Moon sighting vs. Moon fighting

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The Messenger of Allah said, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained." narrated Abu Huraira (Al-Bukhari Vol. 3: No. 123).

The arrival of the month of Shaban offers a tired old subject to participants in Muslim events, even informal dinners and celebrations, and Internet chat groups: the day to start and end the month of Ramadan.

The issue of moon sighting has become moon fighting. In this case, both sides of the divide are divided over the question that what is really the 'new' moon. Interestingly, both sides of the divide base their arguments on the Hadith: "Do not fast unless you sight the crescent, and do not break your fast till you sight the (following) crescent." (Al-Bukhari, Vol. 3:130).

The Islamic Shura Council of North America (ISCNA), in consultation with the Fiqh Council of North America, has adopted the position that a confirmed crescent sighting report in North America will be accepted as long as such a report does not contradict indisputable astronomical information. ISCNA comprises the four major Islamic organizations in the U.S.: the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Ministry of W. Deen Mohammad, and Community of Imam Jamil al-Amin). The Fiqh Council viewpoint is also supported by the research done by eminent scholars such as Dr. Yousuf Al-Qaradawi and Shaikh Mustafa Al-Zarqa.

Syed Khalid Shaukat, national coordinator, and moon sighting consultant to ISNA, expressing his disappointment over the issue, says: "In the present era of scientific and technological advancement, three decades after man landed on the moon, some Muslims are still avoiding the use of scientific knowledge for making an Islamic calendar and get over with the feuds and having to wait till midnight for a confirmation of moon sighting."

Shaukat stresses, "Today, Muslims have expertise and access to technology to understand the calculations of when and where the sighting occurs. Recorded data shows how the science of moon sighting is compared with the actual observations. The results show that calculations of sighting and observations have matched every month since 1993. Calculations of moon sighting and actual sighting are not two different things for an Islamic Calendar when it was found that they both match."

He stresses that the results show that with today's technology, calculations are far more accurate than the claims of sighting, which we all have experienced, that often people mistake other objects for the crescent moon.

Shaukat points out that calculations for sighting are surety (haqqul-yaqeen), while claims of sighting may be suspicion (zann) or mistake. He says that Allah has given us the knowledge about the motions of earth and moon, and an Islamic calendar based on calculations that has proven to match with actual sighting would enable us to plan ahead of time, while actual sighting will prove to be confirmatory. This, he says, only meets the intent of Qur'an and Sunnah and its benefits greatly surpass the consequences faced by false claims of sighting and waiting for a decision until midnight.

The most misunderstood question is whether the sighting is a means or a requirement of ascertaining the beginning of an Islamic month. Shaukat says that the answer to this question is better understood by people in the Caribbean (Caribbean Islands, Trinidad, and Guyana) where they have a 6-month long rainy season and sighting is not possible because of clouds. If they count 30 days for 3 or 4 months in a row, the moon is then sighted on the 28th or 27th day. This, he says, is a clear indication that the Sharia did not intend the sighting as an only requirement but simply as a facility, that was the sole method available to the Muslims of that era.

The opponents of scientific calculations also cite Bukhari, Vol. 3:130, and maintain that the people at the time of the Prophet were illiterate and thus physical sighting was the method prescribed by Allah and thus cannot be changed. Among this group, there are differences on the number of witnesses needed for confirming such a sighting.

The Fiqh Council's view that physical sighting must go hand in hand with scientific calculations finds numerous grounds in the Hadith. ISNA, which serves as coordinator of the ISCNA moon sighting program, has set up a system where people who claim sighting the moon call the headquarters. The scientists then examine this information and discuss the various nuances with the reporter to establish the veracity of his sighting.

The need for such dual sighting is only strengthened by the fact that in contemporary times when the skies are also inhabited by numerous man made objects that may befool the viewer.  More >>

Sighting or Calculation?

The proponents of determining the start of Ramadan purely by calculations offer two main arguments. First, the Hadith "Do not fast until you see the crescent-moon, and do not break the fast until you have seen the crescent moon, but if conditions are overcast for you then enumerate for it." [Bukhari] They cite the statement, "then enumerate for it" as evidence for the permissibility of calculation. Second, they say that calculations were not used during the Prophet's time because the people were "unlettered," however, we are now educated and advanced in astronomy, there is no harm in calculating alone. 

The first argument cannot be sustained because if "enumerate" in the above hadith is in fact referring to calculation, it would only indicate the permissibility of calculations in overcast conditions. In addition, the meaning of "enumerate" is clarified by another narration of the hadith by Bukhari (also, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Ibn Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban and al-Tayalisi), "Then complete the number of [days of] Sha`ban as thirty." [Nasb al-Rayah, 2/437-8] This hadith clarifies what is meant by "enumerate" in the first narration is to count thirty days, for the first narration is general and imprecise (mujmal), whereas the second is explicit (mubayyan), clarifying the imprecision in the first. Ibn Rushd says, "It is obligatory to refer the mujmal to the mubayyan, and this is the way of the scholars of usul, without any disagreement." [Bidayat al-Mujtahid, 1/284]

The second argument about the people being "unlettered" is refuted by the fact that there were many among the Companions who were not only well read but also scholarly. In fact, what "unlettered" refers to is that the means for determining the month are simple, not requiring sophisticated science or education, equally accessible to all people, scientists as well as non-scientists. 

The Middle Way

Islam is a strong proponent of using reason. Today the fact is that astronomy can accurately establish the time of birth of the new moon, and the time interval when it is impossible to see the crescent-moon due its not yet being present. Thus, there is no harm in using this astronomical basis to reject a claimed sighting which cannot possibly be correct. Indeed, this is similar to rejecting the claim of someone who claims to have seen the crescent-moon on the twentieth night of Shaban! 

In the same vein of using reason, Islam asks us to use the scientific method. Thus, if a sighting is reported when it was absolutely impossible for it to have occurred, it will be rejected, even if the one reporting it is an upright Muslim. This rejection is attributed to genuine misjudgment, which does not diminish the person's Islamic uprightness and acceptability as a witness. Numerous renowned as well as recent and contemporary scholars support this view.

Universal Sighting? 

The proponents of using the sighting in Makkah to begin Ramadan anywhere on earth argue that a sighting in one area is binding on Muslims in other areas as well. 

