Friday Prayers Led by Women

On March 18, Dr. Amina Wadud will give the Friday sermon to a mixed gender audience at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in New York. She would also lead the Friday prayer to a joint congregation of Muslim men and women. Dr. Wadud, an Islamic studies professor in the department of philosophy and religious studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, is nationally and internationally known for her book "Quran and Woman: Re-reading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective." She knows the meanings and implications of her ijtihad in the eyes of God, and she will be judged according to that. Those who disagree with her ijtihad would be judged according to their own understandings as well. 

This controversy cannot be cast as Islamic or un-Islamic, because there is no one to judge people's actions and intentions but God Almighty. However, what one can discuss is the effectiveness of such an action in proving points pertaining to the status of women in the eyes of God or believers. 

If it is meant to prove to God that He created everyone equal, then it is futile. He already knows that everyone is equal, and the spiritual status of people in His eyes is not determined by where people stand and how they stand, but what they do. 

If it is meant to prove to adversaries that women's equality cannot be compromised, then again it is a futile effort, especially in a country where the First Amendment allows each individual to express his or her individuality in whatever manner and form as long as it does not violate the laws of the land. In this Christian majority country, people have the right to produce movies against Jesus or burn the national flag or even burn the religious scriptures. Similarly, Muslims who want to practice their religion in a particular form can do so without any restriction as the law of the land allows them to so. 

However, if the purpose of the organizers is to improve the status of the average Muslim women, then this is neither the issue nor the place to make the point. 

Some Muslims and Muslim organization will simply describe this action as un-Islamic and will urge their followers to oppose it tooth and nail. Perhaps they may even impose more restrictions upon women who want to use Masjid facilities to express their spirituality.

Those who describe them selves as moderates would most probably remain quiet, as they don't want to alienate either traditional or so-called progressive Muslims. 

In a global community where 73 percent of women are illiterate, the controversy about women leading the prayer or giving Friday khutbah is irrelevant. In an ummah where 64 percent of women live below the poverty line, this controversy is useless. And in a nation where a large percentage of women suffer from lack of adequate health care, this controversy is a non-issue. 

Those who are seriously concerned about improving the status of Muslim women should devote themselves to identifying with the impoverished, underprivileged and powerless women that are scattered all over the world. To talk about equality in a country that protects equality through constitutional means is a meaningless effort. However, to identify with those who suffer at the grassroots is heroic. 

Muslim women who suffer from all kinds of ills that a patriarchal society has imposed upon them have often been betrayed by those who claim to be religious leaders, or by those who want to denounce religious establishment for its lack of commitment to Islam. Indeed, both have betrayed Muslim women. During the last several decades, both have watched Muslim women lose their dignity while they have conducted debates about Islam and its relevance for the world at large. Both have failed to identify with those invisible beings whose whole existence has become subject to the prevailing ignorance. 

True empowerment will not come from imposing this new controversy. Rather, it will come when intellectuals who are genuinely concerned about the plight of women identify with the disadvantaged women masses. The real battle is not in mosques here in the United States which guarantees religious freedom. Everyone is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do. The true battle is against those centuries-old traditions and attitudes that have deprived women of their creativity and role in the reconstruction of a new civilization that can surpass all previous civilizations. It is time that we realize what our priorities are, and devote our intellectual and material resources to execute them. 

However, if Muslims continue to introduce and focus their attention on irrelevant media attention grabbing controversies, it will take away from the task of focusing on the real plight of women and other issues that should be addressed.

The divine teachings are for guidance, and not for settling one's personal differences. Much of what we see in our organized activities is nothing but a reflection of our egos and super egos. We fail to do the most obvious and fight over the most trivial, because it serves our egos to see people humiliated, or degraded or proven wrong. We have got to change our entire attitude to the divine message if we truly want to be ambassadors of Islam. 

The world needs a group of selfless people who can share the divine teachings with the rest of humanity - beyond their personal likes, dislikes and egos. Until that sincere group emerges and takes its rightful place in the community, we will continue to be plagued with non-issues and trivial controversies. 


Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor of the Muslim Observer and director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, Las Vegas, as well as the director of the Muslim Electorates Council of America.

I appreciate all the visitors who have commented on this article.

It is important for us to establish a code of conduct when dealing with controversial issues. The code of conduct prescribed by Allah when he exhorts us to deal with each other is to do so with respect and consideration.

I am waiting for Dr. Wadud to explain the rationale behind her decision to lead the Friday Prayer to a mixed gender gathering. I want to understand her perspectives. I want to know if she has specific Hadith or Quranic verses to support her action.

I have personally done substantial research on the subject and Inshaallah, I will write my opinion on the issue after reading the interpretation and justification of those who are for this initiative.

This approach to expressing women's rights, in my opinion has trivialized women's struggle for human rights. Its effect is to disunite rather than unite men and women to work for Islamic solutions to women's problems. Regardless, We should not subject our opinions to our egos. Rather, we should pray to God to help us overcome our own weaknesses and be just to women and men in all aspects of life. 

I urge brothers and sisters to conduct the discussion on this issue in an Islamic manner.

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  1. Kris from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

    Allow me to make a correction here. I disagree with a woman as an imam in Friday prayers and as to Dr. Aslam's approach, I disagree in parts.

    A few matters that i could agree is the existence of the so called religious leaders who imposed all sorts of ridicolous restrictions on women. Most of these were tribal practices. And even in some Muslim countries, there are some traffic regulations that prohibits women from driving. Where in the first place did they derive that from ?

    I am acutely aware of the socio economic problems of Muslim women globally, that of literacy, education and economics. These are tribal practices which has nothing to do with Islam. In one hadith, our Prophet ( peace be upon him ) has said to the following " The acquiring of knowledge is the obligation of all Muslims. " That includes women. And the Taliban practices pertaining to women are not to my liking.

    But at the same time, caution is needed here. That doesn't mean a liberalisation as in accordance to western standards. I quote a book from Annie Besant, a popular western writer in the 1920's that " while the so perceived modern western society had only recognise women 's rights to property in the 20th. century but Islam has always recognise this right since the begining of time..."

    There we are, it means that actually if one were to look into the sources of Islam in the Quran and Sunnah we are actually far ahead of the west. But again I made my stand here crystal clear, that I oppose a woman imam. But please don't start to give brands of fundamentalist, I consider myself as moderate but the yardstick of moderation cannot simply be measured by simply agreeing to any action which is wrong.

    See me earlier argument in the earlier post e mail on why I disagree to a woman leading Friday prayers. Wassalam.

  2. Kris from Malaysia

    Assalamualaikum wrbt and greetings to all.

    To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, please apply the hikmah in voicing your disagreement. There is no need for condemnations of any body unnecessarily or usage of unkind languages. Never mind, I'll come to all your points later. I share your views but I'll apply the Ijtihad here. And it is simple.

    Yes, I disagree with women leading Friday prayers. And I further disagree with the writer's approach on this matter. The question of the well being of women all over the globe is separate from Friday prayers.

    Friday prayer is a worship which is COMPULSORY FOR MEN ONLY. Any Muslim men who, without any apparent or permissible reasons absented himself, that he is committing one sin. That's the ijtihad that I derive from. It is not compulsory upon women.

    So let us then ponder on why ALLAH SWT has made it compulsory for men only. Why ? It's because ALLAH Knows what is expected of men. Because the hikmah of Friday prayers is to strengthen the faith and ukhwah of the ummah, to create a bond and to learn from the lessons from the sermons. It is the duty of men to strengthen the ukhwah of the community and the ummah because they are leaders in their family. So every men who attended the prayer represent his family unit because he is their leader. As for the bachelor men, that is to remind them of the guidance of Islam, that they are to stay clear of evil. There are various hadith that describes on men being the leader of their family and flock. Is that not an analogy on why women cannot be imam of Friday prayers !

    And in addition, Sayyiditina Aishah ( r.a.), the wife of the Prophet ( s.a.w ) was a very learned scholar herself and she memorised most of the hadith of the Prophet. But she never lead prayers.

    If prayer on Fridays are not compulsory ( wajib ) on women, then why did this woman scholar wanted to get the unnecessary attention of the world by leading a prayer of the men ? I'll write more.

  3. Syed Akram Abbas from Canada

    I agree with DDr aslam and before the refute is given we as Muslims should listen to the Dalalel or proof statement Dr Wadud may have from the Quran and hadees unnabawi. Imam Akram Canada

  4. Louisa

    Dear Dr. Aslam Abdullah,

    I must say that I, even after reading your article, still do not see how Mrs. Wadud preaching is conflicting with the very important issues you bring foward in your article, such as illiteracy and poverty amongst large groups of women. On the contrary. If we look at the problem of illiterate woman, it is most certainly relevant, because this group cannot get the full meaning of the Quran on their on. Some might only receive interpretation through their husbands, and they are not as inlightned as an imam. Theremore if they see Mrs Wadud preaching, they may very weel feel inspired to learn more about the Quran. Another thing is that she might bring another perspective into the minds of men and women, of course still with Allahs words, but it is always important to listen to ''both sides'' in order to get a full understanding of life. Every imam brings a bit of their own opinions and personality when they preach the words of Allah.

    I do not see any complication in a woman preaching for men and women in the mosques, and I also do not find your arguments herefore adequate, and even more so, I find that some of your arguments even support the idea of women taking positions as imams. Just because it has not been seen before, does not automatically mean that Mrs Wadud is trying to prove a point. And even if she is -why should it be rejected? Is there a place in the Quran that speaks against this -if so, I would like to know where.

  5. Abdul Sattar Hamid from Ghana

    acording to Islam woman is not suppose to voice out during worshipping Allah. and it is also not a force for a woman to attend mosque without the will of the husband.

    now how can a woman lead in friday prayers without voicing out even if there are not men aroung?

    I am 100% against a womam leading in all kind of prayers since they were not rocommended to do that since from the time of the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him). thank you

  6. aakarim from nz

    hi,whoever is responsible for the thing happening in america is good for them who likes it that way. if the men are against them then they should not pray behind women.simple understanding.nowadays people do anything what they 0ne is the real follower of their religion there are some thing wrong in them. they beleive what they should not beleive and doing what is not permissable in the religion. people are not aware of Christ, truemessiah, kalik and about the antichrist dajjal.what is going to happen soon no one cares. just visit the website of truemessiah at and think about it and work on that to get peace in the world.aak,sukriya, khuda hafiz.

  7. Faaidah Ameen from USA

    I totally agree with Dr. Asalm Abdullah. We can't judge what is in Dr. Amina Wadud's heart that's for ALLAH and we should make an effort to change the plight of our Muslim sisters around the world in less favorable circumstances than ours. The Woman Imam issue is moot; the veil issue is moot and the 4 wives issue is moot. Can we move on! These issues have already been prescribed for us. But whatever we are debating, I am again in total agreement with Dr. Abdullah we should not take the moderate stand on any issues we must be for or against.

  8. Abdul Azeez from Saudi Arabia

    When our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW had shown us the right path of worship, why should we divert from there? If women were allowed to be Imam in Islam, then some woman must have led the prayer during the life of Prophet Mohammad SAW or his Companions (R.A.). If one or two divert from the right path of Islam, then Islam is not at all at fault at any cost.

  9. Asyraf from Malaysia

    I believe Muslim is in a great danger nowdays, especially when world is heading to it's end. Muslim now is not unite nor have the same dream to rise up again like centuries ago. Now back in NY, there's a new issue from Dr. Amina Wadud saying that women can lead prayers joined by men and women and ignoring the function of men being the leader in prayers. My suggestion is let us go back to the fundamental of Islam that is men was being created to be such a leader or khalifah in God's world and leading a prayers is one of that. Women can only lead prayers if and only if there is no men in the place prayers being conducted or men have very little knowledge about Islam and prayers, yet still this is still not a serious matter because there is still men that qualified enough to become 'imam' in the prayers. Let us go back to the fundamental of Islam and hope all the wise guys (imam) in Al-Azhar and other parts in the world would work together to clear this matter so that there would be no more misunderstanding about Islam that finally can lead to the 'break up' of Islam and Muslim in the world.

  10. Yahya

    We muslims are in a rut and appear to be heading in the wrong direction. The leadership of the Muslims appear to be basically only concerned with themselves and not the universal message. we must think out of the box.

  11. Mohammed Aminu Omale from Nigeria

    The last time I cheked both the Qur'an and the Hadith, I was still to see any reference to the day a woman is expected to lead sermon of both sexes in the Mosque. Kindly advise this woman to stick to the Holy Book of Almighty Allah. May Allah forgive us all, Amin.

  12. muneer from america

    To aminah

    You are a disgrace to islam and what you are doing makes all the muslims in the world embareced. You are only representing your self and the women like you.

  13. kubra from NIGERIA

    let us stick to the qur'an and woman has ever led a mixed congregation.may Allah guide us.AMIN

  14. noorlelah from Singapore

    Dr. Wadud, you are not the example of the truly righteous obedient Muslimah of our time or many generations to come. If you and your so call intellectual supporters think that your method of proposing an agenda is to change the true concept of Islam, please understand again, Quran and Sunnah are the guidance to seek Allah S.W.T. mercy and help in every affair , not nafs (desire). Your deliberations are one of the worst innovations in this world.

    Don't let your desires guide you; they are the ill insinuations of the evil whisperer who wants you and your supporter to be their inmates in hell fire.

