Start of Ramadan 1426 AH - 2005 CE

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Three of Islam's most holy sites, the Haram al-Sharif in Makka, the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad in Madina and the Noble Sanctuary of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, will start fasting on Tuesday, October 4th 2005. 

According to the Islamic Shura Council of North America, it will accept a valid crescent sighting report that does not contradict astronomical data.

The available astronomical data indicates that it will be impossible to see the new crescent on  October 3rd because it will be too low on the horizon in North America and will set in 5 to 14 minutes immediately after sunset.

As such the first day of Ramadan in North America will be Wednesday, October 5th, 2005.

In Europe, the Muslim minorities in France, Germany, Austria and Britain are to observe Ramadan Tuesday, October 4th 2005. 

Ramadan will start on Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 in Turkey, Oman, Tunisia, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine and Malaysia.

In Australia Muslims will also start fasting on Wednesday, according to Canberra Islamic Center.

Ramadan Kareem to all!

IslamiCity is providing this data for your information only and does not support or oppose the various views on moon-sighting. Please confirm with your local moon-sighting authorities to determine when to start Ramadan.

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  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured
  Topics: Moon, Ramadan
Views: 28659

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Older Comments:
With the wisdom given by Allah the tools created to make life easier have contributrd to new and reliable ways of moon sighting. Isn't it time to utilize those tools as we depend on other tools to communicate and as such?

those who are speaking of uniting and "following the collective".. are preaching to follow fiqh of "ikhtilaf" matala'ee. Should they not be talking of "Wahdat" matala'ee, if they are sincere in uniting.

First, they say moon must be sighted locally. Then, local becomes the entire north america on some unexplanable basis.. then they say "those who share part of night".. if its part of night, then when its 7:30 PM EST, Its 2:30 AM in makkah.. so we not share part of night with makkah?.

Its is strange, they pre-determine that they don't plan to sight the moon at all, because according their calc moon is impossible to sight, thus we can shelf the hadith of the Messenger of Allah that says to sight the moon, or accept the witness of other muslim, because hadith is of no use in today's technology.. So, we are prepared to use science, fictions and all gadgets.. but we won't use the telephone to accept shadah from another muslim from another part of the world!. welcome unity.

While the scientific data never claimed that moon can "never" be sighted in entire North America or entire World for that matter.. but who is reading the details.

I think the original intention of ISNA was to create a sense of unity by having Muslims in North America begin and end Ramadan with the moon sightings in this region. However, it would appear somewhat contradictory to say "we will accept moonsightings if it does not conflict with astronomical data" Allah does the impossible and to say that despite some calculations the moon cannot be seen is really limiting the powers of Allah. We should strive for unity as best as we can. Perhaps we should all accept the sighting in Arabia. Our Ummah is in this predicament because there is no head, no Caliph to speak on behalf of all of us. The Shura Council should rethink how they handle this issue in the same manner they resolved the Eid and Day of Arafat issue a couple of years ago.

I think that Ramadan (its just a month) has nothing to do with muslim countries. All it has to do is with sighting of moon. If according to the scientific reasons moon is high enough to be sighted then we should start Ramadan based on that.
Since it is a collective matter it has to be decided by the government of that country. In case it is a non muslim country then any collective representation of the muslims can decide that.

Regarding my brothers comments that "he went through a religious disaster" I would say that he is only responsible for his own deeds. In case a collective authority of muslims makes a mistake then he will not be accountable for it. Also in case the collective representation (e.g. Government) makes a mistake then if the mistake is not done knowingly then they would also not be held accountable in the sight of GOD.

The biggest mistake would be to go against the collective representation and the majority decision if available.

I agree that we should fast with the muslim countries that sight the moon first. If all agree that their sighting is right for Hajj, then why is it in dispute for Ramadan?

Please enlighten on this!

Assalamu alaikum Valerie... Thank YOU my dear sister, I also converted to Islam. It was during the month of Ramadan. Since then I have never considered of any other way of worship. I am happy, please, and most of all grateful to Allah (swt) that I finally found something spiritual to cling to. It brings absolute joy to my heart when I hear someone converted to Islam. Conversion demonstrates the true example of "lead us to the right path" as transliterated from the most beautiful prayer- Al Fatiha. You obeyed The calling.

May this holy month bring you blessings both spiritual and physical
And thank you also Shirley for that beautiful piece of spiritual advice. This is going to be a great month for spiritual growth.....

