How the Bible Led Me to Islam

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How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - Joshua Evans

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Me before Islam [start time 01:10]
-Me as a christian
-My family was extremely conservative
Sunday school [start time 03:00]
Me at the youth services [start time 05:00]
Me reading the bible [start time 11:00]
The bible claims Noah was an alcoholics [start time 12:41]
The bible claims that Lut's daughters seduced him [start time 14:56]
The bible claims that David is an Adulterer, and Murderer [start time 16:35]
Me reading the new Testament [start time 23:59]
-The bible is full of Monotheism
-An implicit statement can not override an explicit statement
Why the crucifixion? [start time 27:28]
A Christian Professor from Bob Jones University shock my faith [start time 31:34]
Me looking at other religions [start time 35:44]
Me getting into a Car Accident [start time 38:10]
Robbed on gun point? [start time 41:18]
Me becoming an agnostic [start time 44:13]
Me reading about Islam [start time 45:22]
-Me meeting a Muslim
-Me going to mosque
Me in the mosque [start time 51:27]
The Imam doing the Friday Sermon [start time 52:29]
Friday sermon was about not despairing from the mercy of Allah [start time 54:28]
The congregation standing up for prayer [start time 56:00]
Me reading the Quran [start time 58:00]
Me accepting Islam [start time 1:02:27]
There are millions looking for the truth [start time 1:03:02]
Islamic Finance & Islamic Real estate [start time 1:04:21]
-Islam is the solution
Spread the cure! [start time 1:09:54]
-Don't put a bucket on your candle
Conclusion [start time 1:17:02]

Published on Sep 9, 2009

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Videos
  Topics: Bible, Converts, New Muslims  Channel: My Journey To Islam
Views: 4871

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