The split within Islam must end

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What is it that makes people slaughter one another in the name of religion? Which among all these warriors can claim the integrity to dictate the terms by which God is to be venerated and who is to be slaughtered in God's name? They call these sects Sunni and Shia. So I ask, which one of these post Prophet innovations called sects did the holy Prophet Muhammad belong to? Which of these slaughters will he approve of, should he come back today? 

We hear in mosques every time the word Bida'a [innovation] which is used to fight anything new we come up with, even if it is positive. So let me ask both, Sunnis and Shias, what are these sects, are they not innovations [Bida'a]? The most dangerous of all innovations which have never united but always divided the house of Islam.

When will those who point fingers at one another, call each other all sorts of names and deny the Islam of one another understand the meaning of these words from the Quran "O you who believe, Let not some men among you ridicule others, it may be that the latter are better than the former. Nor let some women ridicule others, it may be that the latter are better than the former, nor defame nor call each other by offensive nicknames..." (Quran 49:11). We ask the non-Muslim to respect Islam, and rightfully so. Do we ourselves respect Islam? 

Where are the religious leaders of Islam? Why this silence? Where are the Muslims who should protest against the sacrilege that is happening in Muslim countries around the world. Standing before the Holy Ka'aba in Makkah, the Prophet is reported to have told the Ka'abah, 'Oh you sacred Ka'abah, the blood of a human being is more sacred than you'. Do we understand the meaning of these words? 

This split must be done away with and it's time that we learn to co-exist despite whatever dogmatic or historical differences of opinion we might have. We agree on the roots of our faith; that there is a God above us, that Muhammad is His last Prophet, that the Quran is His last testament. We have differences of opinion over the branches. These differences of opinion need not be the cause over which we fight but the diversity of knowledge whose wealth we gain from. God in the Quran says, 'This nation of yours is one nation, and I am your God, so worship Me'. (Quran 21:92)

And as if already addressing the split that will happened later because of the historical difference in the succession of leadership, we are told in the Quran, 'That was a people that has passed, they shall reap the fruits of what they did, and you shall reap the fruits of what you do and neither will you be questioned about what they did'. (Quran 2:134)

Here we are, fourteen centuries later, fighting and killing each other over how it all happened and who was who or who should have been the political leader after the Prophet? Indeed, we will not be questioned "about what they did". But we will certainly be questioned about what we do. 

And what are we doing? Muslim lands are under occupation. Muslim children lack proper schooling, most Muslim countries, despite Muslim wealth, do not even have proper electric generation to light our homes or hospitals to treat our sick or clean water supply to quench our thirst. When earth quakes hit Pakistan or Iran or any other land, Muslims are the least to reach out to those areas with aid. Count the aid that reached the far-east after the Tsunami from Muslim countries. It's shameful. 

The enemy we must fight is within our midst. He is called poverty, mistrust, inequity, illiteracy, injustice, malnutrition, backwardness and so on. This is the real enemy, not Sunni or Shia who are both Muslims. 

It's time we summon the courage to take an introspective view of ourselves, to honestly and sincerely revisit ourselves, both, at the contemporary and historical levels, and to discuss matters in the spirit of Islam. Its time we discuss openly whether we should abolish innovated sects and replace them with original Islam. It is not a shame for us to follow the example of the learned scholars of our middle ages who had the courage to debate matters that we today, in our backwardness consider taboo. 

To serve Islam we must have the ability to discuss issues openly within the spirit and respect that Islam has taught us. It is not Islam that is backward. It is our understanding of Islam that is backward. Islam is the most revolutionary religion and way of thinking. But Islam requires its adherents to be able understand the spirit of its laws as well as the letter. Unless we are able to do that, our benefit from this great religion will be lacking and our ability to take advantage of its flexibility will be lost. 

Islam started among Bedouins in the desert. Islam then integrated other races and ideas and became a great nation and a world power. Islam is still capable of doing that, perhaps more so now with the technology available. The question is, can we measure up to the standard of Islam, or are we still busy reaching for each other's throats in the name of innovated sects.

Abdullah Al Rahim is a Yemeni political writer. He can be contacted at [email protected]

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Islam
Views: 10614

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Older Comments:
I dont agree on calling sunni a sect. It describes people who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, Alayhi salatu wa salaam. As far as bid'ah there is good and bad bid'ah. Isnt a prayer rug bid'ah, minarets, decorating of the mosques, dhikr beads, etc, so i dont agree with labeling all bid'ah bad. thank you

I liked this article very much. It is very reasonable. Indeed, our enemies take every advantage of the split within Islam, events occuring all over the world prove this. Instead of fighting with each other, as we are one Nation we must unite and stay together.

