American Muslim group says No on Recall

LOS ANGELES - The American Muslim Political Coordinating Committee (AMPCC) has made the following endorsements in the upcoming California elections: 

Vote NO on the recall of Governor Davis
No candidate endorsed

Vote YES on Proposition 53
This measure would increase the amount of General Fund revenue committed to pay-as-you-go capital outlay projects for both state and local governments.

Vote NO on Proposition 54
Classification by race, ethnicity, color, or national origin. Initiative Constitutional amendment.
Various law enforcement and human relations commissions in California have indicated that if passed the initiative would prohibit collection and analysis of annual hate crime data, making it impossible to track hate groups and focus resources on areas of interracial and intergroup tensions.

The MPAC board has provided the following explanation for its opposition to the recall:

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is urging California Muslims to vote against the recall of Governor Gray Davis in the state's October 7th special election. There are a number of reasons we are making this recommendation:

1) On balance, the recall effort has divided the state and has created a free-for-all, circus-like atmosphere in which political personalities are receiving more attention than the serious issues facing California. The process as a whole seems to be unhealthy and fraught with political payback once it is over.

2) Governor Davis was re-elected at a time when the state's budget woes were well known to the electorate and a central topic in the opposition Republican campaign efforts. Even with these problems being at the forefront, the Republican candidate was defeated and Davis legitimately won the 2002 elections. But now for a few to expend millions of dollars to focus public sentiment on the same issue (and effectively purchase a grass-roots effort in the process) sets a dangerous precedent where a losing candidate/party can initiate recall efforts if they have the money to do so.

3) While acknowledging Governor Davis should have been much more prudent in handling the state's budget (in good times and in bad times), MPAC feels Davis' missteps do not warrant a recall. Furthermore, although Davis is the state's leader, the problems facing California are a product of decisions made by the legislative arm as a whole, not just Governor Davis.

We oppose the recall not out of partisan support or opposition to any individual, but rather because it is a dangerous and unjustified use of the recall provision. Recall should be used against an officeholder who has seriously abused his/her position or engaged in misconduct. Gray Davis was elected by the entire state electorate for a four year term. He is entitled to fulfill that term. It is a profound misuse of representative democracy to force a recall election based on the changing popularity of a politician who has not even completed half of his elected term.

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Older Comments:
Yes, Akbar Khan. And I believe I made a contribution to that Muslim gentleman's campaign fund.

By the way, I love that saying of yours. I have it in my dawah notes, "Real Eyes Realize Real Lies - Akbar Khan (Canada)"


--Yahya Bergum

For "champions of submission" we certainly seem inclined to resist the will of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala). One act of dawah, the movie "True Lies" and a novel in which the bad guy read Quran was essentially what brought me to pick up Al Quran in a bookstore.

A'uthoo billahi minash-Shaitanir-rajeem. By the will of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) from examples Allah provided through Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam), I think I have received what seem to be better manners than some exhibited by those perhaps born into Islam - by comments submitted to this site. Might not the deeds and intentions behind our comments, posted for the world to see, be considered a form of testimony concerning ourselves?

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

--Yahya Bergum

As'salaamu'alaiykum wa'rahmatullahi

Arnold Schwarznegger and his CHEAP one liners attacking Grey Davis, is really, really sad, and pathetic. How can the people of California vote for a guy like him into office, who says:

"I am going to Tarmanate Grey Davis"
"Tha elections is out of my hands now, it is in The God's hands"

or how the Media perpetually uses his one liners from his movies to promote his candidacy, such as comparing the recall to his movie, "Total Recall," branding the entire election & marketing it like a business! It is truly a sad state of affairs...

Even regardless of all of that, Arnold Schwarznegger and his Groping tendencies, such as the woman he GROPED outside the set of one of his movies two years ago, is a legal matter of sexual harrassment that should go to court.

The fact of the matter is, Grey Davis should be allowed to fulfil his term, and the economic problems of California SHOULD NOT be squarely placed on him...after all, the USA has a wonderful President who gives tax benefits to Americans who have an income above $100,000 dollars, somewhere around there?? yea, exactly...Muslims are doing the right thing by saying no to this Totaal Recall..hasta la vista.

Using your film career as a launching pad into Politics, Arnold, does not provide a Muslim with enough to believe that you are a capable person for the job. In fact a person of your background can screw things up worse than they already are in my humble more Republicans, please wake up!

Muslims...say NO to this silly recall of the TAARMAANAATOR...........unless you want another Republican Reagan as your President...btw those who think Arnold is a Democrat, think again he's Republican, and he even supported Bush Sr. in the late 90's on his campaign to become President of the United States...yes Dubya's daddy got Arnold's backing back then.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

wassalaamu'alaiykum wa'rahmatullah

I don't agree with the MPAC on this issue. Governor Davis did misuse his power while in office and he brought the state to its current condition. Although all the blame shouldn't be on him solely, we have to start somewhere. These corporations and politicians are working together without the interest of the poeple in mind. I think his entire administration including, Cruz Bustamontez should be out of office and criminal charges should be brought on them. All of these politicians and CEOs need to be held accountable. This not only should be taking place in California, but all over the USA should be a movement to change this system. There needs to be a regime change with this government. If any average worker were to misuse funds and lie to his co-workers or employees, he or she would be fired. I am voting yes to the recall. And I am voting for Peter Camejo, a Green Party candidate. We also cannot let Arnold S. or these other puppets get into office. There needs to be politicians in office that make decisions based on the whole country and not a few minorities, such as the rich and corporations.

Peace be upon you brothers and sisters. Always seek the truth.

Wallace Andrews

Thanks, but MPAC should've got this information out much sooner.