Ramadan will begin on August 22, 2009

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According to the Fiqh Council of North America:

1st of Ramadan will be on Saturday, August 22, 2009 

1st of Shawwal (Eid Al-Fitr) will be on Sunday, September 20, 2009

A number of Muslim countries also announced Thursday night that the fasting month will start on Saturday after their legal moon sighting panels failed to prove the beginning of the holy month on Friday. Among these are, Palestinian territories, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq. 

Muslims in Turkey and the Balkans will be starting Ramadan on Friday, August 21, 2009. Pakistan and some other countries are expected to start Ramadan on August 23, 2009.

Some mosques and communities may observe different criteria for determining the start of the lunar month. Please confirm with your local moon-sighting authorities to determine when to start Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem to all!

We wish all believers the best blessings of Ramadan. May Allah accept all our worship and may He help us rejuvenate our faith. May He help all of us share in the joy of this month with our family, friends and neighbors.

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured
  Topics: Ramadan
Views: 9635

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Older Comments:
Salaamu alaikum brs and srs,

Political psychopath Muammar Al-Qadafi decides to break with Muslim Tradition and started Ramadan on Friday:(

Basically this political freak decided to declare yawm shak (day of doubt) Which is the last day of Sha'baan as 1st day of Ramadan.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Muslim scolars declare fasting on Yawm Shaq as HARAAM!

Hasbia Allahu wa ni'ma lwakeel

Thank God we have started this very day(22-aug). Allahamdulilah

Salaamu alaikum,

You missed Morocco my friend.

Ramadan starts in Morocco today Aug 22nd.

Ramadan Mubaarak

glory be to allah dat makes us to see d begining of dis month may he accept as an act of ibadah.amen

Ramadan Kareem: Alhamdu LiLLahiRobil aalameem. Thanks be to Allah The almighty who counted us among those that witness this year Ramadan. ramadan Kareem to all Muslim in the world.

Alhamdu Lillahi this is the first time in years most of the Muslim Countries are starting Ramadan almost the same time including my Country Nigeria.Ramadan Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters all over the World.