1426 AH: Eid Al-Adha Announcement

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Although only the pilgrims in Makkah can participate in the Hajj fully, all the other Muslims in the world join with them by celebrating the Eid al Adha [eed al ud-ha], or Festival of Sacrifice. On the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah, Muslims around the world will attend a special prayer gathering in the morning. This is followed by a short sermon, after which everyone stands up to hug and greet one another. The traditional Eid greeting is "Eid Mubarak," which means "Holiday Blessings." Next, people visit each other's homes and partake in festive meals. Children receive gifts on this joyous occasion.

In addition, like the pilgrims in Makkah, those Muslims who can afford to do so offer domestic animals, usually sheep, as a symbol of Abraham's sacrifice. The meat is distributed for consumption to family, friends, and to the poor and needy.

The Eid al-Adha is a major religious event in the lives of Muslims. Usually, communities celebrate this occasion over a period of several days.

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The hajj authority of Saudi Arabia announced that the wuquf (standing) at Arafat for the pilgrims will take place on January 9th 2006; therefore Eid Al-Adha will be on Tuesday, January 10th 2006.

The Fiqh Council of North America have announced that Eid Al-Adha will be celebrated on January 10th 2006 in solidarity with the pilgrims.

Please consult your local Islamic Center and/or Mosque to determine when they will be celebrating Eid Al-Adha.

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Echoes of the Heart - Hajj

By: Sadullah Khan

O Hujjaaj, May I ask ?

Glory be to Allah for making the Ka'bah the rendezvous of the ummah, for making hajj the key  expression of solidarity among Believers  and as a manifestation of the bond of fraternity and mutual affinity, writes Sadullah Khan ...

Drop in the Ocean

The hajj is that largest annual Convention of Faith where millions of Muslims gather in the holy land, merging as streams of devotees from every corner of the earth to become part of the sea of Believers swirling in spiritually dancing waves around the Ka'bah in tawaaf. Each individual pilgrim, a drop in that ocean; a drop that always yearns to be part of that ocean. An ocean that knows no race, no language, no color, no gender, nor time. All praise is due to Allah for making this unique, international gathering of hajj an inexhaustible source for spiritual rejuvenation and as a perennial re-affirmation of faith.

Beyond the Ritual

The performance of prescribed rites, at specified times, at particular places in a recommended manner is aimed at reflecting a wholesome demonstration of Muslim fraternity. It acquaints the pilgrim with the historic, spiritual and physical environment of Adam and Hawa, of Ibrahim, Isma'il and Hajirah and of  the final messenger of Allah (peace be upon all of them). By re-enacting some of the fundamental aspects of the best of our history (Hajirah's running in search for water, Prophet Ibrahim's preparedness to sacrifice his willing and obedient son or his pelting of the shaytaan ), all these identifies us with the best of our past and the lessons we need to learn from our great legacy.

O HUJJAAJ! You have visited the "house of Allah" in Makkah,

that city which is dearest to Allah, that city where the greatest of all creation was born, where he lived, where he received revelation, where he preached his message, where he was mocked and ostracized; that city which he was forced to leave and on the occasion of leaving he said;

"I swear by Allah, O Makkah, you are the best of cities and most loved city on earth by Allah; if I was not made to leave you I would never have left." That very city which he returned to 8 years later with an army of 120 000 and yet forgave his  persecutors.

O HUJJAAJ! When you walked through the streets of Makkah,

did you recall the torments and hardship our Prophet had to go through to deliver Allah's message? Did you look at the hills and wonder where he shepherded the sheep of the rich Makkans as a teenager? Did you look towards Jabal an-Noor and consider how the Prophet sought solitude in those hills until he received revelation from Allah?

O HUJJAAJ! When you removed your designer clothes and put on your ihraam,

did you also cast of your arrogance, racism and chauvinism ? When you made tawaaf did you truly feel part of that ocean of faithful going in waves around the ka'bah? Did you consider the majesty of the One Allah and realize that you too are part of the infinity of zeroes that is totally dependant on Him? When you prayed at the station of Ibrahim (maqami Ibrahim) did you wonder about his status, impact and influence on world history? When you ran between the hills of Safaa and Marwah, did you realize that you were re-enacting the running of a slave woman (Hajirah) whose selfless search for water for her son was considered worthy enough by Allah to be incorporated as part of the hajj? When you drank of zam-zam did you reflect on how this once water served to quench the thirst of baby Isma'il who was later to become the forefather of our Prophet (pbut)?