    Many honorable and respectable Muslimah, past and present are more educated, knowledgeable, and righteous . They battle many agendas, issues for the best of women around the globe, with patience and obedient tackling matter following Islam accordingly. They are highly respected, recognized, and their names will flourish through their best example/model of the righteous women in Islam.

    There are many women in this world who are not muslims who wear scarfs , covering themselves for many reasons of their own , perhaps they are the one you claimed are abused. A true believer , a good muslim brother never hurt or harm their wife and children. Please don't put down our good brothers all around the world , the patience they encounter daily to be a good muslim, a responsible husband , father , son , fulfilling their responsibilities with much patience, please don't blindly judge them.

    Only Allah S.W.T. guides not you and only Allah S.W.T. protects not you. All your ill intentions will bring many corruptions that's worthless for any good effort in your actions forever, they are not a blessed effort. Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to recognized it without delay. We all will perish taking all our deeds . Man can change whatever they pleases, but only Allah S.W.T. guides and protects and destroy whomever Allah S.W.T. pleases.

  15. Janira from New York

    please give this message to the Doc. Reading this article creates a balance between my ego, anger, right & wrong.. He is right (the writer of the article on the Islamic website) we should deal with this controversial issue in a Islamic way. However, I have some mixed feelings & thoughts, lets us begin with: 1. The devil (obleese), He was a great & a knowledgeable worshipper of Ullah, but he did not bow down cause he felt he was better than this new creation (Adam)(PBUH)..

    2. The Dr. Amina also is knowledgeable of Islam (educated, doctor & probably a good muslim), I think she is only a human & making a big mistake. Here is my opinion. The Doc, is probably thinking that she is just as equal as a man.. she is right.. but the social status is different than a man.... So hypothetically, let us imagine that she is a great Imam & also a great speaker & gives great sermons.... Now what if during the month out of 4 Fridays she gets her period & can't perform the prayer & sermon.... That is something to think about. & as I stated before.. pleae check the next post for continuation!!!!

  16. Najjar from Morroco

    I pray that this futile "political" decision from one person will not lead to another aberration of another religious sect, like other sects that were caused purely by political reasons during the last 1400 years, and ended up degenerating into religious non-sense. The four schools of thought differed in many things, but they all faithfully and strictly followed the Qur'an and the Sunnah. There are many other ways to show "others" the status of the Muslim Woman, and many other eminent ladies have done so without any innovation. We all need to learn our respective roles and places, and we all need to constantly keep asking Allah for guidance. I do, however have faith that this will dissipate.

  17. Khadeeja from USA

    Subhanallah, from my limited knowledge of

    Islam, Allah has granted us all equality and a

    women leading prayer proves no point other

    than falling in the trap of "western" thinking. I

    don't need any body to tell me that Islam

    grants or doesn't grant equality. I believe in

    Allah and his ultimate justice. I don't agree

    with women leading prayer. With all that said, I

    agree with the author, there are far more

    important things Muslims need to be

    concerned with. When muslim women around

    the globe can read and write and analyze their

    religion then I'll talk to you about this situation.

  18. Mohamed from USA

    Asalam alikum

    I am 100% against what Dr. Wadud is trying to do. If it is forbidden for a woman to lead men in salat, what makes it permissible for her to lead Jumaa prayer. In fact, Ibn Taimia said that a woman's prayer at home is better for her than going to Juma'a or Jamaa'a except for Eid. Therefore Dr. Wadud is breaking the Islamic rules by giving the Friday sermon.

    This is only my opinion and Allah knows best and may Allah guide us all to the right path.

  19. Celine Ba from USA

    I would like to thank you Doctor for your article and from the bottom of my heart I wish It could appear in the front page of all majors newspapers in this country.Best regards.

  20. Shea Bennett Almumin from USA

    As-salaamu alaikum Wa-Rathmatullah Wa-Barakatahu,

    It is amazing how people spend so much time attempting to look good in the eyes of mankind, without a regard for Allah (swt) and his laws, and guidelines as provided for man by Prophet Muhammad (saw). No one has a "place" in life, except as a servant of Allah according to Qur'an and Sunnah. When we begin to violate this with our own personal ideas, concepts, and opinions, I just pray that this condition will not keep us all in darkness. However, at the rate our community is going with so much division, amongst so much unity. We have to stop this fitnah together.



  21. A. Miranda from USA

    My understanding of Islam is that women are only allowed to be imams with other women. There are hadith to sustantiate this opinion. I have not come across any sound hadith to support women being the imams in mixed gender obligatory prayers. This controversial topic came to my attention last April. I do not like the unnecessary controversy that it is causing. We have so many more important things that we as a Ummah need to focus on. I am tired of the trivial things that we spend our time on.

  22. Muslimah

    I dont see why she has to lead anyways. There's enough men in the world. The reasoning that everyone is equal in front of Allah is true, however, men and women are equal BUT DIFFERENT. However, I think other stuff like writing articles and being an alimah are admirable.

  23. Al-Dhariyat from Pittsburgh, USA

    Dr. Abdullah's point about setting priorities w.r.t. to the development and uplift of Muslims within our Ummah is well taken. All around the world - the issue of hijab is one that stands out (in my opinion) for its pointlessness in the struggle of Muslim women. However, I do believe this one particular stand is important. I do not know about Dr. Wadud's spiritual intentions but her political intentions can be no clearer - because men & women are intrinsically equal under God's eyes (though maybe not in individual piety), the patriarchal nature of Islam as physically practised today must be broken down.

  24. Amyr Hashmi from USA

    This is a Fitna. No woman is more noble then wives of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and we do not see such an act from them.

    Can you imagine her bending over in front of the whole world. This has nothing do with equality.

  25. Sulaman Khan from New York, USA

    Brothers and Sisters, please try to avoid the MWU website which is hosting this "historic" first woman Friday prayer....the person behind MWU (Ahmed Nassef) has a very colorful history and so does Dr.Amina it seems.

    See a comment from this blogger and his support of CAIR - ""

  26. Idris from nigeria

    This is an innovation .the prophet SAW sas worned

    against and he ordered to reject it .AND whoever did not do so he is not a muslim.

  27. fardosa abdirahmaan from UNITED STATES

    Assalamu aleykum to my fellow muslims

    jazakumullah to the writer of this article and those who read it .As more as i know our religion islam there's no way a lady can lead a friday prayer while men are please i have no other knowledge besides that my sister in islam DR.Wadud ..please let the men's lead you .wasalamu aleykum warhama.

  28. Suraiya from USA

    This is the latest fitna regarding the women's movement. This feminist movement is dead in the US because it was a struggle on upper class women in the US against the upper class men(i.e. caste system based on wealth.And unfortunately some misguided muslims use the christian concepts and apply them to islam, we have more freedom then non muslim women can only dream of. they are not considered human without souls and won't go to paradise because Eve made Adam eat the apple and they were never forgiven, redently a female pastor was told she was hired because they could pay her less money since she is a woman! in islam a woman is hidden from view becasue she is a gem not trash!!

  29. Tajudeen Ashaka from Nigeria

    Maybe we all need to take our time and understand our holy Qur'an and the message of Prophet for all mankind.(PBPH) Let assuming that leading a prayer by woman is wrong, we should not critize it but enlight the practice with the true by the way of Qur'an and Hadith. We should listen to our sisters in Islam and we could learn alot from each other.

  30. samia from u.s.a

    people like her are a disgrace to the muslim socity and they should not be allowed to do such things, they are leading the people who are already confused about islam in the wrong path, i'm totally against it

  31. Norhidayati Binte Haduri from Singapore

    I am a muslimah living in a secular nation with a minority Muslim population. I am very disturbed by this article. Allow me to convey my opinion.

    Such an act by a highly educated lady or by anyone in such a position only exposes oneself to further ridicule by the anti-Muslim propagandist. There is no need to prove those adversarial voices even when they continually confront us with challenges of disequality between the two genders or the poor treatment of women in Islamic society. These are nothing but misrepresentation of good intention. It serves more to create a division among Muslims than to a self awareness of self-worth as the Western advocates of psychology always try to popularise. There are verses in the Qur'an reiterating the equality of men and women, while at the same time stressing the differences in their biological make-up. Men and women can never be the same in their biological and physical attributes and composition. Hence, their different roles. The roles of men and women have been delineated by Allah Subhanahuwataala for the purpose of fulfilling our existence in this dunya, which is to seek Allah's pleasure towards a more rewarding place in the Hereafter, the Jannah. These are roles which complement each other so that the two are assured of a common direction in their mission to reach their destination. Subhanallah, Allah has stipulated so clearly the roles of men as leaders and protectors of women, and women as caregivers of our children, the future generation of Muslims. Conducted in the most desired manner as Allah teaches us, Muslim men and women will not err, instead remain steadfast in their iman. Consequently, shaytan will be faced with a strong resistance put up by our iman, and any attempt by the acts of shaytan and their followers will be disintegrated into their own moulds of deception and destruction. May Allah guide whoever show any inclination to the whisperings of shaytan and their followers in disguise. InshaAlla

  32. Sister Hiya from USA-Florida

    As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Based on my understanding of the Quran and Sunnah of Muhammed SAW, I do NOT agree with ANY woman leading Jummah prayer. I do understand the plight that many Muslim woman face regarding inequalities in cultural influences in Islam. The key point here is CULTURAL influences. It's not Al-Islam that causes these negative treatments some Muslim communities extend towards the women in the community. It's a lack of following the Quran and Sunnah that leads to any unfair or unjust treatment of women (and children).

    Only when we (Muslims) truly accept and embrace the divine revelation that was sent as a MERCY to ALL the worlds (Quran and Sunnah) we will continue to face difficulties that have easy solutions. If we study Al-Islam, the Sunnah and then work to put our egos, opinions and CULTURAL practices aside.... then we will truly be submitting as we are all created to do...

    Many Muslim populated countries and communities are holding on to (pre Islamic-Jahaliyyah) CULTURE that disregards equality, justice and freedoms that Al-Islam gave to WOMEN (to all people). I know that many Muslim women are un-educated, lack adequate health care, opportunities, some even second or third class citizens in their "culture and communities". This is not okay--not according to the Quran and Sunnah. There needs to be more attention on really adhering to the Sunnah, let's utilize the Quran, Hadith and the Seerah, which teaches and provides useful/helpful examples of how men, women and children are to be treated. It's all with dignity, respect, equality and justice for all-->that's what Islam is all about. Now, let's encourage all Muslims to practice what's been as the best example to the world!

    Having women lead Jummah prayer is not in keeping with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, either is burying your daughters, or treating women cruel.

    Let put our 's look at how Muhammed SAW treated women.... this is the best example

  33. Lena Seede from US

    This event is more symbolic than what the author has reduced it to.......there is oppression widespread subtle and not so subtle around the world against Muslim women.

    These women chose to address the disrespectful manner in which American Muslim women around the United States are dealt with in mosques (God's houses of worship)- when a Muslim woman enters an unfamiliar mosque and does not know how she will be treated or accepted - something is drastically wrong.

    The Muslim leadership and Ummah must recognize that until attitudes change re: Muslim women ie. "that we are all in this together to do good and work side by side striving in God's cause"- behavior will not change. If 9/11 has taught us nothing else - we cannot afford to put eachother down or marginalize women whether in mosques/public places or in the privacy of our homes.

    We must start to dialogue about the plight of Muslim women and elevate them to the level where they are participating in every aspect of life - Let us stop turning a blind eye to the shortcomings of our community and start to address our "dirty laundry" ..........

  34. Abdirissq from Canada

    In The Name of ALLAH the Trust Worthy

    Brothers and Sisters, we can solve this problem but are we ready? I disagree with the Sister, we cannot go and bring new rules and "Say" that was of the old Islam and now this is what I think it ought to be. It might not be intentional but thats the case. You cant use free thought as a tool to shift Islam from Allahs destined path. If there is Urge that sister Amina feels there is quudba readers and Imams to lead Friday Prayers is needed. Then that can be done under a section of the Mosque, where Muslimas Preach and pray together' but ask yourself doesnt it seem like is partition? Is the next step to build a seperate mosque for our Women? Wallahi I never thought a subject like this would come up, but Allah did creat men/women as equal. But not in a sense where they Lead Men in Friday Prayers, If this Idea is an Acceptance of Muslims World Wide as an Upgrade, then think of the Many other Ones that are to come.

    I say this in my own Words, Islam needs no New Ideas, Islam is Complete and Has not been Changed since The Beloved Prophet has left us.

    This is an Issue to be taken Serious, and given some Serious though.

    May Allah Bless the Sister and Correct Her. Amiin.

    Personely I wouldnt be In a Mossque where my Imam was a Women, for many reasons, If there was not when the propeht (pbuh) was here why would it be now? It serves no Justification at all.

  35. Amina al Jerrahi from Mxico

    Salams to Amina Wadud. It is a great time, a great act, a great message to all muslims and the Prophet, saws, is the first to celebrate the initiative as well as all his wives and companions in Allah's Love.

