muslim faith, I have enjoyed learning about the teachings and beliefs. Thank God for all our Scholars and His word.

  27. Oumou Samb from USA

    I just wanted to say Jazakum Allahu Khairan. Thanks for constently reminding brothers and sisters in Islam of their duties. Inshaa'Allah, I'll do my utmost to apply what I have read in my daily life.

    May this message find you in the best of health.

  28. Rofada from Taiwan

    I saw the comments from Azeem, U.S. about the meaning of X-mas. But, following is what I found from the dictionary:

    "Xmas has been used for hundreds of years in religious writing, where the X represents a Greek chi, the first letter of, Christ. In this use it is parallel to other forms like Xtian, Christian. But people unaware of the Greek origin of this X often mistakenly interpret Xmas as an informal shortening pronounced (ksms). Many therefore frown upon the term Xmas because it seems to them a commercial convenience that omits Christ from Christmas."

  29. m saiful rahman from indonesia

    as we are apart of this world, some times i worried or guilty about this conditions. The question come to me and i have to answer it with my heart. Have I do the right things for Islam for all my brothers or sisters?

    When I read or hear the story of prophet Muhammad saw, he can make a country with 'baldatun thoyyibatun wa rabbun ghofur' system in madinah. And so who carry on moslem aspiration (caliph umar, Ali, usman etc)with Allah permission can do what prophet say.

    Now in this era, prophet Muhammad saw, not with us anymore. but we have Al Quran and Sunnah. So how we can implementation Allah will?

    Islam is the universal region, every body can use Islam in many aspect of they live. Moslem people must have the same goal to reach 'mardhotillah'.

    make islam one, please don't separate it anymore. May Allah Bless us and always in Allah Guidance. amin ya robbal alamin.

  30. sarfaraz a shaikh (dvg) from india


    Those who say it,should make other's to say& Accept it.My people having good positions in this society ,please don't eat other's haqq on your stored money.Then only each muslim will become true muslim & day is not far for him to make this world as islamic world.(INSHA ALLAH)

  31. Amin Said from United State of America

    I would like to say Eid Mubarak to everyone. Please Please don't think that you can do anything you want since the holly month is over but just no that good is still their any time and not only the month of RAMADAN.

  32. To Michelle Poore from H.A. from Civilzed County, USA is another poor soul who has become a victim of ranchboy's emotional propaganda...and whose priests and churches making him/her Islamophobic, Arabophobic, and intolerant of Muslims.

    Let H.A. quote the poor soul...

    "hey! we are trying to help you build a new nation of your own."

    Hmmm...he/she is probably implying!!! Hmmm...Does Iraq have oil???? Did Rummy ever handshake w/ Saddam? Did U.S. gov't ever nourished and clothed Saddam for decades? Was Saddam the best buddy of U.S. in 1980's and 1990s? When Saddam become enemy of U.S.? (ans...When Saddam wanted more oil for himself)

    Quote 2:

    "....Get with it. We cannot live FOR YOU. We are trying to AID YOU in getting your own life!!"...

    Hmmm....I think I see soul giver!!! The poor souls are giving 4 billions in military hardware to Israel (a terrotist state supported by Michelle Poore's country (USA))to kill Muslims in Palestine. & killed > 20,000 in IRAQ in the name of WMD, but has found none? Does killing = giving life?


    "Why do you just point the finger and hate?"

    Hmmm...the dear poor soul is hanging out too much w/ Jerry's time he/she hangs out with Muslims or visit Muslim countries...

    Who started CRUSADE I and II? Who Atom bombed innocent Japanese civilians? Who started to exterminate the Jews? Who dubbed Al-Qaida freedom fighters in 1980's when they were doing the same thing to USSR as they are doing to USA now? Hmmm...Al-Qaida became terrorists all of a sudden???

    Who said "BRING IT ON"?

    Who lynched AFRICAN AMERICANS and sold them like fruits and vegetables w/o giving any regard?

    Why White people stay away from Black neighborhoods? Why Black areas in U.S. look like 5th world?

    Who put Native Americans and Japaneses in concentration camps in USA?

    Who passed partiot act I and II....? Who calls the last messenger (PBUH) Of God a terrorist?

    Which country's media and churches and its leaders creating hate toward Muslims 24-7-3

  33. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Michelle Poore....your message was very poor. Regular Iraqi citizens who are againt the occupying force presence in Iraq are now being treated in the same manner as these so called "Saddam loyalists" this the AID you are trying to confuse people with Michelle Poore? You are not a morale authority...don't expect Muslims to live FOR YOU!

  34. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Michelle aren't helping to do anything, in fact your message is unhelpful to say the least. Don't think you are the world's are just a citizen of your state authority that has taken it into it's own hands to do what it wants. Don't act like you are directing commands as if you are going to change the world yourself....GROW UP and respect your fellow human brothers and sisters.

  35. michelle poore from usa

    hey! we are trying to help you build a new nation of your own.

