Bittersweet end

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Its that bittersweet feeling again. You know, the one where you look forward to celebrating Eid-ul-fitr with friends and family, but at the same time are saddened to see the blessed month of Ramadan come to an end.

I cannot wait for it to start up again next year insha'Allah. I pray that Allah blesses me with the ability to witness another Ramadan when I don't have any school so that I can devote all my time and effort into making the most out of this blessed month. Of course, school is not an excuse!

I often find myself rationalizing my inability to attend taraweeh because of my exam or homework next day with the idea that there is always next year. Subhan'Allah how naive. When these thoughts creep into my mind I quickly remind myself of my friend who is battling cancer and the two friends of mine that shockingly passed away earlier this year. They too were young, they too probably thought that they would live to see Ramadan again. How shortsighted we are.

I am reminded of something I heard this Ramadan, during a program on the last ten days where the Sheikh said, 'if you live to see the morning, don't expect to see the evening, and if you live to see the evening, don't expect to see the next morning.' How true it is, yet how many of us really think like this?

I really just wanted to wish you all Eid Mubarak! Lets all make dua that Allah blesses us with the ability to witness another Ramadan.

Adapted from Farewell Ramadan by Hijaabifiedbeauty

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured
  Topics: Ramadan
Views: 3089

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assalamo alaykom, thanks a lot for sharing such a lovely ideas, i loved ur article a lot ma sha'aa LLAH. May Allah bless u. amin
assalamo alaykom

As a muslim we have to remind our selves so as the Muemin person can benefit from your good suggestions.You have mentioned mostly what we all young ones always come up with an excuse not to do the right things. success can come with out some effort and sacrifice.Let Allah give us the Tawfic to perform our dity as muslim.Time to pray and ask Allah to guide us in the right pazz.