  36. Hudd d'Aelia from Canada

    My, my, Alano De Las Casas, I am not the single one that finds your comments stupid on this website. Let me demonstrate to you, your lack of sense and common understanding. You write,"I'm sorry that you are censured. That's too bad. I guess that's what happens when you've been conditioned. "Suppression of free thought?" What did you mean? Canada would have done this to me? Are you totally gone? Hello! Anybody home up there?! The censureship is from this site which is American, if you didn't notice. You continue,"The Israelites were accustomed to have themselves slaves," Now that's a piece of dementia by an amoebocyte if I ever heard it. Yes, I took biology too. Personally, I have yet to meet a human that is comfortable being a slave. (Past or present) That's completely absurd." I agree! Very absurd indeed, only not this is what I said. What I said was that the Israelites had(possessed) slaves themselves, they were slave masters, savvy? In Egypt the Israeli slave masters became slaves themselves. What goes around comes around. Sorry, but your English skills are deplorable! Where is this quote from,"Fear of your opinions being questioned."?? You are losing it, buddy, .. before you attempt to lay down something, perchance you'd make sense, ... Must be the language. You think in Spanish and translate in English? Not very promising. Your next,"if you were not aware, that's how civilized people advance. Dialogue! Did you know that? Or do you only want to listen to or read that which conforms to you narrow perspective. I wonder???" Are you suggesting that I wouldn't know these things? How very interseting, come on, enlighten me, professor! Then,"Lastly, I'm a product of the Canandian education system. How about you?" Wow, now you are Canadian? ... You are as much Canadian as much as I am Israeli! Can you show Canada on the map? I wonder, are you really from Mexico, or Israel?

  37. Hamedah from Nigeria

    Alsalam Alaikum

    This article is well thought of. Since we don't know the motive behind her decision, why not wait and see? ."Clearly this is a fitnah. There is no sound evidence from of this from the Quran and Sunnah". So is killing of innocent people based on their ethnicity, gender or beliefs.


  38. muhamed from usa

    This is the most terrible and undesend and unislamic artilcle i have ever read in my life.This is worse than massacaring the whole islamic umah in a minute.have we gone mad or quite astray-i cannot believte it that muslims have thed guts to entertain such devilish acts in islam-a woman giving khutba and leading prayers. woe on to us i pray allah take us from this earth right now.for this is the worst muslims can do.remember salat behind a woman is null and void and that salat is boumd to be repeated-paid.

    i am realy disheartened i cannot express my self.i pray god wipe us from this earth.we do not deserve to be muslims or humans.

  39. . from USA

    Our beloved prophet has said, as Qiyamat comes closer and closer Fitna will become common. This is one of the fitna where no evidence found on according to Quran and Hadith that women can become Imam and led prayers. May Allah (S.W) save all of us from Sataan and its Fitna.

  40. shafi from england

    Dr Aminah Wadud belongs to a school of thought who call themselves 'Progressive Muslims' whose contention is that everything in the Deen traditionally was subjective as it spoke to a certain people in a certain set of circumstances which do not necessarily apply today, therefore the Deen is subject to being 'upgraded' by these inlightened souls. The Deen therefore has no constants except belief - even the last four pillars are not all that crucial to the Deen, apparently. For example, Scott Siraj Haqq Kugle in 'Gender and Human Rights in Islam and International Law' tries to justify homosexuality claiming the Qur'an didn't really declare it an obimination...(?!) Is it just me, or dies this bear a striking resemblance to what 'St.' Paul did to Christianity (gave it a complete face-lift), or what the Church went on to concede to after the Rannaisance, in effect saying God is old-fashioned and His backward laws fall hopelessly short of being able to offer any serious guidance in today's highly advanced and modern age? These people seem to forget that Islam itself means 'submission', the Apostle of Allah having said, 'None of you can be a believer until his [or her] desires are in obedience to what I have brought,' (an-Nawawi in his Arba`een from Kitab al-Hujjah with a Sahih Isnad). So if we are not in obedience to Allah and His Messenger and the timeold Truth that Allah has revealed throughout the history of Creation, then whatever it is we're practising, it's definitely not Islam. The fundamental truths have remained the same throughout posterity - the Qur'an and its accounts of the Messengers and Apostles of the past are a witness to that - because they are absolute. Allah's knowledge and wisdom are complete and perfect and, therefore, so too are His Commandments and the Teachings of His Messenger, sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam. However much man may have changed and progressed materially over centuries and millenia, he is still essentially the same as he always was.

  41. zAwEp from ISLAM-Country (Non-Kafir)

    Kepada korang semua..marilah kite menentang jikalau perkara seperti ini berlaku.. Ini menyesatkan umat Islam sendiri!!!...tolonglah beri kerjasama untuk bangkit menentang orang kapir lagi laknat kepada Allah S.W.T. Semoga kita berada dalam golongan yang di REDHAI-NYA.. Amin

  42. salman from USA

    Clearly this is a fitnah. There is no sound evidence from of this from the Quran and Sunnah. This is an innovation in the religion. Be careful brothers and sisters!

  43. Mujtaba from USA

    It was never done in the whole history of Islam.Ommahat-e-momineen were the best among all muslim women.When they never did this thing how come muslim women of today,s erra have a right to do so.Islam is the obediance of Allah for both " Male" and "Female".What ever Allah Jalalaho has ordered in Quran and Prophet (PBUH)has ordered, is correct. Rest of the thing is only obedience of nafs and fitnah.May Allah taala keep all muslim on the right way and save us from all the fitnah of Qayamah. AAMIN

  44. Lee Willmott from USA

    The author's opinion of Allah seeing all of us as being equal is good enough for our community is silly. If it is suffice for Allah to agree that we are all equal, then it should be equally suffice for the community who attempts to live by the teachings of Allah's final and last Prophet to want to hasten the transformation of women from being just a part of the Islamic unit to being "apart" of the Islamic union.

  45. Tazul from British Columbia

    I am trying my best to understand Islam and to dessimate the correct information to our non-muslim friends.It was enough to hear everyone talk about us, the Muslim women; now our own women talk about the Muslim women.This controversy does not give us the strength to proceed with the true meaning of Islam. Like the author said we need to unite not to divide ourselves. Equality doesnot come by just leading the prayer. Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) didnot fight to give us women our rights just to be thrown away by some women who think that leading men is the only way to gain equality and being noticed. To be recognized by Allah, the Almighty is all we need. Women need to more gracious and humble rather than being more vibrant and abnoxious to achieve more.

    May Allah help us to be united in this volatile world rather than fight amongst ourselves.

    Thank you for the wonderful article.

  46. Tenzila

    Assalam alaykum wa rahmetullah wa barakatuh

    what to say.....??? How already brother Mohammad masroor sad:No woman is more noble then wives of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and we do not see such an act from them.

    May Allah forgive us and show us right path, ameeeen

    Assalam alaykum wa rahmetullah wa barakatuh

  47. moderategal from USA

    How does Dr. Abdullah propose that women improve their current status in countries where "they are below the poverty line" and suffering the ills of patriarchal domination? this is not the "imposition" of a new controversy-it is a step towards improving the status of women by allowing them to exercise their right to lead prayer, which is a fundamental component of our religion. I pray that Dr. Wadud's act sets an example for other muslimah in the ummah, who will begin to claim what is rightfully theirs.

  48. Mohammad masroor from USA


    When we accepted the Deen of Islam, we agreed to abide by all the ruling in the Quran and sunnah. I could not find any verse in the Quran or any Hadith that support that action.

    "May be this is not Islam"

    If that lady -- Dr. A. Wadud -- want to led a procession then do it but not in the name of Islam. Who knows she might have some hidden agenda.

    No woman is more noble then wives of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and we do not see such an act from them.

    May allah give hadaya to all of us.



  49. Alano De Las Casas from Mexico

    To: Professor Hudd D'Alhamd Ref: 30168

    I'm sorry that you are censured. That's too bad. I guess that's what happens when you've been conditioned. "Suppression of free thought?"

    Your comments regarding original thought: I've yet to have read many in the -comment section- of this website. As for you comment; regurgitated rhetoric is all I have read thus far.

    In regards to your quote "The Israelites were accustomed to have themselves slaves," Now that's a piece of dementia by an amoebocyte if I ever heard it. Yes, I took biology too. Personally, I have yet to meet a human that is comfortable being a slave. (Past or present) That's completely absurd.

    To date, all I've read are personal attracts by individuals whose ideals have been challenged. If you are going to sway someone in favor of your position, try logic and reason. If you don't want people to use your own words or descriptions against you, then abstain from any future comments, or maybe accept the fact that not all will agree with you.

    "Fear of your opinions being questioned." Like a child, your personal attack only reaffirms my observations and opinions about many people in the world; if you were not aware, that's how civilized people advance. Dialogue! Did you know that? Or do you only want to listen to or read that which conforms to you narrow perspective. I wonder???

    Lastly, I'm a product of the Canandian education system. How about you?

    In the name of Allah, the most Benevolent and the Most Merciful, have a nice day....

  50. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu alaikum. Surely a humiliating punishment awaits those who annoy Allah and His Messenger (as warned within Quran 33:57). Whether or not the same awaits those who annoy the followers of Allah's Messenger, perhaps the followers will remain patient insha'Allah. And may peace and blessings be upon them (Ameen).

    Quran 33:53-55 appears, at least to some extent, to describe the ideal Muslim household. It seems only logical to accommodate all those who model their own households accordingly. It also seems logical that such a model would suggest a basic design for any Muslim place of worship.

    O Allah, shower blessings upon your messenger Muhammad and bring him peace salutations (as encouraged by Quran 33:56). Ameen.

  51. Fahim Ahmed from U.S.A

    Not sure what's the significance of this event and the controversy surrounding it? We live in a world were freedom of expression is considered paramount and a right. If a muslimah wishes to lead the friday prayers and have muslims willing to particite in the congregation based on their believes and ijtehad ... then so be it!!. Let them have their event. Don't be dissuaded by any such events - focus on your iman and your relationship with Allah(SWT).

  52. Abu Rahim from USA

    Al Salam Alaskam

    Will someone please show in the Koran where women are not allowed to give Friday prayer? If not, then again, we continue to implement our 14th century mumbo-jumbo. It is amazing that we are willing to keep our feet on the head of our sisters instead of lifting them closer to Allah (SWT).

    Why do so many of us disagree with a sister leading prayer? Prayer is to Allah (SWT). Women are just as much in the image of Allah (SWT) as brothers are.

    Shall we grow closer to Allah (SWT) are stay stagnate?

  53. SALOUA from VA, U.S.A

    Assalamu alaykum sister Amina,

    First of all, please accept these words from your sister in islam, who fears Allah. I just want to tell you that as a woman , we are not allowed to raise our voices in front of men . And there is a Hadith about that . So, how would you imagine yourself sitting there in front of all the brothers in islam, raising your voice, giving Khoutbah, and leading the prayer, by bending in front of all these men.My sister, in the Quran, there is a verse in Surat Noor, in which Allah asked the prophet, Salla lahu alayhi wa saalam, to ask all the women to cover themselves for fear of creating fitnah. Have you ever tought, my sister, that by sitting there, leading the prayers, you may be subject of a big fitnah? What would you say to Allah on the day of judgment? Have you ever heard about one of the prophets wives, the mothers of the believers , who are our best models to follow leading prayers on Fridays? Why aren`t we just following the Quran and the sunnah ? Please sister Aminah, try to make Istghfar and refrain on that. We are in a time of a big Fitnah, and we really don`t need more fire to let it set.

    Please accept my comment, I love you for the sake of Allah .

    You sister Saloua ALIOUA

  54. Ameera from Egypt/Canada

    May Allah protect us all and guide us to the straight path for which he has ordained for us and not the path of the evil.

  55. Maryam from USA

    As-salaamu Alyakum,

    Although I am not knowledgable about the islamic rulings concerning women leading in prayer.In any case, there seems to be a contridiction in what the writer (brother Abdullah) has stated as his opinion towards muslim womens rights and how it is being approached by sister Wadud.Brother Abdullah wrote..

    "The real battle is not in mosques here in the United States which guarantees religious freedom. Everyone is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do. The true battle is against those centuries-old traditions and attitudes that have deprived women of their creativity and role in the reconstruction of a new civilization that can surpass all previous civilizations. It is time that we realize what our priorities are, and devote our intellectual and material resources to execute them."

    My question to the brother is, isn't restricting women from taking a leadership role (leading prayer)in the religion that declares men and women as equal, a step towards "the battle against those centuries-old traditions and attitudes that have deprived women of their creativity and role in the reconstruction of a new civilization?" I would argue that it is not only correcting a wrong from the past and current civilization, but ensuring equality for the future one. It is a battle against those "traditions" that deprive women of establishing themselves as respectable contributors to society and to be bestowed the same value and respect in all social arenas as men enjoy, that sister Wadud seems to be fighting for. The basic right to lead in prayer, before our Lord who has decared us equal seems basic. Therefore i do not see why you disagree with the sisters decision to make such a bold statement. it seems to me you agree with her.

    It is like saying..Why did African Americans put their energy towards fighting for the right to sit at the front of the bus,and not put that engergy towards education. All battles have to start somewhere, just as long as they star

  56. Imani Nia from USA

    Allah -U -Akbar

    Perhaps this will be the beginning of more gender equity among believers. This may also pave the way for more women to find their spiritual legacy within Al Islam

  57. Zabed Ahammad from USA

    May allah Help her and may allah give her Hidaya to understand and differentiate between what si right and what is wrong.

    As the article explained, we have more severe issues to worry about than this. But one should understand, this type of activities create more confusion and division within the group and society. Also any invention what is not supported by Quran or Sunnah is bidah, no matter whatever logic or explanation behind it.

    So Sr. Wadud please please abstein from doing what you are about to do. And I Urge muslims who are planning to attend the prayer not to be there. This is totally against Quran and Sunnah.

    May allah help us and give us the hidaya to understand his religion.