Salaamu alaikum,
Ramadan starts today Tuesday Oct 4th regardless of geographical location. I am Moroccan & also Canadian but I never fast according to Morocco or North America's ISC reports on the sighting of the crescent although there is room for this type of decision based on hadith interpretations. I learned from a mistake sometimes in the early 1980's when we waited for the committee that is in charge of the sighting of the crescent (the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Morocco) to report to the nation the exact day we should start the fast & guess what we ended up fasting two days later along with Algeria. It means that some of us fasted only 28 days. That's total haram. Who knows may be millions of smokers wanted to sight the crescent with the naked eye as an excuse to delay the fast as much as possible. That year I fasted 29 days only plus six days of Shawwal and asked Allah for fogiveness. As a result of that religious disaster I always start the fast based on Witnesses from Muslim countries that sight the crescent first because unity for me comes first. I personally won't go as far as some extremists go & say that whoever eats today between Fajr & Maghrib without a valid reason is commiting a horrible sin but I feel that doing so deepens our divisions even more. I can't say that, because we fast Ramadan & we celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr based on the sighting of the crescent but I can say that starting the fast tomorrow based on available astronomical data in North America- although a legitimate decision- it is not heading in the direction that will lead to the unification of this divided Ummah!
Does it feel normal to you to fast the day of Eid Ul-Fitr or perform the ritual of Arafat or A'shura on two different days? Not to me! The fact that Non-Muslims ask questions such as: "How come you Muslims celebrate Ramadan and Eid Ul-Fitr on different days?" must tell you that something is wrong with our Ummah!
Sister Shirley, pls note that there r 5 schools of Fiqh.<

Dear sisters Shirley and Valerie,

Assalaamu Alaikum. May Allah's Words serve as your perpetual guide and may both of you always find peace and comfort in the light of His mercy and compassion.


Assalam Alaikom,
If saudia is fasting tuesday, I will fast tusday in USA insha Allah. the time changed from the time of the Prophet SAAW. we are now able to communicate 5000 miles away in few seconds unlike time of the Prophet. it was obvious in time of the Prophet that Allah said in the Quran whoever saw the moon should fast, that's because a moslem in Egypt will spend 7 days to reach Makkah inorder to know who saw the moon in Makkah. Alhumdulillah who gave us the brains to think with them. we know well different Islamic countries used to fast different days (in 20 century) because of their politicians who bearly practice Islam. we are now able to fear Allah instead of fearing someone who try to present himself or herself as our leader. I wish this council of North America and those alike in Europe, stop creating an image of the failure mentality of those whon subdivised the moslem ummah. some people learn little bit about Islam and they try to do something to impress this Ummah like if they are the only one able to understand Islam (after 1400).
may Allah helps us all? we may debate with saudis if they saw the moon or not but we can not say "we are not fasting because we didn't see it yet". Only one day of Arafat in Hajj. if we fast different days, we end it most of the time with different Arafat. unfortunatly, some people in America follow saudia in ARAFAT but doesn't do so in watching the moon.

Jazakumullahu khairan for the information i have been receiving from islamicity.May Allah reward everyone whoes efforts make this site a successful one. about the siting of moon, we Africa, especialy in Nigeria we always have problem of the actual day the moon is been sited.pls how do you help us the young ones.for example I beging my own fasting on third of october on the imformation i receieved from a friend that the moon has been sited,some disagreed with the infomaton. how do we remove this inconsistences,for it happen every year. looking foard to hear from you. Ramadan Kareem .yours in Islam.bello,y.m.

Valerie, I want to congratulate you on embracing Islam. I have to tell you that you have made the best choice, and hope you will be as happy with it as I have been for the past 5 years since I also found the right way.
I have a suggestion about such things as the timetable of Ramadhan. Sometimes there is a difference of opinion as to when it should be celebrated. I treat this in the same way as the question or whether your should raise your hands at various points whilst praying the salaat. There are 4 different schools of thought that cover such technicalities, but the thing to keep in mind is that they ARE technicalities, minor differences, and MUST NOT be allowed to weigh too heavily against the main issues. In that case, the main issue is whether you pray, which is obviously more important than which style (school of thought) you follow. In the case of Ramadhan, there is a strong belief that even if you disagree with the calculation of the date, you should fast with the rest of your community. This means the minority should reconcile themselves with the date followed by the majority in their area, as the most important thing is UNITY of the Ummah. Anything that fosters division is from Shaitan and weakens us as a community.

Welcome again, and I trust you will have found good mentors and friends in your community. Remember that ours is a religion of moderation and of community...Enjoy the added advantage of belonging to a body of brothers and sisters who you can rely on, look to for help and friendship, and build relationships with.

Be patient with yourself as you make changes in your life to bring it in line with what you want. However long a person has been a Muslim, there is always room for improvement. We are all still learning and waging our personal jihad against the weaknesses in our characters. That never stops, but Allah rewards our efforts and gives us joy in the battle.

Salaam aleikum.


Assalamu Alaykum and Shookran Jazilan for this information. I will ask at mosque prayers today, Friday, when they all begin Ramadan. As a new Muslimah, I want to do things right and getting into the holidays/celebrations/remembrance days very important for me. Again, thank you.