Getting into the Hajj spirit

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For those of us not going to Hajj this year, it's easy to dismiss the journey of a lifetime. 

After all, we aren't rushing to make travel plans, secure a visa, pack and master the rituals of this fifth pillar of Islam all in less than a month. So, it's easy to ignore the excitement of those going.

But we non-Hajjis can swing into the Hajj spirit too, and we should. We must always remember that one day, when our health and finances are in the right shape, we too must make this journey to the House of God. 

Here are a couple of ideas:

Help a Hajji

There's so much to do and so little time before leaving for Hajj. Any help you can offer a family member or friend about to make Hajj will be welcome. You can offer to make phone calls to various travel groups, cook or baby-sit so the pilgrim-to-be can pack, run errands for them or come up with a list of items they need to take with them. Ask them how you can be of most help.

Read/watch/learn about Hajj

When it comes to prayer and fasting, we tend to know much more about these pillars of the faith than Hajj. Most of us tend to put off finding more until we actually go. But who knows how long you have before going, so why wait? If books aren't your thing, find a video, an audio CD, a CD-rom or a DVD that can give you the basics.

You can and should also read travel accounts and diaries of those who have gone for Hajj. Their insights provide a more personal perspective of the journey. 

Throw a party!

What better way to get into the spirit than to hold a party in honor of the person going for Hajj? This is also a great way to get kids interested in the topic of Hajj. It will also provide some much-needed relief from the stress before going to the pilgrim-to-be.

You can also hold a bash after your friend/family member returns as an official "Hajji."

Ask them to remember you in their Duas

Knowing that someone's praying for you at the House of God will no doubt help you remember Hajj. But don't just say the standard, "remember me in your Duas." Try to ask for at least one specific thing they can ask for on your behalf. Whether it's a job, a child, passing a difficult class or a better relationship with your spouse, remember that only God can grant us what we need and want. And what better place to ask than the House of God?

Arrange to give a presentation about Hajj to your or your child's class or at a local community center

One of the best ways to retain information is to teach it. Perhaps this is why the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, The best of you are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others (Al-Bukhari).

Arrange with your teacher, your child's teacher or your local community center to organize a brief lecture/workshop on Hajj. The aim is to familiarize both Muslims and non-Muslims about this pillar of Islam, as well as to share the common Abrahamic heritage the Muslims, Jews and Christians. Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, and his family are the main characters in the story of Hajj. 

Read the Prophet's Last Sermon

The Prophet Muhammad's last sermon was offered on the occasion of the only Hajj he ever performed in his lifetime. Peace and blessings be upon him. Read the sermon not only for the wisdom it offers, but also, try to close your eyes and picture yourself there, with the thousands of other Muslims who were.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Hajj
Views: 7111

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Older Comments:
Let us just perform the Hajj, and hope for the Rahmah from ALLAH. Let the performers of the hajj knows whats it like to be putting on the same attire as all their brethern around. No rich, no poor, no wealthy barons or high officials, no paupers or rich landlords, all are equal in the eyes of GOD, each asking for HIS Rahmah and Baraqah.

Ask also for ALLAH Forgiveness and Mercy. Let also the spirit of being in one ummah be prevalent all the time. Let us not just know and understand the sacrifice of Abraham ( Abraham, peace be upon him ) and the faithfulness of Ishmael ( a.s ) but let this Abrahamic spirit of complete submission to ALLAH be alive in all of us, in our hearts and manifested in our deeds.

Let then drink the zam zam, and be reminded how Hajar had sought the mercy of ALLAH, and that how these came from the right foot of Prophet Ishmael ( a.s )

Hajj is a journey of a lifetime and I pray that ALLAH will grant HIS Rahmah to all Muslims that perform this 5th. obligation of Islam, this year and season.

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There is no reward for an accepted Hajj except Jannah (Paradise) as clearly mentioned in a Hadith .Subhanallah.So if a person is so lucky
that his Hajj has been accepted he or she is should consider himself or herself so fortunate in both Duniyah and Akhirah.What else do we need?
You know money cannot buy Jannah so now Hujjaj whose Hajj is accepted are given busharah of Jannah how fortunate are they.May He make us among those given busharah of Jannah.
That is why it is said immediately if a person comes back from Hajj ask him to make Dua for you as he is forgiven.Unfortunately due to greed and love of duniya and material possession if our brother or sister comes back all we ask is wether he or she has brought some material possession for us.One of the best way of getting into the Spiritual aspects of Hajj is to reflect at the actual reward itself which the Hujjaj may get.Due to their barkah we also get blessings not only gaining from their dua but also the Zamzam Water that they may have brought and the dates of Madinah.Eventhough we can buy these articles (zamzam and Madinah dates) anywhere but it should not be forgotten that these things were brought freshly from the Haramain.So they are so blessed and Allah treats us according to our expectations as said in Hadith without any doubt.But unfortunately directly or indirectly we are so much absorbed and concerned with the material aspects of Hajj rather than the spiritual aspects of it which should immediately be revived.May Allah give us Taufiq to revive this spirit by following the ways of Rasulullah who was the best model and did his Hajj once in his life time.
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