  58. Anisa Oweis from USA

    Where are the ISNA's and the Cair and those large groups that are telling us as Muslims that they are here in the US for us to help us and protect our human rights. How come they did not comment on the issue not even attempted to show the reasons behind the reason Islam is against it.

  59. Saleha Khan from United Kingdom

    I agree with the comment of one of the brother, it is indeed a fitna........may allah give her hidayat and make our iman strong........aameen...

  60. meeran from India

    Who can say man & women both are equal.God created both and only God knows.

    I think this is one more fitna non muslim think tank want to create divide gender wise.

  61. H.A. from Yathrib

    I think this article & THE COMMENTS posted so far are making some husbands and wives sleep in separate beds...

    & some so called "MODERN and Intelligent Muslim WOMEN" drawing conclusion that Islam is not compatible with Modern World and that Islam is bad for them...Ok! then convert and become a pagan.

    & some TRIBAL, "Culturally-glued" and illiterate Muslim MEN, many of whom marry 3/4 for no reasons and abuse their wives are NOT going to get sleep over this situation....For God's sake! Grow up! Learn the Quran and Don't misinterpret it!

    Very Sad...

    & Let me quote my Grandma:

    "H.A.! Always keep in mind that Little Knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Keep Learning and Be patient."

    H.A.: Ok, Grandma! I hear you...I will do so. For your brain's sake, H.A.! Seek Psychotherapy!

  62. shuruti mwajirani from kenya

    The difference between us Muslims and the Kufar are the gift of prayer Muhammad (S.A.W) was given this is a special prayer unique to Muslims performed under strict conditions with clear rules governing them, only when this conditions are met, is the prayer acceptable to Allah (S.W.T. Further in the Quran it is clear stated that any rule/constitution which does not come from Allah (SWT)is haram, therefore to quote the American constitiution and the freedoms it provides is implying that it is above the Shariah from Allah (SWT).The Quran specifically states that a woman cannot lead a man/men/boys in prayer, further if my understanding is correct this "mixed congregation" does this imply that the men and women sat together? this is definitely haram. Please remember you are praying to Allah (SWT), and will stand before Him on the day of judgement and be held accountable for your actions. In the hadith Muhammad(SAW) said that any group led by a woman is doomed to failure.

    Do not take lightly or as a joke the words of Allah (SWT)- Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW)or you will be amongst those who regret

  63. Adzrulhakim from Malaysia

    Its plain simple.. we have to set a boundary between ijtihad and bid'ah..

    and its plain clear whats wrong and whats right..

    i am againts this.. addition in the religion

  64. abdul rahman from san jose california

    I am surprise to hear that. however, this woman shall be stopped at any cost. All the muslims who try to go to this masjid shall be stopped listening to this blasphemous act caused by this lady. She has to obey the way of Allah and his messenger peace be upon him. It is not heard or done through our Islamic history. It is not in the hadits nor in the Koran. She has to repent to Allah for her blasphemous decision.

  65. Jawahir from CT-USA

    this is not the sunnah,it is fitnah,may Allah protect from this

  66. abdulghani ismail from malaysia

    the most important is just and just is put thing in the right place, man and woman are different thus their roles differs. Allah has guide us duty of man and woman, right and wrong by Al Quran and His Massenger Muhammad.

  67. Ramparkash Gopal from Sri Lanka


  68. Dr. Assad Nimer Busool from USA

    Amina Wadud, leading a Friday prayer performed jointly by men and women!!! I do not know how many times during the last few days I had been asked about this calamity to Islam???

    Muslims are shocked, abhored, stunned etc.

    Why is that? Is it the biggest disater of Islam?

    To begin with, Amina Wadud is an Afro-American woman, who grew up in America living under the American constitution before she became a Muslim and live under Islamic Shari'ah. She believes it is her constitutional right to lead a Friday prayer, be it. She can do whatever she likes. Who cares? However, her success or failure in her effort depends on other Muslims, especially men to follow her lead or not. If Amina Wadud, goes to wherever she intends to lead the Friday prayer and does not find any man or even a woman there to follow her lead, she prays Dhuhur by herslf and go home. I am sure Amina Wadud is not going to force any man or a woman to follow her leadership in the prayer.

    Are we going to make of Amina Wadud another Salman Rushdi? Wake up fellow Muslims and do not always react foolishly to people like Amina Wadud. Just forget about her, she will disappear sooner than she appeared. it is up to you Muslims.

    Wa-salamu 'alaikum wa-rahmatu Allahi wa-barakatuhu,

    Your brother in Islam,

    Assad Nimer Busool, Ph.D.

    Arabic and Islamic Studies

    American Islamic College

    Chicago, Il. 60613

    email address: [email protected]

  69. Donald Saboor Aadil from USA

    In the language of the youth of today you are being PLAYED

  70. Natalie from USA

    Salam to all

    Muslim men have known about the plight of muslim women from day one. Let's not act like it's an "issue" all of a sudden.

    I have lived in muslim countries and saw god given rights of women stripped away. Most are illterate and have never read the qur'an. They are beaten, and denied higher education.

    I have a burning question on my mind. How many times did the prophet beat his wive(s), servants, followers? And when it was rumored that Aisha had her veil down, what did he do? Did he beat her, berate in her front of people?

    For all the muslim men out there, let me ask you another question. The verse in the qur'an, that says you can beat them lightly, did you ever think it was a test and trial from Allah, to see if you can hold your tempers and maintain patience and coutesy to your wives?

    I love islam, the structure and kindness of it. How it stirs basic human emotions of patience, understanding and mercy. It is the only religion that allows women to own property, manage their affairs, be entitled to kind and equal treatment from every man in her family.

    How did we get to the power struggle we're at today? And how do muslim men sit around smoking sheesha, drinking coffee and ignoring the very women that gave birth to you and nurtured you. Carried you for 9 months and delivered you in pain.

    The prophet said that heavan lies under the footsteps of your mother three times. What does that mean to the muslim men out there? Does it strike a chord in your heart?

    Or do you find it easier to attack the woman for leading prayer. It's not allowed, that much is true. But there's a message behind it. Much love and blessings to the sister for having the courage to stand up and say

    I'M HERE! I exist, recognize my intelligence, brilliance and sensitivity to make this ummah stronger.

    [email protected]

  71. mariyam from canada

    salamoualaykoum,i m sure that is haram that woman give friday sermon or prayer,even to women,i pray Allah to show you trust way.

  72. astada from USA

    I've two questions to sisters:

    1. Will they accept a claim tomorrow from any muslim sister "for the sake of equal rights" that:

    women has right to mary four men as men has right to mary four women?

    2. will they accept another blind claim from Ms.Wadud that women has right to mary another woman?

    If we all fear Allah then we should stay on straight path, stay away from Fitnah and do our best to please Allah. Try not to help or promote disbelivers ideas of equal rights.

    There is a hadith of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) close meaning of which I remember that: Salat offer by a women at house is more rewardful then the her salat offered at a mosque. If someone remembers the whole hadith, please quoted it on your messege. JaZakallah

  73. abdulazeez from usa


  74. Mimi Khan from Canada

    Thankyou for a very rational view of this topic.

    As a Muslim woman who is struggling to follow and obey every single commandment our Creator,I yearn to fullfill my role as a human being, as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter and as a sister-for I realise that I wil be asked if I fullfilled these roles as ordained by my Creator or not.I also realise that my role as an "Imam" or as equal of a male is not what I will be questioned about.

    May Allah SWT help all the Muslim women in the Ummah accept their respective roles as commissioned by Allah SWT.

    Yours truly,

    Mimi Khan

  75. Fizza Hussain Razvi from USofA

    SubhanAllah - Dr Abdullah has done articulated his point very well. i am in agreement with his reasoning and exactly the way he has felt when i first read about the issue. inshAllah i hope Allah(swt) gives us the wisdom to reach for higher ways of being HIS khalifa on earth

    was salam - sr fizza

  76. HASANAH from usa

    Clearly, these are signs of the last days.We muslims should remember there is nothing to add or take away from this perfect deen, it is complete.Please ummah fear Allah as He should be feared.

  77. Yakoob from Canada


    Although I should refrain from making rulings based on my insufficient knowledge, issues such as these are clear in any beleiving muslims knowledge and this is against the commands of Allah and the ways of our Prophet. May Allah forgive us for our sins and may he prevent us from all the traps of Shaytaan.


  78. Najjar from Morroco

    Assalamou Ailaikoum. I can only agree with Brother Dr. Aslam Abdullah, I have tried my best to see and learn, but in my humble opinion I still find that this is pointless, absolutely pointless. With great respect due to sister Dr. Amina Wadud, and without a shadow of a doubt she is definitely more knowledgeable than I in the Islamic Science, but I wish the respectable sister would provide us with a rational and an Islamic point and purpose of her decision.

  79. Dr Azhar Abd Aziz from Malaysia

    What do you think this Friday prayer, Its just a game or a road show, where the women can sing a song, Where are the men, what happen to the men, are there gone for a war or what, please do not play with our religous, from our Prophet until now no women leed the men in any prayer, please open your eye and use your brain to create a satan among the satan. MasyaAllah.

  80. amatulrahaman from USA

    Assalamalaikum: This article shook the whole Islam and the sister who is going to do this dare work leading the Friday prayer to a joint congregration of men and women will bring another Tsunami Disaster in the muslim world. We should go back and look authentic hadiths and learn from those hadiths that Hazratha Aisha(R) the Prophets Mohommad's(Pbuh) wife had mentioned so many hadiths but in her life she never ever lead any prayers in her house or outside the house and never said any hadith for the women to lead prayer.

  81. mahmoodnadvi from u.s.a

    If this was permitted then fatima or khadijah the daughter or the wife of Rasoolulah s. would have done so. they understood Islam far better then all of us. THis women is only the kafer and wishes to cause problem to Islam may Allah pull her in Hell and give her what she deserves

  82. Abdur Rahman from ireland

    Dear Sir/madam, women may lead an all women congregation, but not a male/mixed congregation. Anything like this is just NOT Islam, whatever else you and I may call it. There are some things that DO NOT change. Women in Islam are DIFFERENT in STATUS , NOT inferior, and all islam-hating, islam rediculing people want to confuse the world by this point. I for one cannot and will not ridicule the dignity of Muslim women by letting them lead mixed congregations, and i am sure all those with even an average knowledge of islam know that. Its a cheap shot by pro-jewish lobby and they will NEVER succeed in such big things. its the small things they are masters at, so better try something trivial. Every Muslim woman will hate to lead a mixed congregation, and will not need to be told.


    There is no objection if the seremon of Juma is given by a pios, knowledgeable sister,who appear in complete Hijab.e Juma prayer if both geneder are present then it should be lead by a male Hafiz, or old person who can recit surrah correctly and ladies should get in the back rows.

    However, if there are no male muslims around or in nearby locality, then a sister can lead a juma prayer provided the one leading should not stand in front but sit in the center of the first line.

    This is my personal views it has to be verify by some mufti and /or a person who has better knowledge.

  84. dunner99 from Singapore

    This event strikes me as symptomatic of the American Muslim problem: a huge influx of converts into Islam and a lack of Islamic education and educational facilities to help these new Muslims to understand their new religion. The new Muslims, ignorant of most Islamic scholarship and largely reliant upon only the Qur'an for guidance, are cannon fodder for so-called "progressive" Muslims who seem intent on creating "Chrislam."

  85. athifah from USA

    I am against the 'event'.. the author is right, we shouldnt bring another catastrophic issue to the unity of the ummah. Allah already honors women in a whole lots of things, we should be thankful and stop following our personal desires.

  86. Ahmed from United Kingdom

    May Allah guide Dr. Amina, and her would be "Maamuman" in their salah, the first question I asked myself when I read this article was "is Doctor Amina a Muslim?" and If she is a professor of Islamic studies then what sort of Islamic studies is she teaching the Ummah?

    I think if Dr. Amina is a Muslim women then she should look back at the role played by women like prophet's wife, Aisha (RA) and then follow the footsteps of such women and not leading the Jumua Prayer!

  87. mohamed ali from germany

    we have to recognize that the islam is a message for every human beeing regardless to which gender they belong to , regardless which skin colour they have. If we agree to this so we have to live like this.

    the strongest message we get from allah is always about to activate our mind in the way we believe and live. salam

  88. Sameena from US/India

    This article has triggered the misogyny deeply ingrained in Muslim society. I am amazed at how misogynist some of the comments are. What's worse, posts by most women display a slave mentality where they really seem to think the world will fall apart if Dr.Wadud leads prayer. How long will we Muslim women internalize the idiotic messages we receive from our men? One man wrote "no nation will prosper that has a woman leading its affairs" (apparently an Islamic quote).If this is what Islam means, then dont be surprised if intelligent educated women no longer want to be a part of Islam.

  89. Fatima from Emirates

    How dare it be implied that when priveleged Muslims in the US act agaisnt centuries of following the patriarchal, misogynistic status quo, it somehow undermines the suffering of Muslim women around the world!!! What an arrogant and deceptive attempt at belitteling the issue at hand. Muslims in the US are probably living with the greatest freedoms and are among those with the highest standard of living in the world. But privelaged North American Muslim women are indeed suffering from the trappings of gender-bias, this cannot be denied! Before one points a spotlight on victims of hudood laws, human trafficking, honor killings, female circumcsision, domestic violence, poverty, illiteracy, lack of potable water, and every other of the multitude of issues facing Muslims around the world, perhaps American Muslims should no longer have community events like barbecues, Eid fairs, dinner lectures, websites and all of the other indulgences of the priveledged and elite.