O HUJJAAJ! When you stood on Arafah,

did you contemplate your insignificance amidst the multitude? Did you realize that you were truly part of a global community of faith that has promised to perpetuate the mission of prophets? Did you accept the fact that race, colour, gender or nationality means nothing if you are truly a Muslim? Did you remember to ask Allah for forgiveness and did you promise to be forgiving? Did you realize that you were symbolically close to death in the two pieces of white cloth? Did you understand that Arafah is a reflection of qiyaamah

O HUJJAAH! When you gathered your stones at Muzdalifah,

did you prepare to equip yourself  for the challenges and tribulations of the world? When you pelted the "shaytaan" in Mina was that a permanent declaration of war against all forms of internal and external evils? When you sacrificed on the day of Eid did you slaughter your ego and selfishness as well? When you buried the bones of the sacrifice did you bury with it the bad habits, attitudes and behavior of your old self? ( Was it not our beloved Prophet who said;" Whosoever performs hajj without impropriety and vulgarity returns as a new born baby.")

O HUJJAAJ! When you visited the Prophet in Madinah,

did you convey our salutations to that most beloved of Allah? Did you inform him of the state of his ummah, of the oppression in Palestine, of the suppression of Muslims in Iraq, of the starvation of Muslims in Somalia and Afghanistan, of the poverty in Bangladesh, the massacres in Kosova, Chechnya and Kashmir? With what face did you stand at his grave?

Did you then reflect on the plight of the kids dying,...

dying of lack of medication in Baghdad, of massive bombs in Kabul, of hunger in Mogadishu, of deprivation in Pristina, still from of the pain of separation from their murdered parents in Mostar and of a lack of hope in concentration camps of the West Bank. With what conscience did you visit the Prophet?

O HUJJAAJ! Ensure that your hajj has made you

more conscious of your Creator, more conscious of yourself, of your ummah, of your duties and your eventual accountability to Allah for your existence here on earth.

O Allah! Shower Your inexhaustible grace and infinite mercy on all those who have traveled to your holy open court, illuminate their hearts with insight, bestow upon them Your guidance; grant them the strength of the highest moral conscience, arm them with sincerity and a dedicated determination to improve the lot of the universal community of Believers.

Hajj Ode (in Arabic) by Sadullah Khan

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  Topics: Eid Al-Adha, Festivals (Eid), Hajj
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Older Comments:
... hating saudia blinded you to the level that you do not know that almost all the arab countries fasted in the same day like saudia. couple of those arab countries saw the moon before "your complex the saudis" saw it. then saudia followed them if we accept to think with your low level of thinking. what can I say!?
May Allah helps you to see your problem and helps you to correct it. May Allah guides us all to what He wants for us. there is no doubt Allah wants the right thing for us! we the one, from arrogance, we run behind what looks right for us but may not be the right!!! Ameeen

The digression is that Saudis are unworthy to follow for important religous duties since they have lost the trust of the Muslim ummah.

Haajis in Makka must follow the Saudi for Hajj but the rest of the world does not have to follow the modern pharoah-like leadership.

If the Saudi followed true moonsighting then the whole world would have celebrated Eid-ul-Adha on one single day. Everybody would be united.

The strange way they decide on moonsighting causes divisions in the world amongst the ummah.

It seems that the main reason for the Pakistani's gripe on this forum against Saudi Arabia is charity and economics. Either not enough hand-outs or no-hand outs. Mohammed Khan complains about not enough aid, others complain about working conditions and so on. To my Saudi brothers I humbly suggest this. I understand and appreciate that you have just hosted close to 2 million people for Haj, but apparently our Pakistani brothers need more hand-outs and easier jobs. Could you please give them a few million Euros but this time make a big splash about it in the papers for a change. This way it will be on record. Also could you please give Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis easier jobs like swatting flies maybe? Apparently they find ordinary work a bit too hard on their delicate frames and harsh on their gentle soft hands. As some 'very clever Pakistanis' have guessed I am a paid Saudi stooge. So could you please pay me with a few barells of oil for the winter instead of the usual billions you give me? Finally would you please prepare a home for the Pakistani president Musharaf, because very soon he will be running frantic looking for a place to hide when his Americans mentors ceremoniously abandon him like all other tin pot "secular" "Whiskey-Soda" Generals.