When I was thinking about converting to Islam, I looked up a Mosque online, and now I know that it was a Shia, then I found out about one near my home that was a Sunni. In both the muslims were very kind and their "noor" or light shined through and their characters encouraged me to take my shahada...Masha'Allah this article is very unique in that it reminds me that we are all Muslims by birth & that there is no sects in Islam, instead we all have little shaitons that are happy to report that they have succeeded in dividing families, Our ummah is one of the main attractions to becoming a muslim. People lose their families because of non-religious sects, so Islam cures us from these types of betrayels. I love what Islam has done for me, now I have family all over the world, and while it is not perfect, our Lord, Allah'ta'Allah, is. Insha'Allah I will constantly remind myself through my actions that Islam is real, and religius sects within Islam are the illusions that I wanted to get away from upon becoming a Muslim! Insha'Allah my awareness of Islam and the one true unity that his messengers (peace be upon them) will shine through my future actions!

salam: I think it was the blood of a muslim wasn't, I never heard it to human but i'm not sure, nice pointed article, salam .

Its about time that we reliase that the current differences stems from tribal factors rather than Islamic thsi differences has been faned by those who wish ills for Islam and its followers.
Keep teh good wrds going May Allah support and bless you Ameen

send this excellant and revealing article to the chief SUNNI& SHIA Mullahs in saudia & iran

Sorry the verse i quoted in my comment No. 37821 Q2:108 should have been 2:208. My mistake, pls.

Rabbana la tu akhidhna inna sina...


assalam alaikum,may Allah bless us with the likes of abdullhi so that muslims will look at themselves as muslims not just shi'i or sunni.

assalam alaikum, im very happy with this kind of articles, may Allah bless abdullah for this and give more people that will have time and courage to follow this trend. may allah also bless this website that giv us this oppportunity to have this kind of forum. bissalam.

Bro, your writing confirms my own blief we are our own enemy,pointless to blame the others for demise and malaise of Islam ,inshallah your writing will bring awareness to Ummah so that ultimately tide of change will happen

Very broadminded view of Islam. I admire your guts, I have more or less the same view as you about Islam being a member of a sufi movement preaching non-violence across the world. Muslims should learn from their own actions and not criticise others. In fact we have many shortcomings and we must learn to improve them.

Muslim all over the world most unite and forget our differences no matter what school of thought you belong too.WE are tight under one umbrelle,when one muslim is hurt the whole ummah is hurt.may Allah forgive us and show us the right path to worship him.AMEEN

It is so refreshing to read this article. I could not agree with it more. As we keep on being divided among ourselves many injustices are suffered by the entire ummah, as we think our nationalities or backgrounds or language or sectorial divisions are what matters most (and we use these to criticize each other and feel superior in the eyes of God) we all are in fact weaker, in the eyes of others and I believe in the eyes of God as well. When so much injustice prevails in the land, we have to look on our own failure to overcome differences and look for similarities, our failure to accept other Muslims and our willingness to mix only within our communities as the very cause. If we all unite in acceptance, righteousness, humility, and prayer, all of our lives would dramatically improve. (yes, I think we should be able to pray together, instead of refusing to share a prayer mat).

Well expresed thoughts by brother Abdul rahim;I certainly share his views.
The problem would be - where to start the process of healing? If we are not divided as shias and sunnis, then we are divided on our nationalities; if not nationalities, then our madhabs; if all this is not dividing us we will find other trivial issues!
I find it all very depressing and frustating. I do however feel that education and learning about our history will be a start.

Allah admonishes us in Q2:108 that we should enter Islam compeletly, but we say no, it will be 1 leg in 1 leg out.

He equally admonishes us (in Q3:103) not to split into groups like shi'a, sufi, sunni etc but we say no, split we shall.

Allah equally warn in Q4:150-151, that those that do half baked islam, are the real kuffar!