  90. maisarah

    what is the main purpose to handle it? is there not enuff man to lead the friday prayer?? or is that Dr As is the only person that have the vital encourage and power to lead the prayer..this is absolutely something against the islamic way..think rationale about our action, it may contribute to disinterpretation to others...islam the way of life!!

  91. shari from singapore

    I totally disagree. Are you waiting for another catastrophe to happen? What have we become?

  92. Abu Qawiy from Singapore

    There are many things, issues & problems faced by the ummah, and mulsimins and muslimats generally and specifically. There is a need to prioritise our actions, else the ummah will dissipate and remain the large fringe community. WaAllahu'alam bissowab.

  93. Abu Sanam M. Quesny from USA

    Dr.ASlam, I realy appreciate your article and the sensetivity of this issue but I think claiming this her Ijtihad is incorrect term becuase we have sincerely to define if she or any person has the right to make Ijtihad without the right tools of Ijtihad and I wish for the pleaseure of ALLAAH to explain to your viewers who is Mujtahed concerc knowledge and actions. may ALLAAH guide us to His way and protect us from our selves

  94. Ashraf Kandil from USA

    Why? Where is the benefit? Would the Sr do it if no one knew her name? It it done based on sincere desire to please Allah swt? There is so much else to do that this approach almost seems to be a showstanding effort!

  95. Ray Taalib-Deen Muhammad from United States

    As-salaam-alaikum.We thank Allah, that it's not being performed in a masjid.We pray Allah restore balance(the bulwark upon which Deen Al-Islam is based) to the Soul of Sister Aminah and save her from the suggestions that Shaitan whispers to our intellect and that He bless her with a husband that will also bring balance to her life.. Amen

  96. roomih from USA

    It si disgusting the way Islam is being used. In all probability she is doing this so that she can write a book about her 'experiences' and expose Islam's "deficiencies". ..

  97. Mohamad Nizam from USA

    Sometime ago when I was a little boy I remembered an opinion saying that "women can take part in discussions but their voice should be very low"

  98. Mohamad Nizam from USA

    Women's role was limited but not shut off--

    I would like to know the official dress code for men in Islam.

  99. fatima from nigeria

    to the best of my knowledge women are not suppose to lead any prayers. but i guess dr. amina has her reasons for leading the friday prayers and i would like to know are reasons and i want quranic verses that support that women can lead prayers.

  100. Muhammed Arslan Mir from India

    Liberation of women ha snothing to do with this issue. I wonder how Dr.Amina has become a Mujtahid. Any human being cannot simply be declared a Mujtahid unless he has many qualities.

    Primarily it is well known from Hadith and Quran that companionship of mixed gender is shunned in Islam.

    The most knowledgeable woman in ISlam , Ayesha Siddiqua Radhiallahu Taa'la Anha, never claimed he Imamate of any Mosque inspite of the fact that many scholars of Islam gained knowledge from Her.

    Bibi Ayesha Siddiqa (Radi Allah A'nhum) fought against Hazrat Ali (Radi Allaho Anho) and led the war, but did She (Radhiallahu Taa'la Anha) ever claim for becoming an Imam of a mosque?????

    What more Ijtihad is required here

  101. fazil nazir from india

    Praise be to Allaah.

    It is not permissible for a woman to lead men in prayer. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Keep women behind [in the back rows] as Allaah has commanded." (Narrated by 'Abd al-Razzaaq in his Musannaf, 5115. The isnaad stops at Ibn Mas'ood with a longer report than this; the isnaad is saheeh but it is not proven that this was said by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)).

    Moreover, the position of imaam in the mosque is a kind of wilaayah [public office], and wilaayah is only for men. "No nation prospers that appoints a woman over its affairs [wilaayah]" (narrated by al-Bukhaari, 13/45, 46), as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said.

    There is an exception made by the Hanbalis, but this is a weak opinion. This view says that a woman may lead the men in taraaweeh if she reads well and the men present are illiterate, but she should be behind them and they should be in front of her. But there is no evidence (daleel) to support this view. The point is that it is not permissible for a woman to lead men in prayer. Yes, women may lead other women in prayer, it is OK if she leads other women. This is fine, as stated in the report of Umm Waraqah leading some of her mahrams, but as for her leading non-mahram men or as a public office [wilaayah], such as being an imaam in a mosque, this is not permitted.

    Fataawa Samaahat al-Shaykh 'Abd-Allaah ibn Humayd, p. 130

    To visit your group on the web, go to:

  102. youssef from UK

    throughout the islamic world, we witness that muslim women pray separately from man so it won`t be no of fitna, women can even pray on the back. Now you re making a big change against the prophet (PBUH)teaching(expose urself,even puting a niqab u still rising ur voice),an Imam women (nothing against woman of course, Islam is the 1st religion to make that equality)on the minbar may be women in the front too.if u want to thrive in islam teaching invite ur friend and give them khutbah in a separate place, otherwise u will start changing the islamic law in america while it has never been changed foe 1425 years.and i`m sure there will be no reward to u from Allah but chaste and have hayaa that is what Allah want from muslims some books and educate urself a bit about Mariam, Khadija, Fatima etc (RAA)..cause if that happen somewherelse every1 will blame for it...and it s only Allah who will reward you with sins or.Unless u`re a very known scholar who knows quran and hadith and u can have prooves of what u`re doing ...Allah a3lam..assalamo 3alaikom

  103. ibn Mohd from Singapore

    I just want to comment on the agree/diagree field ob the comment dialog box. When you click agree, you are agreeing with the ARTICLE not Dr Wadud's actions. Take note...

    There appears to be comments that support the article and diagree with what Dr Wadud is doing. However, the authors have chosen to click on "I am against it" in giving response to the article. I believe there has been some confusion on their part and hopefully after this, those who post comments will tell a diffrent statistic.

    wa maa tawfiiqii illaa billaah...

  104. yasmine khan from usa

    HOLY Macro...women infront of DR. you must be very bored with your i think you shouldnt do this..and you should ask for forgive ness from allah (swa).. Even though if your smart.. doesnt mean that your the only one and that the rest of the womens are dumb.


  105. Cee from usa

    Bad article...I am in support of the event. Logical reason when studying the Quran and Hadith do not prohibit this. But, bad article because as an author you cannot make claims on what is best for the womans rights movement. As Allah wills all movements and maybe even some you suggested may happen, but you as an author can only state your opinion, but in my opinion badly stated.


  106. burhan from New zealand

    Assalamu Alaykum Sis Aslam Abdullah

    It sound to me that every body that serve humanity in manner and wisdom way that would be a count towards infront of allah. weather it is good or bad intention.

    I remeber that i read about the book called the umma (Khalifas)during there period time their serve the religion of allah in anice and beautiful way and even the womens are one times asked the prophet (saw) about their rights when there hasband went for jihad , the prophet say to them wommens how nice quation was that,and the prophet replay the rewards were equavent to what the hasband gets.

    Contribution towards islamic is all in good in the eye of allah,Allah knows your heart and your terms in fullfilling the pillars of Allah and be a modete,and be a middle way of cleaning the misunderstanding way of mojority of muslim is whose sees towards negetifity ways.

    Dr aslam abdullah its your wisdom and beaufulness of giving the musliah adirection. this may be those pple who called them self there are religiours are may be serving there eggos, But we see how much this dawa will some how be different with those who called them self there will be helping the diin of allah. In the terms of difficult times.

    I hope for you that you will be able to be closer with the scholars,and always pray to allah let this change to be good for you from the revaltion of allah. Allah willing can be anything,we all pray to allah let us focus the best for all humanities in time of this difficulty time.


  107. Yahya Bergum from USA

    Assalamu alaikum. I have noticed an apparent hadith at several websites. I am wondering whether or not it is considered legitimate. Jazak Allahu khair. The following text was copied from

    Umm Waraqa bint Abdallah, an Ansari woman who was well versed in the Quran, was instructed by Prophet Muhammad to lead ahl dariha (ahl dariha means the people of her home where 'dar' means home and can refer to one's residence, neighborhood, or village), which consisted of both men and women, in prayer. The "people of Umm Waraqa's home" were so numerous that Prophet Muhammad appointed a muezzin for her. Umm Waraqa was one of the few to hand down the Quran before it was written. Umm Waraqa wished to be known as a martyr so she asked Prophet Muhammad to allow her to participate in the Battle of Badr (624 A.D./ 2 A.H.) so that she could take care of the wounded; from that time on Prophet Muhammad referred to her as "the female martyr."

    (Wiebke Walther, Women in Islam, Markus Wiener Publishing, 1981, p. 111 (citing Ibn Sad, Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, vol. 8, p. 335).

    Obviously, my interest in the text above is that it appears to be an instruction from Rasoolullah (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) directing a woman to lead what is said to have been one or more men in prayer. Barakatuhu.

  108. UmmKhadijah

    As Salaamu Alaikum It is not from the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah who was Muhammad Ibn Abduallah Sallahu Alaiyhim Wa Salam Fear Allah. Allah said in Surah Al-Mujaadilah(58):22"You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the last Day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger,even if they are their fathers,or their sons,or their brothers,or their kinsfolk.Rather Allah has decreed true Faith for their hearts,and stengthened them with proof,light and guidance from Him;and He will enter them into the gardens of Paradise beneath whose trees rivers will flow,and they will dwell therein forever.Allah is please with them and they with Him.They are the party of Allaah.Indeed the party of Allah are the successful."The prophet sallahu aliahi wa salam said every inovation is a going astray and every going a astray is in the fire.And what this sister done is a inovated act. Allaah Also said in surah An-Nisa:34"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women,because Allah has made one of them to excel the other,and because they spend to support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient (to Allah and to their husbands).So how can a women lead the people and the women is defficient in intellect thats how Allah created us we were created from the croockness of the rib.We get a menses wich stops us from praying and fasting we are defficient in our religion this is how we are created so sister fear Allah before death come to you stay in your place where Allah put you and stick to the Sunnah of Allahs messenger Sallahu Alaihim Wa Salam .

  109. seena from USA

    I would like to see if there is any hadith, Ayah in the quran or sunnah of Sahaba which supporting that action.

  110. MAHBUBA BHUIYAN from U.S.A.


  111. Yahya Bergum from USA

    If I hope to avoid Allah's wrath then why should I refuse to tolerate a woman audibly praising Allah even during organized prayer? Because the sound of her voice might lead me astray? A'udhoo billahi min-ash-Shaitan-ar-rajeem.

    Sorry, brothers, but I think we sometimes confuse that which suits us (as men) with Allah's cause. Warahmatullahi.

    As far as addressing men at worship is concerned, I suppose that a woman could do so from behind a screen of some sort. Honestly said that would not appear to be the actual issue. The issue seems to have more to do with women remaining mindful of their place in matters pertaining to submission.

    Also, if anyone has a good reason for discouraging unmarried but otherwise pious men from taking a greater interest in marrying pious women then I should like to hear it. My thinking here is to some extent inspired by Quran 11:78. Hopefully I would hardly equate my brothers in Islam with the men of Quran 11:79. Nevertheless I would hope that my point (such as it is) would be sufficiently transparent.


  112. KHAMIS SAHAL from UK

    Assalaamu alaykum Wa rahmatulaLaah

    Dear brothers in Islaam,

    Where are we going from here? To gay Imaams like our neighbours? Isn't Prophet Muhammad PBUH enough for us as a leader for all of us to follow? Doesn't Allah himself know that WOMEN are among His creation?

    Wallaah, this is the sign of QIYAAMAH, when women will be shameless and the faith will disappear!!

    If the point is education, who among our present women can claim to have understood Islam than Ummu Aisha the wife of our Prophet?

    Astaghfirullaah! It is simply unexceptable that a woman leads the Friday prayer. We learn from Quran and Sunnah, not from western culture, which is typically purely a Kufr. never that Prophet Muhammad selected a woman to lead the prayer, neved had he himself prayed behind a woman.

    i would like to remind my dear brothers and sisters that jews interfere our religion, this might be among their tricks!!!!

  113. M. Basit from Germany

    There are no female pope, bishop, etc.

    There are no female religious leader of jews.

    Why is it then necessary for islam to have a female leader?

    Dr. Amina Wadud is only doing this to become famous. There is no other reason for that. Just like Salman Rushdi and other clownies. She is going to change the 1400 years old tradition of islam. She has no right to play with our religion!!!

    I hope she will follow the right path that our holy Prophet (S.A.W.) taught us and stop licking the a** of GWBush.

    M. Basit

  114. Zkhan from USA

    Alhamdullilah that the brother has choosen to write about this event. I think that in our rush to potray Islam as any other religion we have failed to take the time to fully understand and lived its laws and values. If the intent of the sister is to prove that Islam views as equal both men and women then she needs to go back and help her community identify how that equality was exemplified by the early Muslims (weren't they the examplers of the deen). I think that, like the progrssive women of today, we, Muslims, are also falling into the trap of thinking that equality means sameness. May Allah help us!

  115. Lori from USA

    While I feel that Islamic teachings should be upheld, again we

    have to look at the time at which these teachings came down

    from Allah - not everything can be interpreted and applied

    literally as the world has changed - both men and women work

    - and no longer are women soley put on this Earth for the

    purpose of childrearing. Tread lightly breothers and sisters

    before you make bold assignments based on gender. To do so

    minimizes the value of one or the other - this is not what Allah

    intended. The suffering we ALL (men and women) have endured

    under patriarchial societies have led to hatred, war and poverty.