However, the hadith narrated by Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi and Nasa'i rejects argues against a sighting being binding on distant places. Thus states that Kurayb, who traveled to Syria encountered the start of Ramadan there on a Friday, upon return to Medina, informed Ibn Abbas that he had seen the crescent-moon on the night of Friday, and that the people in Syria, including Muawiyah the governor, had fasted on Friday. Ibn Abbas replied that they (in Medina) had seen the crescent-moon on Saturday, and that they would not stop fasting until they either saw it again, or had completed thirty days. Kurayb asked, "Will you not suffice with the sighting of Muawiyah?" Ibn Abbas replied, "No, that is how the Messenger of Allah commanded us."

Also, we need to consider that just as Muslims around the world will not pray simultaneously, rather each area will pray based on the movement of the sun in their area. Thus, how could they start and end fasting simultaneously. 

The presence of numerous hadith on this issue only indicates that even the Companions and their later contemporaries differed about the start and end of Ramadan, such difference did not cause disunity among them, and so there is no reason why it should for us.

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Views: 115790

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Older Comments:
I agree with this article. The same group of muslims who object to scientific method yet use calender/scientific calculations to determine sunset/sunrise and utilize this method for prayer times/suhur/breaking fast etc. Why not use the scientific method to determine new moon. Why is there double standards here?

Dr, Shaukat, please don't feel bad. You and no one else is or has any
authority in this matter. this has been frozen by Allah in the hands
of our Prophet Peace be upon him. Please don't don't deprive our
future generations from establishing and enjoying the Sunah of our
Prophet (PBH). And also you you don't want to be held responsible on
the day of judgement for all the people who will be astray by your philosophy, as you very well know the faith of the person who tries to
defame the Sunah or go against it. That is all. There is no argument.
Your wrong and you know it.

2) Orbits of celestial bodies:
"It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit." (21:33)
Sun bright - Moon dark (no light):
"We made night and day two signs. The sign of night we made dark and sign of day we made bright. That ye may seek bounty from your lord and ye may know number of years and count (of time)." (17:12)

I Follow the Quran. In the Quran CHAPTER 17 ALLAH SAYS THAT THE SUN AND MOON IS CREATED SO THAT MAN CAN TELL THE PASSING OF TIME.No where in the Quran does it say to Begin the month with the sighting of the moon and end your fast with the sighting of the moon. sighting of the moon is purely Hadith. Not Quran. The Quran is the Book we should be following.When the Hadith contradicts with the Quran.We should choose the Quran

The companions did not differ because they were all highly informed and keene of following the faith for the sake of Allah and they way of His Prophet Alaihi Salam, as far as us, our decissions (this is out loud admitted) to often pleasing and easing the people and authorities, other than Allah s.w.t, changing the position of leaders decission, (read 2000-2002 ISNA Magazine has article under title ISNA MADE CORRECTION. This behaviour and attitude of pleasing the people and authorities has become a habit and reason of disunity. You can not say everyone is right, this is a hypocritical attitude, that is why we are where we are today because we all are right, so noone needs to be changed and correct. May He Subhanahoo wa taala give us true understanding of Islam and its teaching.

For years I've waited for this information to be presented to the Community. So now I know and am confirmed when the different masajid in the same city use different moon sightings it merely choice and nothing to do with Shariah. Thank you, now I know where I can get sound reading information using both methods, not myself but the leaders who do.

The Hillal of Ramadan 1430 A.H. :Based on mathematical calculation by Alh. Isiaq Ajao Malik.
The hillal of Ramadan for 1430 ah shall appear to the world by 4.04 pm on Friday 21st of august 2009 Nigeria local shall be first sighted on longitude 48 1/2 degree east in Saudi Arabia,Iraq and Syria and fasting of Ramadan shall commenced on Saturday 22nd of august 2009.
this information is contained in the "sighting the moon international" written by Alh.Isaiq Ajao Malik of no 183 oba momo. road Adeeta Ilorin Kwara state Nigeria.
such detail information can be found in the above quoted book till the period of 2213 CE (1640AH)

since there exist numerous hadith on this moon sighting,i strongly believed that sincere consultation of the holy Quran will resolve the moon sighting and moon fighting issue.Also we should always make the holy Quran as a witness in every arguement between the various hadith.

Bissmillah hir rahmanir raheem

Assalam o alykum

Brother and sister,

If the muslim just follow Quranul Kareem and Hadith.they will not get any problem, because Every sahih hadith is Wahi as Quranul Kareem said, suran Najam Ayat no. 6 and 7. and Allah knew what will do in the future that's why he said in different places " I can make you as one ummah but I want to see who will follow me and my Prophet Muhammad peace upon him . so don't worry becasuse he also said " very few will pay my thanks"

Wassalm o alykum

Kaleem Ibrahim

I am only want to say onething, if they are saying we are very well technologist and good knowledge from that time prophet Muhammad (SAW).

I have question do you think it was not possible for Prophet Muhammad SAW eventhough you know He (PBUH) is the only personality to break the moon in two sides by the grace of ALLAH (SWT) to say use technology for moon sighting?
so why we are not full filling his hadith which will followed many years.

and Lunar and solar are two different systems.

Anyways ALLAH knows better and I pray muslim should together.

muslim community problems of backwardness or disunity is not due to moon sighting issues. it is due to the fact that muslims think that success in this world is all that matters or on the other hand muslims totally ignore this worldly needs.
FCNA may have good intentions but they are doing an innovation and trying to do something that is going to have a flash back from allah(swt) when all muslims start forgetting the sunnah's slowly but surely in the name of being modern and up to date.


Assalamu 'Alaikum,..
Have you ever examine the meaning of see the moon?
there are two terminology on this. Seeing Visually and Seeing cognitively Rukyatul bil fil Vs Rukyatul bil ilmi
see further at:
Wassalamu alaikum Wr Wb,..

We must follow the time and utilize the knowledge and scientific facts that have changed in past 14 ceturies. If we don't do that we will remain behind and keep on fighting for such things. If we want to be an UMMAH then all so called Muslim countries should form a unanimous body and follow its decisions and stop calling ourselves Shia or sunni. We are Muslims first and Muslim last, as soon as we realize and understand this fact better it would be. Prophet Abrahem was a Muslim, and Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h was a Muslim and not Shia or Sunni.

I believe the writer's points are very well spoken, yet, another issue should be added to this on going delima: astronomical calculations are based upon proven facts, not fiction, about the moon's conceptions, not the mere possibilities of false/mistaking sightings. Therefor, Ramadan will never start and end at the same day and time everywhere. With the knowledge or science of astronomy, at least we can be certain of the new moon and its hilaal...!

