Why Aren't You a Leader?

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To answer this question, I believe, one should ask " Who wants me to be a leader?" "Am I supposed to be a leader?" "If I have qualities of a leader then, why I am not a leader?"

A lot of soul searching is required when one points a finger towards himself in an attempt to discover his own traits and qualities. We know that at the bottom of our hearts there lie talents and abilities unknown to us. It is only through hard work, goals, missions, passions and emotions that there is the power of bringing them to light. One of the ways to discover talents and abilities, hidden in us, is to examine the traits of successful people, who eventually become leaders of their own communities or countries.

One of the research studies about the lives of successful leaders has revealed that the common trait among them is their capacity for sustained work. They work harder than an average person, once an objective and goal have been formed. It has been said time and again that the primary difference between a big man and a little man is that the little man quits when he is tired and sleepy, while that is the very time when the big man works harder. He works hard with the intention of getting people to work together towards a common goal beneficial to all.

There are quite a few human qualities and traits that are needed to become an effective leader. The most important and basic are hard work and awareness of time. Human beings have not yet discovered or invented substitutes for time and hard work. Today, time is still the most precious commodity known to man. In order for one to become a leader one has to work harder and longer hours. In this context, it must be noted that no human being has ever died due to lack of sleep. It is also quite likely that people will consume more food during those long hours of hard work because of loss of excessive energy.

Islam has provided these two basic elements of success in the form of Prayer (Salat). For this purpose let us consider the Islamic call for prayer - the Adhan, which is called five times a day. The psychological impact is tremendous at dawn, when the entire humanity is in the arms of sleep and the proclamation is made through Adhan that prayer is better than sleep.

Time is an element that is given the most importance and significance in the life of a Muslim - male or female. Five daily prayers regulate the lives of a Muslim, and makes Muslims more aware of time.

Another important aspect of Prayer that stands out is that a Muslim remains occupied and busy throughout the day. It has been said if you want a job to be done right and successfully, give it to a busy person. A busy Muslim who is active and who has regard for time is conscious about the use of time and is ready to accept and perform a job that may be assigned to him. Laziness, lack of work and inactivity has been recognized as the worst enemies of human beings. Salat i.e. prayer, in other words, is preparation for a Muslim to become more active, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now, two factors emerge from Salat and sleep; one is that a person can work longer hours if he restricts his sleeping hours to a minimum; two, a person who is able to regulate his time can effectively and efficiently use it. Muslims have a duty to alleviate the sufferings and sorrows of the community by working hard to put into practice the Islamic solution for the ills of humankind; and the training needed to do this is through Salat.

If you can work hard, have a mission, have a goal in mind and are ready to work long hours to accomplish that goal, then you are a leader. A leader is a person who finds a need and fills it. He takes a lead in doing a task, initiates action and sees it through to the very end. He keeps his vision and mission in perspective and continues to work until results are achieved. It must be realized that leadership is a series of actions, not a position. The emphasis is on taking action. You must find a need, no matter how small it is, in the community and make plans to fulfill that need by taking appropriate action, and become one of those people who make things happen. Remember, there are three kinds of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

We know that Islam is a way of life. It involves Huqooq-Allah, Huqooq-un-Nafs and Huqooq-ul-Ibad.

We are very good in Huqooq-Allah --- a person's duty towards God, belief in one God, not associating partners with Him, and doing good in this world and preparing for the hereafter and try to live a clean and good life --- If we were to collectively grade our selves as practicing Muslims, without being too conceited, we can probably give our selves at least a B grade if not an A in Huqooq-Allah.

In the area of Huqooq-un-Nafs --- a person's duty towards himself or herself, consuming only Halal or permissible foods, not harming one's body, even committing suicide --- In this respect collectively we can probably give our selves the same grade as in Huqooq-Allah.

In the area of Huqooq-ul-Ibad --- a person's duty towards humanity, being good to others, not harming others, getting involved in helping others in improving their quality of life, helping orphans and poor --- our collective performance is quite poor. Without getting into grades lets just say that we need to improve ourselves significantly in this area.

I strongly believe that our performance in the area of Huqooq-ul-Ibad is responsible for the many ailments in the Muslim community. God tells us in the Quran (3:110) You are the best community that has been raised up for humankind... We need to make sure we uphold this verse of the Quran and be an example for peace, liberty and justice for all.

God does not help the condition of a people until they make an effort to help them selves. To wait for a savior to come and help us is also a maligned attitude. Each and every one of us has to chart-out our Quranic responsiblity in all walks of life. We must improve our collective performance in the area of Huqooq-ul-Ibad to achieve the very best.