    Hence, the corrent state of the world!!!!!!Maybe it is time for men

    and women to lead, side by side, not one in charge of or held in

    higher regard than the other. To abolish the Western perspective

    that Islam is oppressive to women, we as Muslims must stop

    being illustriative of that very fact.

  116. Yunus Patel from New Zealand

    I am only a practicing muslim having some knowledge as to fulfilling the commandments of Almighty Allha and the Sunnah of our holy Prophet (PBUH).

    To my understanding, a women can not lead men in prayers. I agree with some one who wrote that it is the non-believers who want us to do so just to break us into groups against one another.

    I would advise Dr. Amina Wadud to spend more time with the effort of deen than lead prayer. Put your knowledge about Islam onto paper or use other media to reach both muslims and non-muslims.

    It is true the writer saying that the Almighty Allah will judge us, but is it that we know it is not right and then do something and say this?

    Isn't there any other way of pleasing Allah then leading prayers.

    Keep in mind that Almighty Allah gives us time to come back to him and the right path and forget not he has destroyed individuals, tribes, nations so haven't we learned yet?

    December 26th, 2004 is not far away.

    What are we waiting for?

  117. Ian Hosein from Canada

    there is no one to judge people's actions and intentions but God Almighty

    It's comments like these that really get to me. Everyone who wants to change something in religion, or do something different, uses it as a shield to protect them from and criticism.

    It's unjust, because indeed it is true, only Allah can judge, however it is completely paralyzing towards open discussion and enjoining what is right and forbiding what is wrong.

    I recently heard a homosexual individual say "I know God Loves me, regardless of whether or not I'm straight". Indeed this is true as well, God loves us all.

    But again, this is all paralyzing. How then do we strive together towards the truth and proper conduct? If everyone used the idea of only God can judge, and thus no one else can do anything, than literally society will fall apart. People would then just do whatever they want.

    The is a classic case of Individualism vs. Unity.

    Many people say "Let God Judge." "And only God can Judge." The what is the Quran and Hadiths for? Are we not God representatives hear on earth to spread peace, righteousness, and justice? Or are we just let this world fall apart, and just wait for judgement day for God to clear things us.

    The Sunnah is here and it's here for a reason. We say that it needs to change because the society has changed. However, is it social change, or social corruption?

    The Imam is the leader of his following, in that he not only leads the prayers but also is an administrator of social affairs and also a leader of his people if they are to go to war. And there are other aspects which show that this role is appropriate for men.

    But in this society, we've adopted a western way of living, and lost the islamic way of forming a society, and have become confused with the difference. We try to change Islam instead of society.

    People are asking us to reinterpret the Quran.

    The Quran asks us to reinterpret ourselves.

  118. Angie Ali from USA

    I, too, believe this is just another method of bringing disunity among Muslims with controversial issues. There have been progressive religious reformers in American history, many of whom were middle-class, well-educated caucasian Christian women. Some Muslims want to follow the practices of these people, who have female ministers, etc. Was this done in the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? Did he or any other prophets encourage this?

  119. Arshad from Pakistan

    This is against islamic rule. You willnot find a single event in the holy life of Prophet Muhammad (SALALLAHOALAH-E-WASALAM)and in the life of Sahaba (Rizwanullah-e-taala ajmaeen)and in Tabayeen or Tabatabayeen that any woman had led the prayers in mosque and in mixed environment. Every time Male person has led the prayers .There are limitations in islamic society for the benefit of humanity and we will inshallah find it useful in the long run.No doubt Islam has given rights to Women so much that no other religion has given that much rights.So women should not intermingle with men .Islam is the DEEN of nature and nature is for the benefit of humanity and in this connection there is a task that has been assigned to man. Women has other very valuable tasks ,like care for the family and children . May Allah give all of us wisdom and knowledge of Deen. Ameen

  120. kareem mutahir from nigeria

    to be candid there is no where in the holy Quran nor Hadith that such act has been pronounced ,it is absolutely absurd to the hearing and totally agaist the teacvhing of the holy Quran and Prophet Mohd (sAW).mind you we cant compare ISlam with christenity. Masalm

  121. fareeed shariff from usa

    Dr. Aslam Abdullah

    Assalam alaikum

    This is very good article, I really hope and pray Allah reward you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of the ummah. I also hope and pray that our ummah understand and act upon your guidance. First of all bring the Quran and sunnah in to their lifestyles and secondly take your advice seriously.

    Jazakallahu Khairen

    Br. Fareed Shariff

  122. bnak from USA

    Dear Nakia:

    Can you please present any evidence from Quran or authentic Hadith texts to your following claim:

    "There is a well established tradition of women leading men in prayer, and this is the beginning of women claiming the rights given by Allah, denied by narrow minded men."

  123. H.A. from Yathrib

    Inventions/fabrication (by either men/women or anyone) of scriptures = your offsprings standing line called the HAPPY HOUR LINE in t = 3 yrs of age, instead of lining up for Friday Prayers.

  124. Hudd D'Alhamd from Canada

    Professor Alano De Las Casas, you see, I as a Muslim am censured, you .. are not! .. you to suggest that it was alright for him to relieve on this site was uncivilized. There are many other places he and you could relieve yourselves. To mention some, the Oval Room, other horrible things like this were done there, try it you might experience an inner elevation of some sort at your amoebic intelligence level. And although it's true that less intelligent life forms tend to immitate the more complicated ones, do not reuse my own descriptions to try to forward some of your pieces of dementia. Be original, .. come on you can do better than that. Use my own words against me? Now how more Jewish than this, could one be? You, .., lack not only basic education but also common knowledge. You find yourself blabbering about topics you heard in grownup circles and you try to act gangsta! Get a life and most importently, educate yourself. The Israelites were accustomed to have themselves slaves, or what according to your scriptures was Hagar. Unless you couldn't grasp what AC was telling, try this, it was an era in the human development called in Ancient History books as the 'ages', like the stone age, copper age, slavery age, feudal age, industrial revolution age, etc. The slavery was for the ancients' development as was the stone, copper, etc. However when morals were realized, slavery was deemed as wrong by the whole of mankind, except the white man(those Caucasians belonging to the culture of colour supremacy). And that .., to happen in modern time and grow to an industry and trmendous profits, is not only immoral, it is abominable and barbaric. So much of modern times, western emancipation. Slavery not a white concept? Whites brought it to levels that would make the Romans wince!

  125. Yahya Bergum from USA

    If one or more descendents of the prophets (upon whom be peace) believe that my requests for blessings upon them would be denied were a woman to lead the prayer then if Allah wills it will be so. Note however that I intend to keep asking all the same.

    May it be Allah's will that I am grateful to Allah. Might such a request be denied depending on who is leading the prayer? And may peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.

    Also, I do not believe that women should remain hidden and silent for the sake of their community. In my opinion such a community would be basically unworthy of much effort required to preserve it (in my opinion). Then again, I am somewhat disinclined to invite others to my error. So do as you think is better. And may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala guide all who hope to be guided rightly (Ameen).

  126. Halimah Ali from US

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Astagfirallah! This is a horrible thing to be even attampted. The attempt is the bad part. Why do we pray how we do? In order for us (women) to not be praying standing right next to a guy so touching them during the prayer or having them look at us. Even if you did keep the guys and the girls in the right order in the prayer with guys in front and girls in back, but put a woman at the front of the congregation, it defeats the purpose. This idea is just another one of those out there that takes away from Islam when, especially now, we need to be bringing it back to the way that the Prophet(SAAWS) taught us it.

  127. Dr. Tayyaba Qidwai from Oman

    I think Dr. Aslam Abdullah has written a very balanced article about the code of conduct when dealing with controversial issues.He has not outrightly criticised Dr. Wadud's outward act, but he has very wisely questioned her INTENTIONS about the neccesity of such an action and HOW it will really prove gender equality or whatever she wants to prove by her action.I as a woman would also like an explanation from Dr. Wadud about how such an action , apart from bringing ONE particular woman in the limelight can benefit the rest of our Muslim women.I have all the respect for the writer for having dealt with this subject in such a wise and insightful way.All Islamic rules have been laid out keeping in mind the physiological differences between the sexes, which have been proved to be true by advanced scientific researches. So, we should wait patiently for Dr. Wadud's explanation and then find answers to it.Sometimes, apparently unwise moves by individuals can be a great way of learning and strengthening our Iman.

  128. Hind Jarrah from USA

    Brothers and Sisters:

    I believe that Dr. Wadud went to this extreme demonstration of woman's intrinisic role in islam in response to what she, and other muslim women perceive as intentional attempt to prevent them from practicing and enjoying their God Given Rights in Islam. All of us always brag that Islam recognized women's rights and responsibilities-in theory, but when it comes to application, the majority of Muslim women are relegated to staying home and being subservient to their husbands. Women are not even allowed to serve on board of the Mosques. Dr Wadud probably made this decision in order to show her Muslim Sisters that even the ultimate male role:imama of prayer can be done by women, and was permitted by prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Please refer to CCMA document's_Leadership.doc.

    I agree that there are more important issues that need to be addressed, but how can we address them when our own brothers do not allow us to aquire at least 50% representation in the decision making boards of our mosques?

  129. Louise Baskin from USA


    If one questions the truth of what you wrote, then I suggest the

    following: In lieu of the fact that women represent

    approximately half the Muslim - and general - population; and

    also almost 50 percent of the work force in the US, that on even

    this Website of, which, by the way, I began reading and

    read religiously every day as one news source, that of the paltry

    few articles written about Muslim women, they are typically

    written by men, and mainly in reference to her duties and

    obligation and role to her husband.

    Of those few articles written by women about women, often they

    either parrot the men, or negate the legitimate and

    unnacceptable and insulting attitudes and indignities and

    injustices by rendering 'invisible' Muslim women.

    Rare is it that a woman has the courage and temerity to speak

    the truth, simply! For that I say, bravo!!!

  130. Shah Ally from Canada

    The Prophet upon him blessings and peace said:

    1. "Lo! Let absolutely no woman lead a man in prayer!"

    Arabic: "Ala la ta'ummanna imra'atun rajulan."

    Ibn Majah, Abu Ya`la, `Abd ibn Humayd in his Musnad, Abu Nu`aym in the Hilya with different chains from Jabir, and al-Tabarani in al-Awsat from Abu Sa`id al-Khudri.

    2. "No nation shall succeed that is led by a woman." Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Bakrah, Allah be well-pleased with him.

    This is even more binding in Salat, since the imamate of Salat requires a far more slavish imitation and following than the greater imamate. Further, the imamate of prayer is a delegatory function of the latter.

    3. "The best of the men's prayer-rows is the first and the worst the last, while the best of the women's prayer-rows is the last and the worst is the first." Muslim, the Sunan, and Ahmad from Abu Hurayra, Jabir, and Abu Sa`id al-Khudri, Allah be well-pleased with them.

    I.e. the contrary of imamate, which means "leading from the front."

    4. `Ali said, Allah be well-pleased with him:

    "A woman does not lead as imam." Mudawwana, I`la' al-Sunan.

    Imam al-Bayhaqi mentioned all the above but the last in his Sunan and said: "This is also the School of the Seven Jurists of Madina among the Tabi`in then those that followed them."

    This is also the position of the Four Schools. More, Ibn Hazm in Maratib al-Ijma` and Ibn Qattan al-Fasi in al-Iqna` fi Masa'il al-Ijma` listed it among the rulings that muster unanimous consensus :

    "They concur one and all that a woman cannot lead men in prayer with their knowledge of her being a woman and, if they do, their prayer is invalid by consensus."

    Second, it would not be right for one upon whom congregation is not incumbent to lead one upon whom it is obligatory.

    Third, the best salat of a woman is in her house without contest, and it is not right that the leader of the Salat be precluded from excellence to begin with.

    So s

  131. Alano De Las Casas from Mexico

    Regarding Reference Ref: 30125 AC From UK

    I stand corrected. Yes, the Greeks and Romans did have slavery, but long after the Egyptians.I got too focused on the blonde hair/blue Europeans that invaded my country and enslaved my people for over 400 years. But then, the Greeks and Romans never invaded, enslaved and murdered my people, so they're not the White Europeans envolved in the slave trade in Western Europe and the Americas that is was focused on. Still, to say that slavery originated with the whites is false. Even in my country the Aztecs and the Mayans had slavery long before the whites landed on our shores. Miscommunication will happen when English is your second language. I need to be precise... But then, your from England and probably one of those Western Europeans that I'm referring to.... Who is Michael Moore's? Sounds like an Engilsh to me....

  132. Muhammad Akhtar from usa

    Imam Muslim reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "...The worst thing is any addition for every addition is a bid'ah (an innovation)."

    And in another authentic narration reported by Imam An-Nasa'i the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "And every bid'ah innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance is in the Fire."