Assalamu alaikum. HISAB and FALAK are in the Quran. Moon sighting in the Hadith. Many Muslims do not read Quran or do not understand it. Illiterate is in the Quran and Hadith Bukhari. The Prophet s.a.w. was very wise in applying "moon sighting" for the illiterate nation. Now 1.3 billion Muslims are still illeterate? Non Muslims have applied the Quran verses to explore the universe. The Muslims are still enjoying the beach every year to see the moon or climbing a coconut tree. I have made a presentation about this but Muslims are afraid of "disobeying" the Prophet if we do not follow the Hadith on moon sighting. But they are not afraid of disobeying Allah by ignoring the verses on Hisab. Those who ignore our verses (ayats) they will go to hell. Assalamu alaikum

Salam Alejkum brother,
I was happy to read that this subject is touched and thoroughly discussed. I fully agree with the opinion of calculation and sighting of the moon should go hand in hand , since this is prooved right for such a long period (since 1993).Even if it might happen that once this calculation will not match, this only will keep us on guard, (and for science will be something more to explore), but what is more important , it will only one time out of 16 (so far) , that is still a better chance than every single year having this dissagreement about the moonsighting. Is very unsettling issue to my opinion, that I am sorrounded with 4 mosques, in my quarter, and none of them do it in the same day, or if two of them agree in a certain year, the same ones don't agree in the other year. I undersatnd that moonsighting is different in different parts of the world, but not in the same quarter. I think this does cause confusion and disunity in our community. This is sensitive issue, since it determines fasting and Eid timing, the mos celebrating times, where muslim become together before God, and if this can't happen because of moonsighting, I think is time the musslims take it more seriosly, and find a way to have a better agreement about it. It is so happening that every Ramadan and every Eid, we have to worry more if we had it right, if our mosque was right about moonsighting , than to worry about the more foundamental duties we have in these celebrations. I am only expressing my concern that this issue is better to get better agreement between imams , so the these celebrations bring the fullest of their rewards to all muslims, and musslim communities wherever they are.

Salam alejkum your sister in Islam

i strongly disagree with the whole 'using astronomical calculations' issue because of what happened recently. once i was sitting in the mosque and the imam was going on and on about how it was impossible that the moon will be sighted on the 29th of ramadan. he went so far as to acuse his opponents of lying. and guess what? Ramadan did end on the 29th. Miracles happen.

Mainly,the argument was for and against and both views were well expressed.
I am however of the opinion that when we use salat as being done at different areas of the globe and compare that to Siyam we are like comparing apples and oranges.
Salaat is observed based on the position of the sun while Siyaam is based on the sighting of the new-moon.
And since we are more obliged to follow the sunnah (example) of the Prophet more than Ibn Abass as it is narrated by Kurayb in the Hadith of the traveller.The question we must ask is,how long was Kurayb's trip? And what time of the day did the news reach those in Medina?
Both questions are relevant because,we are living in the IT era,and information about sighting the moon in one area of the universe can reach the other extreme end,in just a few minutes.
Therefore,that rules out the fragmentation of nationalities as well as theimaginary boundaries that the modern geography has imposed on us.
There is always room for different of opinions in our Deen and their interpretation,but as far as we can humanly avoid it,we are encouraged to do so without hesitation.
In conclusion,I am for fasting wherever the moon is sighted on this earth,and whoever has that infromation has a religious duty to spread as far he/she can.
Let those who are caugt in the trap of nationalism and its manifestation continue to argue about local moon-sighting.This argument to me is very backward as Islam is a universal religion under One God(Allah).
Inna Haadhihee ummatikum,ummatan wahidatan,wa ana Rabbukum fa'budunii.

I strongly believe that having one body of Islamic scholars who evaluate credibility of moon sighting will help to unite us as one ummah. We will however never see such unity until the element of Astronomy is removed from such shura. By then we would have realized the non-conforming stance of such statements as "The Islamic Society of North America, in consultation with the Fiqh Council of North America, will follow the position taken by the Islamic Shura Council of North America , which is: A CONFIRMED CRESCENT SIGHTING REPORT IN NORTH AMERICA WILL BE ACCEPTED AS LONG AS SUCH A REPORT DOES NOT CONTRADICT INDISPUTABLE ASTRONOMICAL INFORMATION. Confirmation of astronomical information and associated possibility of moon sighting will be based on the majority-based recommendation of an independent team of Muslim astronomical consultants..."
Ramadan Mubarak to you all and to the rest of our Muslim family.
I may be reached at any time for comments about this article at: [email protected]

`No,' Ibn Abbas replied. He continued, "That is what the Messenger of Allah commanded us to do." (Bukhari/Muslim)
This athar is the base text used by the minority, who ruled that the people in each region should sight their own hilal.
Imam Ash-Shawkani (Rahimahu 'Llah) cited this narration by Kurayb and mentioned the different conclusions that the `ulama have reached based on it. He then commented as follows:
You should know that the acceptable evidence is in what Ibn Abbas (Radiya 'Llahu `anhu) reported explicitly from the Messenger (salla 'Llahu `alayhi wa sallam). It is not in his ijtihad which people tried to interpret, and to which he pointed by saying, This is how Allah's Messenger commanded us. His direct report from the Prophet (salla 'Llahu `alayhi wa sallam) is what Al-Bukhari, Muslim, and others narrated as, Do not fast until you see the crescent, and do not end your fast until you see it This does not apply to any particular location, but is a general address to all applicable Muslims. Thus it is obviously an evidence that a sighting in one location is binding to people in other locations. This is so because when [Muslim] people in a particular location see it, this means that all Muslims have seen it. Thus what applies to them [those who saw it] would apply to others [in other locations] Despite that ash-Sham was not far enough from al-Madinah to warrant different matlas (moon rising positions), Ibn Abbas refused to follow the sighting of its people. This tells that his behavior was based on his ijtihad, and is not, therefore, an acceptable evidence [in this case]". [Nayl ul- Awtar, volume 4, page 268]
In other words this was a matter of opinion but not based on a concrete statement of the prophet salallahu alyhi wasallam. If the news of the sighting in Sham could travel to Medinah as fast as it would today, there is clear evidence that his opinion would have been different.

