To White House through Tel Aviv

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Israeli troops were on the rampage again. They killed two more young Palestinians, wounded forty others and hauled several to detention centers.

Pictures of these blue-eyed immigrants from Brooklyn and Miami, kicking elderly Palestinians, appeared in several papers. Hate-filled Zionist eyes oblivious to the cameras unfolding their dark deeds are now a common feature. Yet Israelis don't care.

While the West is busy trying to protect the "rights" of the likes of Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie, they have conveniently forgotten that a whole nation's right has been usurped by the Zionist entity.

Not only the right of free speech but the right to live has been snatched away from the people of occupied Palestine.

The Israelis are emboldened by the supportive stance taken by certain Western countries. For all their free talk of justice, human rights and democracy, the West has yet to make concessions to the Palestinians. May be they think they are insects to be trampled under the jackboots of the Zionist invaders. The United States, which at the moment considers itself the only super power, thinks that it holds the key to peace in the Middle East. We don't consider so. For only an impartial judge could do so. The United States by leaning heavily towards the Israeli side for the past fifty years has lost credibility with the Arab people.

Whenever a new President is elected the gullible Arabs say "We think he'll be pro-Arab."

However, history has repeatedly proved them wrong. The United States is now trying to impose a peace in the Middle East - a peace in favor of Israel.

Even those who want peace among the Arabs have been disillusioned. They now firmly believe that the US cannot become neutral in this conflict.

From Eisenhower to Clinton, no American President has been so opportunistically pro-Israeli as Clinton.

This has dampened the hopes of all those who thought peace was at hand. The United States takes delight in forcing Arab states to give in without even 'requesting' Israel to soften its attitude.

The U.S. has forced Egypt to roll back its nuclear program. It wants a "nuclear free" Middle East. But the "free zone" applies to the Arab states. Israel has over 200 nuclear bombs which it will use with impunity. 

Aid to those states that hailed the peace accords has yet to come.

Rising resentment by the Arabs on the U.S. policies are not even being considered by U.S. politicians who are bending over backwards to please the Israelis.

1996 is an election year. Clinton and Gore know this. So does the Republican Party and Dole fired the first shot by promising to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist state.

Other Arab states are being asked to relax their economic boycott of Israel.

The U.S. talks of 'menace' to the Middle East. It talks of containing states in the region. It talks of "threats" which many Arabs think are imaginary and are only a cover for U.S. motives which are to appease the Zionist lobby in the United States and Israel.

The road to the White House goes through Tel Aviv, said an Arab. This may sound cynical but past experiences have proved it right.

What the Arabs fear now is that the United States and Israel have a plan for the general containment of the Arab world.

God help us.

  Category: Life & Society  Values: Peace
Views: 1730

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