COVID-19 Shutdown: Spiritual Advice

Lā ilāha illa Allah...

My mind is reeling, my heart shattered.  Across the Muslim world, masjids are being shut down, not by outside enemies, but by us ourselves as a result of precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

This means we need to convert our houses into places of worship. We need to fortify our walls with dhikr; we need to raise our voices with the Quran inside of our homes. The worship of Allah MUST continue with even more fervor!!

The days ahead will test our faith and expose our weaknesses. Strengthen your relationship with Allah; increase your dhikr and Quran and stockpile on good deeds before you become preoccupied with other matters that will come your way.

Prepare spiritually before your prepare logistically (and yes, BOTH are needed).

A simple checklist from the Quran and Sunnah (with brief references and allusions):

1) Renewing our faith ما يفعل الله بعذابكم إن شكرتم وامنتم
2) Repentance ثم لم يتوبوا
2) Softening of the heart ألم يأن للذين أمنوا أن تخشع قلوبهم لذكر الله
3) Awareness of death أكثروا من ذكر هاذم اللذات
4) Sincere dua فلولا إذ جائهم بأسنا تضرعوا
5) Mercy for the creation ارحموا من في الأرض

*Obviously, this is only some of what is required from the spiritual side, and one must still take the necessary physical precautions as well.

We ask for your peace and security O Allah!

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