Beginning or ending of Ramadan in accordance to the evidence in the sunnah which points us to the only consideration, is the sighting. If the testimony of the hilal is ascertained by even one believer in any part of the world, he or she is obligated to begin the fast. The proof is the direct testimony of the Messenger of Allah (Salallahu alayhi wa salaam), who said: "Fast by sighting the hilal and break by sighting." (Bukhari/Muslim)

The most reliable scholarly opinion is that of the Jamhur (the majority of scholars). They said the differences of regions, distances and terrain are of no consequence in determining the testimony of the crescent.
The only difference in opinion among a minority is region -- if the sighting of one region is good for the sighting of the whole Ummah. The reason for this dispute is due to a report (athar) from Ibn Abbas. If I may state, there are differences between an hadith, a direct statement from the Prophet (Salallahu alayhi wa sallam) and (athar) a report from a companion. So this report is not the same as hadith.
In this athar, Kuraib (raa) reported that: "Umm Al-Fadl sent him to Mu'awiyah in Shaam (Damascus). As he finished his business and was preparing to return to Medina, the hilal of Ramadan was sighted in the Shaam area on Friday night, and people started to fast the next day. As he arrived home in Medina at the end of Ramadan, Ibn Abbas (raa) asked him about his trip. Then they talked about the Hilal. "When did they see it?", Ibn 'Abbas asked. Kuraib informed Ibn Abbas that they saw it Friday night. Abdullah Ibn Abbas wanted to know whether he himself saw the Hilal. Kuraib replied, "Yes, as well as many people. They fasted, and Mu'awiyah, too, fasted." Ibn Abbas said, "But we saw it Saturday night, and we will continue to fast until we complete thirty days or see it. Kuraib asked him, "Aren't you satisfied with the testimony of Mu'awiyah and his fasting?"

I learned from a very good brother, a Civil Engineering PhD. holder who is ever so proud of his Beduine traits and background. For every sighting this is what we do: We arrive early to the site and take position. We record our time of arrival and the weather conditions. We draw a sketch of the horizon including all the picks and slopes in the mountains as well as positions of any cloud formations in the sky. Because we are consistent in going to the same sighting location we watch the sun as it travels below the horizon and then begin scanning with our naked eyes, for the illusive first day moon from the most-likely lowest point on the horizon.
Because of the low phone signal at his site, I was only able to leave him a massage describing the HILAL I just saw. After watching the Hilal set behind the horizon, I headed to the masjid still attempting to get in touch with the Imam a couple more times before calling ISNA - ISNA's hotline for reporting moon sighting (317-839-1803) remained busy. I continued trying and then called the other number (317-839-8157). "Alhamdullilah" I said to myself joyously when I heard the recording on this line giving me the option to enter an extension in order to report moon sighting. I entered the extension; the subsequent recorded message requested that I left my name, the city from which I am calling and a telephone number with which I could be reached. "Please be available by this phone," the message urged, .an ISNA representative will call shortly. For the rest of my drive to the masjid, about 25-minutes, I did not get any call. I informed the members of the Majlis at the admin office of the masjid and went to perform my salah. Upon returning from Salah, I was urged by one of the brothers to make sure I had called the right numbers. We both confirmed the number as dialed on my telephone. We then both simultaneously started calling ISNA from different phones. I was the first to get through.

Moon Sighting or Moon Fixing?
Nurdeen Lawal
I have refrained for a very long time now from writing any articles or opinion pieces because ours is a community notorious for assigning celebrity status to anyone who does; I would know this very well with comments and embraces I get from my once-in-while khutbahs at local masjids. However, I must write this time -- this phenomenon which is overtaking our community.
I have celebrated the idea of having one body (a group of scholars of Fiqh) with which to report all sighting of the moon; who would in turn make decision for the community based on sound Islamic knowledge. I strongly believe this process will unite us as one strong, whole community. Even mores so, (I was very happy to see the introduction) of diversity in our shura councils; especially welcoming technological views in our decision making.
The dilemma we face now is that our Islamic scholars on the Shura council are being reduced to no more than spokesmen for the ever so learned, consulting Astronomy experts.
I mean ISNA has posted on its website the following:
The Islamic Society of North America, in consultation with the Fiqh Council of North America, will follow the position taken by the Islamic Shura Council of North America, which is: A CONFIRMED CRESCENT SIGHTING REPORT IN NORTH AMERICA WILL BE ACCEPTED AS LONG AS SUCH A REPORT DOES NOT CONTRADICT INDISPUTABLE ASTRONOMICAL INFORMATION. Confirmation of astronomical information and associated possibility of moon sighting will be based on the majority-based recommendation of an independent team of Muslim astronomical consultants. Members of the Fiqh Council and of the team of Muslim astronomical consultants are listed below.

I am really sick and tired of our indifferences.I pray To Allah that he punish all those that are doing it wrong and they know in their hearts they are wrong..............

Assalaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,
Concerning this inconsistency I believe that initially an
agreement should be achieved between all the mosques, masjids
and muslim communities of a particular timezone and
consequently jama'ah should follow the Imaam who introduces
that agreement, keeping in mind that the same is being
introduced in other mosques based on that same agreement
achieved. Thus we should represent a strong community, and
this would not be an individual decision (or choice) but rather
simply conforming with the rest.
My point is that, on the larger scale, our community should not
be divided and on the smaller scale the jama'ah of a particular
mosque should not be divided either, and it should respect what
the Imaam advices.
Personally I just want to know that I am fasting on the same day
that all the brothers and sisters are fasting and that I am
celebrating on the same day all the brothers and sisters are
celebrating, while I understand that different timezones are to
be considered. Brotherhood is fardh. Let's be careful not to mix

I agree with Dr. Syed Khalid Shaukat's reasoning. But then, I will not go out to disprove the non-scientic and traditional believes. You can't change a believe. It is dangerous. I persue a middle path. Let the almighty and all-knowing lord guide us to the right direction and forgive us for our extreme behaviours.

I do not mind if some one follows the traditional path of actual moon sighting. But they should not mind and declare me apostate when I follow the more scientific reasons. What is the problem if I start fasting a day or two earlier?

Now will they mind if I end my fasting based on my definition of "New Moon"? What about ending my fast one or two days later (along with the traditionalist)?

Would Allah punish me for fasting on the 1st day of Shawal [depending on who's definition of new moon I follow]?

Do you remeber a story from The Quran? When Allah asked people to sacrifice a cow? [He meant any cow. But the people insisted on exact specification. And Allah was not happy]?

