Mandatory Arabic Classes Planned For Some Texas Schools

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A Texas school district is planning to make classes in Arabic and Arab culture mandatory for students in some schools.

Two Schools in the Mansfield Independent School District will incorporate Arabic culture into every aspect of the curriculum. Students in two other schools in the district will have the option to pursue similar studies.

The district was awarded a $1.3 million grant by the Department of Education last summer as part of the Foreign Language Assistance Program. The Department of Education has identified Arabic, along with Mandarin, as 'languages of the future' and the school district said that "students will be at an advantage in an increasingly diverse and economically global society."

Some parents expressed concern at a meeting that took place on Monday night, saying that they had not been made aware of the proposals earlier.

"It's a porterhouse steak that's been served up on a trashcan lid," said parent Mark Henderson. "We love the idea; we just want to be sure we're involved in its development."

Some parents had concerns that Islam would be included in the curriculum, but an official stressed that the curriculum would not be about religion, but about Arabic language and culture.

Source: The Huffington Post - Mark Hanrahan

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Arabic  Values: Education
Views: 3360

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Older Comments:
Relax. Stop rejoicing. The school board has already bowed down to the rebellion among parents and have postponed its implemention.

Communal hysteria & Fear are often caused by ignorance e.g. MEMRI, (the Zionist ex-military Psy-ops media propagandists) claiming that Arabs say one thing in Arabic & another in English. This will help remove the Middle Man.

Alhamdulillah & congratulations to the bright future & a great step forward in real education to this school District. Our best wishes & prayers are with them for the Brilliant use of this grant money. Rest of the schools should follow them in this great education plan for world peace.

Good Luck. It will start a revolt among the 'uninvolved' parents, when 'Islamoophobists' take hold of it. It will make even univolved people "Islamophobists". And pretty soon, the fire will spread throughout the country.

Remember, the Oklahoma amendment which muslims opposed? The effect is being felt nationwide slowly and slowly. Well, now it has gone to 14 other states in various forms; will the other 36 states (and District of Columbia) be left behind?. Even Wyoming is considering it and it has literally no muslims in its population.

As I said earlier, Good Luck.

Introducing arabic and arab culture to some schools in texas is a sign of progress for that community in term of peace. Is also an opportunity for the who are muslim and non muslim to understand the basic teachings of the natural religion i.e islam