For those who could not make it to Hajj

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The Pilgrimage to Makkah, is one of the essential elements of the Islamic faith. It is obligatory on all believers provided they have the financial capability and physical ability to endure the challenges of the pilgrimage.

According to Islamic tradition the Kaaba, a simple square cube structure in Makkah, was the first house of worship established to remind humanity of the One Supreme God. The structure was reconstructed by Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet Ishmael.

And when We made the House (at Makkah) a destination for humankind and a sanctuary, (saying): Take as your place of worship the place where Abraham stood (to pray). And We imposed a duty upon Abraham and Ishmael, (saying): Purify My house for those who go around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down and prostrate themselves (in worship). Quran 2:125

The gathering of millions of faithful in Makkah during the days of annual pilgrimage, Hajj is a fulfillment of Prophet Abram's prayer.

And, lo, Abraham prayed: "O my Sustainer! Make this a land secure, and grant its people fruitful sustenance - such of them as believe in God and the Last Day." .. Quran 2:126

The Pilgrimage to Mecca is a sign of supreme significance. It was Prophet Abraham's unconditional commitment to God that led him to leave his wife Hagar and his infant son Ishmael in this desolated desert. Prophet Abraham was reward for his unwavering submission to God, by a promise from Him to make this uninviting land into a place of promise and plenty.

Muslims who visit Makkah for Hajj become part of God's promise to Prophet Abraham.

Like any other article of faith, the pilgrimage can become meaningless if it is regarded as an end in itself rather than a means for the attainment of a meaningful life.

The following story reminds us of the spirit of Hajj.

The Cobbler's Hajj

It is related that a noted Muslim scholar Abdullah bin Mubarak, had a dream while he was sleeping near the Kaaba.

Abdullah bin Mubarak saw two angels' descend from the sky, and start talking to each other.

One of the angels asked the other: "Do you know how many people have come for Hajj this year?"

The other angel replied: "Six hundred thousand have come for Hajj."

Abdullah bin Mubarak had also gone for Hajj that year.

The first angel asked: "How many people's Hajj has been accepted?"

The second replied: "I wonder if anyone's Hajj has been accepted at all."

Abdullah bin Mubarak was grieved to hear that. He thought, "So many people have come from all over the world, crossing so many obstacles like rivers, jungles, mountains, suffered so many hardships, and meeting so many expenses. Would their effort be wasted? Allah does not let anyone's effort go to waste".

He had thought only so far when he heard the other angel speak: "There is a cobbler in Damascus. His name is Ali bin al-Mufiq. He could not come for Hajj, but Allah has accepted his intention of Hajj. Not only will he get the reward for Hajj, but because of him, all the Hajjis will be rewarded.

When Abdullah bin Mubarak woke up, he decided he would go to Damascus and meet that cobbler whose Hajj intentions carried such a lot of weight.

On reaching Damascus, Abdullah bin Mubarak inquired if anyone knew a cobbler named Ali bin al-Mufiq. The town people directed him to a house. When a man appeared from the house Abdullah bin Mubarak greeted him and asked his name. The man replied "Ali bin al-Mufiq".

Abdullah bin Mubarak asked: "What do you do for a living?"

Ali replied: "I am a cobbler". Then Ali asked the stranger's name that had come looking for him.

Abdullah bin Mubarak was a very well-known scholar of Islam, when Abdullah bin Mubarak introduced him self, the cobbler was anxious to find out why such a well known scholar was seeking him out.

When Abdullah bin Mubarak asked Ali to tell him if he had made any plans to go for Hajj. Ali replied "For thirty years I have lived in the hope of performing the Hajj. This year I had saved enough to go for Hajj, but Allah did not will it, so I couldn't make my intention translate into action.

Abdullah bin Mubarak was eager to find out how could this man's Hajj be accepted and blessed for all the people who went for Hajj that year when he didn't go for Hajj in the first place. While talking to the cobbler he could feel a certain purity in his heart. Islam regards greatness not in wealth or in power, but in civility, in good manners and the goodness of heart.