In North america, I also noticed a dispute among fellow muslims about the exact direction of Qaaba. Some say it should be the Rhumb Line direction and some say it should be in the Great Circle direction. I feel both groups are correct. But, who is more correct [borrowing from Mr. George Orwell, some are more equal than others in a command economy -->> some are more correect that others in a blocked mentality]?

Moon sighting it is a start with excitment. The use of science in predicting the start of Ramadan or Eid should be seen as additional mean of working out the start of a month, but not the only mean. What is more important is that whichever is used, Muslims in one city should have the same starting or ending dates. I have heard situations were in one family you find individuals fasting while others are celebrating Eid. Here it becames a bit sad that a family is disunited about a day of joy and spiritual significance. When we start to believe only our view on the issue is right and believe that following the other view would nullify our worship it becames a recipy of inflexibility and it consequence can go down as low as a family having Ramadan and Eid the same day.

If a Muslim followed an opinion that he disagrees with for the sake of unity in this circumstance, what would be his position? This is a question we need to ask ourselves on issues of disputes and learn not to make a big fuss on differences whose positions are both strong.

dear sirs in this modern era we must use what ever means possible to make our way of life easy and we rely on electronic clocks etc so why are we arguing over stupid things when we should be trying to unite our people

Why do we like to fuss about nothing? We live in different time zones in this world. But that is beside the point. Even if we live in the same time zone, what is wrong with one group of Muslims starting the Ramadan a day ahead of the other group? I don't quite remember the difference ever been more than two days; so why all these fussing? The fundamental issue is all Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan--and this month is determined by the sighting of the moon. No matter how bad a climate can be, it is not possible for the moon to remain invisible for thirty days. Granted that that becomes the case, one still has the option of falling back on the sayings of others that they have sighted the moon. The point I am trying to make is that come what may, a Muslim will eventually fast for twenty-nine or thirty days during the month of Ramadan; so I think our scholars should redirect their energies toward educating the ummah about the importance of Ramadan instead of belaboring the point of everybody beginning to fast on the same day. It is just not going to be. Pessimistically conservative? Maybe yes, but that is just the fact. To date some Muslims are still folding their hands on their chest when they pray and others are bringing their hands down when they pray. It used to be a point of contention; but it's no longer an issue because there is a consensus, somewhat, that the Prophet (SAW) did both. Imagine that this difference is observed five times a day and everyday of the year and it has not changed; so what will change an issue that comes around only once every year? I think people are just engaging in intellectual gymnastics here. Best of luck to those who want to change things and I wish all of us a rich and blessed Ramadan. Salam.

Asslamualikum My dear brothers and sisters
I do agree with what has been written in the article, but what realy would like to say is we as muslims we have be more optimstic and positive regarding this issue.This is a fact that we have been divided over this issue for years and years. So we have to be practicle and instead of writing about the issue it self, we should be writing about how we could come together and tacle this problem, and be united. Yes it will take long time, maybe 20, 25 years or more, maybe less,but this is the time all of us as muslims we have to have long term vision. and by the will of Allah we will succeed. Our beloved prophet PBUH Siad in a Hadeet (مازال الخير في أمتي حتى قيام الساعة)goodness will be in my nation until the day of judgement.
I would like to think you for your effort and say to you that i love you all for the seek of Allah.

Bissmil'Lah Ar'Rahman Ar'Raheem, Why do we turn simple Islamic procedures into complex arguments. The hadith is explicit as one sighting is good for the entire Ummah. The argument in this article holds true if moon sighted in Texas (US) but not in Ohio (US), I do not start fasting in Ohio. So make it simple, one sighting holds all to start Ramadan. And remember one other hadith, translation "The day you start fast is the day you make sacrifice"; I believe that is one day for all Muslims. "Deen is yusr and not usr" Islam is made to be easy NOT hard or complex, as described in the Qura'an. I ask Allah (swt) to guide all of us to the right path. Please make effort to unite and leave sheetan behind you.

Salaamu alaikum,

One more thing to add: the reason we have these debate going on for over fourteen centuries is partly because the word "Shahida" an arabic verb that means both to SEE and to WITNESS but mostly because we are generally rigid. That's unfortunately part of human nature .
When Allah said: " Wa man shahida minkumu shahra fal yasumhu" He meant to either see it with the naked eye, high tech equipment and or to have witnesses that can do so. Isn't it better to let the experts do it for us and set up a lunar calendar for all Muslims and non Muslims alike.

Thank you for this information. I will inquire at mosque prayers today, Friday, when they begin their Ramadan. As a new Muslimah I have only Imam to go for info, or other members of the mosque.

I like what another said about the article, "I like this article because it ends by reminding Muslims of the importance of the presence of diversity of opinions in Islam (at least those based on the Qur'an and good research of the Hadiths) even as diversity is important and present in all of Allah's Creations." Again, Shookran Jazilan for this information. Assalamu Alaykum

Assalaam Alaikum, Insha Allah, correct me if I am wrong, going by, we were supposed to have started the fast on Saturday? but ended up fasting on Friday due to a sighting in Texas, if this scientific calulation is that accurate, why the error in the start date??
Since the world has become one great big community, even though with time variations, would it not solve the problem if a system can be adopted whereby if the moon is sighted anywhere in the world with confirmation by 'x'number of people then the Muslims all over should follow that sighting, obviously taking into account the different time zones.
May Allah (swt) guide us aright in all our affairs. Amin

I think it is an where we need to think progressively. Some Non Muslims though polite in their attitude are very cynical of disputed problems like moon sighting whereas we can see that it's not a problem at all in the first place. I wish someone could take the brave step of introducing a lunar calendar which Muslims could foolow all over the world.

Crecsent sighting should continue for posterity. Allah will bless us for following aand keeping alive Sunnah of His prophet.


I like this article because it ends by reminding Muslims of the importance of the presence of diversity of opinions in Islam (at least those based on the Qur'an and good research of the Hadiths) even as diversity is important and present in all of Allah's Creations.

I personally support the physical sighting of the crescent by the local community as designating the start of Ramadan in one's area. I think that the astronomical argument is sound, but it does not take into account the fact that the astronomical method would result in a crescent sighting even if the sky were cloudy. And that the sky's clarity or cloudiness in one's area is a direct result of Allah's Command. In other words, if Allah swt Had Wanted a community to begin on a particular date then sky would have been clear, but if He Wanted for that community to wait a day to begin the fast, then He Has Commanded that the sky is cloudy.