  133. umka from Uzbekistan

    Assalam aleykum

    i appreciate the brother who wrote an article

    in us and especially in New York of which muslm community i am aware this kind of gathering does not have much impact on the community as it would have in some country like mine- where islamically educated woman is still a rarity - in my humble opinion we should not be concentrated on what already has been given to us by the Creator - on our rights - but on gaining appropriate knowledge and building strong families where rights of women are fullfilled and then move into society matters

    it should be muslim male and female struggling side by side in the name of Allah not against each other - we just all need some education - and of course acting upon that knowledge sister Amina Wadud 🙂 come visit us in Uzbekistan we need you here to show sisters that there are some educated women- in the place i reside majority think that woman is for house and many forget about the essence of education for the mothers and sisters who have been always advice givers to their males

    this all abovementioned is merely opinion of mine


    female 🙂

  134. abayomi Hassan from USA

    It is no question that women throughout history have been exploited and oppressed. But how could, the leading of Friday Prayers by women, to a mixed congregation, help the cause of women? This I believe is designed to bring fitnah into the Ummah by some very misguided folks who might claim to be Muslims, but are not really. Any Muslim man or woman who supports this is either ignorant or does not fear the Hell fire.

    Oppressed women should find other channels to voice out their grievances, and not copy, what people in other faiths are practising.

  135. M.J.Khan from US

    What should invite our thinking that why at this time when anti-muslim American experts,journalists etc are saying we should start a war within Islam so the resources be exhausted,schisms and sects be created so eventually annihilation of Islam and muslim values become easy, she is coming with this idea.We do know that to keep job in USA qualifications are not enough,you should do more.Is this the reason or what?I certainly believe that now there are many PMUS in function with the same divisive agenda.

    We should be alert.Christians have not accepted Islam as a divine religion.They call Islam as a fake religion and Prophet Muhammad as an imposter.

  136. Abdul Kabir from USA

    Salam Alaykum,

    Dr. Amina Wadud wrote the following.

    "However, if Muslims continue to introduce and focus their attention on irrelevant media attention grabbing controversies, it will take away from the task of focusing on the real plight of women and other issues that should be addressed"

    I agree with this statement but in order for Muslim women to be empowered they must help their men who are in a very weak state as far as Islam is concerned (Love for the dunya and not fearing death the men have no problem).

    for example women of this ummah must encourage their men to Enjoin the good and forbid the evil,iqmat salat, pay zakat, Fast, Don't drink alcohol, do not gamble, not to obtain income using Riba. This are BIG problems and until theses are fixed we wont be fixed.

    Muslim women need to raise their Children with sound Islamic knowledge. So we will have great up and coming leaders and scholars, like we had in our past.

    Not wimps who cannot even stand up for Quran and Sunnah or stand up to protect their own Mothers Daughters, Sisters, Wives against the enemies of Islam.

    Once they do this then the whole ummah will be empowered.

    I dont think women making Kutbah's and them leading prayer is what going to get this ummah and Muslim women out of this rut.

    Following Quran and Sunnah is what will get us out.

    I don not know the extent of Dr. Amina Waduds Islamic knowledge. But what she presented has no Daleel (evidence). So I cannot really take the article seriously.

    Al Humdullilah one thing about this deen is its based on knowledge, and the Quran has taught us that we muslims must not accept anything that does not have evidence connected to it.

    Unlike other religions where it always based on emotion.

  137. aleem from America


    First of all prophet muhammad (PBUH) never mention anything in his Hadiths regarding Women leading the mixed gender prayres. If she wants to do that why cant she lead the friday prayers for women only. Because by doing that she is changing the teaching the Islam. One more thing in her book is that, she is reading the Quran from women's perspective. What does that suppose to mean. Quran is for Allah, You read a Quran for the sake of Allah and get Hasanath (Good Deeds). By being against it does not mean that i oppress her i am oppose to the fact that she is trying to change the teaching of islam. Seek forgiveness to Allah the All Knowing.

    Jazakallah Khair

  138. Zabhier from UK

    PEOPLE OF INTELLECT LISTEN UP! Women are the backbone of our ummah, not just for bringing up the next generation of Muslims but also as partners to men. I do not have enough knowledge to comment on whether a woman leading Friday prayers is acceptable, but what I can say is that - we have clearly defined roles (some governed by physiology) which we must respect. Let's not start a debate on who's best, who's clean shaven and who has a beard to small to grasp!!!

  139. Jason Rhoton from USA

    Asalamu Alaykum,

    Really, te author of the article makes a good point. There are many more valuable causes. However she is not strapping a bomb to herself to kill women and children this is the real innovation. Allah (swt) strickly forbids the killing of innocent children and women. Ask your self which is worse........Wasalam

  140. usman from canada

    If she has a littale understanding of Arabic she would not do this ignoranse action beacuse the world of imam is for a man not for the woman

  141. Ice Fossil from USA

    Islam was completed 1400 hundred years ago. Our prophet, the rightly guided caliphs, companions and tabi'in never encouraged or allowed such a practice. Many ahadith specifically mention about women cannot lead the prayer or be the imam for men. It is not based on there knowledge, many women scholars present in a community maybe more knowledgable than the Imam who delivers Friday khtubahs or sermons or leads people in prayer, but it was forbidden for sake of a womans modesty for that is the most important thing to her, something she should hold dear.

    Dr. Amina Wudud should clarify what is she is trying to accomplish by doing this. More responsible than her are the other muslim folk who belong to that masjid or community for allowing such heresy to occur instead of stopping it. It seems she's not the only one whose faith is displaced. Like they say "The kind of people you have similar is the leader", what more could be said here. The muslims of the community there have a responsibility to correct her and do something rather than join in the 15 minutes of fame.

    There is no argument whether this is allowed or forbidden, anyone who has studied the quran and ahadith knows that it is forbidden. The root of the problem is why is she doing this? What are her intentions? What she wants to gain? Why does she think it is not forbidden to do so? Where are the muslims of that community of are allowing this to happen? Does she realize the long term affects this will have on new muslims or those whose faith is weak? Allah knows best but if she is wrong (even if she is right why take such a drastic chance) then she will have to bear the burden of this sin for every generation that follows this, every person who follows this practice later on.

  142. Nasser from USA

    Allah (swt) has perfected this religion for you. A woman leading the congregational prayer in front of a mixed gender gathering is a BAS BIDA. Every muslim should stop this or catch the wrath of Allah. Fear him. If this issue is doubtful - don't do it-.

    I have no problems listening to an knowledgable woman speak, but leading the namaz is not acceptable. Allah (swt) has given women all of the beautiful rights they deserve, but there are some misguided muslims out there. May Allah guide us.


  143. Nakia from USA

    When women are prevented from entering houses of worship, when they are denied the rights given to them by Allah, then there is a problem. My struggles for human rights are hindered by the fact that as a woman, I am not taken seriously. There is a well established tradition of women leading men in prayer, and this is the beginning of women claiming the rights given by Allah, denied by narrow minded men.

  144. AC from UK

    Referring to comment 30097 By Alano De Las Casas.

    I quote from Mr Casa, "Even then it was something introduced to European explorers during the 14th century by black African slave traders. Where did you learn your world history? Obviously not on this planet."

    It would seem that you Mr Casas need to learn your History. Have you forgotten about the ancient Romans and Greeks. The Roman and Greek Empires were built by slaves and their treatment of slaves was most brutal, just like the African slaves were treated in the Americas. In fact the Europeans /white North and South Americans adopted the exact same type of slavery used by the Romans. Now, it may surprise you to know that the Romans and Greeks were White Europeans. Slavery ......"something introduce to European explorers during the 14th century by black African slave traders." ........GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Oh! I forgot, your American! Have you read Michael Moore's book "DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY". You should if you haven't, it's a fascinating insight into you guys. This is what he says in the introduction on page XII -XIII about you:

    "They (meaning the Americans) are hopelessly lost, in part because of an enforced ignorance that begins at school, where they learn next to nothing about the rest of the world, and continuing through daily adult life where their media has all but eliminated any foreign news that does not have something to do with the USA." If you want moore, buy the book.

    I rest my case.

  145. Mubeen Siddiqui from USA

    Was it done during the Prophet's(PBUH) time? How often were it done and what were the circumstances? Were ,even, woman allowed (for sake of their own protection) to pray upfront of men. Please e-mail me your response.Asslamualaikum.

  146. Jamaluddin Ishak from mslaysia

    Dr Wadud must have a reason for doing this,but she explain in simple term to her followers and Muslim at large before doing it. This is Islam it is about reasoning not confronting.But Dr Wadud never reason anything I fear Dr Wadud did it for somebody else for Prophet Mohammad has said that you will in the right path if you refer all issue to Al-Quran and Al-Hadith.Dr Wadud should do this and let people know where she got the idea of Women leading a Friday prayer for a mixed gender. Women need not have to perform Friday prayers . So why all the trouble, why some people always like to do what they are not supposed to do while there are so many more things that Allah and Prophet Mohammad ask women to do but they never did

  147. Sa'id Abdul-Aziz from usa

    FEAR ALLAH...In Quran and Sunnah...That's not a women'a job...nowhere does it say that is something to do...No one is saying that women CAN'T doit out of lack of intelligence...Judt saying it's going against Islam to do say...Yes, men and women are equal...I pray that one day women will realize that while we are equal...we are not the same...We have different jobs and men and women, we need to honor those, and not go out and and do what Kafir's do innovate(bid'ah)....

  148. Jawad from USA

    As Salam Alaykum

    We can not allow our selves to get caught in the web of shaytan, by loving and imitating the way of kuffar. Allah did liberate women in the best manner. So why are Amina Wadud over stepping the bounderies in the deen of Islam. Remember, The best speech is the book of Allah and the best guidance is that of our prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    If this action is not in the Quran or Sunnah, than it not an act allowed in the deen. Miss Amina should seek knowledge before she act. Her so-call ijtihad is baseless and it is all about following her own whims and desires.



  149. H.A. from Yathrib

    THIS IS AN ATTACK ON ISLAM. If prophet's wives did not lead Friday's prayer or if prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not prescribe it, DON'T DO IT.

    I think she would better serve sharing her Islamic knowledge in discussion forum or other similar settings...

    Invention/fabrication = dwellings at the bottom echelon of hell.

    It think it's time for Muslim scholars to clarify this situation before things get out of control and Islam is divided into thousands sects like other religions...

  150. Sameena from US/INdia

    You go sister! I support her 100%. It is precisely because of the lack of education etc. among Muslim women that we need more Muslim women in leadership positions at the mosque. Women invisible from mosque leadership mean women invisible from Muslim society. It is stupid to refuse women to lead prayers. Contrary to what the men commenting on this article believe, there is no one correct interpretation and anybody pretending to be privy to the only true interpretation is making a fool of himself.

  151. Yahya Bergum from USA

    So, except for women and youth, would those readers with "frowning faces" also have beards? Why join in prayers led by clean-shaven men if total submission is so important?

    Why should I even take advice from grown men without beards? Unlike women, smooth-faced men have seemingly made a choice to appear in public without facial hair.

    I would have to admit that I often feel like hurling stones at everyone's demon but mine. Perhaps other people have had similar feelings (from time to time perhaps).

  152. fatimah from canada

    It is important that in a crucial time in society that muslims around the world stand up for what islam really means...being true and submitting to only one God. Unfortunately there are some people that view islam as oppressive yet forget to realize that the oppressor is the one being oppressed and Prophet Mohammed PBUH message was to free the oppressed..... This article shows an educated viewpoint that expresses the views in an optimistic way...that even though there are some irrational opinions among the worst of us....the best seems to come out of the worst of us....These women who want to start an Islamic revolution should start with their own homes first..and making sure that there children are educated and looked after....and then there families and then there neighbors.....their focus shouldn't be on how Islam is oppressing women....but how women are oppressing themselves...As a human being when we start changing laws of the end it will be our destruction...the truth is the way Allah has prescribed for us....and the best teacher was Prophet Muhammad PBUH....and the shame is when we start forgetting....or allowing others to try and change our ways and our beliefs.....

  153. suhayb from Canada

    as salam 3aleikoumwa rahmatullah. Dr 'abd allah is right.However i must react to some wrong comments. Women can lead prayer for sisters following on the foot steps of Sahabyia Oum Waraqa El Ansaria (may Allah bless her), the lady our Holy Prophet (saws)used to refer to as The Martyr. she had asked him for a muezzim and made her home into a Masjid for sisters. May Allah help us all get more and more knowledge so we can improve our Oumma. maa salam

  154. Mir Hashmi from USA


    Amina Wadud should understand that this kind of practice did not happend during prophet Mohammed (SAW) or during 4 Caliphas... How can she can bring this change in Islamic values now...? When our Islam is completed 1400 years ago. My advise to her is to stop this kind of practise and ask forgivenes from Allah! and seek advise with any Alim or Mufti...

  155. Abdul from USA

    If the word Islam means (peace and submission), meaning submission to the teachings of Creator, and its Messenger (Muhammad (pbuh)), that is if one believes that Islam is complete as Allah (swt) says in Qur'an ...This day have I PERFECTED your religion for you completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion... (5:3). If one believes in the verse and believes that Islam has been already Perfected at the time of its Messenger, who did not show or allow acts like this. Then it is simply an inovation or addition, which can not be done to a Perfected thing.

    What I see is a selfish cathartic expression, with no base whatsoever.

    May Allah (swt) guide us all to the Straight path.

  156. FAIZAL from USA


  157. Alano De Las Casas from Mexico

    To Hudd D'Alhamd:

    In regards to your comments to Mr. Michael Hollifield, to compare his remarks to some passerby relieving himself on your flowerbed is absurd. If this was your website, then maybe I would agree. Since it's not your website, he has the right to relieve himself here if he chooses. Making it sound like it's a privilege to express one's ideas is typical for mental defecations like you. That's how people with narrow-minded beliefs like you react. "Oh, you can't say anything that I deem contrary to my beliefs." Typical response of someone who has been brain washed.