Abdullah bin Mubarak further asked: "why could you not go on Hajj?". In order not to disclose the reason, Ali again replied "it was Allah's will".

When Abdullah bin Mubarak persisted, Ali revealed: "Once I went to see my neighbor's house. His family was just sitting down for dinner. Although I was not hungry I thought my neighbor would invite me to sit down for dinner out of courtesy but I could see that my neighbor was grieved about something and wanted to avoid inviting me for dinner.

After some hesitation the neighbor told me: "I am sorry I cannot invite you for food. We were without food for three days and I could not bear to see the pain of hunger of my children. I went out looking for food today and found a dead donkey. In my desperation I cut out some meat from the dead animal, and brought it home so that my wife could cook this meat. It is halal (lawful or permitted) for us because of our extreme condition of hunger, but I cannot offer it to you."

Ali continued: "On hearing this, my heart bled with tears. I got up and went home, collected the three thousand dinars I had saved for Hajj, and gave my neighbor the money. I too had to go hungry but that was to save money for Hajj, but I thought helping my neighbor during his difficult times was more important. Although I still desire to go for Hajj if Allah wills."

Abdullah bin Mubarak was greatly inspired by the cobbler's story and told the cobbler of his dream.

God is merciful and shows mercy to those who do likewise to his creatures. This act of compassion on the part of the cobbler was so pleasing to God that it not only earned him the reward of Hajj but was extended to all the people who came for Hajj.

Hajj is a journey that can ignite the soul to be reminded of the time it was created and takes it beyond the dimensions of this life to the time it will meet the creator.

The sincere performance of Hajj can transcend a person's day to day life into a spiritual awakening of the highest magnitude. A successful Hajj experience connects us to our creator and the greater compassion of humanity.

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  1. WAVOO.Z.A.SHAHUL HAMEED from Hong Kong

    Bismillaahi Wassalaathu Wassalaamu Alaika YaRasullah.

    It's was entirely true incident and represents the REAL ATTRIBUTES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH SUBUHAANA WATAALAA and his Mercy on Creatures.The Beloved Friend of Almighty ALLAH U SUBUHAANA WATAALAA ,Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalaahu Alaihiwassalam and all other prophets (peace be upon All of them ) and the Pious People ( May Almighty be pleased with them Allah ) SPREAD ISLAM ON THIS REAL SPIRIT OF A MUSLIM'S READINESS TO SACRIFICE IN TIMES OF NEED.


  2. hamdallat Yusuf from nigeria

    I thank Allah for this message has inspire me more. Ihave heard the story. reading it made more difference

  3. Atanda Olayemi from Nigeria

    It is good to be good because allah is good and will not take what is not good from us

  4. Muhyedeen bn Faasas from nigeria

    this is a consolatory sermon for those who wish to but Allah could not permit at least for now. i wish i had the kind of Cobbler's Imman

  5. Nazir from USA

    very touching...thanks a lot for this..

    wish everyone'e heart and imaan was like the cobbler.

  6. Babandi A. Gumel from U.K

    The story confirms what the Hadith says "Actions are judged according to intention".It is our intention that Allah looks at and not the physical actions as sometimes such actions are done for show therefore would fetch no reward.So must reiterate our intention in all our actions at the beginning of the aamal in the middle and at the end of the aamal so as to make sure we do it for the sake of Allah.Due to the barkah of the Cobbler Allah accepted the rest of Hujjaj. May Allah make all of us sincere and accept the Hajj of our Hujjaj and we who were unable to make it this year we pray Allah accept us next year or any other time.Those who have never been should make sincere intention that at the earliest opportunity they must perform the Hajj.

  7. Moazzem from Bangladesh

    Amazing fact. Returned my lost soul that was obsessed with damn worldy affair. Thanx a lot for my future rewarding possibility.

  8. Essa S. Mohammed from United States of America

    Please continue to publish inspirational stories like this as often as space and time permit. As usual, keep on doing the exceptional and brilliant work of enlightening non-muslims about Islam.