Please, prepare yourself to assume the position of a leader in this world; in this life. Find a need of the community and fill it. Become a leader ... take action. Work for the welfare and improvement of humanity. Make things happen.


Mohammad Yacoob is former Vice Chairman of The Islamic Center of Southern California in Los Angeles and the former President of Masjid-Ul Islam in Inglewood.

  Category: Africa, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Prayers (Salah)
Views: 7723

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Older Comments:
If I am a leader I will be Kaiser of the muslim world and I will end all the frustration that our muslims has suffered. However, people like me are killed by bad regimes like the of Algeria, Lybia...These bad regimes kept us the way we live now. They enjoy wealth and we enjoy pauverty. May Allah help us all.

this article is inspirational, and informative. i especially enjoyed the part about how there are those who make things happen, watch things happen, and wonder what happened.

...Every concern muslim have to be a leader..for ummah and for the sake of Islam..i'm not fully complete reading this article but its realy help us to know ourself better

To be a leader in the Muslim world today also means to be a leader for all humanity. We must respect the qualities of a leader where she/he does not discriminate. A leader especially a muslim leader has that extra responsibility towards mankind. What worries me about our muslim leadership is that there seems to be male dominated leadership. Sisters also should be given the opportunity to lead but once that opportunity is not open to them there will be a major building block missing from the stability of the nation. One can not function with one hand alone.

Leadership also requires dedication, time and hardwork as the writer put it May Allah reward him for bringing this great debate to all of us. We must question our hearts and find solutions from within. Discrimination, prejudice, inferiority and so on are not the qualities that one can attribute to leadership. In today's muslim society where it is important that we lead and also to be lead by both muslims and non muslims since all of us are not living in muslim nations requires commitment from everyone to contribute to the leadership. Silence and complacency contributes to poor leadership which can have negative impacts on all of us be it muslim or non muslim. As muslims our role is to lead positively so that everyone both muslims and non muslims benefit from our leadership. Knowledge is the fountain or the source of civilization. We as humans no matter where we live on this globe must protect that knowledge for when knowledge becomes scarce or invaluable is when ignorance sets in and chaos follows. To speak with truth and being conscious of your faults are two important qualities of leadership. Once you are aware of the fact that God is watching you there will be less room for conspiracy and blind leadership.

From this essay, it sounds like one who wants leader ship needs to find what he loves and tries to approach perfection in that action , through hard work, salat, long hours....etc To me the more you are in a submssive state the more you can becme better at what you do well. The one who is as close to Allah , that Allah is his tongue that the man speaks with, hearing that the man hears with, sight that the man uses...( it is from a Hadith Qudsi), he can approch closer to perfecting in what he does well. Living Islam is a multiple matrix of action, thought , behaviour , emotions, Taqwa, Tawakul,Iman, thats gets one closer to Allah (S.W.T), in return the man actions becomes Allah actions (i.e his will is Allah's will.) Like an electrin that willingly or unwillingy circls a nulcleus with such preciment and perfacion. Subhan Allah, Allah Akbar, Wa La illah illa Allah, Wa la haw'la wa la quwa illa biAllah wa hamd'ul Allah Rab Alamin.
Evrything true is from the Truth ( al-Haqq) and everything false is from my ingnorant nafs and I ask Allah for forgivness.

Although I do have some points of agreement with writer, I have some strong disagreements. I think the duties to Allah are all intricate and overlapping so that you can't be truly superb in one area and yet deficient in another. Superficially, you can be excellent in one duty as opposed to another, but not truly -if you understand what I mean. For example, How can you perform perfect (sincere) salat and then have no active role in helping your fellow man? How could you perform Zakat perfectly without a heart conditioned by salat? How could these duties be performed perfectly without a true understanding of Hajj (a spiritual pilgrimage)? And how can one succeed in Hajj without the enduring the jihad (internal struggles) of life on the spiritual path? and how can one succeed in jihad without Sawm, which tames the spirit? All five pillars of Islam are intertwined and interdependent when we engage them sincerely and not superficially. They can each be practiced superficially, but the results will only be superficial results. Thats why theres nearly 2billion of us and the world is still, by the permission of Allah, run by the Shaitan. Every muslim should try to strike a balance. Which principle was our beloved Prophet deficient in? He lived all five and was the most successful leader among his contemporaries and is the most successful of the prophets we know of.

Its nice artical showing simple and clear way to become a leader and the Islamic way. And also its the need of the hour that our community should have good leaders.

we selamu alejkum brothers and sisters. Everything that is said in this article is correct. Im for it. But please brothers and sisters try next time to use the sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammed savs. and use more verses of Holy Quran. Thank you and God bless you all.