Get real...

- An uncle spent 45+ years in Saudi Arabia working for Saudi Airlines. After he retired, he was asked to leave Saudi Arabia. He spent all his life working in that country and was not given citizenship. He has to return to Pakistan, his "home", only by birth...

- Another relative, a doctor in Riyadh had to leave after retiring. 25 years of service and yet he had to leave...

- During Desert Storm, Arabs, Americans & Europeans were allowed to leave war zones. Non-Arabs, mainly Pakistanis were ordered to remain in the war zones working at dangerous jobs critical for Saudi oil...

- I saw Saudi officials mistreat busload of Pakistanis/Indians Haajis at the Jeddah airport. American haajis were whizzed through...


M.Saib et al,

Truth hurts!

Screaming and calling me names is not going to change facts.

Are the Arabian govts. truly shariah-abiding?

If you said, YES. Then I ask: Are you folks geting paid (bribed) by the Arabian governments that you vehemently defend (posting with several different alaises) OR

Do you belong to the hate mongering wahabbi Arabian-British-Pakistani organization, Hizbu-tahreer?

Learn about about TRUE Islam.

Read the Last khutbah of Huzur Mohammed salaat wa salaam and his dire warnings about Arab vs Ajam racism. If there was no such racism, he would not have prophecised about it...

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood...."


Unless, you recognize a problem, you are not going to fix the racist bias of the Arabian govts...

My posts are aimed at the Arabian governments. NOT all Arabs...


American muslim, thank you for writing back. I checked the first websites that you posted and I found them not credible. since anyone can create those kind of websites, do not blame me for rejecting them? I already posted in this website(include other articles about Ramadan and Eid Alfitr) that the debate of moonsighting should be inside saudia and not outside saudia. I gave many evidences if you gather them together, you will come to the same conclusion like me. I said the day of Arafat is one day of the year and only Makkah(saudia) as land linked to that day. it's the day when the Haaj suppose to be on the mountain of Arafat. I said also, backing each country has to watch the moon for itself, is like backing parts of saudia may fast different days: it happened manytimes in time of the Prophet because that was no fast communications.

conclusion: the Ummah should have different sighting of the moon but inside saudia not outside. whoever want verify moonsighting, should do it inside saudia! and should debate that inside saudia because at the end, the day of Arafat comes from inside saudia, like it or not.
you provided more websites to back that saudis Gov faked this! there is small possibility you are saying something true. I will get back to you after I do deep research. about me living there, I wish I can realize that my brother. make Doa for 4 me? If Allah doesn't accept from you, you still my brother wherever I live on this Earth.

lately, I saw many anti_saudi propaganada here. and Allah said in the Quran what is translated to english "Oh You who believe, if a fassek brought an event to you, check it? you may harm people from ignorance and you regrete what you did".

It is more likely that your local mufti is a wacko and you are brainwashed to his propaganda than saudi's gov fake this AND radical moslems let it go. but I still will check more about what you said.

Allah knows the best

May Allah be in our guidance.Ameen

I strongly condemn Mohammad Khan's comments, as the rest of the Muslim population in the world I am sure does also. I am always saddened when I hear such comments from these progressive so called Muslims about other Muslim nations. I am from Pakistan, and I want to say to all others who think like Mr. Mohammad Khan to have your house in order before pointing fingers at others.

Saudi's are the same people who gave you $1 billion in oil from 1998 until last year. When everyone else left you after exploding the bomb. So Mr. Khan check your facts before sounding idiotic in a public forum about how much they have given to Katrina and Pakistan etc.

To this day Pakistan gets Oil from Saudi Arabia at a reduced price, that is why Pakistani government was able to keep the prices of oil constant when it increased everywhere else in the world for 8 months.

Saudi's pay their Zakah from their wealth I want to ask you do you?

In any case if Saudi Arabia is good or not is not our concern, they are our Muslim brothers and that's good enough for me. And as someone else said earlier they are NOT asking or requiring you to follow them in any religious matter. You can't say the same for Pakistan, when Musharaff goes to every public forum and preaches progressive Islam to all. When is the last time you heard the Saudi King saying we should all follow Ibn- Tamya or others .....