In my opinion, this concept is strengthened by the fact that very accurate astronomical calculations of the moon did exist during the Prophet Muhammad's time. In fact, Jews use a lunar calendar, the Babylonians and Sumerians used a lunar calendar based on incredibly sophisticated calculations, yet the Prophet Muhammad pbuh declined these methods in favor of a direct sighting of the crescent.

What impresses me most about the "sighting" method for Ramadan is that it results in a phenomena very similar to what occurs during our daily prayers. In short, this methodology results in waves of Muslims observing Ramadan such that at every time for a period of 29 - 30 days, there is a least 1 Muslim fasting during the Holy Month in which the Qur'an was revealed, just as in prayer there is at least 1 Muslim observing prayer every minute of the day. Such that when 1 Muslim (or group of Muslims) stops praying, another begins and so on and so on just like waves lapping against a sea's shore. This is my opinion-I would love to hea

Well, i think that the issue of global sighting has not been dealt fairly. Because when,accordint to the article, we can use technology to determine the sighting place and time, we can also use it to have a global sighting. As the article mentions that this time is different from the time of the Prophet(PBUH)in a way that we have now these scientific tools then why not use them for global sighting as well.Moreover Nasa has just upgraded their system and they have found faults in the old system.So,in my humble view, technology should be used as a tool and not as a definite means of determining moon sighting.

Its an absolute DISGRACE that we cannot agree thing as basic as this. The problem lies in the lack of education of the local, national and international Mullah!

Substance over form. The literature of the Hadith and the Holy Quran has the central message of unity and oneness. And yet the Mullah's discard this and look at terms literally.

The Mullahs who advocate the "naked eye siting" message could probably not work a calculator. They need scientific education.

I completely agree with the article to me it just makes sense. But year in and year out we can never be big enough to just let it go, we all want to think that we are either "better" than one another or "more correct" than another. It's really just sad and serves no purpose in the long run. We're all in this together Allah(SWT) won't love us anymore for fighting and bickering over such a precious time some of us just really need to back off and truly see what's important, not just that we should be the one who is right. Common people lets all make an effort to make it different this time..for all of our happiness.

No wonder the west call us backward people; We have the smarts, the technology that God has blessed us with. And what do we do? Disagree of course. We know that Ramadan moves up 10 or so days every year with that in mind and the technology so what is stopping us from all starting the fast on the same and right day for a change? For God's sake what is wrong with people all they want to do is disagree with one and other, even during the Holy month. Its really not necessary hopefuly in the future we can all agree and us the brains and the knowledge that Allah has blessed us with and move up with the rest of the world. I believe that this is exactly what muslims around the world should be following today that way we can all fast and celebrate the Eid at the same time. May Allah guide and unite all the faithful in the world. Ramadan Mubarak

I think the author should have spent more time looking into the validity of global sighting rather than just blowing it off as something wrong...
A more balanced approach to the issue would have been more beneficial than such a biased one.

Muslim brothers & sisters,

Please dont go to extremes in your religion. Allah swt want us to make life easy. Why we muslims tend to equate religiosity & taqwa with extremism. Why can we enumerate like our Caribean brothers & sisters do so that that we can start Ramadan & celebrate Eidu lfitr in one day.
-Can you imagine celebrating the day of Arafat & Eidu l'adha on two separate days? No, that of course would be haram. So is fasting during Eidul fitr!!! why then cant we enumerate? The answer is very simple: We dont enumerate simply because we want to maintain the traditional status quo. We basically do not want to admit to the world that some of our charismatic religious scholars confuse Taqwa with Tashaddud (extremism) & backwardness. We forgot this hadith:"Man shadda fiddini ghalabah" Hadith Shariff. Sadaqa rasulu Allah salla Allahu alaihi wa salam.

May Allah forgive us all!


Assalamu Alaikum.
Ramadhan Mubarak to all.Now that we are in Ramadhan,lets all try to do things that pleases Allah.
Lets not try to emulate other religions in that they have their festivals on one day throughout the world.
Science & tech might work in countries like US but there are still countries where people still rely on actual sighting to start a month.
Agree that Muslims are not united - but the diagreement over the start/end of Ramadhan should not be considered as a symbol of disunity.

Allah guide us all and lets pray that we get the maximum benefits from this blessed month.

I am of the belief that we do not all pray the same time even from city to city. So how could it be that all countries start Ramadan the same time. When the sighting is in Saudia Arabia surrely I can not say in America the moon has been sighted because the two countries are 8 hours apart so how could we say thatif the moon was sighted in Saudia then it its Ramadan. This is such a tired argument to start each Ramadan with. I am always so excited when Ramadan is aproaching and when this argument arises it spoils my peace, this is bad! One believer stated that if we had one Khalifah and that person said it's the month of Ramadan it would solve the problem I too believe this. I know that where I live it was cloudy on Sunday the 26th and the 26th so no one could have sighted the moon and the 27th of October would have beenthe 30th of Shaaban and if it was cloudy then we use 30 days of Shaaban and thus the 28th should be the 1st of Ramadan. I know some masjids that change the day's to suit their own needs for Ramadan and the Eid. I even know of one mosque that charges for the Eid to keep certain people out $50 dollars a family. This is not how the prophet swt left us. Also the high prices of halal meat and dates is shameful and I think the prophet swt would be dissappointed to see what we as muslims have turned this way of life into. "There is no compuslion in religion".

My big gripe about the moon-sighting thing altogether is that we follow our own local sightings in the USA for Ramadan and Eid Al-Fiter, but follow Saudi Arabia for Hajj. Lately we have our own sighting for Eid Al-Adha in the USA and our Eid and Arafat day are different from the Hajj days. Go figure.
The best solution is to calculate where the moon will be seen from then go sight it, a solution that uses both methods.

If there was one ummah and one khalifa and he announced the beginning of ramadan I bet you the ummah anywhere in the world would have to declare it is ramadan, unless they were cut off from communication. The moon is estimation not precission, what is more important is unity of fasting we start together and we end together, Laylat Al-Qadr is not different for each community. It is rediculus that two mosques in the same city ceberate the biginning of ramdan seperatly. Think, instead of being to scientific. Science itself is estimation, no matter how presice the technology may seem

I am very sad to see that most of us missed the point of this Article. Please read the last paragraph where the writer summarized it by saying these differences exited at time of the companions and it did not cause them to separate from each other. Unity is not in having one moon, unity is in Believing in one Allah and taking the shadah, "there is only one God worthy of worship."