I am really not sure how does Salat comes into play as an ingridient for leadership. I believe Muslims today are in a state of shamble because they have totally lost their identity, besides, being totally ingnorant of their relgion. The Muslims that we have today are not any where near as the Muslims that lived few centuries ago. What we have today is just a shell. The engine that propelled the Muslims of the past to acomplished all that they acomplished was the REAL ISLAM. Meaning, Muslims of the past first and for most knew their duties to Allah (swt) and strove to follow the foot-steps of the Muhammad (saaw) and the his Companions (ra). They had their short-comings, but as a whole, they knew very well and clearly their duty to Allah (swt). Salat, Ramadan, Zakat, etc was never an issue for them. They did not argue and fuss about these obligations. Compare them to what you have today, you will find completely the opposite. I believe less than 50% perform Salat on a regular basis, and this is the most emphasis duty to Allah (swt). Most of the Muslims do not pay their Zakat at all. Once a man came to the Prophet (saaw) and asked him to relieve him from paying Zakat. The Prophet (saaw) told him, "Then, how would you enter Jannah?". Abu Bakar (ra) fought the Muslims who did not want to pay Zakat. So, the quetion, is : If Muslims are not afraid of Allah (swt), how can we expect them to serve themselves or others? So, before a Muslim thinks about how they can contribute to the society, they need to shape up their identity and decide what do they really want to be. Are you a Muslim or are you just a shell? And if they decide they are Muslim, then they need to walk the walk ... and not be one who just sits around and complain and whine. First and for most, they should remind themselves of thier duty to Allah (swt) and start educating themselves about the religion on a continuous basis. Be a full-time Muslim and not a quasi-Muslim. Always remember DEATH is coming.

It is a good piece of work indeed. And, I think the Author is almost right.

Assalamu alaikum. We can't do anything until we seek authentic knowledge. Then we develop an Islamic identity, which means we can eat, drink, wear and walk as Allah has commanded. Leaders arise from knowledgeable people; they aren't created in a vacuum. Allah is superior to His creation in every way; His commandments are superior, not simply those who follow them. So if you know, follow and practice the superior, you will help shape a superior world (nothing arrogant here because part of the Islamic identity is to be humble and share this great deen with others).

I agree that we muslim are way behind in working for the good of community. I however disagree with the theory that salat builds leadership quality. If it were so saudi arabia will be producing great leaders in droves. Millions of muslims pray five times a day. where are the leaders. Salat has its own spritual value , but doubt it builds leadershio quality

I once observed a wise scholar from Al Azhar being asked why we are in our present predicament of being led by such corrupt and vile leaders, as Saddam Husseins,Qadafi,etc . He looked at us, and rhetorically asked, do you think that these leaders come from Hell? No, he retorted they come from you!

I have observed that Muslims today have lost the capicity for self critique, and holding those who represent us accountable;as such our leaders easily give in to compromising their deen and represent honorably those they swore to represent.
As to b.r.'s last comment. Is right equal to wrong, truth to untruth, justice to injustice, the Creator to His creation? Superiority you would agree is with right, truth, justice, and the Creator, and as such these things are inherently superior, while there contrary are inherently to the contrary. I agree that many Muslims today are egotistic and lack the firmness of truth and justice in their own lives, but as to Islam, it is the Truth and it is thus invariable superior.

Salamu Alaikum,

I do agree with the author on many points although I still have my concerns about the A or B grade for being faithful to Allah. We do know that in serving Allah, one has to serve his/her community based on the same principle of faith and loyalty. We also do know that if one served Allah/our Creator without following his commandments, it is as if we did not serve him at all. We have to remember that Muslims will not be part of Heaven until they wish others what they wish for themselves. This brings me to say that one can pray day and night and still end up in Hell. Our Ebada/worship of Allah is utterly futile without working the community. Throughout the Muslim World, people lack this community driven spirit. This is the downside of the Muslim Umman, and this is what has brought it to its downfall. Let us be honest! Let us remember that serving the community is worship in and of itself. Our duty as human beings is to serve our Creator and serve our fellow human beings.

We are bound to be the best example to humanity in terms of our brotherhood, compassion, love, care, and of course hard work. This is the ultimate message of all Prophets and their Creator, Allah (SWT).

Thank you.


B.R. FROM U.S.A. said:
i hate to say this, but the air of superiority islam seems to give itself, is actually it's own weakness. saying you (islam) are better than everybody else is a very bigoted attitude.