    Secondly, slavery is not a white man concept. If I'm not mistaken, Egyptians had Jewish slaves thousands of years before the white man introduced slavery into Europe and the Americas. Even then it was something introduce to European explorers during the 14th century by black African slave traders. Where did you learn your world history? Obviously not on this planet.

  158. Mominah

    I'm not sure what to think.i think women arent supposed to lead men. Allahu Alim (God knows)

  159. Musthafa from India

    This is against the islamic law. Ladies can perform their Friday prayer headed by a lady for only for Ladies. If before God everyone are equal, then why Allah didn't sent a "Female" Prophet to this community.

  160. Abbas Ahmad from Canada

    Salamo Alikum

    I believe that women should not lead the prayers. Its totally wrong. Women can lead in women gathering where they can educated women. Its not a good idea Women leading in the most important friday prayers. I think Women can offer their prayers in mosque but this is totally wrong a woman leading whole Jummah Prayes, it dont make any sense... I urge Muslim Scholars and Mufti to take strong action against itt..

  161. Salaams from United States

    The issue muslims must see is that this is wrong because a female cannot be an Imam and anyone who prays after a female the prayer is not accepted as it goes against our islamic teachings. There are far better ways to bring up women issues. If the sister who wants to lead the prayer is such a learned muslima then she has failed in one of the most simplest understandings. May Allah protect our Ummah



  163. Habib from Canada


    May Allah (SWT) forgive us all. I'm proud of u Dr. Aslam, You have truly followed this verse.

    Quran 16:125

    Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.



  165. shaheed salaam from USA

    This is exactly why we muslims are in such bad shape today. We feel no shame what so ever in disobeying Allah and his messenger (May Allah's peace and belessings be upon him). We look at the people who try and hold on to the religion the way Allah commanded as devients, and the devients as the flag bearers of the deen. May allah guide these misguided brothers & sisters.

  166. Zahid Muhammad from USA

    Assalam alaikum,

    This is a fitnah of our times and it is the responsibility of the ulema to speak about it. These actions of stupidity will not relieve the sufferings of women in any way. May Allah SWT give hidayah to people like Dr. Aminah Wudud, ameen.

  167. From Chicago Burbs from USA

    Assalam Alaykum,

    On the whole, a balanced article. One point that the author failed to articulate is that the people who make such spectacles of themselves almost invariably choose an unIslamic act to gain their 15 minutes of fame! (In this case the pun is almost literal, since that's how long the prayer usually lasts.)

    Often these aficionados of popularity desire only to bathe in the glittering limelight of popular media, and have no interest in the true Islamic teachings (nor in bettering the lives of society at large, as the article suggests).

    I fear that Dr. Amina Wadud will meet all the success she wishes upon herself. Unfortunately, I'm also afraid it's the kind of success that will sully Islam's name in this country and at large, and will fail to bring any real relief to any real suffering to any person, muslim or otherwise.

    Wassalam Alaykum.

  168. Khursheed Siddiqui from USA

    I agree with author. Today we have kill our ego and super ego otherwise tommorrow may not be good for us.

  169. Andy from Canada

    After reading this article I don't know what his point is about women leading the friday khutbah. It is clear women are not allowed to lead the prayer for men , but they are allowed to lead the prayer for women. Sure women are oppressed in some regions no question about it, but it still has nothing to do with women leading the khutbah.

  170. Motie Omari

    Dr. Aslam makes a sound point. Also, I'm sure Dr. Wadud is an intelligent respectable muslimah, may Allah aza wa jal guide and protect her. However, I believe persons as intelligent as Dr. Wadud would serve the ummah better by highlighting the points Dr. Aslam makes. Also, I agree with the comments of Dr. Qaradawi whom stated that it was Allah's wisdom that all Prophets were men, this is a subject that is sealed, and also, personally I believe the position of the Imam/Khateeb should continue in the same tradition as at the time of the sahaba alkiram, and the khateeb should be from the men, wa Allahu alam.

  171. Saaida Khaliqi from USA

    MaashAllah I think the author of the article does the issue justice. May Allah reward him for his courage in presenting the material objectively,honestly and politely. JazakAllahu Khair for the great article! I'm emailing it to everyone! and may Allah SWT protect us from such innovation and from falling prey to the shaitaan.


  172. abdul from US

    Daer brother or sister:

    Please comment on this controversial issue with the quran OR Hadith OR Islamic Shariah references ONLY.

    Just do not post any comments according to some thinkings or their views as it happened in the past in referece to scarf issue in France by Egypt scholars.

    Such things are going to happen with this new world order and oppression, voluntarily or involuntarily, by hippocrates,muslim dogs for money and etc.,or nonmuslims pretending as Muslims to please some westerners.

    I pray to ALLAH , and it is time to recite surah Fatihah(chapter -1, opening chapter of QURAN).


  173. W from U.S.A

    I think that what this woman is doing is wrong, as we know that women cannot lead men and women in congregation, nor give the friday khutba at the masjid.....Why is she trying to go against the rulings of Islam? May Allah guide us and forgive us all.

    Salam Allaikum

  174. syed gaffar from U.S.A

    well if we are so law abding citizens then we should not disrespect any law whether its the law of god or the law of country, you cannot follow one law and broke another and say i am a law abding person. just like in christinity a nun cannot married its the law of the bible why she cannot married who knows we just follows it and keep the religion in its purest form so my question is to those muslim womens is if you are a true believer of the islamic faith you would do something different and be a role model for a another muslim women but by leading the prayer in a mosque just because you can that dosent show a sign of a true beliver of a islamic faith and no one will follow you.

  175. Abdulkadir from United Kingdom

    Absolute mockery of deen. The Things which prophet(s.a.w) never adviced to do, is going to take place. A distinguished signs of judgement day. This act, needs a proof under the shade of Quran & Sahih Hadith to appeal, else proposterus & purely false celebrity.

  176. ASIF HUSENI from USA

    The last paragraph was very profound. Our religion has been hijacked by extremists. These extremists do not give any rights to women not only at home but also in islamic centers. What happened in New York was the reaction of this extremism. We need dynamic international minded muslim scholars to define ISLAM as the middle way.

    Thank you

    Asif Huseni

  177. muhammed kelly aushburn from usa

    first a3oudou billah an akouna mina ljahilin ,,i think the ahtor has gone too emotional about the topic wich makes him wrong ..

    this will only start a bigger fitna in our society .. adding to what the muslim nation is sufferring already so please think with ur mind not ur heart read quran correctly ...and may allah guide us all to the right path and make quran our guide and light for life is only couple years while the hereafter is eternal

    wasalamou alaykoum wa rahmatou llah wa barakatouh.

  178. Murtaza Ali from India

    I belong to the Dawoodi Bohra community of the Shia Islam sect. In our sect women have been attending salat and all other religious festivals in the Masjid just as men have. Infact today in our community more women attend Masjid than men. They are the ones in the household who encourage their children to attend Masjid more than the men do. The architechture of our Masjid is based on the Fatimi style seen in Egypt and Yemen. The men assemble on the ground floor whereas the women are on the higher floors, clearly separating the men from the women, keeping in mind the restriction of Islam and at the same time giving women the same right as men.Inshallah all sects in Islam will become aware of the fact and help women come out of this plight in which they are engulfed.

  179. Amal from USA

    As a woman, I am for the advancement and empowerment of all Muslim woman. But this is ridiculous, this is bidah. I agree with the author, Muslim women are suffering from real issues - poverty, abuse, illiteracy, etc. Women leading salat is not a real issue, it will not advance women, it will divide the ummah

  180. A MUSLIM from usa

    This article only giving news that a woman will lead friday prayer. But the article failed to give a scholarly ruling if a woman can actually lead the prayer. Of course so far there is no proof from the quaran and the sunnah. I like some scholarly ruling from ulema.

  181. Jeremiah Abiade from USA

    I think the author underestimates the power of 'symbolic' gestures. The problems of illiteracy and poverty of women in the ummah may be tackled more effectively if more women felt they had the ability to come up with solutions themselves. I definitely think this action can help with encouraging women to be more proactive. At this point, I am not sure whether I agree with Dr. Wadud or not.

  182. Aaed from NC

    The world needs Mohammad PBUH teaching nothing less.

    Notes for All Imam's & Dawa commities:

    Please do not use masjed floor for nonsense activities..We must keep the masjed TAHER.

    Please use community Halls or rent outside halls for dialog-philosophy-ideas and whatever muslims play-org-hizb is there to pleaze bush

    This is very serious..Quran:The masjed is for Allah and his commands(mohammad pbuh life) not anger Him.

    Allah Taliboon insha Allah.

  183. Heather from USA


    This article smacks of the CIA (America). I fail to understand how a woman leading Friday prayer in New York will help alleviate the sufferings of Muslim women worldwide. The Catholic Church to this day refuses to let nuns take part in certain ceremonies and they cannot advance in rank. Yet I'm supposed to think that women women are the most oppressed? Going against the sunnah is not going to revive Islam. This Amina lady needs to take a refresher course in Islam if she is actually a Muslim. Somehow, I doubt it.

  184. mssn society from Nigeria

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  185. Bro. Naim Akil from U.S.A

    i'am an african american muslim, who use to be a devote christian. what attracted me to islam is when you take the two religions and place them side by side, the two compliment each other in a devine way. the difference is in christianity they allow room for pork, alcohol, gambling and even gays.

    i am not intimidated by a women being a president, ceo, or even the president, but i do not agree with women being an imam.

  186. Ummfatima-Zahrah from USA

    It is an Islamic Fact that Muslim Women cannot lead prayers for men and women. However, they may lead a jamaat of just women, as is described in many authentic ahadeeth where the wives of the Prophet (SAW) would hold lectures in their homes, and pray their salaat together. If this was acceptable, one would argue why Aishah (RA) or other women in the time of the Prophet (SAW) didn't lead the Mumineen of the men in prayer, and who are better than they in Faith? Don't get me wrong, I support the idea of bringing women together and taking time to analyze Quran from a more just and fair point of view. But I'm not trying to turn Islam into a Feminist movement where women try to do everything the men are responsible for, I leave that for the American women who are trying to become Catholic Proests and Clergy. We should really try and avoid imitating the Non-Believers in their quest to Feminize every aspect of their religious right. Allah has already stated that he has endowed MEN with certain rights over women, and this is from Hikmat-Ul-Allah, and we should just trust in Allah's judgment and not be persuaded to change it to fit other people's view of us.

  187. al maruf from Nigeria

    Well, it should be clear that islam is a deen of a sector of the earth, but for all human.

    All Muslim practices are sourced from the quran od hadith.

    So what Dr. did was wrong based on:

    1 The prophet said part of your nackedness is her voice. so, doing khutbah where men are present is Unislamic

    2 Allah has told us and the prophet demonstrated the position of the female folk in the mosque. So to change it now is agaist the Quran and the sunnah.

    3. All the sahaba are best example to us in all ramification. and they practiclised the deen just like the prophet. such things are not found even from the mother of faith, Aisha, that posses the half of faith (hadith0

    4. In Islamic society, we dont look at problem from one angle, rather Islam always try to see to the root of problem and try to solve it at once. so the problem Muslim women are facing today cannot be solved with going to the mimbar rather see where we have all in our duty to Allah and then return to him. And by doing this we shall solve our problems.


  188. Yahya Bergum from USA

    As for sisters giving the khutbah my opinion is simply " not too complacent of speech... but speak ye a speech (that is) just." (Quran 33:32)

  189. Munthasir from India


    I cant agree more with Dr.Aslam Abdullah.

    These efforts to 'improvise' prevailing women situation might be attention grabbing, but i dont see how it is going to benefit them in practice.


  190. Akbar Khan from Canada

    This issue has nothing to do with Women's Issues or Women's Rights, or the status of Muslim Women, period. This is not within the Sunnah or our beloved Prophet (saaw), and for a woman to lead the congregational prayers and give the Khutbah will not help in any way whatsoever to raise the status of women in our Ummah. The problems amongst our community that will raise the status of women are things like allowing women to vote equally alongside men, to eradicate this myth that husbands are allowed to be abusive physically and verbally to their wives, and treat them like slaves - these things are not a part of our Islam. But by doing something like this, is silly, and will not prove any point whatsoever. Where is this found in Qur'an, the Sunnah, or anywhere in Islamic history? Who concluded that this...unbelievable, Naudzubillah. ..

  191. yaqun

    I appreciate the position taken by the author of which stresses the daily struggles women face, and men for that matter. Muslim women around the world do carry economic burdens on their shoulders. Even those women in the Arab & African countries where their husbands have to work outside the country, have to work and care for the families too. There are much bigger issues where women's suffrage is concerned, and it does not only affect Muslim women. The solutions should be based on substance, not on outward symbolism. Too often views about women, that also lead to public policies, are caused by fantasies about women. We need to change that contagious tendency.

    Whether or not this March 18 prayer is controversial, one should take a scholarly view in presenting authentic (religious) textual proofs. There's no point in rushing to judgment about whether Dr Wadud has a hidden agenda. I would like to hear out her proofs that women can lead the Friday prayer. God knows best. God is All-Wise and All-Merciful. God Willing, I will attend my Friday prayer next week, traditionally behind a man. However the central focus is in establishing the prayer to God. We are an ummah (community). Let's not forget that.