How much influence does Pakistan's army have on elections?

As Pakistan prepares for general elections, they are being overshadowed by concerns about fairness and political unrest. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is in jail after being convicted on corruption charges and is barred from the vote.

Khan's rival - Nawaz Sharif - has reconciled with army generals and appears set to win back power. Khan blames the military for forcing him from office. But whatever the outcome of the vote, the economy is in trouble, with high youth unemployment, soaring inflation and an external debt of more than 120 billion dollars. So how might this election affect Pakistan's future?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay

Guests: Maria Iqbal Tarana, General Secretary for Human Rights of the Pakistan People's Party. Syed Ali Zafar, Senator for Imran Khan's PTI party and a barrister and former caretaker federal minister for Law and Justice Javaid Rahman, journalist and parliamentary correspondent for the Nation newspaper and website.

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