Thank you.

Salam Alaikum

quite dilemmatique problem.
This is what I interpreted from Shahih Bukhari.

That according to the Prophet SAW, they didn't write nor count, but the month could be 29 or 30 days.

If we didn't see the crescent, then complete the Shaban till 30, which is we have to start the Ramadan after it. so is for the break of Ramadan. However, according the mentioned hadeeth, the sum of ramadhan could also be 29 or 30, which is also depends if we see the crescent.


I agree that Islam is a religion for all times, we muslims should wake up and live up to claim of the best of all civilization.

i agree with "knight" re: seeking knowledge... we should use technology for advancement and good... especially here in the u.s. we should not have any hungry or homeless... we should not use resources for bombs, guns, etc to hurt one another, muslim or not...
ramadan mubarak!

Muslims SHOULD plan a trip to the MOON by NEXT RAMADAN instead of wasting time discussing about MOON's Crescent. THIS IS HOW ALL MUSLIMS SHOULD MENTALLY PREPARE THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN.


INSTEAD OF JUST DONATING $$$ to your poor neighbors, I suggest you make your illiterate neighbor literate by teaching them how to read, write, math and science, in addition to giving money.

H.A. does not ask others to do something if H.A. does do it for himself or have the intention to do it b/c ....refer to Hadith and Q ... for answer..and you'll see how much Allah loves you...

Sighting of Moon is becoming a major issue. I do agree with both local & global sighting but we should have one voice in US. All of us should follow the deceision of our major organizations.


Those who argue that we must do exactly as it was done in the past should consider riding their camels instead of driving cars... lighting a fire to keep warm, instead of using electric heaters... The Quran says that man must seek knowledge and progress forward not remain stagnant, so get with the program!

SAHAR said:
This just goes 2 show that Muslims aren't very united..mayb if we were, the Muslims would be MUCH stronger....I mean muslim countries and muslim communities VS each other its just wrong

This is a great article, i never heard about it before, i would reccomend it to others, I never knew about the first paragraph, good job! i love it.

I believe the entire moon sighting issue is simply disagreement, a facet of debate, and shouldn't be characterized as "fighting," as that is quite a strong word. This is too petty an issue for Muslims to be fighting over and I do not mean to imply that moon sighting for the sake of Ramadhan and the Eids is not important. Surely, with over a billion Muslims in the world, we can come to some sort of conclusion or eventually agree to disagree on this subject as there is no real point in dragging it out and fussing continually year after year. It's a waste of time to constantly bring up these recurrent topics without ever arriving at any actual resolving movement.

There's debate of what the new moon actually is, there's debate over local and global moon sightings, there's debate of whether or not technology should be used to ascertain easily the cycles of the moon (supposedly, calculations may not be used in place of the actual moon sighting and that's why many hesitate to utilize today's technological advances in assisting with the lunar calendar). In the end, all we can do is try our hardest to arrive at a viable, Islamically correct option and, InshaAllah, Allah (the Exalted) will recognize our efforts. Please, no point in blowing things out of proportion.


Salaam aleikum,

So the self-declared leaders of North America have done it again? The so-called "Islamic shura council of North America" has about as much credability as the Coalition Provisional Authority does in Iraq -- none, except that granted by it's patron and master, the U.S. govt..

Until we realize that Quran and Sunnah ONLY is our reference and should be used to arbitrate our differences, we are essentially going to be continously playing this "unity in name only" game, as demonstrated by different start and end times for Ramadhan and Eid. Using astronomical calculations if there IS NO EVIDENCE that can be extrapolated for it's use is similar to trying to rationlize or justify half-measures from other than Islam for preconceived biases and notions.

This ummah needs to demand more accountability from it's rulers (both overseas and in North America) and learn to trust the Quran and sunnah rather than simply recite it as part of empty rituals devoid of meaning or purpose.

Last time I checked we were in the 21st century (CE). I also wear a wrist watch that tells me the time, and I can check a specific day ten years in the future on my computer. Also, the sighting of the moon can be made by accurate astrological predictions and technology. If muslims are unwilling to do this then respect the Ummah. The Ummah is worldwide, not restricted to one country. When a member of the Ummah in any country sights the moon, then the whole world should start Ramadan.

I find it incredible that years after the start of space exploration, and the advances in computer technology Muslims do not have a calander that everyone agrees on. It's no wonder we can't support one another in national/international affairs considering the "community" can't even agree on the start of a major event.This is an indication of a much broader problem. The entire world must look at the Muslims is utter amazement and wonder, why can't they even agree on something so simple? It appears that we are forever stuck in a time warp. I just don't understand this controversy, when will we ever get beyond this foolishness? How can we expect to set an example for the world to follow, when we can't even set a proper example for ourselves? We should have learned from the examples of extremism that have plagued the muslim community from centuries ago, but it appears we haven't. Should we reject scientific advancement simply because it was not in existance during the time of the prophet? If we use this backwards "logic", then we should apply the same rationale to medicine and technology.

The time to fright on this is over. We should concentrate on the bigger issues.
Our Enemies!


Where is the announcement on the beginning of Ramadhan on this website?


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu...
I would just like to say that whenever the holy month of Ramadan starts, let's just not fight over this issue! We should always stand as an example of brotherhood and whenever Ramadan starts, with Allah's name on your lips, initiate doing good deeds as much as possible. Fighting or debating on this issue would just create more misunderstandings.
With a smile and a message of peace, I wish all the members who view this site, Ramadan Mabrook!! :)

Wa salamualaikum!!

Assalamu Alaikum,
1. moon sighting can only be done by actual sighting. Its a simple rule. that doesn't change. This is similar to salah rules, when we determine the time of salah (e.g maghrib is sunset). I wonder how muslims living in desert of africa get astrological data. Salah, zakat, fast were not made dependent on technology. At least thats how original was. otherwise y2k would've been a big issue for all three pilars of islam.

2. the issue or moon sighting is not really an issue, except for people who wants to declare themselves as leader. This is a way to proclaim that we are leaders and they (muslim) listen to us. Each group make this claim.

In north america especially, where there is a run for "ameer-ul-momineen" without the possession of state of moimeen. The arguement of moon sighting is merely to declare who is the ameer.