  9. kareema from philippine

    I was so moved by the story. Wish i could have a pure heart as this cobbler....YA RABB!

  10. Fairoz Ahmed from KSA

    Dear Brother I am subscribed to Islamic City in a hope of receiving authentic Islamic material.This article or story could be true/cooked up since you are linking it to supposed to be a known scholar better avoid such linkage.Still I strongly believe if you look at the holy Quuran and Ahadith from our beloved Prophet they are enough to guide us,The only requirement is a bit more faith in them than this type of stories.Muslim nation world wide is vrymuch after dreams and miracles with few exceptions.Please use this media to communicate the authentic material.Hope you will take note of this with utmost sincerity and seek refuge of Allah.

    This is just a opinion if it is not to hurt but to awaken towards reality,Thank You Allah Hafiz - Fairoz

  11. ummsokoto from usa

    My daughter fowarded this article to me, this was very touching as this shows the love for your spritual brothers and sisters. faith is very deep in this brother.

  12. Mohd Bashir Adeniyi from Nigeria

    What a comprehensive, educative and intresting Islamic programme. Keep it on, May Almighty Allah reward your effort.

  13. Rana Usman Abid from Saudi Arabia

    Assalam o Alaikum, indeed a very touching story, May Allah helps us in having same feelings and loves for others like Cobbler, Amen

  14. Ibrahim Ladan from Nigeria

    Indeed this story is very touching and not going to hajj is the matter, but on what intention it is based on. May Allah make our intention as pure as it's should be.

  15. Abdulganiyy Oladimeji from Nigeria

    I t is a testimony to the fact that Allah (SWT)recognizes intention and good deeds and reward accordingly

  16. Bilikis from South Africa

    As-salaam alaykum warahamatullah wabarakatuh

    This is indeed a very inspiring and touching story.I really wish that everyone who performs the Pilgrimage to Makkah have the understanding of its significance and the impact it is intended in the live of a believer.It is rather unfortunate that some have even made it an annual 'routine',without accomplishing the purpose it's meant for.Some go for'show-off',while some go for'Business' purposes.Others however may go to fulfil their obligations as Muslims.May Allah help everyone who intends to perform Hajj,fisebilillah!Ameen.

  17. abdul al rashid cayongcat from malaysia

    This is one of the stories that shook my heart and body trembled as I read it. I don't know why? I was deeply moved and touched by this story about Ali bin-Mufiq and his new found friend Abdullah Mubarak. May Allah reward them with Al-Firdaus. Ali bin-Mufiq's story must be retold over and over again because of the message it brings to the Muslim Ummah. For years I made intention to go for Hajj but Allah didn't will it yet. All my money went to my book writing such as the US-British Neo Colonial Conspiracy to give an example.Today much as I wanted to perform Hajj may be it was not time yet.So now I just observe fasting for the first ten days of this month. I wish to congratulate your staff for making this story retold thru your popular website. Keep producing stories similar to this with Islamic messages.

  18. Mohamad from USA

    Good story for kids. As an adult I wish for an article that respect my intelligence.

    Sadly, many people take those kind of stories as a literal truth.

  19. Abdul Lanre from Nigeria

    Alhamdulillah, the mesaage is very touching and educative. How I wish all our leaders and humanity in general will emulate this holy cobbler and the entire human race will benefits from the bounty of Almighty Allah. How much do we need in this world that we are ready to commit the worst of atrocities? May Almighty Allah help us all. Amin. Please keep the good work. May Allah reward you all abundantly. Amin.

  20. aida zaidi from USA

    My mother has been desperately wanting to go on Hajj for many years, has tried to save for the journey, but also has a son who needed help financially. She is now not well enough to do the Hajj, but I pray to Allah that He accepts her intention. Ameen.

  21. ali from usa

    subhanallah very touching and very strong story of the Cobbler's Hajj from which we can learn so many things first he is taking care of his neighbor, feeding the hungry and being patient and always trusting in Allah's Will. This article is very good for our youths. They need these kind of touching articles which are very useful in their lives.