    Get with it. We cannot live FOR YOU. We are trying to AID YOU in getting your own life!!

    Why do you just point the finger and hate?

    Why do you just point the finger and hate?

  36. Akbar Khan from Canada

    Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar, La ilaha Il Allahu Akbar, Allahu-Akbar wa lilla hil hamd.

    Let's celebrate this Eid with smiles and laughs, and let's have a good time..but at the same time let's not forget that the Muslim body is hurt in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Bosnia, Gujurat, and brutalized and discriminated against all over the world...we are all one body, if one of us is hurt, it affects us ALL...let's not forget that, and let's not forget them..we're all one...invite all to the way of the Lord, from him we came, and to him we will return....ALLAH HU AKBAR!!!!

  37. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Joe Nash, should the military guarantee peace or rather the security of those who would pursue it?

    On another note, please consider thanking God, not just for blessings, but also for missed opportunities, adverse effects from poor planning, stubbing your toe, etc.

    I have found that this helps me to remember to give thanks to God for the blessings that God has enabled me to receive.

    Also, God has indeed given me chances to make my tiny contributions to God's Glory, enabled me to see my own errors, etc. Those also were indeed blessings.

    I received the above advice during a khutba (sermon). I also received similar advice - to ask God for help in remembering to be thankful. In this way God has helped me tremendously.

    God has in addition willed that I would start to perceive blessings for which I forget to thank God as something actually more like curses.

    The Quran offers specific advice to Christians and Jews - who may not necessarily have any intention of embracing Islam.

    The Quran 's advice, as addressed to Christians, pertains to a number things that I seem to recall having always felt rather odd about.

    Even it we (ourselves) managed to avoid certain errors, would it be proper to leave in place things we truly felt were incorrect to potentially harm those via whom we had received a meaningful measure of our current faith in God - if we (ourselves) would ask in prayer to fear God (alone)?

    It is my belief that God (alone) is worthy of praise.

    May God bless you - and grant you peace.

  38. ASH from USA

    assalamu alaikum my name is Ash and i really liked the idea of the hanging on the rope of Allah. Masha Allah

    well im going to leave now so may allah bless u aameen yaa rab

    assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.


  39. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Salam - please read the comment "via" yasinia if you haven't already done so. Jazak Allahu Khair.

  40. Yahya Bergum from USA

    The 25th day of the Roman month of December was formerly a popular Roman holiday commemorating Mithras, the Persian god of Good versus Evil. The first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine the First, in order to promote Christianity over paganism, designated that holiday to instead commemorate Jesus Christ (may Allah bless him) who, evidently to Constantine, personified a similar concept.

    Presumably, the birth of Jesus Christ (may Allah increase his blessings) would have more closely followed the time of harvest in the region of his birth. After the harvest, the populace would presumably have had freedom to travel, carrying money from the sale of crops and related commerce. Presumably taxes would have been assessed on such money during the Roman census mentioned in the Christian scriptures.

    The observation of the Christmas holiday in traditionally anti-Catholic regions of the United States was highly discouraged - up until about the middle of the 1800's. After Catholic immigrants began exercising greater political influence in largely urban areas that had previously been inundated by Puritan-like immigrants, such as Boston, Massachusetts, the anti-Catholic laws - such as those that prohibited employers from giving their employees a day off on December 25th - were rapidly repealed.

    The Christmas tree itself was originally a pagan symbol later was adopted by German (Protestant) Reformationists as an alternative to the various figures (statues) comprising the traditional (Catholic) Nativity Scene. The Christmas tree was popularized in the United States by Protestants when "anti-Catholic" ordinances were being repealed. Now these trees are typically covered with the little figures now widely popular as Christmas tree ornaments.

    From Allah comes all blessings. All praise is owed to Allah - who is beyond comparison and without partner.

    Eid Mubarak.

  41. Azeem from USA

    I asked a Christian friend one day. Why do you celebrate Christmas? He said that it was the day the lord was born. I was puzzled as a Muslim child. The lord was born? Was he (lord) not the beginning and the ending. They're were other folks who did not know whether to call Jesus the lord or the father the lord or the spirit the lord. I came to the U.S. with my parents at the age of nine and having learned Islam in the house with no formal instructions I became more curious about Islam and other religions. I began questioning some basic beliefs of my own religion and the religions of other people.

    I was fascinated when my friends homes would become decorated with lights, ornaments, a wreath on the door, and a tree in the house. It was a beautiful thing to see. The happiness that overcame them was overwelming.

    I would ask them why do you do this and the answer was because its Christmas. I would ask them the significance of this and they could not tell me.

    Many years later,I met some Catholics who said that they would go to mass on midnight or the next day. The only religous connection I saw.