Salaam Alaikum,

MANY people seem to be celebrating eid-ul-adha as per sunnah of "ruiya", (visible to human eye moonsighting) in continental North America on the TENTH of Dhul Hijjah.

Please visit any of the following web sites for eid-ul-adha 1427 information in the USA:


...and many, many more organizations that are following the sunnah of ruiya.

Their position may be different from other valid opinions like celebrating eid-ul-adha on the next day of yauma-e-arafat in Saudi Arabia.

Please don't force your views on your neighbors, friends or relatives who follow a different, yet valid opinion. Do NOT fight about it...

We should respect "valid difference of opinions amongst qualified scholars" on either side of this issue, "agree to disagree amicably" and "celebrate unity in diversity" by having 2 or 3 days of eid-ul-adha as permitted by the shariah.

Mohammed Khan, I am from Pakistan too, though my family is from Afghanistan. I have never seen the abuse you talk about in the many times I have been to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, Umra or business. Being from your country I can see what your problem is and I don't blame you its a sad disease in many secular Muslim countries-its called Nationalism. This disease Nationalism blinds a person to good common sense and truth. Muslims when affected begin thinking only in terms of "us" and "we" and choose to separate them selves from other Muslims based upon their own concept of Islam, their pride over their language or their ethnicity. In Pakistan Saudis and Kuwaitis an dmany other Arabs have lavished billions on businesses, homes, farms even to the extent of financing weapons and technology for Pakistan. Whom do yo think financed Pakistan's acquisition and development of nuclear technology ? I know because I was also in the Pakistan military at one time. The fact that the Pakistani government is now moving in the same secular direction as Turkey is in fact pathetic. Muslims should rely on Allah, Not beg and try and stand on their own feet. You want to interpret Islam in your own way fine and good. Celebrate Eid whenever you like its a free world. But you do not see the Saudi's or the Arabs for the matter curse other Muslims or call names or try to cause divisions. Do not lie and abuse those very same Arab brothers who have and continue to help Pakistan and Pakistanis. Muslims will always be your brothers. Don't judge them by how much help they give you. As Muslims you should be giving not expecting charity. Americans and Jews with their dollars and their threats will at best be fair weather friends. Does Musharraf think he is their favourite ? Ask Marcos, Shah Iran, Noreiga, Pinochet or Saddam. Have some dignity and pride in your religion. Be brave. Because even if one goes down, nothing more superior than ending one's life as a Muslim only and not a stooge.

FOR FATWAS ON MOONSIGHTING SEE: http://www.moonsighting.com/fatwa_scholars.pdf

Dr.Edriss writes:
"I'm speaking about whoever posted fake websites claiming the brothers in saudia faked the moon."

Dr.Edriss, you are accusing a Muslim of posting false information about moonsightings. For your information:

"www.moonsighting.com" is a WELL-REGARDED and WELL-RENOWNED website. It is maintained by Dr.Khalid Shaukat who is a CONSULTANT with ISNA.He is an expert on Islamic astronomy.

Saudi government CLAIMS that the moon was sighted in Saudi on December,31st,2004. It is a fact that it COULD NOT have been seen in Saudi Arabia on that day.

New Moon was BORN on Saturday December 31,2005, at 3:12 Universal Time,(Friday, December 30, 10:12pm EST).

Similarly, Saudi gov. CLAIMED Ramadan moon was seen 10/3/2005.
That was ALMOST impossible since there was a LUNAR ECLIPSE.


I don't have a problem with Saudi gov.'s WRONG decsions as they don't affect me directly. I follow LOCAL Muftis and Imams in fulfilling my Islamic duties.

However, some people, like yourself, want EVERYBODY to follow the Saudis gov. even though there are STRONG RELIGIOUS opinions AGAINST following the Saudi moonsightings in the USA. See:http://www.moonsighting.com/fatwa_scholars.pdf

Dr.Edriss, if you BELIEVE the Saudi gov. so much, please move to Saudi and live there.

Don't blame others for Saudi gov. misdeeds. Do not be MISLED by self-serving Saudi gov. agents in the US who want the Muslim ummah divided at every opportunity.

I pray that may allah give us GUIDANCE so we can follow His path.

