Within & Beyond the Coronavirus Stimulus

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Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve ( Quran 10:62 ).

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has put our collective well-being and the world’s economy in survival mode. As the threat becomes more widespread, people are scrambling to find ways to protect themselves, their loved ones and their businesses.

The cause for concern is justified, but are we really looking for the “cause of concern" and strive to address it accordingly?

The vast majority of the local and global news we hear, share and exchange is relating to the negative aspects of this virus + some basic hygiene etiquette and preventative measures which protects us at a "physical level" only.

Many important issues and solutions are lost in the panic and uncertainty, however, there are great opportunities for those who are optimists and engaged in constructive thinking.

So here are a few from the uncountable number of "Good News / Opportunities / Interpretations" driven from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19):

Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine

Social distancing and self-quarantine could also potentially result in having cleaner air, less harm and cruelty to the animals and the environment, and those forced to all forms of slavery, human trafficking, prostitution, gambling and many damaging interaction done under the label and disguise of sport, entertainment, education, success, and progress.

How timely is that? …It is possible to hide behind work, talent, status, wealth, material possessions, beauty, race, culture, tradition, ideology, ...but not behind time.

All of our experiences are uncountable opportunities to look within ourselves and make the necessary adjustments that lead and refine our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Recognizing and attaching accurate meaning to cues in situations and environments is the critical first step to accomplish what’s needed in those circumstances. 

We should reflect, introspect, evaluate, repent, purify and rectify.

Purification of the self leads to a vision that sees through and beyond the limitation of the material world. The seen world in all its vastness, much of which is still undiscovered, is small in comparison to the unseen reality. 

The degree to which the unseen is witnessed is dependent on the extent of the clarity of the heart. The more we search within ourselves, the more we enhance our vision of the world beyond ourselves. We grasp that beyond the surface of the apparent, lies the hidden reality: the essence of who we truly are and what we are called upon to be. 

And this is our fundamental purpose - to redirect our allegiance from the creation to “ The Creator and Sustainer of all the worlds". Righteousness manifests itself from secure faith, sincere devotion to our Creator’s Beneficial Guidance, which translates in service to humanity and all of creation. The earlier we awaken to this realization, the better for us.

We are defined by what and who we are on the inside, rather than by what we own and who we are on the outside. Every situation in life is a great opportunity to express our choices of …

who we really are,

what we truly value,

what and who we align ourselves with,

what we consider as our purpose,

and what we deem to be our responsibility.

For indeed, by the passing of time, humanity is in a state of loss except those who align their lives with “The Creator’s Beneficial Guidance of Goodness, Love, Truthfulness, Justice, and all the Virtues Qualities."

In the final analysis, it is between the individual and the Creator; ...it was never between one’s self and anyone or anything else anyway.

Cleanliness, Hygiene, Health and Fitness

There is more to cleanliness, hygiene, health & fitness than meets the eye. 

Our physical health is greatly dependent on our spiritual health. Even a small spiritual defect can cause grievous physical harm. The healthier the spirit, the greater its ability to correct or overcome physical shortcomings.

This is so true that even in many instances that involve physical healing, prescriptions and drugs are considerably more effective if they are accompanied by the patient’s strong will and determination to cooperate [and become well].

We are more than our physical bodies, we are spiritual beings on a human journey. Equal, if not more emphasis, and greater care and attention should be laid upon the lasting and fundamental aspect of our being than our finite part of it.

The virus and disease of corruption, injustice, self-obsessed interests and vain desires, hate and prejudice, and other evil trails are more harmful, poisonous, destructive and lasting than any physical illness. 

The spiritual practice/fitness (focusing on kindness and goodness, charity, forgiveness, justice etc.) is an excellent purification for the body, mind and soul resulting in holistic well-being. The purer we are, the more content and fulfilled we are. This is even more pronounced in times of trials and uncertainty as we are experiencing these days. 

The supremacy of mind over matter is a phrase much used, but the greatest factor in the estimate of reality is the supremacy of the spiritual over the material. The material is ephemeral and relative, whereas the spiritual is eternal and real.

The human being that descends can become the greatest of the great if he/she purifies, repents, rectifies and strives to become an effective instrument of constructive change by creating a reality that reflects the noblest and virtuous intentions, transforming the self and transferring the wisdom.

We're in it Together! 

All creation is a unified, interconnected system within the Divine purpose. What benefits one is to the good of the other, and what harms one is to the detriment of the other.

All of our actions have an impact on ourselves as well as our surroundings. We can and should never be indifferent to the consequences of our actions, for responsibility is central to being human.

For centuries we are witnessing a reversal of values, an increased blurring of ideologies and beliefs, and alteration of truth through mass sedation misconstrued to simulate free will, where massive illusions of pretended choices and seeming comforts with deceptive benefits mimicking the soul’s happiness.

An increase and open display of ignorance, arrogance, corruption, bullying, greed, and many shades of evil at the individual, national, and global level. Leading to unjust wars, false interpretations and glorification of military, entrepreneurship, and foods of addictive, needy, orphans and vulnerable people, slaves, and refuges in dire need of help, justice and compassion.

… And now the coronavirus has made us taste, and collectively experience a similar fate and hopefully awaked in addressing our collective human needs/RIGHTS irrespective of one’s race, ethnicity and ancestry, gender, language, physical strength and wealth.

… AND YES; Civilizational strength is determined by the proper care and treatment of those vulnerable. Our sanity, humanity and well-being depend on our compassion, justice, love, and values that nurture, protect, and promote human dignity, human rights, and the integrity of all animals, the environment and creation at large.

Without balancing this need and nurturing the potential for excellence of each member within creation, what we may consider a measure of strength, success, progress, becomes an optical delusion promoting collective tribulation.

As "Saadi Shirazi" the poet has so beautifully and truthfully mentions: 

"All human beings are members of the same body, created from one essence. If circumstances bring suffering to one member, the others cannot stay at rest. If you are unsympathetic to the misery of others, it is not fitting that they should call you a human being."

None may fully accomplish this task, but such a striving is in itself liberating and provides the basis for inner peace. Blessed are they who consciously live with due consideration.

Reliance, Security and Control.

It is in times of pleasure and challenge that we discover the vulnerability, weaknesses and strengths that we need improve. 

Pleasure and the pain expose things that we need to deal with. God uses these trials to refine us. When we recognize this Divine purpose, every moment becomes more meaningful.

There are different levels of certainty that can only become shaped and visible when we are tested. We all will be tested according to our capacity, which is beyond our personal consciousness of the self.

Just like the virus and other animate and inanimate beings, humanity is part of creation and not the master or lord of creation. 

Live, love, rely on The “One" Who truly and fully is in Power and Control, Most Loving, Just, Compassionate, Merciful and Who does not die - The Uncaused First Cause, Lord and Sustainer of the worlds.

Despite some of humanity’s achievements in the fields of science and technology, (which is extremely small and insignificant when compared with how infinite and complex life and reality is), humanity still remains in an embryonic stage when it comes to actively living and pursuing what is truly in our best and eternal interest, which can only be realized through God-Consciousness, morality and ethics.

And yes; ...Truth can be distorted, justice disguised and virtues obscured, but not the ultimate consequences thereof. Reality favors the magnanimous, the just, the virtuous, although on the surface it may sometimes appear otherwise.

By seeking primarily the material, we become unaware of the powers of our inner traditions that give us the guidance and fulfillment which we so desperately seek in the outside world.

What we really have is the moment. Seize it, use it. Neither abuse it, nor lose it; for what we do with the moment is what we do with our life. The present (moment) is a present (gift) from the Omnipresent (the Divine).

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