Now looking at the above do we honestly think we can just put our differences aside and then all will be well thereafter? We will certainly be kidding ourselves. Differing in understanding of issues arising from lack of knowledge is understandable, but even in that Allah has given the medicine in Q4:59 that we turn back to the Quran and ahadith for judgement and reconciliation. But the major problem is where issue of difference occur in aqidah, like in the case of shi'a and even suffism where many authentic ahadith are dismissed. In shi'ism some sahabas even the noble wife Aisha (the mother of the believers) were not spared of abuses. Those that Allah says he has agreed with them. Or in the case of sufi we have the issue of "saint worship" as in tawassul. These type of differences are the real problem. Putting them aside will not help Islam and discussing them as Allah admonishes in 4:59 is a harculian task! Cos those that are bent in major kufr (amongst the learned) hardly they reflect if we we will be truthful with ourselves. So what do we do? As I said, education of our young ones in true aqidah is the only way out. Let us individually and in groups continue to preach tauheed until our young ones see no being is deserving of our worship, but the al-mighty Allah and no human being deserving obedience like the noble prophet (SAW. Any other saying will be judge on the scale of what Allah (SWT) and his prophet (SAW) say. Perhaps we may be able to save next coming generation of the agony of shirk and innovations in the deen.


Allah does not change people until they change themselves. Quran 13:11
Was Islam new. No, because Ibrahim was a Muslim. Islam is proffession of faith in ONE GOD not sects which is a form of kufr. Prayers and other forms of worship are to purify the heart so we become nearer to God, Quran: 26:89. How can He accept a heart that has hatred in it or boasts to be the only right way? How can poison and purity be contained in one container? Believe in ONE GOD and throw away this sunni, shia, christian, jew, etc business. Become a brother/sister unto humanity. It is the begining of this faith. Otherwise live in days of jahilliya/ignorance.

We need more people like the writer to speak up. As a "revert" to Islam. I am saddened by the difference between the truth given to us by Allah (SWT)and the anger and hostility Muslims are so willing to express with each other. Let us stand up and be one.

Peace Be Unto You,

I would like to say that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was neither Sunni or Shia-*remember we are taught from the quran not to divide into sects. Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger sent by Allah. Yes, it is true, we must stop fighting each other.That which belongs to a muslim is regarded as Sacred and precious and valuable.Whether I am black, white, green, yellow, arab, american, etc. I am muslim. Remember in the Prophet's last speech, he said something like this that the only one who is great is the one who is great in piety-meaning his relationship with Allah.When we say that truly our life and our death are all for Allah do we really mean it? I hurt when I hear about how a lot of brethren are fighting each other. We as muslim- are one ummah-one brotherhood. We should not fight each other nor should we aid those who would fight against another brother.-for if we aid those who fight against a brother-then we are kafirs.As your american muslim sister I love you and I therefore am obligated by Allah to tell you the truth. My people the black people of the earth are quickly retuning back to our true religion-ISLAM.Islam is justice, equality and freedom-There is no place on the earth where this exists-not even here in America-You only have peace with Allah (swt).Our once beautiful nation- the US is falling----...It is high time inshallah for an exodus for the believers in Allah (swt)-not necessarily a physical exodus but a mental and spiritual exodus. We as muslims must learn to solve our own problems as well as learning to work together to build our Islamic State. The Sun is rising in the West. We are Allah's slave not slaves to the North, South, East or West, when we learn the true meaning of this, then we will be in full submission. As Muslims, we should consider the Gold Dinar-which is very valuable, our American dollar is not backed up by anything.-Let him who hears let him understand.

ignorance is the only reason that can be sacribed
to attack on a amuslim by a fellow muslim,too often those who are ready to insult and aasualt fellow muslims for merely possesing a dfferent opinon do not understand islam,for we are as muslim generally agree in most cases the core values and beliefs in islam iirespective of our sect.

As-salam alaikun,honestly,you"ve written well and i complete concure with your write-up.Muslim need to forget the difference within themselves and work towards making islam greater instead of working on division called sect and call each other kafir.nedless to repeat your article,in the part of the country where i come from, islam is lacking behind in education and in health sector,this in my opinion,muslim need to deploy thier resources to and excell as muslim in the first generation did.

Certainly, I agree with the article. Let's not be hypocritical of the reality that we often see what others did wrong and we forgot that there many inadequacies and wrongdoings we have been doing. The Holy Prophet said "if you cannot say something good, keep your mouth shut".

Islam is the fastest growing religion of the era, but ironically Muslims kill more than the newly converted Muslims...

masha'Allah. This article almost made me cry. These words have been taken from my mind and heart and implanted here. Our muslim community(shi'a and sunni) need to wake up and realize what we are doing to ourselves? Enough of this emotionalism and hatred, enough of this division and agony. We read the Quran but we have the audacity to call eachother kafirs or that eachother's prayers are not accepted. We will never see change unless we accept eachother for who we truly are: brothers and sisters united under the banner of Islam. Everyone has differences of opinion, there is nothing wrong with that, however, differences do not mean division! I sincerely pray and hope that we learn to love one another. Take that step. If there is hate and mistrust in your heart (God-forbid) towards other muslims, take the time to work towards it's removal. salaamo alaikum.