    The tree? Jesus was from the Middle East where did this tree come from. I found the answer and that was disappointing. The gift giving...I found the answer and that was disappointing...Jesus's birthday...disappointing..the trinity a disappointment...I tried to read the bible but which one. I came across so many it was mind boggling. The concept of birthdays goes against all religous beliefs so why do celebrate Jesus's birthday....a birthday that was made up and on a day which goes against everything Jesus stood for...We love Jesus just like we love all the prophets of G-d. There is nor difference between him and the other prophets. He was cannot compare the Eids with X-Mas oops I forgot to tell you they even took the Christ out of Christmas. Merry X-mass for whatever it stands.

    But if you want to find G-d, then follow the truth.

    The truth will s

  42. Zainabou El-Amin from United States of America

    Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Thank you so much for this article. It was Allah's will that this Ramadan be difficult for my family and me. My hope is the essence of Eid-the discipline and God consciousness of Ramadan I concentrated on will be able to be carried with us for the rest of our lives. It was a comfort like I've never had in my life to know that my husband's ex-wife's decision to relocate my step son three thousand miles away from our family was not for us to stop or grieve. Ultimately Allah decides everything.

    May Allah bless you all,

    Zainabou El-Amin

  43. yasinia from USA

    To the sister named Angel who made the comment about how Eid is similar to Chiristmas and Easter.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The Eid is the culmination of a month's worth of emotional and physical sacrificing. Eid literally is an ongoing celebration. Our goal is to carry these feelings of patience and God-consciousness which we have hopefully culitaved in the blessed month of Ramadan with us for a lifetime. And so the "ongoing celebration" is not just the end of having to fast but the celebration of a new self--God Willing! The purpose of fasting during the month of Ramadan is to become more God-fearing and the celebration afterwards is to the mark that spiritual growth and keep it alive until we pass on from this life.

    Furthermore, as for the comment that the Christmas season is meant to mark the birth of Christ but it isn't his actual birthdate. Well,if it isn't the truth then what's the point???? The truth always matters! That's all I'll say about that.

    Take care and peace

  44. Joe Nash from United States

    I wish I knew more about the positive aspect of Islam. As a citizen of the U.S. one only hears propaganda from corporate controlled media. It would be contrary to my religious beliefs to believe that the practitioners of another religion are anything else but my fellow human beings. They must be People trying to be decent and enter into a relationship with God using the tools with which they are most familiar. I fear the world is on the brink of a great religious war but don't we all, Christian, Muslim and Jew worship the same God? and don't we all just want to live in peace, have families, make friends and be decent? War is the product of evil men who through wrong belief and practice make themselves the enemies of God.

  45. Angel from Australia

    The article is very good, true to the words, I would like say though how is this celebration of Eid any different than the meaning and joy of Christmas.

    To me you have touched on the meaning of christmas, coming together as family and friends to celebrate a birthday which to me doesn't matter that it's not the actually birth date but honouring a life that was given by God/Allah.

    The essence of Eid is also the essence of Christmas and also Easter :)).

  46. sister sarah a. abdullah from usa.egypt

    what about the scriptural references for this eid from quran al hakim?



  48. agha hamid from canada

    this article reflects true spirit of islam .we should work for the well being of the humanity.

  49. idrissa from the gambia

    the essence of eid al fit is that first of all it is a feast in which muslim will share joy with the poor men and the neighbours . therefore it is important that the muslim should give out his or her zakat al fit to the poor and the needy people in order to stop them from walking round the houses .again giving these people the zakat al fit will create deep love between the donor and the reciever as well .

    the eid is important due to the fact it gives the muslim the opportunity to express his or her joy and that by offering prayer al eid to the almighty allah who has enabled him or her to observe fasting the holy month of ramadan .the prophet peace and blessing be upon him said:the faster has two moments of joys :1- when he broken his fast .2- when he will meet his lord . in the day of eid al fit muslim will feel more happy and that when he comes to think that almighty has purified him or her from sins .

    we have to know that the muslim living in this world lives actually in prison . however , the islam has providered him or her three feats. the two are annual feasts and the one is weekly feast . the annual feasts are eid al fit and eid al adha . the weekly is friday . i am sure that islam has let muslim to celebrate them because it wants the muslim to have some moment of joy and happiness and it is difficult to spend all the time in worshipping .

    another , essence of eid al fit is that the praying ground where the muslim will perform his prayer will remind him of the day of gathering ( al- qiama)where all the creatures will stand infront of allah for judgement.

    aslam alay kum waramatulahi wabrakat

  50. hamzah habib from kuwait

    i just want to tell you all that please donot enjoy alot because just think about the people getting killed in palestine, iraq, india. JUST THINK THAT WHAT THEY WILL BE PRAYING IN NAMAZ EXAMPLE NOT TO GET KILLED. THINKING ABOUT THERE FAMILY.SO MY FRIEND DONOT ENJOY ALOT

  51. Estela Jebril from USA

    Asallahmu Alaykum,

    What a beautiful article!! This article should be published in the local newspapers of the U.S. so that everyone can see the true beauty of Islam.