3. Lets take this for an example. If OIC which is org of 57 muslim state announce all 57 muslim state will start ramadan on so and so day.. where will all these groups (who sight moon only for eid/ramadan occasion) stands?.

4. if rule are as simple as mentioned by the author; lets combine the hadeeths:
- sight the moon your
- if the moon is not sighted, then take shaban as 30
- if others city have sighted it on different day, then local keep going with their own sighting..

then really what are we arguing for?. Why do we need all these council to bound the entire Continent america one group?.

if californians sight on friday, and ontarians sights on saturday.. then according to ibn abbas, its allowable limit. There is no need for arguement.

Ibn Abbas, didn't say that 'no we need to form fiqh council of kingdom of islamia, and all muslims in latitude 10 must start their fast on same day'. and/or muwayya is amir of syria, and we don't follow syria, we follow egypt.

Its as simple as this.

I just want to know when is Ramadan?

Everyone, why dont you guys agree on anything....
why cant everyone just be one community...
everyone just disagrees because they just want to feel everyone just shut up. agree on one thing.. no matter if your arabic, indian,pakistani.......just celebrate eid on the same day.. everyone says stupid and wrong things just to feel just everyone agree on one thing...and shut your trash.....
Ramadan Mubarak to all.....and i hate yahoudis

Disagree with the argument

Assalam Alaikom wa RahmatuLLAH,

Allah SWT addresses this Ummah as ONE Ummah as a collective, not as separate divisions. Also Allah SWT condems anything that divides the Ummah.

Regarding the Moon Sighting, you have to remember even the Prophet's SAS Uncle said he used to lay in the desert alone at night and knew that God was not kept in a house. Who was his witness to the moon sighting?

I think it is best that we stick to the simple facts and not complicate things for our ownselves when Allah SWT makes everything easy for us. Basically every effort is based on our intentions including fasting during Ramadan. Sure we make every effort to do this in the best way - but SubhanALLAH this is dividing the Ummah and should not be tolerated.

Ramadan is a most blessed month. Here we are focusing on this that and the other instead of focusing on our intentions and encouraging the community. We should be planning our Quranic studies for this important month and not who seen what and when. Let the leader of the mosque decide and if you dont have one - follow Mecca as we all know that is the beginning of everything and the Holiest place on earth. As long as you have the intention, Allah SWT will take care of the rest. SubhanALLAH wa bi Hamdi, SubhanALLAH Azim.

It only takes one to make a difference. Who is going to be the LEADER - if not you - what is your excuse. Is Allah SWT truely first priority in your life.

May Allah SWT keep us in the right path, and bless the courageous brothers and sisters who give their lives daily for this deen.

Assalam Alaikom

There was a time when people travelled to Mecca on foot, on camels, and whatever was available. Has anyone argued that we should continue to travel on foot from around the world to do the Hajj in today's world? Don't we use the most modern technology, the airplane, to travel to the Kaaba?

Why do some Muslims insist on making us all look like fools and our religion primitive? Please, let's us current knowledge for Ramadhan fasting. And let us end this annual tug-of-war of moon-sighting, this "to fast or not to fast," to an end. Even worse than this confusion during the beginning of Ramadhan is the utterly nacceptable ending of fasting what happens at the end of Ramadhan-- when some Muslims are feasting and celebrating Eid while others are fasting. This is unacceptable and totally ruins the entire month of Ramadhan. Please, please--let's stop making us all a laughing stock for the pleasure of the non-Muslim world.


It is a real shame that the muslims cannot even decide when the months of their own calendar begin and end. In this day and age when you can calculate the trajectory of the moon to 10 decimal places, there are those who insist on a sighting - to me it is just a symptom of the larger malaise. Our "ulema" are just not willing to do any fresh thinking and cling to the past because change requires courage.

The result anyhow is clear, because of this uncertainty, a lot of people in the US/Can are not able to plan for Eid - and often end up going to work.


I totally agree that moon sighting at those times was a question of easy access for rich, poor, literate, illiterate .now science can serve the purpose with telescopes, telephones,just like advancement in medicine, means of transportation,infrastructure which are equally utilized by people sighting moon by naked eye or telescope.
Observing Fasts,making tarawee,and celebrating eid as a community inculcates the spirit of brotherhood.which is always preferable than who is more right than the other.

Every Ramadan muslims go through the same ridiculous malarky on the sighting of the moon. This issue perfectly highlights our backwardness and lack of unity. The determination of the moon sighting should follow the most ACCURATE means possible. At the time of Prophet (PBUH) this meant an actual visual sighting using the eyes. Today we have far more accurate means that objectively eliminates any error and that we as one unified umma should agree on . Islam exhorts us to gain knowledge and to think. I am ashamed that muslims are even having this debate. If there is an aversion to the use of technology in Islam, I would appreciate those who believe this to please spell it out, and then refrain from the use of cars, electricity, telephones, etc.


May Allah SWT reward all muslims to ponder on His creations and the knowledge that He belssed us with and allowed us to make use of it wisely. However, to maintain an Eid environment, the muslims should set aside the differences and at least celebrate it collectively at a local level (i.e., national or state or city level). We the muslims should focus on addressing much greater challenges that will not only help our muslim brothers and sisters but the community at large. I hope our knwoledgeable (scholars) people will come to a consensus to get away from this issue and teach the communities on how to celebrate rather than justifying individual positions. Please note that these debates will cause frustration in the new generation especially who are born and raised here in this country, that is detrimental in not only to their understanding of Islam but will cause a serious damage to our deen at large. I do not like to offend any side, however I was forced to express my comments to see whether we can diffuse this tense environment when it comes to moon sighting. I wish all whole Muslim ummah a happy and properous Eid from both this duniya and hearafter's perpectives. Jazakum Allahu Khayren

Assalmau alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu
well ya ikhwa wa akhawat, all i'd like to say is that using technology is alright, usually, but just make sure you also look for the cresent moon manually. if for no other reason than to be doing something that the Rasul (s)and his companions used to do.
wasalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

As according to the writer says that binding on Muslims in other Areas are not acceptable. The universal sighting is not acceptable. So based on the view can we come to a conclusion that even you are in one contry, you may be in a different part,where your prayer times are different from the other Cities timings. Do you have to wait for the sighting of the new crescent with your City Limit, even you are in the same Country.

Since the Hadiths which the shows that the Syria was Govern by Muawiyah is a Provice under a Kalifah, means a part of a contry.


Have a happy ramadan all!!!!!!!!!!