Salaamu Alaiykum

The article raised good points concerning unity among the muslims. But the question really is, unity around what? Should we unify upon Bida, shirk?

"Do not be like the Mushrikeen, those who differed in their religion and were Shia', each party rejoicing in that which it posessed". Allah, subhanuhu wa ta'alaa, not only forbade us from differing but compared those who become groupp (Shia) and parties (Hizb) to the Mushrikeen, such is the severity of the warning.

But again, differing from what?

"Islam will divide into 73 sects, each one in the fire except one...that which I and my companions are upon."

"The forerunners, foremost from the Muhaajirun and the Ansar, and thoe who follow them in good, Allah is pleased with them, and they with Allah. Allah has prepared for them river underneath which rivers flow. They will dwell therein forever. That is the great success." So Allah and his Messenger ordered us to unite upon the way of the Sahaabah and those who follow them, and return to His speech and the speech of the Prophet, sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam, every time.

"But no, by your lord they do not beleive until they make you the judge in all of their disputes between them..."

So unity comes when we return to the methodology of the companions, their manhaj, Aqeedah and Akhlaaq in all dealings, then the victory will come.

"That which will correct the end part of this ummah will be that which corrected the first part" Imaam Malik ibn Anas, rahimahullah

yes,i am agree with this comment that the split within islam must end.

salams again
The splits are unfortuate. The muslim nation needs to establish a United States of Islam where all Muslim contries (approx. 52)are member states under one law, a single currency "deenaar", and one foreign policy. Let us remeber how did King Nuruddin establish a Sharia compliant system and then his deputy the famous Salahuddin Ayubi (May Allah bless him) freed Masjid Aqsa. In Nuruddin's day the Muslim world consisted of city states, each prince was rich and dressed in jewels, Salahuddin started wearing cotton; drunken soldiers used to roam the streets, he disciplined them;he set the ball rolling for subsequent unification of Baghdad and syria, Salahuddin added Egypt and then it was easy to focus on Al-Quds,(Salahuddin was even more religious than king Nuruddin). After the Palestine was taken by the British in the 20th century, the British set the Kurds up to be slaughtered by Muslim countries themselves in Iraq, Turkey and Iran; what was their crime? English don't like them because 1000 years earlier the Salahuddin (Kurd Sultaan of the Muslims) defeated the English King Richard!!!we should all be proud of the Kurdish nation for producing such a person.

The basis for my indifference is because the core problem has a lot to do with peoples' individual inability to go beyond the concept of 'ME.' People often go through their entire lives thinking about "I want," "I desire," everything is about ME, MYSELF, and life, my needs, everything is ME, MINE. As a result, this mindset filters through to all other thought processes and agendas. Since everyone is an individual with their own ideologies of what "I want," and what "I believe," from there, everyone else becomes wrong. The EGO tells the individual everyone else is wrong, they have to be. This is the root and the fundamental reason why there are so many sociological problems including disagreement with regard to religion. There is no respect for what "WE" want, when the only purpose is to serve "ME."

I strongly agree with the writer. These senseless killings must stop. Islam is one, and these divisions were created by the devil to create disunity among the ummah. May Allah in his infinite mercy reconcile the muslims, and unite us once again.

I agree totally with your point of view and hope that many instructed and open minded muslims can share this opinion. god bless you


This article is definitely one of the best i have read till date. It does not beat around the bush but exactly pin points to the existrnt problems in the current islamic scenario with a bold stepping.

If taken seriously by the readers, this article is bound to make a difference in atleast a few families and lead them to the right path.

I am a shiah muslim myself, but i never really understood the reasons behind these so called differences in the varied sects among us...

When i was quite young my elders told me that islam is liked by many because muslims are all treated equally. but as i grew up i realised that this 'equality' is not materialistic... its more like a belief... but non existent...

i wish this article helps all the muslims, including me, to overcome the hinderances effectively...


