A virtual Hajj experience for So Cal Muslims

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Screenings of "Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta" hosted by IslamiCity will be showing at the California Science Center IMAX on December 10 & 11, 2011.

Today, one can go to Mecca in a few hours from anyplace in the world. In the past, most Muslims had to fulfill strict conditions in order to make the journey. In effect, they had to be prepared for death.

This IMAX film capsulates the eighteen month journey it took Ibn Battuta to travel from Morocco to Mecca, the beginning of the travel adventures of his life from 1325-1326.

IMAX, is a leading entertainment technology that specializes in creating immersive motion pictures. This immersive movie experience is capable of taking viewers up close and personal to places they may never have an opportunity to visit -- from the highest mountain of the world to the deepest part of the sea and to the outer boundaries of space. Recreating the ancient journey of Hajj which continues till today as the longest running congregation of humans annually on planet earth, is definitely a unique experience for the medium.

The film is produced by SK Films and  Cosmic Picture in association with National Geographic. Jonathan Barker the CEO of SK Films who produced this film is one of Canada's most experienced film and television industry executives and a world leader in producing and distributing Giant Screen 3D and 2D films. Mr. Barker has been responsible for the production and distribution of some of the most successful 3D films of all time, including Bugs! and Into the Deep.

In the IMAX presentation of Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta, viewers will have the opportunity to follow the travels of Ibn Battuta, the famous traveler whose journeys are documented in the Rihla of Ibn Battuta. Originally setting out only to complete the Hajj (the Pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca), Ibn Battuta did not return home until 29 years later. Among the places he visited are West Africa, Spain, India, and China, and many places in between, spanning some 75,000 miles -- three times more than Marco Polo.

For people who have never been to Mecca, this is virtually the closest they can get to the Kaaba without actually going there in person. The film will be a special educational experience for people who have had the opportunity to go on the pilgrimage in the past or will be making the pilgrimage in the future.

Viewers will get a rare glimpse into Islamic civilization of that period as they "travel" along with Ibn Battuta, with sweeping recreated scenes of the famous Damascus Hajj caravan, culminating in breathtaking footage of the Kaaba and the Hajj as it is today.

People of all Abrahamic faiths will get a unique insight into the history of Hajj that celebrates our common bond.

Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Hajj, Makkah (Mecca), Muslims
Views: 12185

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Older Comments:
Ibn Batuta was a great visitor in the world. He was a pious muslim also.Many years ago he perform HAJJ in the Holy City of MACCA. We should remember and honour him alongwith all Muslim scolars.
Now a days Muslims are not aware of ISLAM and the worldwide deep conspiracy against Islam. Now our rich muslims perform Hajj in a few days. It is not so difficult and longer.
We wish the Muslim will aware of thier religion and International legal rights.
As-Salam to all Muslim community.

What needs to be shared is the principiles of Islam for all mankind
not for any particular group. I get the impression that most African-American muslims in general feel some what distant from the immigrant muslims when i see them at the functions and vice versa maybe we need to share the many cultures in Islam and their contributions. I am a Muslim because of Allah not because i want to be an Arab,Indian etc. i like the culture,music and food. However i love my own culture and look forward to experiencing the best of both. The best culture in the end will be he who is the most humble in the eye sight of Allah learn to work together for sake of Allah. Did Muhammad say I saw the foot steps of Billah before my own leading to Jennah there are signs for those who see. WE have so much to work for and with in America for the cause of Islam JUST DO IT for the sake of Allah to gain His Favor.

Allhumdullah Great effort

I have read about Ibn Battuta and others who have crossed to Spain

I love to see the movie and how I can get the copy , from where i can purchase


We could not understand the type of sacrifice our elders in Deen did in spreading this true message of Islam from East to West North to South until it spread all over the world .Although this is only a Film depicting the kind of hardship they had to endure in action while the actors where only acting but at least it gave us a bit of understanding or a clue of the sacrifice undertaken by our ancestors.May Allah have mercy on all of them.This reminds me of my Brother Haji Aula (Rahimallahu Alaihi) he left us here in UK with the intention of going to Nigeria and from there he proceeded on Hajj with a group from Lagos.Allahu Akbar Allah accepted him and he passed away in the best City of Mecca after performing all the rituals of Hajj this year he was just buried on Monday.So life of this Duniya is nothing but only illusion so we should all prepare to go and meet our Creator by praying Allahumma ja'al Khaira umuri Akhirahu Wa Khaira amali khawatimahu Wa Khaira ayyami yauma Alqaka fihi, "O Allah make my last part of life be the best and my last amal the best amal and make my best Day the Day I meet you.Alhamdu Lillahi Haji Aula sacrificed all his life especially the last part in Daawa here in UK and Nigeria and he made his last amaal as Hajj May Allah accept him and accept us and the entire Ummah Amen.