Mohammed Khan. Pretty sad lie. There is lies and there is lies. You get the grand prize for telling an outrageously amazingly fantastic lie. I have been to hajj and for Umrah many times. My parents in Gugrat, India, have been for haj also and many times for Umra. I have never witnessed or heard from any other Muslims from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh that they were ever mistreated. However if you are not going there to worship Allah but to transport drugs, or with the intent to steal or committ other crimes, naturally you will be in big trouble. You might be sent home minus a hand, or worse, your head if you murdered someone. Now I can see why you are so bitter against the Saudis. Yes punishments for crimes are severe. Saudi Arabia is not Pakistan. Maybe you should think carefully next time before going there for the wrong reasons.

Mohammed Khan, if that is your real name, its not going to work. Muslims are ever more vigilant of the likes of you. We are not there yet but we are abandoning our hateful ways, slowly but surely. I have been for hajj 3 times. I am from Pakistan and I have never had any problems whatsoever. I am always amazed at the generosity and efficiency of Saudis in taking care of over 1.3 million people each year. Maybe that is why Allah Subhanotalah has entrusted them with that task. You see Mohammed Khan we Muslims are more and more united against the enemies of Islam such as Kaafirss, Munafiks and shaitaans. Do you recognize your category.

Mohammed Khan I do not know what your real motive and intention is but it is clear it are not at all honourable. I have been for Haj 2 times and my father 4. In all my family there are 23 people who have done haj. This to include my 4 brothers and my 2 sisters. My village is in Memonsingh in Bangladesh and from my village many people have done haj. Never have I and never has any person in my family or village ever had any problem in Saudi Arabia at all with government people or airport people or in hotel people or any body at all. In fact a saudi policeman showed me way when I got lost from my group and later he invited me and my family for lunch at his house. A very kind man and very nice family. And like him I have experience in both 2 years hospitality and kindness of many sauidi people in airport, in haj, in hotel, on road, on median or mecca all places. Mohammed Khan your intentions are showing that maybe 1. You are not Muslim, amy be Jew, Hindu or CIA or FBI person and want to create hate between Muslims OR 2. You have no information on what it is meaning to be a real Muslim. Your life is living in hate world. I think you should do yourself big favour and go for Haj maybe in your own country or whichever place you come from.

If Arabian governments are so brotherly to all muslims then why did they donate only 1/5 to Pakistani earthquake victims as compared to their contributions to Katrina victims in USA.

Umer Rifkind and Junooni Khan if you think Arabian governments are good to muslims, why don't live there.

You should go fo hajj or umra, you will see how badly they treat muslims from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka. If they can't treat guests of God properly, I don't believe their propoganda...


"they forgot Allah and He made them forget themselves"

Eid must be according to saudia unless you are unable to understand why! and Allah was merciful to us by considering 3 or 4 days in Eid.

Moslems are always together no matter the propaganda of the weak minded. there is one authentic book of Allah and that's why when we seek justice thru that book we become together. the Ummah of Islam is immune against doing mistakes when it comes together. in hadith of the prophet, there is what means in English "my Ummah(the prophet speaking) doesn't come together on the wrong" and since the ummah of the Prophet is the Ummah who believes to Quran and the sunna, those who speaks from their opinion without backing it right from the sources are not required in bringing the Ummah on one thing.

those who come here to spread fitna(troubles), are known from what they post. I wish they grow brain and understand $500 a month or so, is not the price to deceive people from the right way of God. if they just know how horrible the hell is!!? they will not do that job for billions. I'm speaking about whoever posted fake websites claiming the brothers in saudia faked the moon.

by the way, I'm not saudi, never been in saudia, have never met saudi people. but when I speak about the truth of Islam, I will not attack saudis because a lobby of zionists blackmail them everywhere to force them pay part of the oil pie from under the table.

I see this people terrorizing saudia and they claim saudia who creates terrorism. I see them jealous of the blessing of Allah given to the people of saudia and they claim the saudis are jealous of their life. the people like them who seek their benefits by any mean, they sink in believing what they do as moral. their hate blind them and their devilish style looks heaven for them.

May Allah guides us to His right path, Ameen

your brother in Allah Edriss, May Allah be in His support :).

It is nice to read the comments. I like to make a request to all muslims scholars and leaders of muslim and non muslim countries. Why can't we call a World wide conference inviting two Aalim or Islamic scholars from each country, where something can be decided on this issue. The Fatwa they reach then should be followed by all muslims worldwide. The Imam of Kaaba, imam at Medina and Masjid Aqsa should also be present. These scholars and scholars around the world, India, Malaysia, Indinesia, Arab world and many more countries, should then issue a Fatwa based on all Hadith etc and implemented back in their countries on their return. Hopefully they will be supported by their local governments. This western policy to divide mulims should stop.