O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority; and if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the messenger if ye are (in truth) believers in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more seemly in the end.(Quraan 4:59)

But those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, we shall soon admit to Gardens, with rivers flowing beneath,- their eternal home: therein shall They have companions pure and holy: we shall admit them to shades, cool and ever deepening. (Quraan 4:115)

Forbidden unto you (for food) are carrion and blood and swine flesh, and that which hath been dedicated unto any other than Allah, and the strangled, and the dead through beating, and the dead through falling from a height, and that which hath been killed by (the goring of) horns, and the devoured of wild beasts, saving that which ye make lawful (by the death stroke), and that which hath been immolated unto idols. And (forbidden is it) that ye swear by the divining arrows. This is an abomination. This day are those who disbelieve in despair of (ever harming) your religion; so fear them not, fear Me! This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favor unto you, and have chosen for you as religion AL- ISLAM. Whoso is forced by hunger, not by will, to sin: (for him) lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.(Quraan 5:3)


Assalam Alekum
we are feeling frustrated ever since the Ottoman Province of Egypt was taken over by Napolean, Muslim power for the first time got threatened in such a way and we still haven't recovered from that blow according to Muslim historians. After that military defeat the Ottoman Empire started to take ideas from the Christendom for improving their military and other things such as education. The result was subsequent occupation of more Muslim territory by Europe, now physically we are independent but economically we are dependent. We need to decrease our Economic dependence on the West, just like US politicians wish to stop their relyance on "foreign oil" According to Hadith we are not allowed to take money from a non muslim, and according to the famous Hadith Muslim umma will be divided into 73 sects or groups. There is a thing called predestination and we can't overcome it not matter how hard we try.

Yes, there is a need of a unity among the muslims and I greatly admire by your artile and request all of our political leaders and scholars to come forward eliminate our differences and to diversify our minds to serve our community in the best possible manner.

Just fighting for our ego, I think is not the right way, we should do something atleast now.



It is time to put these differences aside and join together as one Uma for the sake of Allah. How can we be an example to mankind if we can't come together as one. This separtion is the main issue in other religious sects. As Long as we beleive that there in No God but Allah and Muhammad(pbuh) is the last messenger of Allah we are on the same page. Lets put together are similarities and put aside our differences. The One true Goal is to tell the world about Allah and put our petty differences aside. This World is but a temporary abode..

Dear Abdulla AlRahim,
Assalamalykum, Happy to know that some people like you are still existing in this World who are really Positive thinkers, Understood Islaam with Open mind and are really Worried about the present picture of Islaam in Todays world. I wish and pray for your health and Ideas to brighten up grow in this World. As it is the need of the Hour and we dont need leaders but the only an Introspection like this will help us to spread the Right Message in Right way and in Right Direction. Hope everybody understands this. Ameen

Although I agree 100% with the frustrations of this author, I have to admit I am rather new to 'the Deen' and form my opinion on a small amount of historical knowledge of Sunnis and Shiites. However, my limited studies of Islam has not prepared me for the headlines I read and hear regarding Muslims killing Muslims. It's heartbreaking! At the risk of sounding pessimistic, the problem seems so big that I wonder if Sunnis and Shiites will ever be able to see each other as simply Muslims.

I have heard all kinds of explanations for what is going on, but so far it all ends up sounding like senseless violence. I pray Allah (SAW) will forgive my ignorance and increase my knowledge.

Assalam mu alaikum!

This is one of the most dynamic and straight-to-
the point articles I have read regarding our deen.
Thank you so much for the clear expression of my
own thoughts and opinions. Jazakullah

M. J. FROM USA said:
Good points, however I would argue that lack of education is a
key driver in the downfall of the ummah. Illiteracy, while by no
means a good thing, is perfectly acceptable as witnessed by our
beloved nabi (PBUH) - improper education is not! As Alvin Toffler
most poignantly stated, "The illiterate of the 21st century will
not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot
learn, unlearn, and relearn." We muslims need to learn to think
strongly for ourselves and not turn to others for to think and act
for us.

JazakAllah our brother for the plain,honest truth that alot of muslims don't want to think about nowadays. we (muslims)rather look for the wrongs in each other rather than the common goodness and purity of our religion.
May Allah unite our Ummah.....ameen

one commentator mentioned zaid shakir, siraj wahaj, etc. these
are all Sunni types - and have never done anything to build Shi'a
Sunni brotherhood that the article is discussing.... zaid shakir's
zaytuna institute is purely for Sunnis only, if a Shia goes to
Zaytuna institute he or she is treated with disdain. This is not
official Zaytuna policy, but is implicit in the way you will be
treated by those who attend that institution.