Well as for me I follow my local mosque, and answer to all nonmuslims when they ask why are we divided, that they are three days of Eid mentioned , more enjoyment not one day like other faiths. Probably Allah wants us to celebrate enjoy more.

We do not need to feel guilty about this. What's the harm. Let people celebrate Eid according to local moonsighting or according to their home countries. Let us join both celebrations and enjoy all three days. Unity is FArz Eid prayer is Wajib.. DO NOT LET PEOPLE DIVIDE US .
Yes the world will sight moon differently and yes we have three days of Eid, which no other faith has.

No wonder Muslims are so divided and hence so weak. Lack of tolerance for each other. If it is so easy for Muslims to hate each other over the simple matters like Eid dates, it is small wonder that those who intend to destroy Islam are so successful in alienating, demonising and shattering the faith. If only Muslims had understood, digested and thoroughly implemented the teachings of prophet Mohamed in their lives, they would not be in the predicament they are in. I think Islam has been reduced to meaningless rituals in the present Muslim world. Otherwise they have forgotten God. From my readings of the Koran I recall reading in one of the verses, that if you forget God, God will forget you.

No true Muslim would by his or her words or actions would divide, or seek to divide Muslims, period. To cast doubts on another Muslim's faith or harbors ill will towards other Muslims simply because you don't agree with their calendar is not the teachings of our excellent Prophet Mohammed (peace on him). Such are the acts of our enemies and not our brothers in Islam. The Devil has his job cut out for him. I don't think he needs our help but would welcome it. Reflect on incredible responsibility as caretakers of Hajj pilgrims, Allah Subhanotalah has placed on the Saudis and how well and efficiently they fulfill their obligations. Without a complaint they serve the sea of humanity that comes to their shores year after year. It maybe that Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh choose to celebrate Eid 2 days after Hajj ends. Fine so be it. To each his own. I don't hate anyone for celebrating Eid the day after Hajj ends, or 2 days later, or 3 days later for the matter. Allah will judge between us. Our religion means Peace. Don't ruin its image by cat fighting.

I don't understand why does everyone outside of Saudi Arabia hate Saudi Arabia. Wake up call "they are just as bad, no more no less then the rest of us " so stop.

Besides as far as the moon sighting is concerned there are two opinions (by respected scholars, I say scholars and not wana be scholars.) International moon sighting and local moon sighting, according to Shariah. So in that case if you choose to follow international moon sighting then you will follow not only Saudi Arabia, but also New Zland or other countries, and that is what Muslims with this opinion follow. As for the others they follow semi-local moon sighting. I say semi-local moon sighting because NY and LA in USA are not both local. Because they have different weather conditions, 3 hour time difference... etc.

So brothers please refrain from getting mad and saying people should stop following Saudi blindly etc. I say this because ignorance is not bliss...

M. Saqib

Are you a doctor in Islamic shariah? If not, then your opinion on Islamic issues is not really valid.

I quote, Muslim American, "follow KNOWLEDGEABLE religious Muslim scholars, NOT Phd's in NON-ISLAMIC fields..."

Learned & trained Islamic scholars in Misr, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, UK, Mauritania ALL say Muslims in the west should follow local moonsightings sightings instead of following Saudi Arabia blindly.


The moon sighting reports from around the world indicate that the Islamic calendar is being manipulated by Saudis to divide the ummah.

Please SEE for details:



We pray differently, perform hajj differently, etc. So why should we have only one Eid?

We should celebrate Eid Two days (3 days are permitted) and not be judgemental if others celebrate on different days.

Unity in diversity...

Anyone who divides Muslims through his words of hate cannot be a Muslim himself. American Muslim Saudis are our brothers just as the Afghans are and the Iraqis, no matter when they celebrate eid. I did not hear any directive from Saudi Arabia that all Muslims follow them on Eid. Mr. American Muslim where do you do plan on doing Haj ? In Washington DC ?