If you want to make change you need to start taking names, and
really talking about what these so-called Muslim leaders,
shaykhs, Imams and so on have done? The reality is that they
have precious little - and are at times fanning sectarianism
through the kinds of nonsense they talk about Shias. The
American Muslim scene is full of anti-Shia sectarianism by the
Wahabbi types, and now by the so-called Traditional types lead
by Imam Zaid Shakir and Imam Hamza Yusuf - and his students
who are all over the internet.

This is what they say about Shias: oh yeah, they are Muslims, but
they are a bunch of fools with idiotic beliefs - that is the kind of
"unity" you people want to build?!!! Come one - get with the
program and respect your Shia and Sunni brothers beliefs - and
don't talk trash about them!

There should be no sects in Islam, I agree.

I want to know plz tell me why we r divideing our self We r msulims so what is sunni and wahbi and salafi so plz stoip calling ur self with these words plz we r msulims our Allah and our Prophet give us this one name WE all r Msulims

Alhamdulilha very fine article we need like this writers + bold speakers on media every muslim must understand this

Jazakallahikhair for a wise and enlightening article on a very important matter. May the Muslims world wake up and unite. May we work to not only improve the conditions of the Muslims but of all the oppressed and poverty stricken people who are living under very hard conditions.

Alhamdu li-llah!!! We should ALL learn from this. In the US, we have Min. Farrakhan, Imam Zaid, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, and Imam Mohammed, as well as countless others, who set a beautiful example of what brotherhood truly is! May Allah bless us to find what they have in the entire world!

I am 100% for it. Mr. Al Rahim brought up excellent point. The differences are in the pass leaderships not now. We all belleive in the same God, Allah and all his profets. The holy Quran, which we all belleive, is exactly the same as reveiled to our holy profet and this is the most blessing Allah gave us. A true and exact words af Allah is in our hands. All we have to do just understand it and follow it.

Thank you for this nice reminder,may Allah bring tolerrance,love and understanding into our hearts.

JazakumAllah Brother, We need one Ummah and we have to STOP this division for the sake of Islam, We are all follower of Prophet Muhammed and his Ahlulbait PBUH and should follow their teaching,

I forgot to add one thing in my last post. Regarding unity amongst Muslims. THis may seem heretic but, perhaps if zillions of Muslims let slide the cartoons about Mohammed (pbuh) and changed all that angry energy into HELPING their poor sisters and brothers in Sudan and Iraq and to FIX things instead of being distracted by the smaller things, the situation of Muslims around the globe would begin to improve. Instead of burning, rioting and making more bad press for Muslims, DO GOOD for your Brothers and Sisters! Allah needs us to HELP.. he certainly does not need us to defend his reputation. Allah is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He wants us to take care of OURSELVES to make a better world for us all.

I am a New Revert to Islam. In the beginning I thought all Muslims had a far vision of the world and behaved according to the QUr'an in its pure state. Now I find that the Islamic world distorts the words of Allah as much as the Christian did, to meet their own various political ends. My question is, if the Qur'an is such a perfect book, why is there still fighting. Why? It is not the book, it is imperfect humankind. The Universal Creator brought us a PURE religion, a PURE way, on a PURE new planet, through prophet Adam. Over the millenia, humankind has fallen in on itself, in the process despoiling itself and the planet, and we face collapse of our planet, everything we hold dear. Islam is being used as one of many vehicles to advance this horrible cause. Please, Brothers and SIsters, go beyond these MAN MADE schisms and return to the PURE word, the PURE intent of the Creator. Stop destroying yourselves and take that hatred and turn it to love as the Creator would prefer. I have the incredible luxury of being Muslim in a country where I do not have to choose "sides" and see the PURE state of belief as Allah intended. Thank you for verbalizing what I think and feel.