Mr. American Musim, No, the Saudis are NOT holding a gun to your head and forcing you to celebrate Eid on a day of their choosing. Neither have they advertised, nor urged Muslims to celebrate Eid on the same day as them. It is not they who divide Muslims but people such as you. I suspect anyone who creates animosity ammongst Muslims as probably a CIA plant. 5 daily prayers are not the same as the singular event of Eid Ul-Adha, which marks the end of Haj. Your anti-Saudi, anti-Wahabi anti-Muslim sentiments show right through. Go back to Bush and Cheney and tell them your little hate fest did not work.

Assalam mu allikum Lot of questions about moon can you please clarify in other countries other then Saudi. Allah hafiz.


Assalam Alaikom brothers and sisters in Islam,

Brother Khan, any Eid in our time should be celebrated according to Saudia because the day of Arafat is the day when the Pilgrims have to stand above the mountain of Arafat. since this day is one and since, in our time, we are able to get the information about Eids from saudia in few minutes or hours, we should be united on one day for fasting and one day for Eid.
what I said above is the Fatwa who should be broadcasted arround the world for the time we live in.

Now! for those who want it their way and want back themselves with the past of the Islamic world, they have to wake up to the 21 century. we are not in time when people need to travel days to reach Makkah and ask about the Eids.

fortunatly for all who make Eid outside the days in saudia, there is Hadith of the Prophet he said what's meaning "the first day of Eid is Eid, the second day is also Eid and the third day is also Eid". from this hadith you can understand that if you celebrate the second or third day, you still celebrating Eid. Allah made things easy on us even some of us act hardheaded and refuse to come on one day.

I said that and I ask Allah to forgive us for our mistakes and our sins. Ameen

your brother In Allah Edriss, May ALlah be in His guidance. Ameen

Assalam Alaikom

We are Muslims who follow Al Quran and the Sunnah of our Dear Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Allah SWT asks us to use the Sun for salaat times and Moon for determining the months.

Why do some people follow the Sun locally for daily prayers. Yet they follow the Moon in Saudi for the beginning of the months.

If people want to follow Saudi for the months then they should pray salaat at the corresponding times in Saudi Arabia.

For them, Eid-ul salaat should be at night at the same time the Saudis are praying for the sake of unity.

Dear fellow Muslims, follow KNOWLEDGEABLE religious Muslim scholars, NOT Phd's in NON-ISLAMIC fields...

The Saudis want to divide the ummah...


I agree with brother Khan. This madness has to stop!!

I happen to have another Muslim colleague at my work, and when we took two different days off, for the same religious holiday (Eid Ul Fitr), I guess others were surprised, if not amused! And it looks like it's going to happen again, as two of my nearest mosques are celebrating Eid Ul Azha on two different days.

In this DNA age, I'd think it should be easy to decide WHEN exactly a lunar month starts, based on astronomical data and Islamic rules. I find it extremely difficult to understand the reasoning of those who would blindly follow the Saudis!

I'll say AMEEN to Br. Khan's prayer, and just add: May Allah give our religious leaders some SENSE that in the same country (let alone in the same city), new month cannot start on different days, whatever the calculations may be based on!

I am confused and so are many muslims about the controversy on celebrating the only two eids we have. We always fight and celebrate each eid on two days. WHY? WHY? This has become a joke and headache. We take time off from our jobs, make plans.( we are not in saudi Arabia to have holiday week for every eid). Why we are not united and follow what is in Islam and Hadith. and not saudis or some VIPs' around the world.

ICNA has posted on their website that eid will be on Jan,11th(wed) as moon was not sighted on Dec.31st in entire USA (per Islam/Hadith we have to follow local moonsighting? I think so too.)

ISNA has posted on their website that eid will be on Jan,10th(tues) as per saudis decision and Hajj.I hope saudis have moonsighted on Dec,31st and they stick to it.

If we have to follow Saudi Arabia, then muslims and ARABS all over the world should observe Fridays as holidays, do other things as per saudi clock, calender,laws and so on..

Who is right here and how? Will somebody provide explanatios with genuine Islamic/ Hadith references on your website, please. No mullahs/ Maulvees statements unless they quote references.

Please ALLAH show us the right path-AAMEEN.

Alhamdulilah! The Eid is right around the corner,let me be the first to say, may Allah grant the Ummah worldwide a safe and happy Eid ul-Adha insh'Allah and allow us to take the ibrah(lesson)from Prophet Ibrahim(pbuh)to heart and realize that our life and purpose is all in the way of Allah,Glorified and Exalted is He,The One....