As salaamu 'alaykum,
What is our reality?It is not only the name of a sect, it is the ideology of the same that deviates from ONE PATH that leads to Allaah.For example:take Qadariyyah-their belief:Allaah did not create the actions of the servants nor did He decree acts of disobedience,and Allaah's refuge is sought from what they utter.So you go to such person and you call them to the truth with proof and you call them to repent,yet they won't hear you,they persist in their deviated belief.How do we unite as such?Do we unite for the mere sake of unity or do we unite for the sake of Allaah,meaning upon the truth.By Allaah there can only be one truth amongst many falshoods,but this truth will not be recognized unless we go back to the Qur'an and the Sunnah(yes both) and unless we examine the lives and sayings of the best generations of Muslims and unite upon THAT.By Allaah I do not wish to unite with someone who, even when the clear proofs are given to him, still turns away arrogantly in his deviance.So I ask those who call for unity,what means do we take in achieving this?Do we unite with those who say the Noble Qur'an is created?How about those who say who ever commits a major sin is no longer a muslim so his blood is lawfull?How about those who say Jannah and Jahannam are not forever, r those who do not consider People of the Book to be disbelievers?Rasulullaah saws said that all with enter Jannah except those who refuse.When he was asked who are those who could possibly refuse, he answered whoever does not follow his guidance, such has refused.
It is truth that a man uttered that the enemy from within is worse than the enemy from outside.Why?Because we are aware from the enemy from outside and thus can protect ourselves, but the enemy from within is such that it corrupts Islam from within.Think about that.Muslims can not unite and will not unite unless they say what the early muslims would say:We hear and we obey".

Good artical on the basic principal of Islam to make us one Ummah again. If all of us stick to the last message of our beloved prophet (PBUH) in Arafat which commanded us to follow Islam through Quran and pratice of prophet (PBUH), we will never go astray. This will only happen by doing actions as Prophet (PBUH) did in his time.

Our Brother tried to express what I may consider his sincere views on "the way forward" but unfortunately he has the gun. In Islam the pre requisite for speaking is knowledge. U don't speak about a thing unless u have a full knowledge of it. If Our Brother knows the hadith of the Rasul(sallallahu alaihi wasallam) where the he said the one who lives long among the Sahaaba will see a lot of divisions and it is upon him to stay with the jama'ah. In another hadith he said the muslim Ummah will split into 73 different sects, so the spiltting is inevitable but the solution is to be with the firqatun naajiya (the saved sect) and that is what the Rasul(sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and his companions (radiallahu anhum ajma'in) were upon.

assalaamu Alaikum: 'So near...yet so far away!' Is the Quraan
complete or not, ask the Shia? What has Prophet Muhammad-saw
said about those who condemn his Companions? Did he-saw
punish himself as the Shia do? 'So near...yet so far away!'

assalaam ale kum
dear brothers and sisters we are not going to join together until we know how to do it, we know our differences and similarities but what to do with it? we want our scholors , leaders , and brave people to find ways to join together but we simply dont do it, we are still blaming each other, and the author of this article did the same, we need solutions not theories. we need a leader who can meet with all the leaders of the muslim community to sit and talk in a same room at a single time. if i was the king of saudia arabia i would have called every leader from the muslim country's to have a meeting and i would kidnap them until they agree with me that we are one ummah( kidnapping means i will not leave the meeting until everybody agress) its enough and too much. well some might say why dont you do it? well atleast i am thinking about it and if allah wills i will do it someday. people we need ideas and solutions and not some ifs and why. and if u have some solutions please write it and its not worth it to agree or disagree with this authors.

Surely, we should not make conflicts within ourselves but you cannot be blind and not look at external causes. Causes rooted mainly from the West.

Muslims ONLY problem is faith (IMAN) in Allah s.w.t and Muhammad s.a.w. What is faith? Lailah hailallah Muhammad darasulullah, No God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger. IMAN is also total conviction to the Qudrat and Iradat of ONLY Allah s.w.t and total obedience to the Sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w.

What are the traits of a Mukmin? What are signs of IMAN? There is a Hadith depicting the 77 traits of a Mukmin and many verses in the Quran on the traits of a Mukmin. In short, a Mukmin loves another Muslim more than themselves. This is the key, missing. No love because of no iman or fake iman.

Today, 98% of this ummat are Munafiqs. Wghat can we expect from Munafiqs? On Shia and Sunnis, one must learn how Shia started and who instigate the creation of Shiism.

I rest my case.

Salaam, I would agree with all you say, except the name of the enemy. I would prefer to address him as 'Self-righteousness'. Poverty,mistrust, malnutrition,injustice,inequity, illetracy are mere consequeces of our failure. But the cause of failure is nothing abt self righteousness.

It is very difficult to say shites also muslims among our 'enlightened' muslim brothers. If we bring up shites adherence islamic monothestic call, they would produce their sins as a excuse to demonize them.

Self righteousness induces secterian thoughts and it is pity still rampant among us. Sunni is better than shite, and among sunni each fiqhi school considered they are better. Dont they know, it is ALLAH's right to judge who is on the right path ?

Dear Brother - this is exactly what all Muslims need to do - face the truth and stop making more divisions among the ummah. The ignorance that our prophet eliminated is the same that permeates our society. Hunger for power, money, pride and arrogance is our problem. Muslims should truly live by the credo "fear none but Allah". If you are not afraid of anything then the truth will be faced and we will progress. Islam truly presents the best and true path to Allah and his blessings. Keep up forcing "US" to persevere to find the truth and live a truly Islamic life

Salaam to all believing men and women

It is recorded that the prophet,pbuh, would have said,"Al-Qaum hu al-ism thani il-Shaytan",roughly translated,'Nationalim is Satan's second identity.' I believe that the so called national liberation struggles for independence(from whom?) of different Muslim nations including the Arabs marked the beginning of the Islamic downfall in the ME and Asia. How could you fight your Muslim brother and call it liberation? The Ottoman Khalifat was deseased and due to collapse because of the much corruption in their governace, but aiding the Brits and the French in their war to disintegrate it and thus lay the terrain for the formation of Israel was wrong and stupid from the side of the Arabs to fall for the Western lies. The Ottoman khaliphat aught to be fought from within, without outside intervention and Arab betrayal of the Ummah. When you dispise your own and look for help from your sworn enamy what do you expect? Didn't happen the same thing in the last decades in the ME? In Iraq they can kill their own and still cannot condemn a tyrant,Saddam Hussein,when their country is invaded by foreigners. Why couldn't they fight the Saddam government with the audicity of the present fights? How differnt it would all be today if the people of Iraq would have toppled their dictator in a couragious coup d'eta? Or a revolution for that matter. Muslims must unite but first they must eliminate the evil fractions from within. You cannot progress if negative forces pull you back decades in your struggle. But the Muslims are confused today. USA promised them emancipation and freedom. They stomed the ME and brought terror with them, hurting the innocent, the friend, the destitute and the helper. US troops made no difference between the Iraqi civilians,but rather they applied the old Southern principle:"Kill'em all, let God sort 'em out!" Sad, very sad...

I whole heartedly agree. May Allah guide ALL Muslims to the path of rightousness.

To overcome poverty ignorance mistrust illiteracy mistrust backwardness of our sisters,and to achieve true spirit of islam muslims need to build strong eduational institutions to educate masses.Diffrent professionals & our islamic workers have to work & learn together & have continuos process of education.Thank you for your noble efforts.

During an interview in U.A.E, I was asked to fill a form where a mandatory entry was Religion and Sect. When I left sect unfilled, the HR guy came back asking me if I was Shia and thus avoided filling the space. I denied and told him that he is asking me to do something which is so anti-islamic and I consider myself a Muslim. The didn't help and he made me fill 'sunni'. Anyways...I had made my point and I hope he got some food for thought.

Honestly, I don't see myself as a Sunni but yes..!! Shias (probable) claim of Abu Bakr..Umar Uthman (pbut all), stealing Caliphate from Ali(ra) is the weirdest thing any man with slightest knowledge of the life of these four righteous caliphs, would agree with. If we feel that Abu Bakr(ra) or Umar(ra) cheated Ali(ra) of his rightful claim to Caliphate, we are effectively demeaning the very foundation of Islam where it's prophet didn't realise that those who were nearest to him in Faith throughout his life would be the first to renege upon his death. Virtual apostates. What a waste would that be of prophet's direct links with jibreel(as) who revealed to him the names of all the hypocrites during his journey back from Tabuk.
What farce?
It's unimaginable that but for Allah(swt) help and Umar's staunch belief's in HIM, Islam would have ever reached the zenith it stands today. Hart puts Umar(ra) influence upon this world at No. 52, much above Ashoka, Caesar, Cyrus and Lenin, in his "The 100", book.

Having said that, the reason doesn't even merit a slap on each other's face leave alone bombing of each other mosques and murder of worshippers therein.
Disgusting!!'s a curse of our own doings that we are in the pathetic state we are today.
Not Maybe..Surely!!

As a young muslim in the UK, my heart sinks when i read or hear about how muslims rush to kill and betray each other. We seem to fight harder when our opponent is muslim rather than a denier (iran-iraq war, waziristan, andijan etc).

Our Lord denies us just and unified leaders because we probably dont deserve any better yet, but Allah knows best. The blood of my Ummah, be they shia or sunni, is worth more than the world and everything in it. We must unite for we face a unified enemy which will not stop its genocide until it is bloodied and made weary.

The enemy must fear the muslim once again.